Can These Chefs Turn This Mummy Drawing Into A Dessert?

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Manya Gaur
Manya Gaur - Day ago
I love alex
Lucas Playz! Gaming, and more!
alvin vs rie on this...

make it fancy! vs make it big!
Nancy W
Nancy W - Day ago
Alix is my fav out of everyone at tasty
Chilli Bean
Chilli Bean - Day ago
I love you alexis dint be sad
Trinoy Das
Trinoy Das - 2 days ago
I Just Got A Tasty Ad Whattttttt?
Kimchi Mango
Kimchi Mango - 3 days ago
lol did she really say *"tHiS iS cYaN bUt ThIs Is GrEeN"*
im so done lol that made me so mad lmao
but i mean tbh alexis only used fondant, chocolate, and rice krispies yikes
Abreal Anderson
Abreal Anderson - 3 days ago
can we talk about how adorable alix is
Charis Samuel
Charis Samuel - 3 days ago
“Here’s what I know about llamas, they *live* in the desert and they’re *dead* .”
Aviana Hinton
Aviana Hinton - 4 days ago
I love Alix’s puns ❤️❤️❤️
Riverdale Fan
Riverdale Fan - 4 days ago
Why is it that Everytime Alix sounds like she's losing her voice
lavender jood
lavender jood - 4 days ago
I don't like watching alix working .. she is not neat and very messy
Gabriel Vee
Gabriel Vee - 4 days ago
I like this tasty if they make a teen's what would they love to eat cause i want to experience i am craving while watching and the chefs are my idol i wish i could just experience this
Lea Lydia Scholl
Lea Lydia Scholl - 5 days ago
where's rie 😢
Shopnille Mohammed
Shopnille Mohammed - 5 days ago
She shoulve said « i will take this to my tomb » instead of grave but still her puns are amazing 😂
Sharon Kang
Sharon Kang - 6 days ago
ahahah her voice is soooo cuteee
Marie Gource
Marie Gource - 6 days ago
That kid is the worst kid that participated in this challenge she is just such a brat
Alex Davis
Alex Davis - 6 days ago
You should do a mashup with hiho and have some of the kids come on this show!! It would be halarious!!
Jia Berde
Jia Berde - 6 days ago
Girl:i dont see llama tears
Me:well i dont see gordon ramsay in the thumbnail..
Chicken Gamer
Chicken Gamer - 7 days ago
4:16 This had me dead! KO!!!
Rayhan Shipu
Rayhan Shipu - 7 days ago
I really love ❤️ chef Alix because she has a really fun personality and she really knows how to get along with kids well.😀😀😀😃😃😃💕💕💕😇😇👩‍🍳👩‍🍳👩‍🍳
Little Bean
Little Bean - 7 days ago
i thought shr said dick
Fading _ Dxpression
Fading _ Dxpression - 7 days ago
Anyone else come back to get the ingredients for the hella sweet stuff?
Zeenath Yakoob
Zeenath Yakoob - 8 days ago
Syam means syne like a blue green colour . Oh turquoise another name for that colour. Well I think
Kitten 101
Kitten 101 - 8 days ago
Alexis reminds Me of Anna Kendrick or Mia from princess bride
John Hibbert
John Hibbert - 8 days ago
When I was little little I was much different and careful of what to say, a lot of other people just don’t care
daron avery
daron avery - 8 days ago
she is rellay cute it i was so sopue
radfox 99
radfox 99 - 9 days ago
Alix @ pretzels:
*whack, Whack, WHACK*
I dont know
I dont know - 9 days ago
I'm crying at those markers.
Amber Kalkman
Amber Kalkman - 9 days ago
Am i the only one who loves alix voice?
Crabby Patty
Crabby Patty - 10 days ago
I loved alix's voice❤
Click like if you do like her voice too...
g o a t gurl
g o a t gurl - 12 days ago
kaylene: here's what i know about mummies... they live in the desert and they're dEaD

me: me too kid, me too
Abdul Awan
Abdul Awan - 12 days ago
Girl:I know that they are dead and live in the dessert

Me being the science-ey nerd girl I am: ummm no they can be located anywhere the ones in EGEPT (not the dessert) are man made mummy’s also can occur naturally
Leilani TB
Leilani TB - 12 days ago
Alexis: everything is Rice Krispies!
Alix: everything is Strawberry Jam
Lei Lin
Lei Lin - 13 days ago
Lauren Williams
Lauren Williams - 13 days ago
Not a fan of the Rice Krispie jerk
Rozeanne Gwen Roxas
Rozeanne Gwen Roxas - 14 days ago
Im a kid and for me its not fair im not 8 yet
XxKarolena_PlayzXx - 14 days ago
How do you get on this show?I'm 9!
Halsey Becker
Halsey Becker - 14 days ago
Am I the only one who thought ants on a log when she was talking about the sticks?
Hamna Ghaznavi
Hamna Ghaznavi - 14 days ago
I hate this girl. The prize is useless.
Anushka Pahariya
Anushka Pahariya - 15 days ago
am i the only one who searched up the colour cyan on google cuz i didn't know what it was?
IMYODADS _DAD - 16 days ago
Most people watch the coking and be like: GIMME DA FOOD MAMA. I be like: why MY SOUND TURN UP REEE and like that back round would've taken forever
Unicorn Tosia
Unicorn Tosia - 16 days ago
Producers:Ok Kids how much do u like Strawberry?

Sara - 16 days ago
Here’s what I know about mummies! They LIVE in the desert. And they’re DEAD. 😂😂
Stanford Pines
Stanford Pines - 16 days ago
“Oh, that’s good, good”
5 seconds later
*”I have no idea”*
SophisticatedPajamas - 17 days ago
This child is a mini Gordon Ramsay
Rawry - 17 days ago
Bro I did NOT sound like she said dip
Escape the night My version
Shazia Zaidi
Shazia Zaidi - 17 days ago
Me reading the comments: why is everyone hating on this kid?
After watching the whole video
Me: aaaahhhhh!!!!!
TheOdd1sOut - 18 days ago
Imagine the kid was allergic to chocolate 😂
TheOdd1sOut - 18 days ago
Anyone else suddenly craving mummified llama eyes and tears? No? Just me then
Skÿ Wøłfïę
Skÿ Wøłfïę - 18 days ago
I thought they were talking about real moms XD
i v y
i v y - 18 days ago
If you don’t play Minecraft, you would never refer to something as the color cyan
also I’m watching this at 4:30 am
Eva the Weirdo
Eva the Weirdo - 19 days ago
Wow very picky about her colors 😂
Bubble Cat
Bubble Cat - 19 days ago
I love a dessert in the desert
Alyssa Belle
Alyssa Belle - 19 days ago
lmao i thought she said dick
Leila Mangos
Leila Mangos - 19 days ago
Please do a teen version! And come to Australia so I can be on it... 😂
Sa Boy
Sa Boy - 19 days ago
Alix is so good w kids
skater girlll
skater girlll - 19 days ago
I think someone should have done ants on a log witch is celery penutbuter and raisins like I ate that every day in preschool
Rosemary Luttrell
Rosemary Luttrell - 19 days ago
Where do you film the show? How do I sign up to be on your show? I would love to meet you! I am six and my name is Emily.
Møøn city Xx
Møøn city Xx - 19 days ago
Alexis is mah name
Isabel Rocha
Isabel Rocha - 20 days ago
I was thinking tenders and ranch with food coloring but I'm not sure about the rest
Night Fury Gacha
Night Fury Gacha - 20 days ago
How much i just LOVE Alix's her laugh!!
Gemma Edwards
Gemma Edwards - 20 days ago
Wahida Bano
Wahida Bano - 20 days ago
I would eat alix’s dish and not Alexis’s because alexis didn’t put that much effort
Kate Gosteeva
Kate Gosteeva - 21 day ago
This was kinda lazy of Alexis lol
Lulu Vloggs and Gachas
Lulu Vloggs and Gachas - 21 day ago
CYAN IS JUST TEAL! Minecraft seems to know what cyan is..
jimin got no jams lol
jimin got no jams lol - 21 day ago
Are we not going to talk about how the eyes on her drawing kinda looks strange just saying I know she's a kid
life sucks
life sucks - 21 day ago
uhh commenting on the color of the tears in alix's dish was such a bitch move i-
Curtis Gannon
Curtis Gannon - 21 day ago
Anyone else want to see Nikki and Andrew on here?
life sucks
life sucks - 21 day ago
*good good good good good*
*i have no idea*
Curtis Gannon
Curtis Gannon - 21 day ago
If you disagree correct me:
Top 6 tasty producers:
1:Rie (the queen)
Curtis Gannon
Curtis Gannon - 21 day ago
I thought she said huge dick
jimin got no jams lol
jimin got no jams lol - 21 day ago
Also the eyes in her drawing kinda looked um... Inappropriate
jimin got no jams lol
jimin got no jams lol - 21 day ago
Your not alone
Kaitlyn Martinez
Kaitlyn Martinez - 21 day ago
I want to be at the i draw you cook so bad how do you get on there?
Zoe Cuevas
Zoe Cuevas - 21 day ago
There’s always one chef who doesn’t really listen to the child and makes what they feel is best which is like ok, I guess but they don’t win which is obviously because they didn’t listen to their customer, the child, so if they really wanted to win they would have gone with the child’s ideas instead of taking the easy route.
TheGoldenLuxio - 21 day ago
Why can't any of these kids draw?
Mikayla’s drawing Channel
What annoys me is the kids don’t eat the whole dish!!
Mikayla’s drawing Channel
Any kid would find rice crispy a disappointment
Dion Luis Mingaracal
Dion Luis Mingaracal - 19 days ago
I've never had a rice krispie so it would definitely be a treat for me.
onlyvirly2c - 21 day ago
Here’s what I know mummies eat nothing or salt Literally salt since mummies are literally covered in salt to well its complicated I will spare you the details since it’s pretty disgusting
jaycee foy
jaycee foy - 21 day ago
but most the time am baking I just "parent supervison" sorry how are you watching your child if your playing on your phone
jaycee foy
jaycee foy - 21 day ago
hey can I be a chef I may be 11 but I can I've made lots of cakes made my own b-day cake once and cupcakes for my aunt jane's birthday
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