Can These Chefs Turn This Mummy Drawing Into A Dessert? • Tasty

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Liyah Minnifield
Liyah Minnifield - 2 hours ago
She just said “ ThEy dOnt NoThiN BouT MuMmiEs “
Me : periodt they need to get their mummy facts right
Namratha Shannan
Namratha Shannan - 19 hours ago
Am just here for Alexis jokes
MeMekHitaMKecuT PePekTerLanJurKeRinG
The girl is rude....dont use her again
P1nkllama8 - 5 days ago
Why didn’t Alex crush the Oreos the way she crushed the pretzels 😅
Jess Marais
Jess Marais - 8 days ago
I hate rice krispy treats
Jess Marais
Jess Marais - 2 hours ago
@Stefanie Morgan its too sweet
Stefanie Morgan
Stefanie Morgan - 6 days ago
Jess Marais what?!
HanKOOKIE MOCHI - 11 days ago
Im just gonna say it most of the kids buzzfeed bribg on the show are brats, i mean like she could of said even tho there is no dip thats fine it must of taken a while so thanks or just something nicer u know. Kids like that annoy me and fyi im 11 years old so im not that far of in age and i know to act with manners aghhhh😑 it just really hacks me off sorry i got carried away
Zya Honore
Zya Honore - 11 days ago
I like how she said plan old sticks like we eat sticks every day and like they got flavor 😂😅🤣
Random and Gaming-Kai
Random and Gaming-Kai - 12 days ago
Alixs pne looks goodddddd
FoieGras - 12 days ago
Alix deserved this one!
Shahira Karmali-Kassam
Shahira Karmali-Kassam - 12 days ago
I feel like there’s always one thing made of Rice Krispie treats in this series
H e y i t ’s t i a
H e y i t ’s t i a - 13 days ago
Alixs puns hit different
Galaxy Wolf
Galaxy Wolf - 15 days ago
How can anyone expect Alix to not use puns? HOW?
Deda Marendra
Deda Marendra - 17 days ago
At least this girl doesn’t act like lynnea
Rose Plunkett
Rose Plunkett - 17 days ago
Are they timed?
Rozina Jiwani
Rozina Jiwani - 19 days ago
ThErE iS tOo MuCh RiCe CrIsPy TrEaTS
Cameraman:are you not gonna eat that
Me:are you a 9 year old or a baby cuz babys whine alot and for somone who is 9 she acts like a baby and at the same time a grownup who is the boss of everyone and everything
Me again:her eyes at the end when Alix makes a joke she rolls her eyes
Me: WTH child
Rozina Jiwani
Rozina Jiwani - 19 days ago
In ThIs PiCtUrE it'S cAyN tHiS iS nOt CaYn ItS dArK gReEn
Me:WtH iTs ThE sAmE fLiPpEn ThInG sHe Is So BoSsY
Rozina Jiwani
Rozina Jiwani - 19 days ago
Alexis:what are you making?
Alix:Like kinda like a choclate bark thing
Alexis: Shakes head* thats cool
Me in my head:Alexis face is weirded out
Got me hard🤣😂
ruzgar suman
ruzgar suman - 20 days ago
When she said bugs i thought she said drugs
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I HAVE. followed in LOVE WITH ALIX
Ashesh Dubey
Ashesh Dubey - 22 days ago
some kids just don't deserve food.
These producers just get the most arrogant and privileged kids they could find😒
The Man Behind The Slaughter
You should bring like a 15 year old to see the difference
Noma M
Noma M - 23 days ago
I honestly don't know what id draw if i was asked, maybe some barbie dish with any food i like😅. This kids are creative.
Noma M
Noma M - 23 days ago
She is so calm😊
Noma M
Noma M - 23 days ago
Spiders 😬
Isabella Baratta
Isabella Baratta - 24 days ago
no hate but it i didnt like how alexis kept giving alix faces about her ideas
Kai - 24 days ago
I kinda agree with the child about alexis' meal, it was literally just rice krispy treats. She didn't get creative with the flavours and this would have been pretty boring to eat.
Paul Walker
Paul Walker - 24 days ago
POV: you're watching this in quarantine
J C - 24 days ago
Alix sounds like Abella danger
And it reminds me of August ames
I miss her
rachna dudhoria
rachna dudhoria - 27 days ago
Oh yeah yeah
Lena Gurl Gacha
Lena Gurl Gacha - 28 days ago
People getting mad over her poiting out it's green not cyan while I am impressed she knows what cyan is
Arisu _
Arisu _ - 23 days ago
Yes, thank you.
Alexandra Schoonhoven
Alexandra Schoonhoven - Month ago
they should do challenges like this in cooking shows
Niyati Kapadia
Niyati Kapadia - Month ago
both chaotic but classy chefs
Celeste McDermott
Celeste McDermott - Month ago
i feel like alix was trying to be friendly and warm and alexis is nice but she doesnt really like alix much
charmzy - Month ago
I'm a really big fan of Alix
TheKrewfan123 - Month ago
It looks like eother way they're both gonna win because they share similar names😁
Binoy Philip
Binoy Philip - Month ago
You no what you should do is put the pretzel before you coated the truffles
Glannie - Month ago
this is such an iconic duo
Gravity Falls Fanbase
Gravity Falls Fanbase - Month ago
I haven’t eaten in a week and this looks amazing
Floofy Chill
Floofy Chill - Month ago
alix has an obession with coconuts
Hector Rodriguez
Hector Rodriguez - Month ago
I want to to go on the show
A_sian - Month ago
Anika Suri
Anika Suri - Month ago
I have seen Alexis almost all episode and she always wins I mean mostly
hannah lee
hannah lee - Month ago
Alexis's way of winning: *puts rice krispies everywhere*
Alix's way of winning: *goes all out*
Titanic Dreams
Titanic Dreams - Month ago
We don't understand the kids drawings until the chef makes it 😁
tupe xo
tupe xo - Month ago
Such a weird child
Cqlie - Month ago
Alix’s puns never gets old😂
Kez Ziah
Kez Ziah - Month ago
Potato Chips
Potato Chips - Month ago
I love the way alix make puns hahahah
Xai Sarkari
Xai Sarkari - Month ago
I would use popping candy for ants. Then jelly beans for spiders. For the branch I would use pretzels covered chocolate. Then for llama eyes strawberry jam. Then the tears would be marshmallows
Sui Pheng
Sui Pheng - Month ago
Am I the only one who thinks that the girl is pretty annoying and kind of mean
Radia Amrin
Radia Amrin - Month ago
Girl: cYaN
Robbie Phillips
Robbie Phillips - Month ago
Imagine thinking Rice Krispie treats are tasteless I-
Awesome Tifa
Awesome Tifa - Month ago
That girl can't say R
The Anonymous K-pop Fan
Meatatarian: ✖
Vegetarian: ✖
Cannibal: ✔
The Anonymous K-pop Fan
@Tomatoes are life search it
Tomatoes are life
Tomatoes are life - Month ago
"meatatarian" isnt a thing 🤦‍♀️
Kyley Jacox
Kyley Jacox - Month ago
I feel bad for the *9* year old girl because people keep saying she’s being rude and etc but like she is 9 and I get where they’re coming from but really are you really calling a little girl bratty and rude? And to me she’s not saying it in a bratty or rude way? I’ve seen way worse than that and she’s also a judge so 🤔
Katherine Lasmarias
Katherine Lasmarias - Month ago
She so cute
Valerie Torres
Valerie Torres - Month ago
it is so cool
Valerie Torres
Valerie Torres - Month ago
i love the cupcases
K S - Month ago
Did alex say Oreos instead of chocolate cream cookies?!?!? 😂
DONT Read this
DONT Read this - Month ago
Okay but im just terribly irritated that youtube moved the comments! WTF YOUTUBE.
Rizza Sabir
Rizza Sabir - Month ago
My favorite chefs are Alex and rie my mouth melts when I see their dishes👱🏻‍♀️
Natalie Alsop
Natalie Alsop - Month ago
i love alix
Mehnaz Harshad
Mehnaz Harshad - Month ago
Alexes are from the show in Netflix go to live yoyr way
LilCobra101 - Month ago
At the age of 9 I could actually draw better
Tomatoes are life
Tomatoes are life - Month ago
Well I drew like that at age nine. So just chillllll
Maria Freiji
Maria Freiji - 2 months ago
Alix: "Cyan?I don't even know what that is"
Me: Honey that's my favorite color 😂
Love Alix ❤❤
Rhea Dunne
Rhea Dunne - 2 months ago
Ok you need to give her what she asks for not rice crispiest and cupcakes ok
シstrawberrymilkyシ - 2 months ago
Oml the mummy eyes look so weird xD
Not a bad way but a weird way lol
Tua Majumder
Tua Majumder - 2 months ago
Both are my favorite tasty chef
Natalia - 2 months ago
Sorry you are beatiful
Lena Kim
Lena Kim - 2 months ago
Girl: “ *like* in this picture, it’s more cYaN. This is dArK GrEen”
Me: Well did you say it had to be cYaN? No I don’t think so you child
Daniela Orozco
Daniela Orozco - 2 months ago
Did anyone else felt bad about the markers?
Shanzay Muntaha
Shanzay Muntaha - 2 months ago
i like the fact that alix cracks jokes in every episode !
Amira Malik
Amira Malik - 2 months ago
Before even watching the complete thing ill say the blonde hair chef would win because her dish looks identical ...the other one just messed up the whole idea and setting
Oliver Young
Oliver Young - 2 months ago
Alix always looks like her foundation is sweating off, is she okay?
Sydney Hawkins
Sydney Hawkins - 2 months ago
Shes like mini Gordan Ramsy
"This is not cyan"
"There is no dip"
They don't have any flavor"
"Theres too many rice krispies"
Btw I love her tho :)
Olga Smityukh
Olga Smityukh - 2 months ago
There kinda was too much Rice Krispies, like I think I’d be fine but if everything tastes the same? Not the best
Chantal Hill
Chantal Hill - 2 months ago
I dare you to pause at 19 seconds at 3 am

You don’t have to tho
Chantal Hill
Chantal Hill - 2 months ago
PinkiPlayz -Roblox
PinkiPlayz -Roblox - 2 months ago
I think the judges are never over 9 years old cus if they were like 10/11 they would be like “can i have a tiktok youtube cake” or wouldnt have as much of an imagination
Jitendra Dutt Mishra
Jitendra Dutt Mishra - 2 months ago
Annie O'Kane
Annie O'Kane - 2 months ago
Id love to be there but I don’t think I live near u I am coming 10 and I am good at art :p
Sofia Isabelle
Sofia Isabelle - 2 months ago
I like how Alix always makes a joke about the topic
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