Building A Custom Supercar Part 2

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Project Car Junkie
Project Car Junkie - 14 hours ago
Y’all really didn’t think you’d spin it with a normal length ratchet right ? 😂
Jack Thornton
Jack Thornton - 16 hours ago
You guys ever gonna work on your boat on the channel?
Mr. Mediocre
Mr. Mediocre - 22 hours ago
In my opinion, I think you should make ur vids a little longer so there isn't as many cliff hangers..
P.S. Congrats Billy
kevin leiva
kevin leiva - Day ago
Guys, what happened to the Lambo logo on the rear? I started watching this video and it’s not there, I feel like it’s incomplete hehe
Cosmin Moldovan
Cosmin Moldovan - Day ago
You shod do transparent body
PJ DM - Day ago
Leroy VS Supercar build
Logan Lasater
Logan Lasater - Day ago
do a coyote or like a lt5
Eric Seay
Eric Seay - 2 days ago
Let's just move our collection of insanely expensive sports cars out of the garage so we can start building another one. XD
j Cook
j Cook - 2 days ago
I would like to see yall work on that semi
J P - 2 days ago
Billy married? ? Whuh? ? He like 15 right? Hope she loved you BEFORE tube fame.
big boi
big boi - 3 days ago

literally nobody:

goonzquad: let me just move my lambo and my kit car for now
Keller Racing
Keller Racing - 3 days ago
Please finish the viper
zarster - 3 days ago
who cares about supercars when theres a Kubota in the video, sweeeeeeeet rearend, how about doing some custom work on her?
Coraun FromAfrica
Coraun FromAfrica - 3 days ago
Please don’t sell the Camaro
Typical Deshawn
Typical Deshawn - 3 days ago
Typical Deshawn
Typical Deshawn - 3 days ago
Typical Deshawn
Typical Deshawn - 3 days ago
Loving the videos bro😈🔥🔥👍🏽👍🏽
Samantha Elizabeth
Samantha Elizabeth - 3 days ago
you should do a custom carbonfiber body of your own design.
NickMerk - 3 days ago
Did anyone else notice the audi logo
Matthew Elson
Matthew Elson - 3 days ago
Keep up the Brilliant work guys. Watch the whole Huracan bulld in two days. Loving the new project. Congrats Billy.
thegtabeast2177 - 4 days ago
Engine swap put that lambo engine in the 370z 😂
ARSHAN VLOGS - 4 days ago
Next time u guys should do RR car
Diagnostic Haus
Diagnostic Haus - 4 days ago
Exposed rear like DDE?
GuideBeauté Jeu
GuideBeauté Jeu - 4 days ago
This is a waste of time . The car isnt salvageable
J C - 4 days ago
I wonder how may mechanics works behind the scenes 😂🤣😀😁. Fakest channel on YouTube.
MrMegacone - 4 days ago
J C attention seeking prick.
Sakib Sobhan
Sakib Sobhan - 4 days ago
Congrats Billy.
vincem5 - 4 days ago
Leroy's Italian brother!
Koko Ya
Koko Ya - 4 days ago
Leroy Lamborghini.
Reiley Austin
Reiley Austin - 4 days ago
You haven’t put the Lamborghini logo on the back yet. Are you planning on doing so?
Fabio Vieira
Fabio Vieira - 4 days ago
music name in 4:30 pls
3ric - 4 days ago
Evin Samples
Evin Samples - 5 days ago
Where is the mustang?
Koko Mmc
Koko Mmc - 5 days ago
Put a 2jz gte twin turbo in it with a 350z manual transmission
lee dickenson
lee dickenson - 5 days ago
Whats there names anyone?
MrMegacone - 4 days ago
lee dickenson Simeon and Eleazar
Mohit Kumar
Mohit Kumar - 5 days ago
Where is the logo on the rear end of Lembo
Jaysin Static
Jaysin Static - 5 days ago
Rear-mounted Hellcat Lambo.
Rhulani Mapengu
Rhulani Mapengu - 5 days ago
goonzsquad how do you fix this car its totally wrecked and it is going to be very expensive to fix it
Aaron Harrison-Hart
Aaron Harrison-Hart - 5 days ago
change the color of the lambo
Felix24148 - 5 days ago
My great grandpa had a tractor we referred to as the Skidder
pako joe
pako joe - 5 days ago
Time for another garage build :-)
kevin sisk
kevin sisk - 5 days ago
Congrats Billy! Bring the wife on for a special episode or something. Love the vids, keep them up.
TOXIC DIESEL - 5 days ago
What song plays at 4:30 anyone
Kyle Wallace
Kyle Wallace - 5 days ago
I think I jizzed in my pants a little hearing them all start up in one video
551223 - 5 days ago
This is a waste of time . The car isnt salvageable
Pj Loughlin
Pj Loughlin - 5 days ago
Man there's a lot of comments, this will get buried, but it'd be cool to see the salvage lambo turned into a full race car build of some sorts. Drift, drag, time attack, I'm not picky :D Maybe make a leroy competitor @GARRETTmitch!
Alex Smyth
Alex Smyth - 5 days ago
Guys, wear some eye protection. You have coolant almost splashing you guys in the face.
J C - 5 days ago
Well if the engine wasn't bad before it may be now. You should have never turned it over until you removed the plugs. It was possibly hydro locked from water seeping in aka fire and storage. It doesn't matter now. My guess is its junk.
retrieversqbd - 5 days ago
Leroy Lamborghini.
skliros - 5 days ago
His name is not Billy!
Fatlunchbox J
Fatlunchbox J - 5 days ago
Congratulations Billy! I pray that you and your wife have a very blessed marriage.
Jared c
Jared c - 5 days ago
Y'all should have a voting poll on swapping the lambo motor into something else 😂
alfredo damian
alfredo damian - 5 days ago
Why not put it in the kit car
Tanner Howard
Tanner Howard - 5 days ago
Put a 2jz gte twin turbo in it with a 350z manual transmission
Anthony Skracic
Anthony Skracic - 5 days ago
lambo leroy
Quantavious Phillips
Quantavious Phillips - 5 days ago
You guys should put that motor on the street kart
empty tomb
empty tomb - 5 days ago
i think the interest will ramp up once people see it coming together. omg, the motor looks like something out of the cars movie that melted.
LanExtreme - 5 days ago
Pleasee rebuild that engine 😭😭😭😭😭
fsoon yoog
fsoon yoog - 5 days ago
I can see it now, Billy will be missing from a lot of the builds. Wife won't let him go out and play.
Boyan Milushev
Boyan Milushev - 5 days ago
Billy, how did you get married?
How did you find time for women when you are working on these projects 24/7? :)
Reveal the secret for me please :D
Congratulations on your marriage!
MrMegacone - 4 days ago
Boyan Milushev she’s usually there hiding in the background.
Paul Simon
Paul Simon - 5 days ago
Time for another garage build :-)
Sterlin Smith
Sterlin Smith - 5 days ago
I'm 165.345112% certain this engine will never run again! But I love watching!
Domi B
Domi B - 5 days ago
Lamborghini belongs to the Audi group. So maybe it is possible to put the motor into an Audi with engine damage?
Ian Kirkpatrick
Ian Kirkpatrick - 5 days ago
Congrats Billy! Best wishes to you and your missus.
错鞘 - 5 days ago
thats too much, why not just buy a new lambo when buying the car in parts is more expencive?
thanujan gamer
thanujan gamer - 6 days ago
i want to see f 488 rbuild pls
if you can
Randall Whalen
Randall Whalen - 6 days ago
Just fab a sheetmetal intake, use the ends of the runners, some Goonzsquad logo, sheetmetal cam covers, then build your own wiring harness, check out Wheeler Dealer`s Datsun 510 build, where they did that.
Armando Maciel
Armando Maciel - 6 days ago
You guys need battery tenders on cars. Your always jumpstarting your cars. Lol
Ben Hernandez
Ben Hernandez - 6 days ago
new subscriber. enjoy watching you guys work. I work at a body shop and would like to reach out to you guys. can possibly help you gents with some technical info for your projects repair procedures part #'s etc.. email me if that is something that interests you. no charge.
Rui Cruz
Rui Cruz - 6 days ago
do it like a shelby cobra
Teri ocan
Teri ocan - 6 days ago
june 11 2019 the big guy did not look in the center gear to see there was a hexagon hole putting a theaded nut in that hole could cause unessesary damage to the hole also what your planning to do with the wrecked hurican wont be legal or inshureable
Flappy Gamer
Flappy Gamer - 6 days ago
congrats billy!!!!!!
Kuroyukihime 22
Kuroyukihime 22 - 6 days ago
Congrats Billy
Robert McKnight
Robert McKnight - 6 days ago
Put a Blown 454 in it make it kind of like the Goblin.
Jack Major
Jack Major - 6 days ago
I doubt you have missed this. But, just to be sure I have posted this link to numerous spare parts for various supercars.. Keep up the good work.
innocent - 6 days ago
Andrew Reynolds
Andrew Reynolds - 6 days ago
I would put a different motor into it, find something that has good aftermarket support with stand alone engine management. I would Say LS swap but B is for Build is already doing that. Maybe a Twin Turbo 2jz?
Heverton Aguiar
Heverton Aguiar - 6 days ago
Make it an OFF Road lambo, it would be sick
Javier Guerra
Javier Guerra - 6 days ago
I can see it now, Billy will be missing from a lot of the builds. Wife won't let him go out and play.
roshan jayasinha
roshan jayasinha - 6 days ago
Lagerst online markt place in Sri lanka.It has all kind of cars. Check -
marco munoz
marco munoz - 6 days ago
Do more truck rebuilds!!!!!!!😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬
ahmed nasser
ahmed nasser - 6 days ago
Guys check out this amazing porsche 911 GT2 RS t-shirt on amazon
Alexandre Oliveira
Alexandre Oliveira - 6 days ago
curioso para ver o custo desse aqui.
Noah Mazz
Noah Mazz - 6 days ago
Put another engine in it like a rb26 or 2jz
Maribess Alconcel
Maribess Alconcel - 6 days ago
Can you change the color of the lamborghini huracan spider any color suggest
Ali Az.
Ali Az. - 6 days ago
Congrats Billy, wish you best.
PwNer YT
PwNer YT - 6 days ago
You guys are better than TJ hunt!
They have been workin on a fuckin wrecked ferrari 458 for 5 months now and still not done
Jacob - 6 days ago
Congratulations to Billy and his wife! Only the best wishes for you from Germany! I would anyway like to see a pic of you guys in elegant suits ... ;-)
JP Felix
JP Felix - 6 days ago
Please scap this project its way too far gone get a 90s damaged ferrari in the shop !!
Bindia Abdulla
Bindia Abdulla - 6 days ago
Hey! Where's the other two
Yohannes Zewde
Yohannes Zewde - 6 days ago
Jacob Barhy
Jacob Barhy - 6 days ago
liberty walk
MassBreak james
MassBreak james - 6 days ago
Billy: DDude this sex is legit
Ms Billy: Yes sir!

Congratz Bro
Pascal D
Pascal D - 4 days ago
MassBreak james uncalled for😂✌🏾
Jireh Martin
Jireh Martin - 6 days ago
Congratsss Billy!!and you❤
PH here
Greg Wayne
Greg Wayne - 6 days ago
I'm sure you're well aware of it already but B-is For Build is doing something very similar as you with a burned out Lambo. Always remember all the greats took ideas and learned from each other. So hint hint. Maybe keep an eye on them and see if there's anything you could benefit from watching what's happening with that build.
John Smith
John Smith - 6 days ago
Please please stop with the shitty music and montage crap or I’ll stop watching
Marcos 562
Marcos 562 - 6 days ago
John Smith 1 less view from you doesn’t hurt them so stop watching then
Galaxy gamerrYT
Galaxy gamerrYT - 6 days ago
Pretty much a car show
manish up
manish up - 6 days ago
Will it start again...😎yes you are expert in rebuilding
Galaxy gamerrYT
Galaxy gamerrYT - 6 days ago
2 Lamborghinis now guys
zarghuna khan
zarghuna khan - 6 days ago
You guys are very slow builders .go check b is for bild. He is also rebuilding a burnt lamborghini. He chainged his cars frame in his 2 video.
Gary Packwood
Gary Packwood - 6 days ago
What's the hurry?
Ahmet Bodur
Ahmet Bodur - 6 days ago
Buy the green Murciealago
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