I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) KILL COUNT

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Dead Meat
Dead Meat - Month ago
►►POSSIBLE FLASHING LIGHT WARNING from 19:02-19:21 - forgot to add it to the video with the usual note and tone, so heads-up!
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Domanese - 10 days ago
Sorry James but I gotta disagree on the dull machete. To me it was wasted on David's offscreen kill. Helens death is far more deserving because of the sheer stupidity and contrivance needed to make that kill happen. But hey it's your show and I still love it.
Vast Blast
Vast Blast - 11 days ago
fallenfantasy 666 sorry friend they did two more
PebbleYT - 20 days ago
supertaco life read comment
PebbleYT - 20 days ago
Cam'ron Holiday read comment
PebbleYT - 20 days ago
Asim Henry read comment
graptwarrior - Hour ago
I thought James wore pants when he did kill counts, and then I see him wear shorts😂😂
Satanic Panic
Satanic Panic - 2 hours ago
Every time I hear “I know what you did last summer” that one song just plays in my head
Theblueguy35 and Roblox
Theblueguy35 and Roblox - 6 hours ago
7:26 His face reminds me of Trump.
Daniel Nieto
Daniel Nieto - 6 hours ago
I swear julie is so hot in this movie
Sgt. VinDoy
Sgt. VinDoy - 6 hours ago
Tbh I didn't know this was a horror movie. I'd almost never heard of it and it sounds like some kind of high school drama garbage 😂
William Brown
William Brown - 7 hours ago
James looks like drumsy
Sean TDS
Sean TDS - 9 hours ago
One last thing, how much coffee did you drink, James? You seem much more hyper than usual
Sean TDS
Sean TDS - 9 hours ago
God I love the Billy Madison references
Sean TDS
Sean TDS - 9 hours ago
I've lived in Texas my whole life, and I've rarely heard of death by electric chair. I'll not saying you made a bad joke, I'm just killing the mood. I still love ya James
Señor Austin
Señor Austin - 9 hours ago
I live near there
•Gabriel Genao•
•Gabriel Genao• - 12 hours ago
Yn the movie “I know what you did last summer” is also a song?
Nate Baldwin
Nate Baldwin - 13 hours ago
Fun fact, at 14:58 The sign said North Brunswick high school in that area therefore for high schools with the Brunswick in the north Brunswick, South Brunswick, East Brunswick, West Brunswick I live near West Brunswick
Nate Baldwin
Nate Baldwin - 13 hours ago
Fun fact, at 14:58 The sign said North Brunswick high school I used to live in that area and there were 4 Brunswick high school, North, south, east, west I lived near west Brunswick it’s near the NC/SC state line
Quantum Mickey
Quantum Mickey - 14 hours ago
i think coolsville *sucks*
TheLil Yeeter80
TheLil Yeeter80 - 18 hours ago
Wait wtf what Jason? What lake!!? That's it I'm moving I'm not living in Minnesota anymore
Loki Okami
Loki Okami - 21 hour ago
Dayummm, looks like Leonard was pretty attractive when he was younger XD
Nicole Hips
Nicole Hips - Day ago
When i saw the title i started to sing i know what did you know last summer
Ya boy Squid
Ya boy Squid - Day ago
13:37 (note for later)
Joey's opinion
Joey's opinion - Day ago
I believe the second one has Danny volesky(I 100 percent butchered that)he played Lenard in Big Bang theory(probably his most notable role)and the russ in 1989’s Christmas vacation
Randall Petroelje
Randall Petroelje - Day ago
It should be called “ I still don’t give a shit what the you did last summer or year “.
Done Dd
Done Dd - Day ago
Alyssa Shabazz
Alyssa Shabazz - Day ago
Lol I love when you say “ItS tHe FoRtH oF gOdDaM jUlY”
Akapulko 06
Akapulko 06 - Day ago
plottwist: i actually know what you did last winter
Zah Wattz
Zah Wattz - Day ago
Do you know that this is like scary movie
Christopher Briseño
Christopher Briseño - 2 days ago
Sand up in the cracks beach sexxx yeah!😂☠
nicolepags5 - 2 days ago
@ 19:24 ... I love that they misspelled "trajic" in the news article.. I am 32... spell check definitely was a "thing." Hahah
Rubber gamer
Rubber gamer - 2 days ago
What's the fisherman's motive? I don't get it.
JS Pokemon
JS Pokemon - 2 days ago
The killer in this movie would've been more terrifying if it was either Minoru Suzuki or Lance Archer.
Sky Gacha
Sky Gacha - 2 days ago
Ok but why would they say it’s an accidental drowning. The blood was still on him in the ocean. So why label it accidental drowning when you see blood!!
I’m_A_Freak UwU
I’m_A_Freak UwU - 2 days ago
Why does the title of the movie remind me of that song by Camilla and Shawn
Reinaldo Fields
Reinaldo Fields - 2 days ago
I thought this movie was a comedy
Quakin Bacon
Quakin Bacon - 2 days ago
Been watching for over a year. Why haven't subbed!?!
Ijgames and p.w Production
fun fact i the owner of this channel that commenting i live in warsaw north carolina about a hour from southport
Joshde De
Joshde De - 2 days ago
In Minnesota they have that statue?
Breeze - 3 days ago
Yasmin El-Tayeb
Yasmin El-Tayeb - 3 days ago
Aidil awesome Azka
Aidil awesome Azka - 3 days ago
I was tryna search shawn mendes's song that to my surprise has the same name as this movie wth
yur mom
yur mom - 3 days ago
is this older *scary movie* or something?
yur mom
yur mom - 3 days ago
me, quietly: *singing* i know what you did last summer..
XeNo Hyperrz
XeNo Hyperrz - 3 days ago
*me knowing damn well the tittle is a song lyric and holding back from singing*
first name last name
first name last name - 2 days ago
i was looking for a comment like this lmao
hhgv oo
hhgv oo - 3 days ago
Him and her got it on Billy Madison film
GameTube Gaming
GameTube Gaming - 3 days ago
I just came from a asmr vid
Philip Chan
Philip Chan - 3 days ago
#run! Please run!
Oscar Causer
Oscar Causer - 4 days ago
this movie is so bad everthing could of been avoided no deaths except david egan all they to do was check his pulse and call an ambulance
TheGamingDelta 2.0
TheGamingDelta 2.0 - 4 days ago
The daredevil JEFF HARDY
704.clt_ /\
704.clt_ /\ - 4 days ago
terrariachest - 4 days ago
97 was also the year my car was made
CK - 16
CK - 16 - 4 days ago
Whenever I hear this title, I think of that Shawn Mendes song
P.T.H.Gaming - 4 days ago
Me when I watch this movie: No not Leonard!
Sabrina Moss-Brown
Sabrina Moss-Brown - 4 days ago
Omgggg it's so funny
Travis Allen
Travis Allen - 4 days ago
"They find the boots body" he says..hahahahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣☠
Prolific FN
Prolific FN - 5 days ago
It takes place 30 min from were I live
Shebhad_ IG
Shebhad_ IG - 5 days ago
Hii James. Lol
hjq0023 - 5 days ago
Omg Elsa Shivers is the chick from Billy Madison
hjq0023 - 5 days ago
I love how James A Jinease is a hardcore WWE fan
nowahscoffee - 5 days ago
is it just me or when he was drowning did he look like donald trump-
Corrupt Sheriff Mad Shepherd
Wonder when they’re gonna get round to scary movie? Maybe after they’ve already covered every other film the series references?
gabi svea
gabi svea - 5 days ago
Why does this movie remind me of scary movie
kailala H
kailala H - 6 days ago
Either u also say “the movie begins” with James or ur lying
Waffl3 - 6 days ago
@ 8:31 Billy Madison reference?
Rick Niu
Rick Niu - 6 days ago
19:23 James don't miss important details I see
Adam Grush
Adam Grush - 6 days ago
They umm... They do know what a bald cap is right?
Molly Jo x
Molly Jo x - 6 days ago
Look me in my eyes my lover,
Tell me where you been.
Pepper_Stepper - 6 days ago
Im actually surprised nobody is referencing the song by the same name.
Like when i hear that, thats all i can think about. :')
Carsonplayz - 6 days ago
Eijiro Kirishima
Eijiro Kirishima - 7 days ago
Did anyone notice the Yuno Gasi figure during James's spinning and yelling moment? Above the Elm St. sign and in front of the two-headed white monster figure? At least I think its Yuno.
Ian Dixon
Ian Dixon - 7 days ago
"Some gothic metal" he says. Doing my boys Type O Negative dirty..
Filixark 924
Filixark 924 - 7 days ago
I LOVE when he says that’s nice
Merable Dawnspark
Merable Dawnspark - 7 days ago
You know, if my memory is correct, this is the first movie that was a horror I have watched in my life.... though at an unfortunate circumstance x.x I don’t know whether this was because me and my brother were boys, but let’s just say the babysister’s husband tried out more “man” things for us. I was more into cartoons and video games like SNES (Woot Star Fox!), but well I was forced to watch as a kid and... that didn’t go well x.x Nowadays I can laugh on the corny dialogue, but uh... yeah... ya screwed up! @.@
Also, I am not a horror person still, but I can read facts about genres and also be fine when I watch from Dead Meat (...mostly since some kills are... yikes lol). So yeah. Weird history I had. I’ll forgive the guy, but I’ll still say ya messed up! @.@
oaKuG - 7 days ago
Billy Blueshit.
LEO420 - 7 days ago
We need the phantasm franchise please
Alice Darhk
Alice Darhk - 7 days ago
It is something that earlier in his career, James got caught in his mic and enclosed his craft in order to recreate the spinning shot from arias view.
Alice Darhk
Alice Darhk - 7 days ago
Jason Plancarte
Jason Plancarte - 8 days ago
Ellie Goldberg be like 13:36
Cutie the Watermelon ・ω・
:Watching this on 4th of july:
Me: aw sh- oot-
RetroKid Reviews
RetroKid Reviews - 8 days ago
Happy 4th of god damn July if any of y’all watching this video today
vWolfee - 8 days ago
20:36 Well they should of asked Stephen Spielberg for advice since he already said that Jaws was horrible to shoot on the water.
jack spam
jack spam - 8 days ago
My emoji went to jail
bob bobson
bob bobson - 8 days ago
666 dislikes.
Karla Gastelum
Karla Gastelum - 8 days ago
Who’s watching this on 4th of July?
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