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unknown .ΔΆΓΓ‘Δž
unknown .ΔΆΓΓ‘Δž - 10 hours ago
Whos watching old sidemen vids cuz they are too boredπŸ˜‚
Sperkky - 16 hours ago
Look at what JJ does from
0:28 to 0:31
lyx-mystic poiz
lyx-mystic poiz - 22 hours ago
lyx-mystic poiz
lyx-mystic poiz - 22 hours ago
POISON_PIZZA 05 - Day ago
Vik heard it was a quiz and didn’t even bring a towel lol
Astrid Rosario
Astrid Rosario - Day ago
19:09 that was so cuteπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯°
Gymwith Courtxx
Gymwith Courtxx - Day ago
Ethan and jj are always annoying each other but when they get along it’s so funny
Striker55 Doomfist
Striker55 Doomfist - Day ago
4:02 harry noises
D4RK Sh4rDz
D4RK Sh4rDz - 2 days ago
1:08 isn’t those Harry’s shorts on Simon cause of 100 holiday vs 10000 on the yacht
LaVirtuoso - 3 days ago
6:34 11:19
Sami Hinnant
Sami Hinnant - 5 days ago
9:22 look at Tobi's abs
Todizz YT
Todizz YT - 5 days ago
16:37 why am i laughing
adam swindin
adam swindin - 6 days ago
Lucy Duggan
Lucy Duggan - 6 days ago
when they said bout the baking vid tobi was right saying nothing cuz jj didn’t say anything it was sirtheodore
powfx - 7 days ago
Josh is trying to fly πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 14:28
David Wang
David Wang - 7 days ago
Anyone notice Ethan was squishing his balls when he said who grabbed the most balls?
Blu Boi
Blu Boi - 8 days ago
JJ: 0:27 πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
dr1side - 8 days ago
why the heck is jj touching his things? 0:27
Henry Hoover
Henry Hoover - 9 days ago
4:03 Harry’s noise lmaoooo
Football Productions
Football Productions - 9 days ago
At 4:35 jj said who grabbed the most balls look at ethan
Giraffe - 9 days ago
I saw jj doing something with his... 0:29
Julian Griffiths
Julian Griffiths - 10 days ago
ethan in the intro is hilarious
Lauren Richards
Lauren Richards - 12 days ago
anyone else watching this during the hot summer and jealous of the icy water?
Matej KovačiΔ‡
Matej KovačiΔ‡ - 13 days ago
Who else keeps coming back just for 4:50 ? Love that from Vikk!
Yop - 13 days ago
JJ just prodding his muscles at the startπŸ˜‚OH HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED
Noah HagstrΓΆm
Noah HagstrΓΆm - 13 days ago
Wow ksi got angry
Pasindu Gunawardhana
Pasindu Gunawardhana - 14 days ago
When simon was asked who grabbed the most balls question ethan was the answer, while the question ethan was clearly grabbing his nuts lol πŸ˜‚ 4:33
Denzel Polantika
Denzel Polantika - 14 days ago
from "thanks for watching us for 6 years with 6 mil" to "not gon upload if no 10 mil" within 1 year
martial noa
martial noa - 14 days ago
did no one realize how ashy Tobi s feet were
J Kordz
J Kordz - 14 days ago
We need a 2020 moo of
Dork Lord
Dork Lord - 15 days ago
0:30 jj wtf!?!
Brian Choi
Brian Choi - 15 days ago
did the toaster toss vid go up i never saw it
Charlie Lundborg
Charlie Lundborg - 15 days ago
Chris The Gamer 77 Hd
Chris The Gamer 77 Hd - 15 days ago
10k and 1
Sebastian Johansson
Sebastian Johansson - 15 days ago
I have now ruined the 10 000 comments by adding this pointless comment
Haru- H
Haru- H - 16 days ago
15:00 had me dead πŸ˜‚ πŸ’€
Steve Herrera
Steve Herrera - 16 days ago
It’s funny that us as fans most likely have more knowledge about the Sidemen, than the Sidemen themselves
The Notorious Nugget
The Notorious Nugget - 16 days ago
Bumbo _Playz
Bumbo _Playz - 17 days ago
16:10 what tf if Ethan doing
Traded 2
Traded 2 - 17 days ago
Vik got muscles
Adam Rutkowski
Adam Rutkowski - 17 days ago
Who’s watching in quarantine because there are bored
Tahira Jacques-Gustave
Tahira Jacques-Gustave - 17 days ago
Haukur Atli
Haukur Atli - 18 days ago
Haukur Atli
Haukur Atli - 18 days ago
Haukur Atli
Haukur Atli - 18 days ago
Haukur Atli
Haukur Atli - 18 days ago
oscarr jones
oscarr jones - 18 days ago
man tobi is chizzled
Ramil D
Ramil D - 18 days ago
8:51 dat harry evil laugh 🀣
Dinero D1
Dinero D1 - 18 days ago
everybody not noticing that JJ takes his bandana off when he gets out the water and has it off for the rest of the video
Sattwik Mondal
Sattwik Mondal - 19 days ago
Kick Ethan out of the group
Haukur Atli
Haukur Atli - 18 days ago
DarkShadow255 Pt
DarkShadow255 Pt - 19 days ago
3:12 - Babatunde experiencing water for the first time
Jack Chicoine
Jack Chicoine - 19 days ago
My birthday is the 28!
JervΓ© Henneberry
JervΓ© Henneberry - 19 days ago
This was funny
Xploit_Tackla - 20 days ago
11:19 Fuckign sent me
Geek Show
Geek Show - 20 days ago
Bruh look at tobi mans is ripped
Jawad _ Vlogs
Jawad _ Vlogs - 20 days ago
wow the anniversary thing is on my birthday
Nyssa Ng
Nyssa Ng - 21 day ago
Okay, but JJ taking his towel, wrapping it around his waist then proceeding to touch his nipples is just what a JJ would do.
Oliver Withers
Oliver Withers - 21 day ago
Empty Empathy
Empty Empathy - 21 day ago
Eli Candy
Eli Candy - 21 day ago
5:39 jj discovers his body
Jaden Boyce
Jaden Boyce - 22 days ago
The UK is always late to trends in America 😭
Brey - 22 days ago
Are we not gonna talk about Vik only privileged to dunk someone once throughout the vid?
Jennie Mathers
Jennie Mathers - 22 days ago
In 2020's quiz: who stacked it to into the dunk tank button in last years quiz?
Obviously Bob
Obviously Bob - 23 days ago
WRS_gingerbread - 23 days ago
Trym Sæteraas
Trym SΓ¦teraas - 24 days ago
I just woke up by jj’s laughter and never woke laughing that much
theorocks 007
theorocks 007 - 24 days ago
Oscar Chen
Oscar Chen - 25 days ago
0:26 just jj playing with his nipples
Robson J46
Robson J46 - 26 days ago
Josh is acc so wet I actually want him to leave the sidemen fr
Joe Gallaway
Joe Gallaway - 27 days ago
the nonces in the background 🀣
Vishal Sharma
Vishal Sharma - 27 days ago
Shawty like a melody
Super Flying Munky Ethan
Super Flying Munky Ethan - 27 days ago
Does anyone know harry is math
Callum Murray
Callum Murray - 28 days ago
Cristian Perez
Cristian Perez - 28 days ago
11:20 LMAO
Shady Boy
Shady Boy - 28 days ago
4:40 the biggest ball grabber is clearly Ethan right there lol

Edit: just saw somebody else commented it oof
Noah Flinn
Noah Flinn - 29 days ago
I am the 10k comment
GetYourMetalOn - 29 days ago
Ethan yelling: "I wanna cuddle, I desperately wanna cuddle" is such a mood it's unbelievable
SWAVY RQ - 29 days ago
Yo 21 of dec is my bday
el paco
el paco - 29 days ago
Vik is short but he have speed
James rl
James rl - 29 days ago
Aayan Hussain
Aayan Hussain - 29 days ago
3:08 he dabbed in 2019!
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