KINGDOM HEARTS III Re Mind [DLC] TGS 2019 Trailer (Closed Captions)

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ICI LISEZ CE COMMENTAIRE !!! Je pense que kingdom hearts va intégrer plusieurs univers parallèles les mondes Disney n'était qu'une première phase mais maintenant il vont intégrer plusieurs univers parallèle appartenant à square enix ou même Marvel ou DC c'est le trailer kingdom Heart 3 re mind qui m'a fait penser à ça mais ce n'est qu'une théorie mais réfléchissez c'est tout à fait possible
ayyachris - 5 hours ago
So, which person got fired for releasing the latest trailer? 😂
Megumi Itsuki
Megumi Itsuki - 7 hours ago
I. CANT. WAIT!!!!! Oh my gooooood!!!!
Lotto TheGamer
Lotto TheGamer - 7 hours ago
Who tf plays kingdom hearts in Japanese/sub ? Lmao that’s so gay
fedora dix
fedora dix - 12 hours ago
Et sortez nous la VF et vous verrez vos vente remonter en flèche 👍
Indie Denise
Indie Denise - 14 hours ago
I spent $70+ dollars for the deluxe addition, to now be told I have to spend additional money for ff characters. I use to love the game but no. This isn’t acceptable. The story literally makes no sense because I never owned the hand held versions and honestly I’m not interested in those stories. If your going to call it KH3 it needs to ONLY follow the story of KH1 and KH2. Tbh KH3 is the worst game I’ve played, and I started on hard difficulty. I beat it in 2 days. Now I hear they is some sort of “critical” mode. It’s not hard, it’s just unfair. Why make me hate the game even more. I’m disappointed. I waited so long for this game and it actually sucks.
caxsia - 14 hours ago
I can see where you're coming from and while I do agree that it is stupid that they span multiple games onto multiple systems with important story elements to them, to be fair, Square has put said games onto multiple rereleases for the PS4 and soon, the Xbox One. I can understand about being angry about a game that has the title KH3 on it but this game isn't meant for people who played only KH1 and 2, it's meant for the people who followed the series for a long time and is a game that rewards it's fans for following it for all those years. However I can understand that you didn't like this game and I will respect that.
Jyde K
Jyde K - 16 hours ago
Finally guys end of January 2020 and nearly 1 year after KH3 release the DLC is coming!!!!
diddy_dante - 19 hours ago
Whoa playable lingering will whaaattttt
Freddy - 20 hours ago
Japanese with subtitles seems more emotionally genuine
いい加減後出しDLCでストーリー補完するやり方止めた方がよろしいかと( =^ω^)ff15から何も学ばなかったのかな?バカエニさん
Zehi - 23 hours ago
*no Disney characters in sight*
I have never been happier
ソラベストボーイ - 21 hour ago
mickey: and donald and goofy:laughs in disney
Blahblahblah3210 - Day ago
I like how literally everyone except the official KH channel has already shared the new trailer. What are you waiting for, SE? Make it public here too!
SuperNintendawg - Day ago
Can't wait for the reveal that Sora is actually just a figment of Riku's imagination from an alternate timeline or whatever
Bernossi - Day ago
i came a little
Izlude Tingel
Izlude Tingel - 3 days ago
Everyone: OK I believe you.
Square Enix: Jump in the line! Rock your body in time!
Tim Galvin
Tim Galvin - 3 days ago
Me: Oh no!
The KH community: Oh no!
Square Enix: (bursts through wall) *OH YEAH!!!!*
Safia Aysha
Safia Aysha - 4 days ago
Can you tell me when kingdom hearts 3 re mind coming in Bangladesh. Because I am from Bangladesh. Please tell me . My instagram ayshasafia30.
Dragonkeyblade10 - Day ago
January 23rd for ps4, around February 20th for Xbox one
Mathioro SAMBA
Mathioro SAMBA - 4 days ago
J'ai hâte que le jeux sort
Dylan Mays
Dylan Mays - 4 days ago
One of my favorite games as a kid, seeing what happened to kingdom hearts just makes me sad now.
Pimplord 13
Pimplord 13 - 3 days ago
@James OG364 agreed if only it was like Avenger's Endgame lol that movie was lit and live up to it's hype everyone played a important role unlike this game everyone was downplay except Sora I get it's his story but wow nobody gets any charecter development.
James OG364
James OG364 - 3 days ago
@Pimplord 13 wouldve been so much better if disney didn't have so much influence and the story should've been better paced. It had so much potential but they blew it with the terrible writing. Not to mention worlds were terrible as well *ahem* Frozen
Pimplord 13
Pimplord 13 - 4 days ago
Ikr I'm just dissatisfied at this point if this was free I would see some form of redemption. But overall the game was basically a 7 out of 10 I had fun but very disappointed.
Angel Rivera
Angel Rivera - 4 days ago
Base KH3 was decent imo. I think the game would’ve been a WHOLE lot better if the endgame didn’t feel rushed. Can’t have a KH game without the Disney worlds obviously, but the whole final world/conflicts? Felt lacking to me. The fight with the 3 Xehanorts tho, the fight and especially the music, how they mashed all 3 final boss themes and remixes it, was phenomenal
FruitPunch S
FruitPunch S - 5 days ago
Its to stupid ask but. Is this free or paid?
Pimplord 13
Pimplord 13 - 4 days ago
Paid which is bullshit.
Reginald T. Terrell
Reginald T. Terrell - 5 days ago
Switch owners just waiting
Travis Leonhart
Travis Leonhart - 5 days ago
Damn just take my money already
LostinSpace TK
LostinSpace TK - 6 days ago
I few days ago a friend came over, he mentioned at some point how he just realized this game and Final Fantasy are basically brother and sister. I was like Bruh really, my friends try to be gamers but can't. GAMERS MASTER RACE
Gsage - 6 days ago
oh boy I see where this is going, Sora's sacrifice caused him to be absent from the past and we have to see what happened without him to help his friendos.
hjalmiris - 7 days ago
si_clay - 8 days ago
"Coming this Winter"

*in Sahara Dessert*
Tokyo Bandz
Tokyo Bandz - 8 days ago
So false light would be, Lux? And how exactly did Ventus cross over from his worldline to this current one? Hopefully this dlc answers some of these crazy questions.
Scythe-o-roast Grizzly
Scythe-o-roast Grizzly - 7 days ago
or union x.
ComradeDimitri - 9 days ago
If you want some suggestions, I think you guys should add something similar to the Organization 13 Data fights we saw in 2FM.
Kinda like a "Battle Record" or something like that.
It can essentially be a thing where you can Refight any of the Non-Optional fights in the game. But with some alterations.
You can choose the party members you fight with, which can be any of the people who are your Allies at any point in the game.
You can also choose how much health the enemys will have. As well as their overall stats.
It can be used pretty nicely to recreate certain bosses in a unique way. And possibly being able to change other things, Such as fighting it in any Arena you choose, Setting a time limit, and Maybe, Just maybe, Being able to play as any of the Guardians Of Light. It could help setup some wacky battles that can be challenging, or just for some fun. And just to make sure it cant be easily abused, you wont gain any Items, EXP, or anything else from fighting the battles.
axion lightedge
axion lightedge - 7 days ago
ComradeDimitri They dont see comments
Griffin - 9 days ago
If the DLC does not start after the secret ending, i'll be done with this franchise. This is going way too far. The story needs to end so another can begin. I don't want to wait until 2029 to play a KHIV you know....
Gats T
Gats T - 9 days ago
It's not starting with the secret ending, that'd be stupid. It's DLC for Kingdom Hearts 3, not a brand new game. What they showed in the trailer is likely the Re:Mind scenario, which will be clearing up some things from 3 and concluding any remaining questions, before revealing the context of how Sora brought Kairi back. Then, either with the secret episode or with a secret boss, that will be in Shibuya. It's already been confirmed that a new HD Kingdom Hearts project is starting development, it won't be 2029, it'll likely be 2023-2025 considering they have the Kingdom Shader ready to use for future projects.
ShinyMetalhunter64 - 9 days ago
Dear Sony, Square Enix, Disney and Pixar of the Kingdom Hearts Franchise:
I was wondering if I can get permission to have access to your Music and use it on my YouTube Channel, it would be an honor to be in service with you and making my channel become very popular so please let me borrow your music so I can prevent Copyright stuff with YouTube in general, I am a huge fan of Kingdom Hearts and Ive played the games ever since I got Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance for the 3DS, if you read this I promise to make some fans happy and experience my journey throughout the whole Kingdom Hearts Series

Marcos Padilla
P.S: May You Heart Be Your Guiding Key
Gats T
Gats T - 9 days ago
If it's Yoko's music you can use it in your videos, if it's Utada's, you probably can't.
RodrigoBarra32 - 9 days ago
I want Kingdom hearts 3 in youtube rewind 2020!
Rolando Vellon
Rolando Vellon - 9 days ago
#iconicism #Midnight #Blue 😂😂👍👍
gibson chen
gibson chen - 9 days ago
0:59 dammm ventus
HowToBadass Durden
HowToBadass Durden - 11 days ago
Cons: I dont understand One thing
Pros: A cute japanese chick is telling me what to do and I can play Roxas.
Gracekim1 - 11 days ago
This is epic because I predicted he’d see Chrithy again
Sidney Mosley
Sidney Mosley - 12 days ago
Okay, but define "this winter" cause that could be anywhere between late November to late February 🤔
Sargent Michael
Sargent Michael - 12 days ago
Kingdom Hearts 3 Final Mix looking pretty tight
Heartless Lucas
Heartless Lucas - 12 days ago
Cool, more stuff that should have already been in the game at launch but still isn't enough to make the game not awful.
Gats T
Gats T - 9 days ago
If it could've been in game at launch, it would've. Do you even know how this stuff works dude?
BoostedSilver - 12 days ago
Can we just get these games for pc please
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