I spent a day with ANIME VOICE ACTORS (Face Reveal)

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AnthonyPadilla - 2 months ago
thank you all so much for supporting this new series. let me know below which other groups of people you’d like to see me sit down with. and come back next week for I spent a day with SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS.
luv, anthony padeelo
ps: hey ~bell boiz~ where you at? if you aren’t ~bell boiz~ you’re a SHAM. 🔔
PIE ANATOR - 11 days ago
the only way to watch pokemon is in english dub ngl. the sub for pokemon is booty cheeks
Larissa Young
Larissa Young - 15 days ago
@V V Thunder Pole dancer is another name for them! Chill out!
Leonardo Jakova
Leonardo Jakova - 23 days ago
When do you make those noises Anthony hmmmm
my ass burns
my ass burns - Hour ago
They played high school of the dead on one of the little TVs!! I LOVE THAT ANIME😆😆. (Go watch it)
Hadirah Yasmin
Hadirah Yasmin - 3 hours ago
I litterly learn japan to watch anime without sub.
WEGlightSnow - 9 hours ago
She did REM
Chrono - 10 hours ago
dub ruins it
Coolmusicplaylist - 10 hours ago
Dub actors dont get the credit they deserve.
Coolmusicplaylist - 10 hours ago
U have problems if u actually like original voice of Goku because then u like nails on a chalk board
get on my level
get on my level - 11 hours ago
High school DxD and naruto I saw them both
Jesse Hidalgo
Jesse Hidalgo - 11 hours ago
Hunter x Hunter is my favorite
dejavùwú - 11 hours ago
finally, he's doing a face reveal. anthony looks so cool!
Fusion Zamasu
Fusion Zamasu - 11 hours ago
0:04 does nobody see Deadpool in that background or is it just me?
And when did Deadpool became an anime?
Just some Person on the internet
*why is that hotdog so much money*
Nathan Broaddus
Nathan Broaddus - 14 hours ago
When he put up all the anime characters did you see deadpool
Selina Pi
Selina Pi - 16 hours ago
5:26 i rly thought he was going to say "I don't know, Rick"
Ellie Louise
Ellie Louise - 18 hours ago
That sailor moon one gave off light yagami vibes
Dead in my c0ffin
Dead in my c0ffin - 19 hours ago
LoL nice video
UselessAnimationz - 20 hours ago
7:13 NANI
Yuiitsu - 20 hours ago
No one:
Literally no one:
Cedric: aNd I’M SiNgiNg tO yOuR BaBy
Anthony let me love me
Son Gokuhanten
Son Gokuhanten - Day ago
i do not see the resemblance at 0:56, no offense, two different people,
Anonymous - Day ago
Who names a girl ryan 😂
Lemon Boi
Lemon Boi - Day ago
Not till you touch me( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)🤣🤣🤣
BLACK REIN - Day ago
When u still like Sub better
Iftekhar Hussain
Iftekhar Hussain - Day ago
Cedric was a chimera ant
*Welcome To The Black Parade materializes* Well, shit. (Srry its not about anime, but this honestly was a very interesting video)
X Choxo Skye X
X Choxo Skye X - Day ago
*jUsT cAsUallY falLs tHrEw rOoF*
Yummy Yugi
Yummy Yugi - Day ago
was hoping for todd haberkorn ngl
Fido Hula
Fido Hula - Day ago
animes that is a crime watching them sub and not dub: Prison school, gurren lagann, hellsing ultimate
Luv12 tacos
Luv12 tacos - Day ago
As someone who did voice acting for a friend I can tell you females have to make noises and it’s embarrassing having someone watch you make noises that in a higher voice sound too close to moans.And then they tell you you’re not doing it right..and you have to do it OVER AND OVER AGAIN.
MarshallNightEdits N Anime
Don’t trust Pokémon subtitles
Marco Pelaez
Marco Pelaez - Day ago
MyPussyBleeding - 2 days ago
Is he gonna do a video with hentai voice actors
Joshyy- Kun
Joshyy- Kun - 2 days ago
Charlotte is the best anime except Naruto
Autumn Cade
Autumn Cade - 2 days ago
Griffin is really cute ngl
Autumn Cade
Autumn Cade - 2 days ago
VaultHunter Trey
VaultHunter Trey - 2 days ago
4:27 See you space cowboy...rip scooter
New X BeFeared
New X BeFeared - 2 days ago
In certain animes dub is better. Like black clover. Asta in sub fucking sounds like the dude was told to be as annoying as possible. In dub he sounds way more bearable
Lonely Devil
Lonely Devil - 2 days ago
0:03 i see deadpool
Grim Oakheart
Grim Oakheart - 2 days ago
Dear Italy: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. Berserk 2016 the most popular....
5000 subs with no vids? I’m desperate
The Asylist
The Asylist - 2 days ago
Sub vs. Dubbed I have something to say about that it also can help people who are dyslexic who cannot read like me I am using talk-to-text I say what I want and my sign types it for me so I cannot watch subbed I only can watch dubbed I want to watch subbed though cuz there's more anime out there for subbed then there is dubbed
Za Kid
Za Kid - 3 days ago
My country top anime in 2016 is Yuri on Ice... wow
Iceley - 3 days ago
Robin Hood
Robin Hood - 3 days ago
derail - 3 days ago
Ryan is a catfish OMG
Extra gumz
Extra gumz - 4 days ago
Y E S !
Laila Kanipe
Laila Kanipe - 4 days ago
Me: *looking at the anime characters on the 4 second mark*
Me: where is deku 😐
Me:there is no deku or todoroki
Rugved Radkar
Rugved Radkar - 4 days ago
Smh i expected Japanese voice actors
ItzTati - 4 days ago
Hmm.. I might give dub another chance now, given this video.
OUTLAW_ 05GT - 4 days ago
That sounds like starscream from transformers 1,2,3 5:38
Gacha Kari
Gacha Kari - 5 days ago
Ram is der
Amy Mucha
Amy Mucha - 5 days ago
Don't judge me, but I would rather watch the dub than the sub.

Because I'm lazy.
Chris Hansen
Chris Hansen - 2 days ago
I always watch dub. As an animator myself one of the main reasons I watch anime’s is scouting styles. Jojos has such a unique and funky and style that complements the show so well. The special effects animation on My Hero Academia is fucking phenomenal. Most notably dekus one for all/ full cowl. And One Piece has this style that oozes with whimsy and adventure. For me, not watching in my native language and having to read, takes away from the expertly crafted visuals. So maybe you’re not lazy, you just have an eye for good animation 😊
Heroduothecomedian - 5 days ago
i love gundam narrative dub
The Grim
The Grim - 5 days ago
I want to be a voice actor one day
Jyde EX
Jyde EX - 6 days ago
Stop smoking weed
Supri Yono
Supri Yono - 6 days ago
American dubs are sucks, better to watch it raw
Nightcore Lostsong
Nightcore Lostsong - 6 days ago
The dub is more understanding but it don’t come out sooner
RonaldoLegend78 - 6 days ago
I was expecting voice actors from like pokemon naruto or Dragon ball z
daniel martinez
daniel martinez - 6 days ago
I like dub better:]
Paper_bro 8760
Paper_bro 8760 - 6 days ago
My brother, mom, and cousins just spends a month learning Japanese just so they can watch anime without sub titles
BRICK_YT - 6 days ago
dective pikachu was never an anime it was a game
Darius Vitek
Darius Vitek - 6 days ago
he got cheetu in this video from hunter hunter
Яed - 6 days ago
Dub is trash
The Gaming Immortal
The Gaming Immortal - 6 days ago
yay the promised neverland, can't wait until season 2 and cedric voices don
desired - 6 days ago
i want to see natsu
Bob MRV - 6 days ago
Pyro - 6 days ago
LivingThings - 6 days ago
bruh my names cedric
Rohan Elrhick
Rohan Elrhick - 7 days ago
KregT2 - 7 days ago
5:26 king from seven deadly sins
Lilia Gamez
Lilia Gamez - 7 days ago
I watch all Dub
Dr.Doofenshmirtz - 7 days ago
This dude need his own TV show
FupllysGoYeet _
FupllysGoYeet _ - 7 days ago
5:38 hire this man for orichimaru
A tired foox with depression
I Like Food
I Like Food - 7 days ago
Him: is it a blessing? Or a curse?
Me: *crying*
Mom: what's wrong?
Me: Jiraiya said that
etherious. natsu.dragneel
The reason people watch sub alot more is because if there's an emotional scene subs do it better but some dubs do it good there's quite a few anime I watch that I like both because u can feel the passion
Zeatrix M.
Zeatrix M. - 7 days ago
Yeah there's some dubbed anime that had the right amount of emotion that I almost cried. & it's difficult for me to cry.
Heroic Pandaa
Heroic Pandaa - 7 days ago
Daisy Gonzalez
Daisy Gonzalez - 7 days ago
Rohan-Kun - 7 days ago
I watch sub cuz i don't know where to watch dub
TheLegendOfLonk - 7 days ago
My dude got the voice actor of Sonic what the hell
Hdbry Hfhdj
Hdbry Hfhdj - 8 days ago
Does hentai count as an anime.
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