I spent a day with ANIME VOICE ACTORS (Face Reveal)

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AnthonyPadilla - 7 days ago
thank you all so much for supporting this new series. let me know below which other groups of people you’d like to see me sit down with. and come back next week for I spent a day with SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS.
luv, anthony padeelo
ps: hey ~bell boiz~ where you at? if you aren’t ~bell boiz~ you’re a SHAM. 🔔
Jacob Falcon
Jacob Falcon - 3 minutes ago
AnthonyPadilla 200
Today's Fortune from Sara Azuma
i spent a day with fujoshis
Tracey Rivera
Tracey Rivera - 6 hours ago
Why did you leave smosh
kris's style not chicken
kris's style not chicken - 7 hours ago
AnthonyPadilla try spending a day with kpop sasaengs
Wafiq Gamers
Wafiq Gamers - 12 hours ago
@zak stewart ??? sry if that was rude or you angry.and.... i dont understand :v i meannn beginning what??
IamDelusional - 2 minutes ago
0:04 anime characters dead pool at the back
Gacha Lapiz
Gacha Lapiz - 19 minutes ago
I watched all of these
mlp xd
mlp xd - 38 minutes ago
Why did you quit smosh?Also why did you change your iconic "emo hair " for a bird's nest to be put on your head?
mlp xd
mlp xd - 47 minutes ago
Remember the smosh days. Smosh isn't as good nowadays because of you leaving 2 years ago.Now it's a mess and Ian removed the spray paint intro. Ian is all over the place and you've just lost the sense of humour you used to have .You two should do a reunited video.
VrizaDaGuy - 59 minutes ago
What character is he in one punch man?
Angie Johanna
Angie Johanna - Hour ago
7:11 “why is that hotdog so much money”
Meels - Hour ago
I felt triggered when the guy did the sailor moon voice idk y
Lukaspewdie - Hour ago
All of them were dubs where are the Real anime voice actors
yourefat andlazy
yourefat andlazy - 2 hours ago
we want smosh back! you weeb !
Cole Sisti
Cole Sisti - 2 hours ago
Why did he leave smosh
Frank West
Frank West - 2 hours ago
I thought he said shamed our childhoods
Saitama Midoriya
Saitama Midoriya - 3 hours ago
I think sub is more better than dub
AKA-POWER - 3 hours ago
00:5 the first thing I saw was Deadpool
DeltaWolf 200211
DeltaWolf 200211 - 3 hours ago
*Beep* *beep* *beep*
cookii - 3 hours ago
thanks for g-noting me rip mcr
Shooter Gaming
Shooter Gaming - 4 hours ago
1. English dub is worst thing that can be done.
2. By making english dubs u literally do not respect the work of the seiyu, after all the atmosphere of the anime is created by the hard work of voice actors. The original should not be repaired or reworked. You are hypocrites. You just destroy the effects of the hard work of Japanese voice actors.
And you call yourselfs anime fans or u want to treat english dub voice actors like stars?
That's really lame joke.
Shame on you
And last thing: how lazy are you to not watch anime with original voices and read subtitles but dub.
Literally worst kind of fans do such things.
ifeelguilty - 5 hours ago
spend a day with nba stars
Tracey Rivera
Tracey Rivera - 6 hours ago
I am triggered that you left smosh I thought typing were better than Ian hecox I remember mortal combat theme song I’m not trying to be rude so sorry if you think I’m being rude
gomangi jomanji
gomangi jomanji - 6 hours ago
You r so handsome
Wyatt Pirtle
Wyatt Pirtle - 6 hours ago
i beg for you to h8 me :3

This boi cedric sound like elmo -._-.
Julia Nowak
Julia Nowak - 9 hours ago
omg hahahha
JMaxxExtreme - 10 hours ago
Dubs are better in 90's in my opinion
Smokey - 10 hours ago
LAZARBEAM not - 11 hours ago
C h e r r y C r u s h
C h e r r y C r u s h - 11 hours ago
Wow I didn't know the name was a both gender name!
Tobi Goro
Tobi Goro - 11 hours ago
"I mean I know when I do that, but it's not when they do that..." *stares hopelessly into the abyss*
Nino Mini
Nino Mini - 11 hours ago
It’s sad that people just skip through videos when they take forever to edit
Tronic 2
Tronic 2 - 13 hours ago
Can you do one more vid with Ian or the hole smosh crew including Ian
Dark Shadow gamer
Dark Shadow gamer - 13 hours ago
Join back smosh
BlueWolfy !
BlueWolfy ! - 13 hours ago
BlueWolfy !
BlueWolfy ! - 13 hours ago
I just did a full on search on GRIFFIN PUATU cause of the Charlotte statement lol
BlueWolfy !
BlueWolfy ! - 13 hours ago
Mick Charles
Mick Charles - 15 hours ago
When I watch anime I turn the audio and ad my own voice.
Dominick Melendez
Dominick Melendez - 15 hours ago
7:10 and 4:54 We’re the best moments
Selena Gqcha
Selena Gqcha - 16 hours ago
Wait there’s corners in our planet-
Red Golx
Red Golx - 16 hours ago
were is the maid
doge gaming43
doge gaming43 - 18 hours ago
They look young
ImAsneakyKING - 18 hours ago
Am I the only one that noticed Ryan looked nothing like the pictures they showed
The one in the picture looks like the pornstar kimmy granger
Wolfington Gamings
Wolfington Gamings - 18 hours ago
Yetis Omae wa mou shindeiru
I watch Japanese with subs
bacon hero Plays roblox
bacon hero Plays roblox - 19 hours ago
Can I tell u something

Shut up!
the shy boi's YT
the shy boi's YT - 19 hours ago
What happend to smosh
NomNoms Avii
NomNoms Avii - 20 hours ago
I’m pretty sure that Griffin voices Genos
in the dub for One Punch Man
smew - 20 hours ago
none of them look like their pictures, especially the girl.
Rivers Cut
Rivers Cut - 20 hours ago
I miss smosh
Dimond Leigh
Dimond Leigh - 21 hour ago
I love the promise never land
Tony Stark
Tony Stark - 21 hour ago
Why is bard from League of legends in the background of the anime characters
toocoolnarwhal - 22 hours ago
i love anime wish my mom would sigin me up for some anime thing
EPC_King - 22 hours ago
When are you going to work in a maid cafe you hit 100k likes
Natalie LeBrun
Natalie LeBrun - 23 hours ago
Who misses Smosh with Anthony?
Maressa k
Maressa k - Day ago
You are hilarious. Love your channel.
Azr0 - Day ago
Fr The Promised Neverland is amazing so gg to that dude
Diana Londoño
Diana Londoño - Day ago
Dude, Anthony, I'm so glad you have found your voice and do these interviews that are kind of sarcastic and also serious and interesting. Thanks, you're the interviewer #1
Ivan Lopez
Ivan Lopez - Day ago
Yo quiero ver otra FOOD BATTLE
Shark Dương
Shark Dương - Day ago
Anthony: *jump down from the celing*
Sir - Day ago
Do an I spend a day with a Pup Fetish Play or a Dominatrix
Gaming Super
Gaming Super - Day ago
Attack on titan is the best anime
Gerbarry Bishop
Gerbarry Bishop - Day ago
Sub is better. Get over with it.
Simona Bozinovska
Simona Bozinovska - Day ago
Plz upload!
The_Pyromancer - Day ago
Looking forward to talk show Late Night with Anthony Padilla in 2022
Alexander Loja Gallardo
Hola vengo de parte de JuegaGerman
Maira Mejia
Maira Mejia - Day ago
U should spend a dar with people that do ASMR !!!😌
D.R. - Day ago
Anyone else remember that video Anthony left Smosh ...
Asmia Ali
Asmia Ali - Day ago
Anthony, can you make videos with Ian in smosh again, cause he's not appearing in smosh videos now, why?
Jay English
Jay English - Day ago
Rie Takahashi in the first second of this video, Im sold! Thank you for more great content!
natsu dragneel
natsu dragneel - Day ago
Anyone here watched boku no pico it’s like the best anime ever
Mister WiZeguy
Mister WiZeguy - Day ago
Oh. My. God. I have not seen Anthony in so long and his hair has GROWN!!!
Who else doesn’t watch anime?
Kingpin QC
Kingpin QC - Day ago
Lionelle Richie
Lionelle Richie - Day ago
I only watch dub when I don't want to pay attention to the show hahah. just got Naruto in the background for noise purposes
Budderboy _Playz
Budderboy _Playz - Day ago
Y u quit smosh I just want to know
Jasmin Mcdaniel
Jasmin Mcdaniel - Day ago
Only real emos know about the g note lol
ĶĮŅĢ *jøji*
ĶĮŅĢ *jøji* - Day ago
Starburst - Day ago
The guy who does the promised Neverland well it's coming at 12 in the morning
Emily - Day ago
“yea it does hurt cause uh we really do try our best” y’all that really had me feeling some type of way. it made me so sadddd. he’s so cute tho bruh awww
The fan of Kirby
The fan of Kirby - Day ago
Jason Orozco929292
Jason Orozco929292 - Day ago
Go back to small😡
Elizabeth Terrell
Elizabeth Terrell - Day ago
5:35 um is that you markiplier
Loki - Day ago
7:30 that is why a lot of actors don't watch there performances because they will always find mistakes
Metaphysical Memes
Metaphysical Memes - Day ago
Spend a day with profrssional stoners and try and smike em out
UmadBrotha - Day ago
Look at his dude.😂😂😂
Saphire Parham
Saphire Parham - Day ago
I like dub because I can understand it
THENOOBGAMR 11 - Day ago
Anthony I know your not gonna read this but if you do can you please at least concider to make 1 video with Ian please i beg of you
Shane Reed
Shane Reed - Day ago
Rodrigo Gómez Verá
Bavah - Day ago
oh god i wasn’t ready for that g note
Jordan Pruitt
Jordan Pruitt - Day ago
Does anyone else now watch Anthony more than Smosh? I watch smosh pit and Anthony but it seems that I tend to watch Anthony more 🤷🏻‍♀️
FullMetalKaliber X
FullMetalKaliber X - Day ago
Yeah I’m probably one of few who openly admits to preferring dubbed over subbed
duM shit Mew
duM shit Mew - Day ago
Do you still work for smosh?
Mr Fr
Mr Fr - Day ago
I play anime while listening to dub
Kumieto - Day ago
I wanna be a voice actor for animes so bad
I’m Madi don’t judge me
You should do Disney Channel next!
Stefanrpone - Day ago
g note
Allisson Ramirez
Allisson Ramirez - Day ago
I still don't like anime and think it's creepy
Mynti Girl
Mynti Girl - Day ago
Personally, on the sub vs dub I would prefer dub partly so I can watch what’s happening and focus on it more than focusing on words at the bottom on the screen.
I’m Madi don’t judge me

The white boy won me over
Edit: why is this hotdog so expensive...
Marina The Octoling
Marina The Octoling - 2 days ago
In my eyes i find asian cartoons complete garbage...
Talk about random Things
Can you do a colab with Ian from smosh i miss you and Ians videos
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