SHAFT - Official Trailer [HD]

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Shonnda Cooper
Shonnda Cooper - 3 hours ago
Can't wait!! Lol
MissAmazanda - 5 hours ago
I went to see Shaft at the movies back in 2000 that starred Samuel L Jackson why are they remaking it again? It only makes sense it this is a continuation but not if it's yet another remake of Shaft.
A D - Day ago
I’m going!
Odinaka Okezie
Odinaka Okezie - Day ago
this is the first time i watched a trailer twice and enjoyed it ! this movie is so on point.
Doyah 998
Doyah 998 - Day ago
🇰🇪.... Nice and Easy... R👌... Genge❤Shaft
Michael Bishop
Michael Bishop - Day ago
SHAFT is back badder than ever along with Roundtree, this is gonna be one helluva movie DAYUM!
Diane McCloud
Diane McCloud - 2 days ago
Oh my Gosh, I cannot wait....there are 2 movies that I have to see in the theater this year.....John Wick 3 and Shaft....a must....Yay....
Abid Sulaiman
Abid Sulaiman - 2 days ago
marco jose lluch
marco jose lluch - 2 days ago
wtf !
Kayotic217 - 3 days ago
- Won't be seeing . . .Not a fan. . .of this dude since 187
Cisco Holdin it down
Cisco Holdin it down - 3 days ago
East Afrika
East Afrika - 3 days ago
Shaft has gone from dark to chocolate to light skinned.
Ramone DeCurta
Ramone DeCurta - 4 days ago
Richard Roundtree is like Billy-D. He got BETTER-looking with age. Still got his swag after all of these years. I’m trying to be like him.
Waiting on that “Lady Sings the Blues” reboot!
Ramone DeCurta
Ramone DeCurta - 4 days ago
So they reboot this shit into a comedy and still use Samuel L Jackson who played in the previous reboot, which was an action/drama? FOH! That’s going to be garbage!
Henry Kampe
Henry Kampe - 4 days ago
Can’t wait and yes I can dig it
Ali Raza
Ali Raza - 4 days ago
Damn dope
Rivy O
Rivy O - 4 days ago
Omg so excited
ADNANE OUAALI - 4 days ago
When I see the pic of trailer on first time I think he is Floyd Mayweather
Tanisha Perry
Tanisha Perry - 4 days ago
Need to see
Jeremy Anthony Johnson
Jeremy Anthony Johnson - 4 days ago
I will see this.
Henry Williams
Henry Williams - 4 days ago
Mannnn I'm mad it looks too comedic
kitty 1905
kitty 1905 - 4 days ago
Yes! Finally I ca8 wait😃
Kxrrin - 5 days ago
Soooo what is this about
Usman Chaudhary
Usman Chaudhary - 5 days ago
It’s his duty to please that booty
MR. TEE - 5 days ago
Now you shoeshine niggas want to clown up Shaft. Shaft was never a comedy or some joke shit. That’s why I don’t fuck with you New shoeshine niggas and old niggas that forgot where the cane from. You MFs are fucking up a classic with all that clown shit.
D. Lancaster
D. Lancaster - 5 days ago
Why would they make Shaft a comedy? 😳 Still going to see it! 😀
luvfunk2 - 5 days ago
Way to ruin Classic!
Extremely Dangerous
Extremely Dangerous - 5 days ago
1:38 let me get mine. 😂
Tarius Shinobi
Tarius Shinobi - 5 days ago
A Great Series turned into Garbage!
George westcott
George westcott - 5 days ago
U can't beat up a woman
Y not
Becuz she is a woman
Oh there is no non violence people in
T G - 5 days ago
Black only cracks between the ages of 70 and 76.
Travis Ali
Travis Ali - 6 days ago
Richard roundtree is back wow
Straight Up
Straight Up - 6 days ago
Wow, I hope this isn't another black man self worshipping movie.🤔🙄😐😲😒🤦💅
Dillinger Sam
Dillinger Sam - 6 days ago
Richard Roundtree is the Best Shaft 😀
Monifa 360
Monifa 360 - 6 days ago
Shaft Is An Equal Opportunity Ass-Whooper, 😂🤣🤣🤣😂
Geoffrey Chimenya
Geoffrey Chimenya - 6 days ago
I can't wait for this movie. Samuel L Jackson is just amazing man
Cherokee - 6 days ago
Richard looks good
Czeron01 - 6 days ago
The Nick Fury origin movie is looking really good.
custodial - 6 days ago
"There is no non-violent people in Harlem" 😂😂
vincent conway
vincent conway - 7 days ago
Its him and Richard roundtree around the same age. Wesley snipes should have played shaft after Richard.
Big Will
Big Will - 7 days ago
Yeah, I must admit...Looks kind of good!
Danso Foster
Danso Foster - 7 days ago
Love this
Hanan Yamini
Hanan Yamini - 7 days ago
Yet again!! The love interest to the dark skin black man with nappy hair is a biracial woman. Why can the Black man ever love his own women in movies.🤨
Kyo Sage
Kyo Sage - 5 days ago
To increase biracial relationships since melanin is winning
Ally AI
Ally AI - 7 days ago
He thinks he's a “BLACK JAMES BOND”.... lol😂
Crisan Bell
Crisan Bell - 7 days ago
So we can take it that Sam Jackson doesn't plan on retiring from action movies.... EVER!
Thutmosis7 - 7 days ago
Jackson look good for his age. Movie look funny. Should be a decent one.
Accari Cuvell
Accari Cuvell - 7 days ago
I can dig it.
MrBigR 504
MrBigR 504 - 7 days ago
Oh this is gonna be on & pop'n👍
moraka pontsho mokgobi
moraka pontsho mokgobi - 7 days ago
lol Samuel never disapoints
Farai Shimeih Gwapedza
Farai Shimeih Gwapedza - 7 days ago
Damn Regina Hall is killing it .. Little, shaft, black monday just to mention a few.. Damn she works
Joseph Ellis
Joseph Ellis - 7 days ago
I'm going to go see it... WITHOUT A DOUBT. Also, regina hall is getting that money.
Phillip Neves
Phillip Neves - 7 days ago
Holy Lord ..i gotta see this
SYNDCT - 7 days ago
I wish they would have made it the dark and macabre setting the original was. Instead it’s become a comedy with only black cast.
UFLOORIT - 8 days ago
Hell yeah! SHAFT ×3 Just what we need at this time. 👍🏾👍🏾
Jose Rolon
Jose Rolon - 8 days ago
Lmaoooo u back her having a knife fight hell no i shot him lmao this looks funny as fuckkk
Chosen One
Chosen One - 8 days ago
OMG!!! I been waiting all year for this!!! Comes out 2 day's after my Birthday 🎂!!!
babybree175 - 5 days ago
I am to assumed, I'LL SEE YOY AT THE MOVIES
Sharon Myles
Sharon Myles - 8 days ago
Seeing the shaft trailer is going to be the bomb when the movie gets here is going to be awesome I can't wait for this shit Yassssssss 👌 👌
lily Czinkoczi
lily Czinkoczi - 8 days ago
Oh my gosh...I have nothing to comment but laughter 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣its gonna be awesome...😂😂😂😂🤣
j cfour
j cfour - 7 days ago
If meth made you sidekick I eat a bearded lady organ for all at the border
Anita Harrell
Anita Harrell - 8 days ago
yess this is definitely a must see movie
cris mendez
cris mendez - 8 days ago
Jochy Santos
Dagbui Robert
Dagbui Robert - 8 days ago
Pls when is it dropping
Shewit D
Shewit D - 8 days ago
harry jones
harry jones - 8 days ago
I'm an equal opportunity gender ass whopper. The best line
harry jones
harry jones - 8 days ago
Most dangerous family in America
NicoNicoNya - 9 days ago
You see this cat Shaft is a bad mother-
Bettie Roberson
Bettie Roberson - 9 days ago
OMG!! I love it!!!
Geneva Johnson
Geneva Johnson - 9 days ago
So did the moive allready came out last year in June 2018 or it comes out this JUNE 2019
Keith Witcher
Keith Witcher - 9 days ago
Shaft 3 movie looks good. I wanna see this. I love Samuel Jackson, Regina Hall, Richard Roundtree and Alexandra Shipp. Samuel is too old to be Regina's ex-husband because she's younger than him LOL. The movie director should've gotten Pam Grier or Lonette McKee to be Samuel's ex-wife. Regina and Alexandra are hot women.
Greg Battles
Greg Battles - 9 days ago
I'm there like today..god is good i lived 2 see 3 shaft's
Samantha Carrion
Samantha Carrion - 9 days ago
Reason to go to the movies
call me CINDY !
call me CINDY ! - 9 days ago
Cool! I thought it was gonna be like a time jump, past, present & future Shaft! But father, son, & grandpa is cool too!
Ola Gerald
Ola Gerald - 10 days ago
Samuel L. Jackson is a Legend
Richard Burgos
Richard Burgos - 10 days ago
This movie's a joke.
Buke - 11 days ago
The black James Bond is Idris Elba
Ryu Jin
Ryu Jin - 11 days ago
Sascha bringing me all bad thots .
Tawana Tompkins
Tawana Tompkins - 11 days ago
Oh I can’t wait!!! I own the first Shaft.
WRECK 215 - 12 days ago
Art Forlife
Art Forlife - 12 days ago
They need to stop making the Shaft movies its starting to be too comedy.
LordStanleyJr - 13 days ago
Perfect Casting !
MrTkeddo - 13 days ago
I miss People’s though “Tiger Woo, Tiger Woo I like him”😂
Tonia Waters
Tonia Waters - 13 days ago
That looks good
rick longmore
rick longmore - 14 days ago
Lool hope it's as good as it looks
Austin Squires
Austin Squires - 14 days ago
I’m probably gonna be the only light skin person in the theater just accept me
Thomas Jackson
Thomas Jackson - 14 days ago
Morgan Freeman is God, and Keanu Reeves, Denzel Washington and Samuel L are his enforcers.
EMP Zeus
EMP Zeus - 14 days ago
Sasha actress?
Boy sadsometimes
Boy sadsometimes - 14 days ago
this movie is dope 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.
M S - 14 days ago
So no Bale?
iamerinhanks - 14 days ago
Let me get mine! 💨🔫
Luis V Cabrera
Luis V Cabrera - 14 days ago
Imagine People’s Hernandez coming back from the dead to fuck with Shaft and his son lol!
ilham abdelrhman Suliman
ilham abdelrhman Suliman - 14 days ago
كم هو رايع وممتع انه مدهش
julio moreno tellez
julio moreno tellez - 14 days ago
this is a remake of Shaft released by Warner Brothers, not the 2000 Paramount Pictures movie
Victor José Luis Valencia Ambriz
Ray Donovan but they actually love each other.
Ben Hu
Ben Hu - 15 days ago
This is some really empowering shit. Three black dudes kick the shit out of the white is much more empowering than the nonsense black panther lol
Emanuel P.
Emanuel P. - 15 days ago
Gotta see this film
Pam Buck
Pam Buck - 16 days ago
Yes this is so perfect😀😁
emmanuel gomina
emmanuel gomina - 16 days ago
I'm an equal opportunity ass whooper. - only SLJ!!!
IyaEarthseeds - 16 days ago
And with Gina Torres from NY Undercover!
Sbusiso3 - 16 days ago
This Looks awesome lol Can't wait to hear Samuel say "Muthafuca Please"
Fallon Igwe
Fallon Igwe - 16 days ago
TheGGMan - 17 days ago
Anyone know of a link to this particular version of the theme song? Also awesome looking movie.
IyaEarthseeds - 16 days ago
It's the original version of the song. They didn't mess with the original. Do a USa-video search will lead yo to the original song.
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