I Got A New Puppy

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CrazyRussianHacker - Year ago
BTW he is 15 weeks old. my mistake
Dipanjan Saha
Dipanjan Saha - 2 months ago
You should name hiss gus
Daniel dewendra
Daniel dewendra - 2 months ago
Did u get him from Russia or
Richard_Ramirez worshiper
Richard_Ramirez worshiper - 10 months ago
CrazyRussianHacker so cute 🐕
Ruski - 11 months ago
Also remember that in Soviet Russia, u no name puppy...puppy name u!
Jake Evers
Jake Evers - 7 days ago
4:02 *insert flop noises*
Karl Francoís
Karl Francoís - 12 days ago
Mai Le
Mai Le - 14 days ago
Proud dog father haha
Legend ML
Legend ML - Month ago
anybody gonna talk about the snakes?
CarolinaGirl - Month ago
Beautiful dogs and so smart! ❤️🐶🐾
CarolinaGirl - Month ago
I love Taras always saying how “kewt” his dogs are. And I agree, they are so cute. Taras: “Look at his floppy legs. They’re so cute.” 😂❤️🐶🐾
Guz is cute
Guz is cute
PS4: THE PRO GAMERZ - Month ago
Youtuber is the only change who didn't fame after Taras
Destiny Ramos
Destiny Ramos - Month ago
They are bilingual too
josh stratton
josh stratton - 2 months ago
5:43 that sneezes
Wilhelm Molde
Wilhelm Molde - 2 months ago
Indominus Rex
Indominus Rex - 2 months ago
I like dogs
serena jacob
serena jacob - 2 months ago
He is very cute
NVMR tube
NVMR tube - 3 months ago
Name him as GUS
KaTh - 23 days ago
This was made in 2018
Omi RL Rana
Omi RL Rana - 3 months ago
name it gast
Alch - 4 months ago
I just realized now that he got a rare mask
Devil’s Mask
Raju Khurana
Raju Khurana - 4 months ago
so sweet
build it101
build it101 - 5 months ago
What is your other chanal
build it101
build it101 - 5 months ago
Alaskin malamut
namjoonimida_4 Tipon
namjoonimida_4 Tipon - 5 months ago
Its been a while i commented in this really late, but in his latest vids that new puppy is named Guz
AZN Phantom
AZN Phantom - Month ago
nirav modi
nirav modi - 6 months ago
Orange Pootis
Orange Pootis - 6 months ago
Gavin Flanigan
Gavin Flanigan - 6 months ago
The wife says that you have too many dogs now, you need to send Luke to us PMLOL
JDF trains
JDF trains - 7 months ago
Wow gus was so smöl
Eleanor Hansen
Eleanor Hansen - 7 months ago
Gorgeous Husky!
Ephesians 6:12
Ephesians 6:12 - 7 months ago
*a dog is the ONLY creature (WE are the animals) that loves you MORE than itself* GBU All †
No Name
No Name - 7 months ago
Absolutely beautiful 😍💞
/ Akafor
/ Akafor - 7 months ago
I just got a Alaskan malamute just like that it is is cute like if you agree

Mime is 6 months old
Paul H. Kircher III
Paul H. Kircher III - 7 months ago
Call it Amy.
Amino_Acid - 7 months ago
in 2 years hes gonna be massive
IamKorry That’sme
IamKorry That’sme - 8 months ago
I can just stare at this guy all day 😍and his dogs 😍🐕and i ❤️his accent 😘
Katja Ritter
Katja Ritter - 8 months ago
Love this new puppy, but.. what you did with the snakes??? :D
Are you thi only person in that forest???
Doodle Art
Doodle Art - 8 months ago
I need puppy
Marla Rios
Marla Rios - 8 months ago
HE’s sooo CUTE
Marla Rios
Marla Rios - 8 months ago
People that disliked this video are cat lovers BOOOOOO
Joseph Adams
Joseph Adams - 8 months ago
Aimje Undap
Aimje Undap - 8 months ago
Hello! I always watching your videos.. I'm a pet lover too.. I wish to have Siberian husky someday..
Joe - 9 months ago
Aww what a cutie boy
temmie da temmie
temmie da temmie - 9 months ago
anand singh nainwal
anand singh nainwal - 9 months ago
Awwwwwwwwwwww I want that puppy 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶🐱😊😊😊😊😊
anand singh nainwal
anand singh nainwal - 9 months ago
Your dog is very sexy
Magnor Kilvær
Magnor Kilvær - 9 months ago
This video has 1 million views
Amira Z
Amira Z - 9 months ago
He is so cute but he looks like a husky puppy.... My female husky was 20 lbs when she was 14 weeks.... Malamute puppies are usually much furrier.
Sugar Queen
Sugar Queen - 9 months ago
Theresa Butler
Theresa Butler - 9 months ago
So glad you are an animal lover! Your Alaskan Malamute is a real treasure - glad he has you to depend on...like me, he probably enjoys your Russian accent, as it is so cool !
Sixta Flores
Sixta Flores - 9 months ago
I like your show,, Real interesting
Professor Brain Corporation
A few months later, He is as big as Luke and Hugo
crpsaiyan - 9 months ago
Cute?! He's beautiful. 😍🐶
Streety Streets
Streety Streets - 9 months ago
New dog called pachket?
Vineel P
Vineel P - 9 months ago
Levi Cheezehpoofs
Levi Cheezehpoofs - 9 months ago
I love him! Malamutes are my favorite.
Roger Gommert
Roger Gommert - 9 months ago
Gus is so cute and will be a great addition to your family.
Car Cat
Car Cat - 9 months ago
I have a finishlapdog
TTWT - 9 months ago
He’s so cute
August Freese
August Freese - 9 months ago
Name the puppy fluffy the communist
Ton Ray
Ton Ray - 9 months ago
You're the best man...love your animals and your fans.
AJ Cubing
AJ Cubing - 9 months ago
1:59 now he is so Precious
Jeff Leiboff
Jeff Leiboff - 10 months ago
Name him Lugo
Lantis Medina
Lantis Medina - 10 months ago
myah - 10 months ago
You are
so cute with your doga
Joyce Dayton
Joyce Dayton - 10 months ago
Beautiful dog
Alex hoang
Alex hoang - 10 months ago
Name him patrenkov
Carlo Gurrieri
Carlo Gurrieri - 10 months ago
Look how cute my new papi is
Nick H
Nick H - 10 months ago
i got rid of my puppies that day
David Arnold
David Arnold - 10 months ago
Awesome puppy! Will he be testing the MRE selections in the future?
Grief Wizard
Grief Wizard - 10 months ago
Hes so cute
Hazel Gomez
Hazel Gomez - 10 months ago
Love the new member of family
Mary  Richardson
Mary Richardson - 10 months ago
Always enjoy your videos.
xCrazyTracy - 10 months ago
thank you for the psa about huskies and dogs! I appreciate it as a dog lover :)
Got The Wolf Dogs
Got The Wolf Dogs - 10 months ago
I love Alaskan malamutes
Ray W Penn Jr
Ray W Penn Jr - 10 months ago
Malamute can be real quiet and sneeky like wolf too ask chewie
ADRIAN Arencibia
ADRIAN Arencibia - 10 months ago
Hey Taurus what's your dogs name
Annie Evers
Annie Evers - 10 months ago
“Let’s just look at him run around” these are the videos I signed up for
Jodie posta
Jodie posta - 10 months ago
Hugo almost jumped the fence!
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah - 10 months ago
Oh Yeah Yeah
Oh Yeah Yeah - 10 months ago
Oh nvm 😂
Ashley Y
Ashley Y - 10 months ago
Grow a spine Russian 🌈
Wesley Ayers
Wesley Ayers - 10 months ago
Ultra Instinct Shaggy
Ultra Instinct Shaggy - 10 months ago
Cute :3
wholesome joji
wholesome joji - 10 months ago
Please get a cat next!
James Whitman
James Whitman - 10 months ago
dog = animal
animal = beast
love your dog but remember that it is beast worship
Raghav Patel
Raghav Patel - 10 months ago
Sooooo cute
Pork477 - Gaming And More
Pork477 - Gaming And More - 10 months ago
👍🏻 Nice! I’ve got a dog too
The Six Pack
The Six Pack - 10 months ago
KrishB - 10 months ago
Domino good name
KrishB - 10 months ago
Dominic good name
Lapisi - 10 months ago
Crazy Siberian Husky
Fire Mewo
Fire Mewo - 10 months ago
Did anyone else saw the puppy wink
Leslie Tedder
Leslie Tedder - 10 months ago
He is sooooo adorable!!!!!❤❤
Lil_Anthony999 l
Lil_Anthony999 l - 10 months ago
That looks like my dog but when my dog was smaller!! Btw my dogs a german sheperd mixed saiberian husky
Bob Conner
Bob Conner - 10 months ago
Gorgeous little fella.
fairday2 - 10 months ago
I agree that this cute fellow should be named "Boom". I have a puppy that bites our older dog, and playtime ends quickly.
jasmineness - 10 months ago
i might cry
Anthony Gates
Anthony Gates - 10 months ago
Alaskan Malamute or Husky, either way he is absolutely adorable! And definitely a babe magnet! BTW, where did you get him and how much ($$$) did he set you back?
Shari Self
Shari Self - 10 months ago
Dave Plu
Dave Plu - 11 months ago
All puppies are new...
julie oaks
julie oaks - 11 months ago
I had a malamute and he was my favorite dog ever...very lovable!! Congratulations!!
minpaoG185 - 11 months ago
Call him bichito
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