Why I stopped. πŸ“°PEW NEWS πŸ“°

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I Feel Fine
I Feel Fine - 22 hours ago
Bring back PEWNEWS.. We need Gloria now more than ever!! So many oopsies.
Mr Yeet
Mr Yeet - Day ago
It's saddening how stupid the internet is. Every time someone makes a mistake, the internet has to make sure that the whole universe knows that "person bad" and their assholes and should be considered as scum, when they have no proof whatsoever. They attack and assault people every single time their FEEWINGS get hurt, when half the time, their lonely idiots who have nothing better to do than start controversy.They're the scummy ones. It's f**king pathetic what the internet has turned into.
The Djentleman
The Djentleman - 3 days ago
you made some great points. most people are sheep minded idiots that follow trends without enough information to form their own thoughts and perspectives. also, you're right about how people should not spend this much time thinking about this stuff
Mannaise P
Mannaise P - 3 days ago
I just saw poppy harlow on CNN. I immediately stopped what I was watching and came to this video.
Ritari - 4 days ago
PΓ¨re - 4 days ago
Iosif Mihalescu
Iosif Mihalescu - 2 days ago
L H - 4 days ago
Imagine its 2020 and needing a more credible news source than ever. I miss Poppy Harlow and gloria Borger. We really could use Pew News πŸ™Œ
Gutter Rankings
Gutter Rankings - 5 days ago
I wonder if some of these people are just trolling to make things harder for Felix. Not cool.
gooby pls
gooby pls - 5 days ago
because pew news got millions more viewers than the major mainstream new networks did
SociallyActiveTortoise - 5 days ago
The fall of the last real news source
Aleko117 - 7 days ago
We need pew news back
Susanta Das
Susanta Das - 8 days ago
PewDiePie: I would love to hear your recommendations for charities
Everyone: πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
Annellen Fazackerley
Annellen Fazackerley - 9 days ago
Pewds, we really need to bring back pew news right now, it’s legitimately a great and unbiased news source which is what we need now
Invictus - 11 days ago
PewDiePie says that people who don't understand jokes don't receive anything
Reason : Because they don't get it
Jennifer A
Jennifer A - 11 days ago
he is so logical and reasonable, it is genuinely refreshing. just for extra clarification - i'm not being sarcastic or making fun of him. I really wish people would leave him alone. He is a sweet guy.
valkrions - 11 days ago
Blision - 12 days ago
Keen star and h3h3 start beefing β€œand when the world needed him most he vanished...”
Somber - Day ago
CyCadz - 15 days ago
polyamorous marriage? hmm... sounds like an orgy party
Kyle - 15 days ago
I miss pew news 😒
Adam O'Meara
Adam O'Meara - 16 days ago
Remember when pewdiepie was a good YouTuber and not a gay memer
OLUKEMI OWOLABI - 17 days ago
man i miss pew news
kurt dy
kurt dy - 18 days ago
3:04 for all of you haters just want a to hear what you want to hear.
The Retro Mess
The Retro Mess - 19 days ago
I want more pew news thkigh
Gamer - 21 day ago
Lol iron cross was meant to symbolize the first and second reich not nazis
dato fifia
dato fifia - 24 days ago
აბა αƒ₯αƒαƒ αƒ—αƒ•αƒ”αƒšαƒ”αƒ‘αƒ˜ αƒ•αƒαƒšαƒαƒ˜αƒ₯ებთ
Serrano Twins
Serrano Twins - 25 days ago
i think mary ham died
Vanya Singh
Vanya Singh - 26 days ago
what did mary ham did to you
Ryan Ortega
Ryan Ortega - 28 days ago
I wish he did this for political news, but I know his crew would probably prefer he doesn’t.
lazaresuperman does stuff
am from georgia
xGlitchVoidx - Month ago
β€œThe cross in Georgia is a very respected thing.”
The England flag:
Anson Ge
Anson Ge - Month ago
Felix: *lives*

Ojiasha Tanaka
Ojiasha Tanaka - Month ago
Dont mind them.. keep doing you... ❀❀❀
marely carrillo
marely carrillo - Month ago
People:he should more responsible after call. Him for some small thing.
The new should be more responsible in trying to call someone out
Lil Xtreme
Lil Xtreme - Month ago
PewDiePie looked really good in this video (no homo)
Keala Anderson
Keala Anderson - Month ago
I like to play old pew news episodes while I draw, even if they're months old, I don't mind. They're nice to listen to while I do art, I don't know why
Zul Reloader
Zul Reloader - Month ago
UNICEF is the best charity among all
Zx08universe - Month ago
Can I get the headset or is it not Availible?
Haki Covington
Haki Covington - Month ago
Btw racism is still a big thing going on today. Can't wait for all the dislikes on my comment.
Pam - Month ago
Rypnami - Month ago
I still miss and love Pew News.
Solo Hazard
Solo Hazard - Month ago
I know I'm a bit late, and you probably already donated, but I reccomend the Southern Poverty Law Center.
CK Vlogs
CK Vlogs - Month ago
Please make a podcast pewds.
That cabbage you Met in your dream last night
My mum works at the BBC and I will tell her to try and stop these posts about β€œI messed up”
Anastasia Lol
Anastasia Lol - Month ago
I thought this was *Poppy Gloria*
Harold Tan
Harold Tan - Month ago
"people don't think for themselves"
bravo075 - Month ago
When will you understand that you're not a "normal guy", you're a rich guy with millions of followers, what you say and/or do will influence these followers whether you want to or not.
bravo075 - 5 days ago
@Smug Alpaca You understand that, I understand that, but out of 100M how many understand that? Like I said, whether he likes it or not he does have an influence on a lot of people.
Smug Alpaca
Smug Alpaca - 18 days ago
He's an ENTERTAINER, you bozo. Just like actors, singers etc. Believe it or not, USa-videors are entertainers. They entertain their audience. Why don't you treat him as such. His channel consists of gaming, satire and commentaries. And he's rich, because he works for it. When will you understand that he's not a political figure who can influence "followers". His subscribers are his FANS who like his content. He doesn't talk politics. Never have and never will.
Liam 1
Liam 1 - 18 days ago
Yes but he has done nothing wrong
Rhely Putra
Rhely Putra - Month ago
my bank account
potato guy
potato guy - Month ago
Pewd : Use headphone
News : He is making fun of deaf people !!
꧁Ch0co_ C1lla꧂ β€’
You know the moment when you make Pew News.. i was so actually scared for Pewds safety and i always avoid watching one of his news and forgets about it. But he wont stop until it end. The reason why i was so scared is because i don’t want pewds to get more hate just like that time where media hates pewdiepie so much. Every action his make is being watched with thousands and millions of people with different personalities. And i wish nothing bad happened to him. And what make him so special is that he doesn’t care what other says about him. This is why Pewdiepie is thenbest youtuber. He aint afraid of people hating on him.
Hanhee - Month ago
this is why i love pewds
Toer van Merwijk
Toer van Merwijk - Month ago
Bendykop82 - Month ago
pewdiepie can you play bendy and the ink machine?
Owari Da
Owari Da - Month ago
There’s something wrong with his eyebrows.
Alexander - Month ago
Maybe donate to Amnesty international
lavrenti emirashvili
lavrenti emirashvili - Month ago
Pewds : coughs


Media: he sPrEadEd cOroNaViRuS
Kaze1992 - Month ago
In the past: Watches YouTube to be entertained by stupid videos
Today: Watches YouTube to listen to an authentic monologue because it is not possible today. What happened?
Ralph GameDev
Ralph GameDev - Month ago
Random stuff Gm
Random stuff Gm - Month ago
The iron cross was a metal
Frederic Emmerth
Frederic Emmerth - Month ago
damn people really had problems 6 months ango
jhoy barcela
jhoy barcela - Month ago
Is poppy Gloria related to poppy smoria?
AJ Valbrune
AJ Valbrune - Month ago
lets have ninja do this with pon pon
Juan Dom
Juan Dom - Month ago
H3H3 & Dramaalert played a major role in Projared's bashing. They're practically two faces of the same coin.
Juan Dom
Juan Dom - Month ago
I'm really sick how some people transformed anti-semitism to a weapon to silence everyone who is not in accordance with jewish and/or israel's lines of thought.
Ole Vik
Ole Vik - Month ago
PewDiePie took a break for a month in 2020 and look where that's gotten us. This man makes a joke and causes adpocalypse, takes a break for a month and brings about the apocalypse.
αƒ’αƒ˜αƒαƒ αƒ’αƒ˜ αƒ―αƒ£αƒ¦αƒ”αƒšαƒ˜
pewds that cross is a christian thing in georgia and actual million people or something are subscribed from georgia
alex boyajian
alex boyajian - Month ago
Independent Trucks. Warzone(band), West coast choppers
Semitex - Month ago
3:31 A few examples: *Shows the same comment twice*
Ritika Mudabidri
Ritika Mudabidri - Month ago
I see why the BBC did it, but that chapter of Felix's career was behind him there was no need to bring it up again.
You can see how him withdrawing the donation would look sketchy to those who don't completely get what happened.
But it's in the past. So fuck it :)
Ksnsms Bdjenen
Ksnsms Bdjenen - Month ago
Why not do pew news on the important things in life
Ksnsms Bdjenen
Ksnsms Bdjenen - Month ago
Why not do pew news on the important things in life
Goat Boat
Goat Boat - 2 months ago
Marc George
Marc George - 2 months ago
Give well. Org malaria net foundation
bearsemen - 2 months ago
The ADL is not a "anti-hate" group.
It's one of many lobby organizations used to censor, smear and attack people that they don't like.
JaredA VilorioSanchez
JaredA VilorioSanchez - 2 months ago
poppy gloria
Soph Dixon
Soph Dixon - 2 months ago
Pewds:like a disease
Me: corona virus 2020
JoManOut - 2 months ago
Must feel kind of bad when you want to do good but people lose their minds and "think" you did bad.
I say donating 50K to a charity is a respectable thing, nothing wrong with changing your mind about one of them. This is why I turn around and walk away sometimes, and let people think what they want about me
Deni Fisher
Deni Fisher - 2 months ago
Quote of the day some people are just stupid.
Avatarain Queen
Avatarain Queen - 2 months ago
Me just rocking out to the Pew News intro
Red Hood
Red Hood - 2 months ago
Iron cross is very common in Georgia and is even in most of the world's militaries we have it here in the U.S. as a sign of Valor it's even on the medal of Honor the highest award in our military
Ota - 2 months ago
I'm freaking Georgian
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