Asmongold CAN'T BELIEVE What's Going On With BLIZZARD & CHINA - WoW Classic

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Van. deaux.
Van. deaux. - 2 days ago
What do you expect from a scrawny outta shape beta male that lives inside a pile of snack packaging at his mom's house?
toshio1334 - 2 days ago
Gotta love that typical Youtube reaction image where it looks like he's taking it up the ass
Enex - 3 days ago
Am I surprised? Not even a little.
Disrupted - 4 days ago
Holy shit, my third comment got shadowbanned (thought of checking and
doesnt appear when Im offline). real honest moderation here. Guess I hit
the nail on the head with the "total reddit moderation" comment.
MrYoungHegelian - 5 days ago
NIGHDI - 5 days ago
Its NOT different from a Nazi greeting, Political Statement is Political Statement, so its against the Rules.
VDA - 7 days ago
Look at all those nerds in the comment sections crying about freedom when you use Iphones and clothes that are created by child labor in china.

Bunch of hypocrites just going after good boy points on the Internet.
Thomas Barrett
Thomas Barrett - 7 days ago
Yea in 1908 the Nazis weren’t insane, you don’t know anything about history assmongold.
Zero System
Zero System - 7 days ago
I bet half of those who post this comment did not understand what Rules implied that Blitzchung broke during the tournament. Allow me to Rephrase ;

Section 6.1 (o)

Engaging in any act that, in Blizzard's sole discretion, brings you into public disrepute, offends a portion or group of the public, or otherwise damages Blizzard image will result in removal from Grandmasters and reduction of the player's prize total to $0 USD, in addition to other remedies which may be provided for under the Handbook and Blizzard Website Terms.

So umm.. the part "offends a portion or group of the public" ... who are they offending? Blizzard? ...oh.. The Communist Chinese Government... right. I bet Asmonbald never read this part as well as the whole youtube comment posters..

So when Asmonbald defends blizzard on this case meaning he's willing to lick the boot of the communist?

You guys are stupid :)
Braydon Rickoski
Braydon Rickoski - 8 days ago
I'm sorry but I fail to see how Asmon is wrong in anything he has said. He's just explaining why Blizz did what they did. Which he is right about. He says how China controls almost everything. Which he is right. He even stated how he hopes that something changes but doubts it will. So where is the issue here?
God Fearing
God Fearing - 8 days ago
Let me down man
Sarimae23 - 8 days ago
Asmonshit, as always
superslayer66 - 8 days ago
if asmon doefend blizzard they could easily DMCA him and ban him from streaming so im not suprised that he basicly sold his soul to them.
Vanessa Rae
Vanessa Rae - 8 days ago
Of course he’s going to stick up for Blizzard, their games are his income.
Faisal Mohamed
Faisal Mohamed - 8 days ago
Fuuuucking shilllll
Swang - 9 days ago
This is what they call going ballz deep in true influencer style. At least wipe your mouth...
TheSwoopster - 9 days ago
did people even watch the video? everyone is angry that he ‘supports’ blizzard or ‘defends’ blizzard, but he doesnt really do that at all, he just explains that they’re doing a shitty thing and it makes sense for them to do so from a business standpoint
fucking everyone saying he’s defending blizzard should get their ears checked lol
i agree with asmon, blizz is doing some morally wrong shit and its not okay, which is exactly what he said in the video.
WolfMayneR6 - 9 days ago
He's honestly right guys. The point isn't that we can't do anything. It's that literally almost every single company on the face of the planet that operates at the size of blizzard, with as much market share in china as blizzard has, would do the exact same thing. Most of the companies that people utilize pretty much every day (clothes, oil, electronics, mass retail, etc.) are coming from companies that are operating on a day to day basis utilizing practices that are quite literally exploitative and, dare I say, evil. Yet, people don't rally up against any of them because they're "too useful" to them. It's just like Asmond says, we're all hypocrites. The people who work for amazon aren't going to quit their jobs because their workers are paid jack shit in foreign countries. People aren't going to throw out their iphones because people in china build them like slaves. People are only supporting this movement because "mah democracy" and "mah freedom" and it'll be another meme lost in the wind in 2 months because nobody actually cares; it's all just internet virtue signalling and people fighting for thumbs up and validation. And he's literally right; the backlash blizzard will get from people "boycotting" their games (which is not going to happen lol) is far less than the backlash they'd get from cutting their entire chinese playerbase, so no matter what people do, their decision is made, and in fact it was made before this fiasco even hit the news. We live in black mirror, people just don't want to accept it because then they can't stop playing WoW for 2 weeks to feel like the next great revolutionary hero of our age. It's hilarious, and he's right, and now people are mad because he's pointing it out.
TortureVision - 9 days ago
Of course Azmon will shill for Blizzard. He's a WoW addict and can't live without his precious dead video game. He'd never boycott his masters.
FlawllessCowboy - 9 days ago
Ford also built many of the tanks and planes we used to fight the NAZIS
N3CR0TlC - 10 days ago
Amandaxanime - 10 days ago
Move to China you Tourette twitching commie bltch!
JHeints -
JHeints - - 10 days ago
Came to is dislike just because of the thumbnail
Bear Knight
Bear Knight - 10 days ago
We here in the west don't expect tanks on the street, masked blacked out soldiers making secret secret arrest in the middle of the night and for that person to never be heard from again because we have free speech and civil rights.
Wilson Tam
Wilson Tam - 10 days ago
UNSUBSCRIBE from this imbecile, hit him where it hurts
christian anthony
christian anthony - 11 days ago
Asmongold doesn’t care one bit # boycott blizzard free Hong Kong
Guan Max
Guan Max - 11 days ago
"Yall gonna be mad all day, but nothing will change"
Sit Nomine Digna
Sit Nomine Digna - 11 days ago
And just like that I'm no longer his fan. I'm not surprised but I am disappointed.
John Morrison
John Morrison - 11 days ago
The one other time I tried to watch this dude I can stand him.
Blizzard says you can not offend people. Which means if Blitzchung would have said he loved dogs and offended cat people Blizzard could have taken the same action? It is a cop out.
FAHRENHEIT .D ELIO - 11 days ago
I’m done with this guy
monkey about
monkey about - 11 days ago
Man child
monkey about
monkey about - 11 days ago
Boycott Asmongold
AmyAsheworth - Unofficial
What a fucking tool.
"How are you going to hold Blizzard accountable? By not playing their games?"
*shocked pikachu*
Wow! Ya know, I hadn't thought of that.
For real though. I already canceled my Classic subscription and I don't plan to renew it unless Blizzard makes amends. This shit can't go unnoticed, it can't just be a PR nightmare they can wake up from. It needs to tear down the Blizzard we know to this day so that a new Blizzard can be built tomorrow. One that stands for what they claim to stand for.
"Every voice matters"
"Think globally"
You can't just say that shit you have to show it.
Bubba - 11 days ago
18:20 He has a point.. Hypocrites.
Gremlin9821 - 11 days ago
Unsubscribing and deleting Blizzard games as well as Asmongold. Unfortunately he doesn't realize that they censor for other countries but should apply that same censorship in the USA.
NTRisforthinkers - 11 days ago
Asmonbald shilling for Blizzard, what a surprise
Suzushiiro - 11 days ago
fascist bootlicker
TheGingerGrasshopper - 11 days ago
Asmongold really is just a chill. Last vid I will be watching from him. later peeps!
Dat Anon
Dat Anon - 11 days ago
I told you people he's just a heavily-marketed shill for Blizz, but nobody believed me.
Alex Phelps
Alex Phelps - 11 days ago
Jesus christ what a cuckhold
Golden Ticket
Golden Ticket - 11 days ago
AvocadoHate - 11 days ago
That was the worst take I've heard on the situation from anyone so far
no-one's here
no-one's here - 11 days ago
What a scumbag
mylittlepkle 1
mylittlepkle 1 - 11 days ago
whataboutisms lmao
cyx7 - 11 days ago
Hey, it's bubble-boy.
Tyler Blok
Tyler Blok - 11 days ago
1 like=1 unsub
Asala - 11 days ago
Asmon is right.
tAO kONFU - 11 days ago
Raddwa Dude!
Raddwa Dude! - 11 days ago
Look guys I hate Blizz as much as the next guy right now but what he's saying is sadly true.
LiquidfirePUA - 11 days ago
He supported the nazis vs the communists, exactly what Hitler tried to avoid.
People get a one sided view of why he did what he did. If European and German society were better in shape then, he'd was a painter.
I dont support nazi ideals, but if you dig a bit deeper you understand why he did certain things.
In no way am i promoting Facism, but i do promote checking deeper and understanding balanced view
Rory Watkins
Rory Watkins - 11 days ago
If you dont support his views then dont you think its time to unsub from him ?
Cryptidian - 12 days ago
Asmongold's entire career is based around a Blizzard game, of course he won't shit talk them, lol.
riegridoooooo - 12 days ago
Please go to your company and say free hong kong to every customer. And if you get fired please say something like " free speech" or " humanrights". Blizchung gets paid by blizzard and cant do something like this. There are other platforms for that.
Jeremy Taylor
Jeremy Taylor - 12 days ago
Ya know brother, for how elevated/mature you make your perspective out to sound, I'm sure it would do wonders for you to simply just acknowledge your bias. Dont know if it would reduce the number of comments referring to you as a Schill, but you definitely would have garnered more respect from me... the thing is we are and have been on a slippery slope of control being excercised on our businesses by the CCP. They will only tighten the grip, so yes our businesses should provide more pushback than they are.... additionally there is a level of outrage against Blizzard in particular due to the appearance that they present themselves regarding progressive political topic and that hypocrisy is exposed time and again. But yeah your right the blizz fanbase has the memory of a goldfish and will soon be over this whole thing, and if all else fail they can just release another homosexual overwatch character and the masses will be elated. I'd be interested to hear your opinion on the 2 points I brought up.
Dubble Bubble
Dubble Bubble - 12 days ago
Literally Zero comprehension of the Chinese situation, the people or movement in Hong Kong in fact I don't think he even realizes how sensitive the larger situation is .He's Not even smart enough to sense the subs dissolving as he rattles on like an annoying frog coked out of it's face at a tadpole convention. 500 comments all saying ' what a dick'
Sebastián Sardón
Sebastián Sardón - 12 days ago
Asmongold just compared pro-HK activism to neonazism?! Oh boy.
Dries - 12 days ago
We didn't start the fire playing in the background while Asmongold is talking about how we didn't start the fire
replymycomments - 12 days ago
Pathetic response video.
Shadowwalker136 oof
Shadowwalker136 oof - 12 days ago
I normally agree with Asmongold but in this situation, I strongly disagree with him.
Sara Jackson
Sara Jackson - 12 days ago
Obama sold the internet, and allowing china to make it more censored and now its spreading its Authoritarian rules across all the globe forcing American companies do "Censor" and take on Authoritarian policies to do business with China. From what I can see Obama really is to blame for china rising in power with the tech sectors. Obama never believed in Americans.
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