I Want To Be Tall

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emzy11m - 2 hours ago
So are we getting a height update jan 10 2020...😶
Megan Young
Megan Young - 5 hours ago
Just saying it’s not really that fun being tall I’m only 13 and a girl and I’m 5,11 and I tower above everyone it’s also really annoying when I hit my head off of the top of my doors
Entrepreneur Blondie Lewis
You could get stretched!!
Tiffany Gregg
Tiffany Gregg - 9 hours ago
No one:
Kira Sarver
Kira Sarver - Day ago
Beeech looks like a highlighter brush
Aaron Winrock
Aaron Winrock - Day ago
5:08 That is the face of a woman that instantly regretted her words.
sarah d
sarah d - Day ago
12:37 she kinda resembles Yzma when she's in her lab, in the emporer's new groove
im tall
brenda kish
brenda kish - 3 days ago
ava smith
ava smith - 3 days ago
fiercest B-dub
fiercest B-dub - 3 days ago
@5:15.... someone’s finally done it. Someone has finally made me spit out my soup.... I was not expecting you to look like that😂😂😂😂😂😂
Wolfiebubbles AJ
Wolfiebubbles AJ - 3 days ago
me in the corner) HEEELL YEAH BEACH
ava smith
ava smith - 3 days ago
first notion
first notion - 3 days ago
I mean mostly this video taught us that julien does NOT like being topped
Aspen Frost
Aspen Frost - 4 days ago
From the side, she looks like that old lady on New Groove.
CestLaVie - 4 days ago
I wish she had done her hair like Cynthia from Rugrats..
Ella Vazquez
Ella Vazquez - 4 days ago
She looks like Cynthia from Rugrats 😂😂😂😂
ava smith
ava smith - 4 days ago
i want to be short.. *but i'm tall*
she wants to be tall *but she's short*
hope lee
hope lee - 4 days ago
If joana and jenna ever meet irl i need to see it
Caroline - 5 days ago
You think your life is hard
I wear a size thirteen Nike’s
*mens* size thirteen Nike’s
Beat that
That’s the energy I got form tall Jenna
Don Hajek
Don Hajek - 5 days ago
Can we just take a moment to just appreciate her amazing purse
Isabel Monachello
Isabel Monachello - 5 days ago
Anonymuse - 5 days ago
I know I’m late on this and Jenna won’t see it but I legit grew taller by using an aerial yoga and an inversion table. It didn’t take long either and I swore the nurses were incorrect when they measured me. I knew I lost 2” yrs so due to too much backpacking and the Dr explained I gained my height back by restretching my vertebrae. Apparently there’s a lot of fluid between them and you can compress and decompress your spine so get to hangin Jenna. You might not gain 7” but you’ll be 5’7 again. I believe in you girl.
Morgan Hicks
Morgan Hicks - 5 days ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 me
Nicholas Britton
Nicholas Britton - 6 days ago
The beginning of this video is the greatest
Dana Yakobchuk
Dana Yakobchuk - 6 days ago
I love how at 1:50 u can see dogs just chilling while Jenna is religiously hitting that piano
Parinoor Kaur
Parinoor Kaur - 6 days ago
Jenna marbles watches Joana Ceddia... my liiifeeee isss coooommmmplleeettte. I caaaan diiiieee nowwww. ohhh myy godddd. iiii looove thiiis
Kylie Nelson
Kylie Nelson - 6 days ago
jenna. redo this video, but this time get the punk boots online and liberty spike your hair. you would look extremely tall but also fucking rad.
Nina Fontes
Nina Fontes - 7 days ago
This video cured my depression
Gfcxxj Ccvvhhhjnkm
Gfcxxj Ccvvhhhjnkm - 8 days ago
Like Pauly D😂
Psycho Gurl
Psycho Gurl - 8 days ago
Me a 5 9’ middle school girl who is still growing: I wanna be short
Jenna:makes a wonderful song about being tall
Me: um take my height thank you
Alyssa Stack
Alyssa Stack - 8 days ago
We need an update. Has she grown yet?
Ryan Meneo
Ryan Meneo - 8 days ago
As we head to the end of the year, we got to remember where we started
Melanie Carter
Melanie Carter - 9 days ago
its Jamie Lee Curtis
Breanna Kay
Breanna Kay - 9 days ago
Julien should get Jenna stilts for Christmas
omnomnom21 - 9 days ago
I know you fucking love tik toks. I thought of you..YOU ARE TALLER THAN HER RIGHT?!
Lil' Cat
Lil' Cat - 10 days ago
so is this available on iTunes or...?
sommer loehr
sommer loehr - 10 days ago
I want a sequel to I wanna be tall I wanna be taller and it’s just Jenna trying to walk on stilts
Tessa Fontaine
Tessa Fontaine - 10 days ago
When her hair falls she looks like Powerline, outfit and all😂😂😂
Tegan Grace
Tegan Grace - 10 days ago
Het bby
JazzyGayGirl 120
JazzyGayGirl 120 - 10 days ago
Me at the start of the vid: HELL YEAAAA! I'm tiny too if you can grow 7in I can too TwT
JadeHeartOfFire - 10 days ago
It’s November. How’s your height, Jenna?
sophia lloyd
sophia lloyd - 11 days ago
you and I need to make a movie called "Short girl"
Leila Hogan
Leila Hogan - 11 days ago
After having such a horrible day where I cried at the end of it I couldn't stop laughing at this this was the high point of my day
Original Cat
Original Cat - 11 days ago
😂 julian the skin Walker
Noémie Claire
Noémie Claire - 11 days ago
The amount of chaotic energy that radiates from this video is just off the charts
Fire Willow
Fire Willow - 12 days ago
Hey Jenna how tall are you now
Grey Wings
Grey Wings - 12 days ago
no one:
literally no one:

Jenna: *becomes a peacock*
Viridis Astro
Viridis Astro - 12 days ago
I always DIE when she says THAT. BITCH. 3:47
Neon Panda Jason
Neon Panda Jason - 13 days ago
That old man sucks he's a total buzz kill>o
marry marry
marry marry - 13 days ago
I was told by doctors when I was kid that I was going to be 5’11. I’m 5’2. I say, bitch, where?!
glittery_cucumber - 13 days ago
The best part of this is that the video doesn't convey her looking any taller at all
Ксения Носкова
Ля, добавьте русских субтитров
Suhylah Sharif
Suhylah Sharif - 14 days ago
Tall girl (2019)
Hannah E Peterson
Hannah E Peterson - 14 days ago
lochs looks like a fan brush 14:20
Corib33 - 14 days ago
💯 centauri vibes
Emilia Cox
Emilia Cox - 14 days ago
Jenna was the inspiration for that “Tall Girl“ movie
Braiden Carter
Braiden Carter - 14 days ago
As a 6’2” person I can confirm that we are just like this.
Holly Maire
Holly Maire - 14 days ago
9 months later I return to this video because this is still the best video intro I've ever seen and it haunts me.
Star - 15 days ago
Its 2nd of november 2019 and the only thing I want to know is... DID SHE GREW AT LEAST 1 INCH TALLER?
insert name here
insert name here - 15 days ago
With every seemingly stupid video I rewatch on this channel I love this channel more. This glorious woman just does whatever the fuck she feels like and I. AM. LIVING. FOR. EVERY. SECOND. OF. IT.
Samantha Cravinhos
Samantha Cravinhos - 15 days ago
still waiting on the spotify link 😤
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