I Want To Be Tall

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Brekfast Nugget
Brekfast Nugget - Hour ago
hell yeah
Brandon Vinall
Brandon Vinall - Hour ago
The intro of this video was LEGENDARY!!
Madison Goodwin
Madison Goodwin - Hour ago
Jenna is definatly a top in this video
Shar Roon
Shar Roon - 3 hours ago
It looks like a spiky plant.
Aayukta Raut
Aayukta Raut - 3 hours ago
My friends: you're going to be measured taller because of your hair and shoes. Take them off.
Me, at 5feet tall, wanting to be 0.2 cm taller: 9:10 bITch wHeRe?
HelBoundGamer - 4 hours ago
the start of the video was the holiest thing I've ever seen and heard
*AThingFromSpace *
*AThingFromSpace * - 5 hours ago
Lol I'm 12 and I'm taller than Jenna
Mars Gamer
Mars Gamer - 8 hours ago
She look like a sim random genetics
Audrey Leflore
Audrey Leflore - 9 hours ago
This is at least my third time watching this, and I have cried laughing Every Single Time
Calel Laathi
Calel Laathi - 9 hours ago
This is a Pan-Am Capitol city mood
Aehso B
Aehso B - 10 hours ago
This is the best first 4 minutes of a video she has ever made
Holo Cat
Holo Cat - 12 hours ago
Why does this look like someone at a very high end modeling run way
Emma Emma
Emma Emma - 14 hours ago
I was in my room lamenting the fact that I’m 5”7’ and saying “I wanna be taaaaalll” and then i remembered that Jenna feels the same and I am here to feel better 🤣
madisonschmidt5110 - 14 hours ago
Jenna looks like Angelica's doll from Rugrats
Minty Artsy
Minty Artsy - 15 hours ago
Julien not knowing which lightswitch turns off the light in his own bathroom is every aries boyfriend ever
Nia Carrasquillo
Nia Carrasquillo - 15 hours ago
Jenna sending out real Big Dick Energy being 7 inches taller 😂😂
Lucas Not Lucas
Lucas Not Lucas - 15 hours ago
bitch i look like pauly d
Kanä Rosë
Kanä Rosë - 19 hours ago
hewl yea
Heather s
Heather s - 21 hour ago
"Oh beech I already feel like a triceratops beech" " Helllo?! " lol!!!!
Dizzy - 23 hours ago
Nice cable management 😂
OMG! How dare you expose me!!!!
baileigh brown
baileigh brown - Day ago
Lmao genuinely her song is amazing!! 😂💕
Ana Lucia
Ana Lucia - Day ago
So no one’s gonna talk about “bitch I look like Pauly D”
I D K UwU - Day ago
that robot died ;-;
Tabitha Zavala
Tabitha Zavala - Day ago
Jenna as a tall person, in her tall person outfit is my last brain. Well trying to survive 😂😂
IBBSpider - Day ago
waywardaughter - Day ago
Jenna:I’m 5’5” so shoooorrt
Me: bro 4’11” I’d love to be 5’5”
waywardaughter - Day ago
Jenna:I’m 5’5” so shoooorrt
Me: bro 4’11” I’d love to be 5’5”
S Williams
S Williams - Day ago
From 1:43 onwards while she’s on the piano she sounds like the voice actress for Jessie from toy story
awrkard af
awrkard af - Day ago
When is is this song ganna be dropped
Jada Dugger
Jada Dugger - Day ago
Crazy hair day at school be like...😂
Dante The pizza consumer
Reminds me of Jake Gyllenhaal from bubble boy...kinda
KILEY Cook - Day ago
Me whenever I get a test 1:58
Veee Ziur
Veee Ziur - Day ago
Let’s get Jenna on Guinness world record book!!!!!
SageSzkStu - Day ago
lol you look like a tall character in second life
Monica Branhan
Monica Branhan - Day ago
Hell ya! Oh shit, I fricking love you guys! Thanks for the much needed laughs!
MakaylaLee - 2 days ago
I want an update at the end of the year
Bunny - 2 days ago
I like how she did this at night😆
Bunny - 2 days ago
6:03 she looks like a paintbrush
Bunny - 2 days ago
Doctor said I was going to be 5’7 but I’m 5’fucking3
tazonrojo - 2 days ago
I cant believe this was six months ago
O.o UwU
O.o UwU - 2 days ago
Devin Evrard
Devin Evrard - 2 days ago
This bish looks like a shovel cosplaying Austin Powers
KreeZafi - 2 days ago
Could've used a goth "tower hair" tutorial ;)
Jessica Noneya
Jessica Noneya - 2 days ago
Ohmg bending down at the sink, yesss! That's my daily struggle! "I'm tired of hearing how's the weather up there" 🤣 I'm 6'1" finding jeans/pants that are long enough is a task; even using my kids stroller is a pain! I had to slightly bend down while pushing my kids in their stroller because strollers are made for the average woman to push. It's amazing being tall but it definitely has its sucky moments. People look at my feet a lot to see if I'm wearing heels. Nope I've got on chucks... cuz I'm just doing normal things... BUT when I DO wear heels, I wear 4 in heels, cuz, why not!
Kaeli Swanson
Kaeli Swanson - 2 days ago
Jessica Noneya PREACH..... I’m 6 ft and it’s horrible
Kaeli Swanson
Kaeli Swanson - 2 days ago
Bitch I’ll trade you..... I’m 6 ft tall and it is so hard being a tall female... like nothing ever fits, I can’t get a boyfriend, and my feet are actual skis soooo
Chi Meng Thao
Chi Meng Thao - 2 days ago
the crickets in the background make her tall reveal SO much better
Worst Fortnite player
Worst Fortnite player - 2 days ago
Why the thumbnail look like the ones I see on pornhub 😂😂😂
Olivia Duncan
Olivia Duncan - 2 days ago
Jenna marbles is my spirit animal
Jules Robinson
Jules Robinson - 2 days ago
Bitch I look like paulie d 😂💀
Raven Is queen
Raven Is queen - 2 days ago
1:46 every guy in the world every year if you know what I mean
Puffy Tuffy
Puffy Tuffy - 2 days ago
that they can grow seven inches?
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