Former Jewel Thief Reviews GTA V Jewel Heist

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Jo Van Belleghem
Jo Van Belleghem - 2 minutes ago
Great Video. You should really contact some game developers, i'm sure you've got a great story to tell that translates perfect into great game mechanics as well.
Your Daddy
Your Daddy - 55 minutes ago
The biggest jewelry robber reviews GTA. Damn the world is so different now feo. 10 years ago. Internet bringing all of us together....😁🙌
Ya ALLAH ya Muhammed ya ali
Eric Cartman
Bams Gian
Bams Gian - Hour ago
Are you ex-robber? You like kind to me
Nao - 2 hours ago
Man do you teach how to do that in real life... Don't know what do think of that... But youre cool
buggerbite - 2 hours ago
This makes me wonder if hes killed anyone
Harryyyyy! - 5 hours ago
Michael looks at door
Larry: heist is over. The reflection of the light wouldve created morse code for the cops and given him away
Daniil Lipatkin
Daniil Lipatkin - 6 hours ago
Wasted Vines
Wasted Vines - 7 hours ago
I actually really like this guy, really interesting and entertaining
Chris M
Chris M - 7 hours ago
Where did you learn how to become a thief? Did you learn online with people helping you?
elee eleas
elee eleas - 7 hours ago
Well I know Payday 2 won't make it.
Adog 00
Adog 00 - 7 hours ago
My man!
DaftPunk Remade
DaftPunk Remade - 10 hours ago
LOL this should be jewel thief 101
Grizzy - 11 hours ago
Not sure if to take it as deterrence or a manual.
Ilona - 12 hours ago
Larry, I'd love to see your take on the 2013 movie 'The Great Train Robbery'! The movie is based on real robbery which happened in 1963 in England, fifteen guys held up a train and stole £2.6 million (equivalent to about £55 million/USD$69.2 million today). I thought it was fascinating and would be really interested to see your take on it!
jaxson howie
jaxson howie - 12 hours ago
Not a single person:
Nokia 3310
Nokia 3310 - 13 hours ago
Rockstar should hire him would make gta 6 heists so good
Aidai Sevigny
Aidai Sevigny - 14 hours ago
This guy is so cool and respectable.
Jason Black
Jason Black - 15 hours ago
Whale at bottom of sea: *exist*
Larry: this heist is already over.
Luke Polson
Luke Polson - 16 hours ago
I pray to God they put him in GTA 6
Sachin Chaturvedi
Sachin Chaturvedi - 16 hours ago
Are you from New York? Just asking
Rolled Potatoes
Rolled Potatoes - 16 hours ago
hey guys, welcome back to my tutorial series how to become a jewel thief lol
Cody Sykes
Cody Sykes - 20 hours ago
Thank you for taking the time to give your expert opinion, sir. It'd be cool if Rockstar would hire you as a consultant to give your take on how a heist should go - not to the point it becomes an instruction manual of course, just for a more realistic experience. I think there has to be some level of fantasy involved though, else it would take a lot of heat for being too real.
roxie fulgham
roxie fulgham - 21 hour ago
I love how this guy is casually giving us pointers on how to fucking rob a jewlery store. its funny as hell.
Ryan Newby
Ryan Newby - Day ago
It’s pretty funny how UNflattering the dude is in real life every time
We need to make actors uglier
FILIP76UK - Day ago
For gtaVI the devs should make a character for Larry to be like lester but less annoying and Larry voices him
Nine Nine
Nine Nine - Day ago
React to a Casino heist from GTA online....those are wayyyyy more accurate and are kinda like the stuff you talk about
Ricardo Milos
Ricardo Milos - Day ago
Bro, watch your grammar
i d0n-t kn0w
i d0n-t kn0w - Day ago
I think larry should play red dead redemption 2 or do a review on it that would be pretty cool
Matthew Anderson
Matthew Anderson - Day ago
How are u not in jail
PotereFrancesco - Day ago
Somebody gift this man an xbox or whatever and gta5
Dylanplays _YT
Dylanplays _YT - Day ago
For someone who says there not proud of there criminal past u sure drop it into a lot of conversations that ur the best I would say the pink panthers of Europe are the best
Alfie Volkaerts
Alfie Volkaerts - Day ago
also does he actually play or just react
Gabriel Adorante
Gabriel Adorante - 15 hours ago
he is reacting to a video
Alfie Volkaerts
Alfie Volkaerts - Day ago
i love his commentaries
Vt24kDame Vt
Vt24kDame Vt - Day ago
All there would be for the story line would be one heist.
alrayyaniQtr - Day ago
you: *breathes*
larry: you need to create a pattern to your breathing to not distrub the aerodynamics around you which will trigger the sensors
Cosmin Chivaran
Cosmin Chivaran - Day ago
You should email Rockstar games for GTA 6. I'm serious, they can do better highs they can do FBI follows or even imprison and trying to get out. On that note can you escape prison? Is that even possible? This isn't Shawshank redemption no more
No Name
No Name - Day ago
Me: *accidentally farted...*
Larry: Mission’s cancelled! You gave the cops your scent.
Bury Potatoes
Bury Potatoes - Day ago
I really want to see Larry pick apart the heist from GTA 4. Every turn they make he would say the heist is over haha
Doms Chippy
Doms Chippy - Day ago
Go back to prison
S.A.M - Day ago
write that down, WRITE THAT DOWN
Emerald Rose
Emerald Rose - Day ago
Love your videos Larry!!!
Leonardo Bernaschina
How many years of jail did u do? Great content!
Juni Post
Juni Post - Day ago
... okay this is awesome! Hearing from an real jewel thief on this is amazing. Its so cool to see this. How am I just finding this guy!?
Also Fun eastereggs for fans ; when Lester mentions he has been working with someone recently but they are considered too unpredictable. Lester is actually talking about your GTA ONLINE character.
Second GTA thing. The best hacker for end game actually is ricki if you use him for all heists. his skills improve but his take never changes. Packie Mcreary and Chef once he is available never die in mission. and when you find her The lady TM getaway driver ensures you dont lose a single brick with the last heist if Mcreary is involved too. So your IDEAL crew should be Lady TM when you unlock her. RICKI if you used him all game. Packie mcreary of LC and THE chef. with them you get the most money possible for the last mission of heists.
Id love to play GTA online with Larry. Or just to have his help and advisement on making a GTA movie using the editor to show how HE did heists. cause IT CAN BE DONE using the editor!.
Kickassman 4
Kickassman 4 - Day ago
Can I also add they drove right passed the police station (Driving like a lunatic.)
Jānis Stepanovs
Jānis Stepanovs - Day ago
I like that Larry likes Michael! And i agree that Lester is annoying and Larry doesnt like him. Also, the best part if heists i liked was hiding a vehicle
Adrián Rodríguez
Adrián Rodríguez - Day ago
2:05 Niko reference right?
Prod.Loner - 2 days ago
It’s probably cause I haven’t played the story in awhile, but I didn’t notice the little reference about Niko when Lester said “There was this Eastern European guy in Liberty City, but he went dark”
Gabriel Adorante
Gabriel Adorante - 15 hours ago
He went quiet* 😂
Nicolas Augusto Eickhoff Alves
That s funny and scary
Creg04 - 2 days ago
If rockstar doesn’t let this guy help make the heists in gta6 their dumb
BMX Virus
BMX Virus - 2 days ago
I can’t wait for the sequel : Larry and Lester now it’s personal
Vuk Stojanovic
Vuk Stojanovic - 2 days ago
Question: if you’re an ex-jewel thief did you ever shoot a person?
yacine kadri
yacine kadri - 2 days ago
A lot of what he said sound exactly like the '69 Italian job movie he should react to that
Zayde Soliga
Zayde Soliga - 2 days ago
So the jewelry behind the glass that we see in stores are basically a recreation/preview of the real product.
Stormerio - 2 days ago
Larry:Big mistake,if you breathe the cops can find you by your smell

P.S Good video Larry
Stefan Eugeniu Costea
Stefan Eugeniu Costea - 2 days ago
Rockstar should hire larry
Filip Mladjenovic
Filip Mladjenovic - 3 days ago
Took me twenty minutes to realize that the dude is watching a recording, not playing the game himself
Vm Mv
Vm Mv - 3 days ago
Just would like to point out that gta 5 is a crime parody of modern day when this game first came out yeah it’s a game but at the same time they slip in some jokes even if’s it not intentional and Larry makes that obvious
Jamie Fisk
Jamie Fisk - 3 days ago
Larry, quick review of your review.
I think you underestimate Lester's position in the game. He has had his eye on several targets for each type of heist. He is definitely the mastermind behind all of the major heists in the game. I think his "let's go check out angelico's" was more of a statement of, "this is a heist I've wanted to pull off for a long time, let's take a look at how I've already planned to go in a little deeper, and flesh out the details." I agree with you that he should have been your hacker, as he is very proficient at hacking in general throughout the rest of the game.
The conspicuousness of the character taking pictures is mostly gameplay, but also mostly irrelevant, because he's not using a held camera, but a pair of spy glasses. The execution of this part would be key, like having a handheld trigger/microswitch for the camera, maybe in your gloves, etc.
You seem to focus a lot on gameplay issues, like driving etc. that is mostly irrelevant to the legitimacy of the heist itself, as the game ignores the police and getting their attention unless you murder someone, cause a large explosion, or crash in front of cops.
The two different options for the heist scenario is strictly a gameplay element. It gives the player two different methods of going in. Honestly the "smart way" is the best way, and the only way you would really pull something like this off without getting taken down.

I will admit you are very knowledgeable about the alarm systems, etc. I think the point of the alarm "resetting itself" was that the hacker had disabled the alarm/communications to the alarm system, but again this is a simplification for gameplay's sake.
I agree that the getaway should have used a separate vehicle, or ditched the motorcycles entirely after the chase scene, and probably torched them. One thing the game doesn't go into very much is the evidence trail, which I'm glad you focused on.
I would like to see GTA have a little bit more in terms of getting police attention because you did something stupid, like leaving fingerprints, or leaving behind vehicles used in a heist, etc.
Even more, I would like to see a playthrough of GTA V by you. I think it would be a fun project for you to undertake, and I bet a lot of people would watch a lets-play series done by you.
Mr Krypt
Mr Krypt - 3 days ago
Larry, you re a real nice person.
William Cricket
William Cricket - 3 days ago
Larry Lawton, the type of guy to get a kick outta something
Cyrus_More - 3 days ago
He had the camera in his glasses, so it was pretty hard to expect that Mike would take photos with it
Lemon Volcano
Lemon Volcano - 3 days ago
You look like a beautiful man
Mr.Stoopyhead - 3 days ago
The glasses of cameras in so the pictures are a bit less noticeable
Gibbs - 3 days ago
So Rockstar is gonna hire you to make GTA 6 super realistic right
Samuel Henry
Samuel Henry - 3 days ago
You should review the union depository heist, they went in and out with 200 million in gold without the authorities even knowing they got robbed.
Russell Hewitt
Russell Hewitt - 3 days ago
He could be a character in GTA 6
Garbage Fire Fiona
Garbage Fire Fiona - 3 days ago
Damn Rockstar needs to hire you as their heist mission advisor
Hatscale - 3 days ago
jewel heist crash course
Jonah Brown
Jonah Brown - 3 days ago
Man’s teaching us tips and tricks on how to rob 😂
Go for the loose stones check
Boneless Tacos
Boneless Tacos - 3 days ago
Okay but why don't we add a Larry Lawton character to gta 6
naut !
naut ! - 3 days ago
Take notes for Gta6, Rockstar!!!
DB Livin Life
DB Livin Life - 3 days ago
They should've told him that he wasn't actually taking pics with a camera but with his glasses
Spikerooga - 3 days ago
Thanks for teaching how to rob my local jewelry store
MasterWings50 - 3 days ago
Larry would be the guy to make GTAV: hardmode
epicdave01 - 3 days ago
Rockstar: This is the most realistic GTA game we've made so far.
Larry: Well yes, but actually no.
Love this channel, man! 😂
Sapphire Plays
Sapphire Plays - 3 days ago
this is so wholesome and i fucking love how he laughs at the player's driving all throughout
Saso Lesar
Saso Lesar - 4 days ago
he was taking pictures with his glasses
Frankie O
Frankie O - 4 days ago
Why is this dirty thief not haNGING from a tree?
JohnACorp782 - 4 days ago
And that's why GTA V is a GAME, not a real life crime simulator.
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