Marilyn Manson - WE ARE CHAOS

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Mr. Pebbles
Mr. Pebbles - 13 minutes ago
S.F. Morris
S.F. Morris - 13 minutes ago
your artwork disturbs me so wonderfully mr. manson its inspiring to see you still making fucked up shit for us all to enjoy! I remember seeing you way way way back in the day in a little club in Hampton, Virginia i believe it was MM, Monster Voodoo Machine and Christian Death or The Jim Rose Circus Sideshow. Had no idea who you were at that time maybe 1992 or 1993. i remember you crawling on the stage like some kind of spider like insect and you spitting up in the air over yourself covering yourself in your own spit but also other people spitting on you and vice verse. and then i think I've seen you about 6 more shows throughout the years after that. def. one of the most original if not the most chilling imagination and style throughout all your changes. Golden Age of Grotesque! Great fucking lyrics songs and art. my fav.
Vincent Vermont
Vincent Vermont - 17 minutes ago
Theresa Floresca
Theresa Floresca - 32 minutes ago
I love ya Marilyn Manson since I was 12 😂😈🥳 hopefully many years 😈😈
Йордан Цветков
Йордан Цветков - 46 minutes ago
Good job, Coldplay!
Eugene Junge
Eugene Junge - 48 minutes ago
Аааа... блять, как же круто!!! Мне вот интересно, он действительно про нас поет или мне показалось?
Mike Frolov
Mike Frolov - Hour ago
MM is endemic in russia. he's the breed of horror that laughs with you at the profanity of it all, while telling the simplest truths, and, as many in russia would agree - truth is the funniest thing of all. so don't wonder why he's so popular, wonder why you're not laughing with him. yet.
Trisha Huffman
Trisha Huffman - Hour ago
You know when u hear a song and you get the goose bumps his voice always touches my soul
E&G Music
E&G Music - Hour ago
2.Лайкнуть ком
3.Написать готово
У тебя плюс 1 подписчик!😍
Stuart Livermore
Stuart Livermore - Hour ago
We can be cured, or we can't be cured?
Ronald Spencer
Ronald Spencer - Hour ago
Azrael Abyss !
Marco il Guru
Marco il Guru - 2 hours ago
Unico il Reverendo .. lo si può criticare quanto si vuole ma si mette sempre in gioco .. bello risentirti ❤
Graveraider - 2 hours ago
When Manson has too much time in quarantine:
Hes playing with video editing tools and photoshop
無名の一般男性 - 2 hours ago
OLEKSANDR V - 2 hours ago
30 years Life ::: 15 years Marilyn Manson ⏭️⏪⏮️⏭️▶️🔀🔁
jared hall
jared hall - 2 hours ago
Sometimes u need 2 hear something that grabs ur soul truth sucks . much love for M.M
T0ZZY09 - 2 hours ago
Pretty sure the view count is us listening a thousand times..profound!!!
RØCKeN RØLL - 2 hours ago
My Chemical Romance? WTF
Tabitha Grace
Tabitha Grace - 2 hours ago
Amazing work as always 🖤
WALTER FUNBIKE - 3 hours ago
Bradley Dahlgren
Bradley Dahlgren - 3 hours ago
My first album "33" is coming out soon im independent and dont know you from adam....wanna be on it????? Like so Marilyn will see 🤣
shicrapt - 3 hours ago
Don't really like this. But it sure sounds great at 1.5x speed.
Thank You
Thank You - 3 hours ago
Good morning my
Conner Groves
Conner Groves - 3 hours ago
Thank you
Chris Bowman
Chris Bowman - 3 hours ago
Its Manson's version of A
perfect circle, works though.
ArtMotionProductions - 4 hours ago
Nick Grossman
Nick Grossman - 4 hours ago
Эта песня довольно маковая и немного скучная, к тому же я не знаю русского, поэтому надеюсь, что это хорошо переведено.
Dicky Strike
Dicky Strike - 2 hours ago
Маковая - не правильно переведено. Это было слово "dope"?
XjD- 82369
XjD- 82369 - 4 hours ago
Awesome song Mr.Manson
Кристина Рахматулина
Когда решила зайти в комментарии, думала, что власть вряд ли, что то будет на русском... Нооо... теперь я просто обязана написать коммент на русском😄😄😄
Вообщем Мэнсон красавчик, видимо старость влияет, заставляет задумываться о жизни и смерти, о том что будет после... Очень круто!
József Leopold
József Leopold - 4 hours ago
Nagyon jó dal.
Veganvision - 4 hours ago
JPPRainbow - 5 hours ago
*"The world is so, so damaged, that thinking about suicide is the best we can do ... but thinking that we can cure it, is the feeling that drives us to continue ..."*
Jesús Danger
Jesús Danger - 5 hours ago
Gracias por tanto, su majestad.
Nata Cranberry
Nata Cranberry - 5 hours ago
Какой же он крутой!!!
Diego A.
Diego A. - 5 hours ago
Que merda, sessenta ano na cara e pagando de gótico trevoso ao invés de amadurecer e aprender a produzir , tem que morrer de overdose mesmo
Nao acredito que me dizia fã disso, xaxaxaxaxa
Toaster Enthusiast
Toaster Enthusiast - 5 hours ago
This is probably one of my favorite songs ever now, and definably my favorite Manson song to date.
It just captures the nihilist philosophy so well, and he really embraces a new style which he does beautifully, it really shows that Manson is a true artist.
Digitalcanvas77 - 6 hours ago
Bout godamn time real music is made again. I needed this
Юлия Семёнова
Обожаю Мэрилина, ты лучший
ingibingi2000 - 6 hours ago
Marlyon Manson doing a song that's built on major chords is a very different thing
H Co
H Co - 6 hours ago
Do some shit with Willie Nelson
Sarai Dreadful
Sarai Dreadful - 6 hours ago
Did he buy views and comments from a Russian bot?
Dicky Strike
Dicky Strike - 4 hours ago
Nope, it's youtube targeting. This vid looks like one from Russian singer #ic3peak and sounds like lotta russian rock bands ie #цой or #летов
Stephanie Schaffer
Stephanie Schaffer - 6 hours ago
Please Manson help me my husband don’t want to be with me he wants a divorce he’s mad because I kissed my friend a woman an want to get a job an get my ssi started an kids back I have 9 it will take a yr an I want to save this new born with heart problems she got her kid taken she got a dirty for weed an had her to soon at like 5 mo long she just want me to take her for a yr she has heart problems so she can work on getting job an her fix her life an I been cleaning my house with dish soap but he got mad at me for wanting her an got mad at me for saying this to him I even asked him to marry me again so I can have a Harley Quinn wedding an I wanted him to be my it an joker but he said no am tryin to get my driver perment an go to driving school an get my ged then get a house here or in colerodo or Texas but this was my plan but it’s not his I guess I know it not going to happen I fill like giving up before I even start I found a job that pays really good an they will send me to ged school for free an pick me up at the same school my son gos to my sis an brother was going to help with the school stuff but he don’t believe in me🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️💃🏻
Diego Fernando Loaiza
Diego Fernando Loaiza - 7 hours ago
crap 💩
Janee Shaffer
Janee Shaffer - 7 hours ago
Yikes that sucked lol
Jordan Carreira
Jordan Carreira - 7 hours ago
Janee Shaffer right? Definitely one of his worst
Иван Татарский
Русские любят Мэнсона!
Valmont Draconus
Valmont Draconus - 7 hours ago
Every album he puts out changes his sound, yet is still somehow dinstinctly "Manson".
I just listened to this song for the first time and i find myself questioning whether this will grow on me, and hoping the rest of the songs on his upcoming albums will be "better". The irony is that looking back, i have been saying the same thing about pretty much every one of his last few albums, and yet they all ended up growing on me in odd ways.
Manson is one of the few artists that changes in odd and subtle ways with each album and still somehow stays the same.
Robert - 7 hours ago
I completely understand artists growing and exploring new sounds and styles and honestly I'm happy he's trying new things with his music, being a major fan of his music, art and just Manson as a person. I just really miss his heavier music that made me love him so much but like I said I understand why he's going in this direction. Hopefully one day he'll release another album like Antichrist or Portrait
Dave M
Dave M - 8 hours ago
Wow nice song Manson..bless the world
the lab
the lab - 8 hours ago
Thanks, I hate it.
Felipe Eduardo
Felipe Eduardo - 8 hours ago
Sacrificarei mil touros em sua homenagem, Manson.
Felipe Eduardo
Felipe Eduardo - 8 hours ago
O bom e velho Manson. Cadê os BR?
Edisson Luis
Edisson Luis - 8 hours ago
algún otro latino disfrutando de este temanga????
Ryu Shiki
Ryu Shiki - 8 hours ago
Best thing 2020 has brought us
Nicole Zerba
Nicole Zerba - 8 hours ago
He tells it like it is...damn.
Nicole Zerba
Nicole Zerba - 9 hours ago
He looks more and more like his dad every day. :)
wendell snoddy
wendell snoddy - 9 hours ago
This is the weird shit that helped destroy America
Corpsicus Hackenslash
Corpsicus Hackenslash - 9 hours ago
This is a very disappointing direction for Manson to go in.
Jaffacus - 9 hours ago
Sounds shite mate
karen buckley
karen buckley - 9 hours ago
Sick,fucked up & complicated is more ME than fated, faithful, fatal 🖤
Brandon Simpson
Brandon Simpson - 10 hours ago
Everyone is talking about the comments being Russian but I’m the only one who wants that guitar at 3:26
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