Young Dolph - By Mistake (Remix) (Official Video) ft. Juicy J, Project Pat

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GHOST DEMON - 5 hours ago
Who ever screaming at the end fucked it up 🤦‍♂️
Local Scam
Local Scam - 12 hours ago
@theallamericanbadgirl IS HER INSTAGRAM 🤫😍
Le'Will Brown
Le'Will Brown - 16 hours ago
whats the chick name in beginning? GOODAMNNNN lol
Eliezer Fonseca
Eliezer Fonseca - Day ago
🔥 bomba salvador city baile do egypity Rj$
Melanie Williams
Melanie Williams - Day ago
fox mulder
fox mulder - Day ago
Hope u rich niggas speak mandarin Chinese cause your new rulers do. Chinese bout to invade Witt our govts blessing n they sure to hate blacks! Lol
Robert Varga
Robert Varga - 2 days ago
It’s like I’ve wrote its all bout Dolph P,R,E,
TRILLKOBE - 2 days ago
This that Tennesse shit
My shit 🙏🗣🤘🕵😎
tevon wynter
tevon wynter - 2 days ago
why girls always make a nigga say jesus christ were they put on the earth for us men to sin? that girl thing so fat it can't hold in pa..ty
tevon wynter
tevon wynter - 2 days ago
why does that first girl look like taylor swift
Issac Talavera
Issac Talavera - 3 days ago
This lady try to stolen in my country like this one hour i give and she die. Respect. Nothing like puerto rico. Here in usa you can see to much pigs!
Atakan ATASEVER - 3 days ago
Mistah Shine
Mistah Shine - 3 days ago
i got some beats you'd be perfect for, bruh. message if you're listening
We're juicy j .. Been cuz come on -!!🙏🙏💪🗣🤚🚓
blaxparx stichting
blaxparx stichting - 4 days ago
Mista Dont Play verse killed the track !!
LK RAW - 4 days ago
im here because of project pat
Folk Boi
Folk Boi - 5 days ago
Sammy Law
Sammy Law - 5 days ago
Potato Bag
Potato Bag - 6 days ago
holy shiy pat rapping
Manuel Sanchez Perez
Manuel Sanchez Perez - 9 days ago
yeah dolph the best i liked your style & juicy tgod mafia yeahhhhhh and pat good feat gogo and good djs pls future
SPHAFCA - 9 days ago
3:55 Juicy bouncing on the lounge bed thing HAHAHAHAA
SPHAFCA - 9 days ago
Pat throwin the phone in the pool at 3:51 is funny and OG at the same time LOLOLOL... PATTTTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Private Men
Private Men - 10 days ago
That pussy is made to crack it
Backwoodz_Ghost Press
Backwoodz_Ghost Press - 10 days ago
I seen remix and I wigged out
Black Thunder
Black Thunder - 11 days ago
Young Dolph is hot Street trash Project Pat killed it it should have just been him in Juicy J Project Dolph is hot Street trash and nothing but is like a hookers dirty smelly pussy nobody wants it
GarbageDanks - 11 days ago
What happened to rap? This shit sucks. Besides project killed it.
Seth Shatzer
Seth Shatzer - 11 days ago
PROJECT PATTA went OFF str8 spitting flames. Cut ur head off like a samurai....... F*** da law f*** da law .
John Johnson
John Johnson - 11 days ago
Young Dolph & Moneybagyo sounds exactly the same.. both sound retarted😂
LUCKIEONASIS - 11 days ago
That white chick be in those videos with that facebook comedian CT something
Curt Dawg
Curt Dawg - 12 days ago
All that yelling in the end ruins the whole song...
Clarissa Hackney
Clarissa Hackney - 12 days ago
Whoa the twerking
Carmona Crafts
Carmona Crafts - 12 days ago
Project pat was ON GOO!!!!
lil nurd
lil nurd - 12 days ago
project pat is an og in the game
RS 850
RS 850 - 13 days ago
Song deserves more views💯
K Ray
K Ray - 13 days ago
Mane! This MFr MeGa BuMpiN! Fa Sho! If you got some MuZic in the WhiP!
Jon Taylor
Jon Taylor - 14 days ago
This shit go hard as fuck!!!!!
M Jz
M Jz - 15 days ago
Anyone know the name of that orgnge vest or the style of it?
The Bean
The Bean - 15 days ago
Dolph the coolest in a turtleneck yeaaaa
Georgie Merry
Georgie Merry - 15 days ago
Xavier Gonzalez
Xavier Gonzalez - 17 days ago
That chick dancing next to project pat @ 3:41 is hot
Rick Arenas
Rick Arenas - 17 days ago
yo i watched this on my phone the first time and I swear to god I thought that girl in pink with juicy was jenna marbles lmao
Markee Hampton
Markee Hampton - 18 days ago
Pat could've did better tho
Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker - 18 days ago
Project pat and juice j killed this shit
Cant Mew it like me
Cant Mew it like me - 18 days ago
Project Pat still got the flip phone, lol
Shelia E
Shelia E - 18 days ago
Project Pat the shit!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥
falling Angel
falling Angel - 19 days ago
Project Pat on fire🔥
Corey Smith
Corey Smith - 19 days ago
Name a rapper today that can get wit PAT.....I'll wait...
Edward Johnson
Edward Johnson - 20 days ago
who the main thick white girl in the start of the video
Banqofamericaboyzworld Banq Of America Boyz BOAB
My driveway so long I got to drive to check the mail...
StackinEndz - 22 days ago
Hitta Lick By Mistake. 💯.
THEREALGOATMAN - 23 days ago
Who the girl in the beginning she looks familiar
Christophe Tam
Christophe Tam - 20 days ago
Amy Jackson. She's the same girl from the original video.
Yan Campos
Yan Campos - 23 days ago
Young dolphins is purely trash... The song is good because of juicy and project pat
Spajk - 23 days ago
Anyone knows who this girl is tho
BzE Khalid
BzE Khalid - 24 days ago
Who that with the tattoo tag my G’s 🤧
Steven D
Steven D - 24 days ago
Project Pat on this track though
Dr. Phill
Dr. Phill - 25 days ago
Damn Pat!! 🤘🏾
Samir Makhani
Samir Makhani - 25 days ago
this is clearly just another... baller alert
Chris G
Chris G - 25 days ago
Project Pat 🏁🍾👏🏾
Chris G
Chris G - 25 days ago
That snow bunny Super Bad
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