This is the worst YouTuber merch ever. (YIAY #473)

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StrâwßerryFâñta Kool-Aid
Hmmm and how do I get my hands on a my straw
Susie Nichols
Susie Nichols - 13 hours ago
A match
Logan Abbitt
Logan Abbitt - 18 hours ago Current yiay
Sandy BoleYT
Sandy BoleYT - Day ago
Where is the link to the straw
lαgg field
lαgg field - Day ago
morsurisure hands
I have no name I also have no ideas for videos
YouTube comments be like: whoever is reading this📖📖👀👀 I hope you become 🤑rich🤑 and 💪successful💪go chase your dreams❤👍
Czechoslovakian Empire
Czechoslovakian Empire - 2 days ago
I rather have the Kerch, lol
Cameron Anderson
Cameron Anderson - 3 days ago
1:27 he predicted it all, why didn’t we heed his warning
Nathaniel did a thing
Nathaniel did a thing - 3 days ago
Guy looks like Mr. Smith without glasses
cyrilio - 3 days ago
Do you have 6 foot ones? Could come in handy right about now.
Hashtag Corona
Amy Chen
Amy Chen - 3 days ago
“This straw case can fit anywhere” Checks woman jeans
Ben Tamayo
Ben Tamayo - 3 days ago
Who needs a MyStraw when you have a straw made of silicon rubber, just like me! (my mom bought them because i hate paper straws)
Animation Quinn
Animation Quinn - 3 days ago
Jack I don't think naming your video worst YouTube merch while showing the merch you have sponsoring you
JustAGeekyGamer - 3 days ago
Normal People: Flex their AirPods
Jacksfilms Fans: Flex their My Straw
Still Chill
Still Chill - 3 days ago
Who got the straw? How is it?
hazelquart - 4 days ago
3:33 I'm legit confused if that is the actual box for the straw?
RyM3ks - 4 days ago
How can YIAY be pay to win if nobody wins?
Noah Aubin
Noah Aubin - 4 days ago
And why the hell does a straw need to CHAAARGE
perpi perli
perpi perli - 4 days ago
Air pods straw edition.
Aurora Krueger
Aurora Krueger - 5 days ago
Jeffery star sells straws jack you aren’t original 😭
MrToxic - 5 days ago
Me *pulls out mystraw a second before the guy brings my drink* the straw flings away and yeets itself in the man’s eye and his eye plocks out
Hey it's just Dolores
Hey it's just Dolores - 5 days ago
the first thing I thought was, a floppy disk, if people know what those are
Oracle VR
Oracle VR - 6 days ago
How do you clean the straw?
Siephek - 6 days ago
1:27 not a bad idea at this very moment
Weirdo101 Person
Weirdo101 Person - 6 days ago
*Michal Reeves wants to know your location*
Alster2016 YT
Alster2016 YT - 6 days ago
5:16 he knew and didn't warn us
MyName IsJeff
MyName IsJeff - 6 days ago
1:25 is real right now
Summer Rose
Summer Rose - 6 days ago
#yiayanswers I'll just go and film dead bodies in Japan hiiiiiiiiiyaaaaaaah
Bob Ash
Bob Ash - 7 days ago
Saved me from death by bordom
Lightning Thunder
Lightning Thunder - 7 days ago
is reading
I hope
you become
the conspiracy theory smart dude
Whoever is reading this

I how you 💵become rich💵
💪And succesful💪
Charless Jones
Charless Jones - 7 days ago
Why do u need to charge the straw
Solanix - 7 days ago
😍whoever is reading this☎️☎️, I hope you die 😟😉😂😂
KΛLXI - 8 days ago
Hydro_water - 8 days ago
Whomever may be reading this go watch good content like the emoji movie the bee movie or go watch all the shreks at once just get off of this content he has a big forehead that takes up the whole screen just dont watch this guy please im begging you PLEASE
Hydro_water - 8 days ago
I myself is a big fan of Jackflims but this is a really good argument
Hydro_water - 8 days ago
Hey fuck you i am big jack fan and i eat poopy
Hydro_water - 8 days ago
Yes i love this comment i will like it
Hydro_water - 8 days ago
Vaild argument let me go suffocat my child
Hydro_water - 8 days ago
I love incest
Jonathan Sauceda
Jonathan Sauceda - 8 days ago
Olof Malmstrom
Olof Malmstrom - 8 days ago
Hanzi2u - 8 days ago
Is the the worst thing you could buy just buy 100 psc plastic ones In a pack for 5 buck or less.
HollubDan - 8 days ago
#YIAYcancel tell them you can'tcel
Tanisha Chauhan
Tanisha Chauhan - 8 days ago
I thought the straw was fake until i went to his merch store. Why do you bave to charge it?
Olivia Graham
Olivia Graham - 9 days ago
The absolute worst YouTuber merch is Tana Mongeau's "Scandalous thongs"
Ben Couvillon
Ben Couvillon - 9 days ago
This video gets the best ad read award
Zaydian the skelaton gamer
My Straw sounds kinky
Stephanie G
Stephanie G - 9 days ago
But Jeffree Star does sell straws...
Gunner Eat
Gunner Eat - 9 days ago
Um a female singer in germany actually sold a sex doll that looks like her
Patrik_krk _
Patrik_krk _ - 9 days ago
When he was reading the back side of my straw box, I thought he was joking
Annie Gamer 1123
Annie Gamer 1123 - 9 days ago
Jack: You just got canceled, what do you do now?
Jack: Shut the f up I am crossing out your words
Me: -NOOO! Is it because I’m canceled?-
Ponzu Danku
Ponzu Danku - 10 days ago
Haha hand sanitizers are selling like crazy!!!
Erin Dalstead
Erin Dalstead - 10 days ago
Jack: I just want to be the first YouTube to sell a straw
Jeffrey star: am I a joke to u?
Abigail Lee
Abigail Lee - 10 days ago
Morgz's merch
Seth Mincey
Seth Mincey - 10 days ago
Omg no jack is visco now
Isaiah Compagne
Isaiah Compagne - 11 days ago
I can’t find the my straw
bray - 11 days ago
Or you can just not use a straw.
annoyingpuzzler - 11 days ago
am I like the only one who whenever they see the thumbnail they see an ultra mini mini iPad?
Umberscore - 11 days ago
I think re-watch value is really important for youtubers
Mopslop - 12 days ago
Mopslop - 12 days ago
Shook Ravioli
Shook Ravioli - 12 days ago
Why do you need to charge a straw?
Amina Krupalija
Amina Krupalija - 12 days ago
Uwu who ewer is weeding thws I howpe you bwecome wich and successfuw♥♡
Antonio DiLeone
Antonio DiLeone - 13 days ago
2:28 can Failboat have this?
Kris GD
Kris GD - 13 days ago
Animefanboy200 - 14 days ago
Is my straw a real product if not plz make it one
Plankton is pissed about the choice you made
Why the hell would you charge your straw
Van Mitchell
Van Mitchell - 14 days ago
My straw more like YIAY straw
Arthur Reign
Arthur Reign - 14 days ago
Mystraw: has 128 gb, 4k, chargable, wireless
Me: *_visible confusion_*
Durr Pocky
Durr Pocky - 15 days ago
Urbi Hyper
Urbi Hyper - 15 days ago
Buy iStraw only 999$
deceasedmilk - 15 days ago
i would seriously buy the shirt with will smith on it that says “epic win” please sir make it real
Eli the one wheeler Yt
Eli the one wheeler Yt - 15 days ago
RavrnPremiumLIVE - 15 days ago
YIAY more like LVIAY
Eluisific 123
Eluisific 123 - 16 days ago
how does the straw have to be charged
Oscar /W B
Oscar /W B - 16 days ago
Why dafuq do you need to charge a straw
RavrnPremiumLIVE - 15 days ago
Charlotte O'Connell
Charlotte O'Connell - 17 days ago
A book
Sadly Aggressive
Sadly Aggressive - 17 days ago
4K straw, nice
BOB McMuffins
BOB McMuffins - 17 days ago
The worst merch is your Merch haha
VeziusTheThird - 17 days ago
why are we all fighting about straws when we can just sip it without one? just grow a tube-like mouth and suck it that way. y'all are dinguses
Gail Lillianna
Gail Lillianna - 18 days ago
wait why do you need to charge the straw I'm so confused
Steven Hanson
Steven Hanson - 18 days ago
Edit: thanks for the 15 likes uwu
Spooderman - 19 days ago
Imagine have to charge your straw before drinking

This post was made by paper straw gang
PayyyDay - 2 days ago
You are not a clown, you are the entire circus.
Raeoni Overend
Raeoni Overend - 5 days ago
Disgusting person
just some guy
just some guy - 19 days ago
Why did none say condom
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