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Demonics Inc
Demonics Inc - Hour ago
ghost buster
ghost buster - Day ago
Cyberverse sucks it's too childish and sucked bumblebee’s dick way to much. Blurr is an awesome character he needs more spotlight.
Matteo Mascaro Pennacchi
Please ?
Matteo Mascaro Pennacchi
Hi can you make the basics on whirl
Derrick O'Neal
Derrick O'Neal - 6 days ago
6:43 really? she's definitely a child in this cartoon despite her too being a robot. that's just unnecessary. this post is just scandalous.
MEGAPHIL 376 - 7 days ago
Blurr is better than sonic
Im Howtobasic
Im Howtobasic - 8 days ago
Animated blurr: *Exists*
Shockwave: do you want to -explode'- *Get crushed*
Omega Steel k9
Omega Steel k9 - 9 days ago
His voice actor makes rappers look like kindergarteners
Omega Steel k9
Omega Steel k9 - 9 days ago
His voice actor makes rappers look like kindergarteners
Omega Steel k9
Omega Steel k9 - 9 days ago
Your video of shockwave is ...logical
acct on my other phone
acct on my other phone - 9 days ago
Who else wants Eminem to voice Blurr if he ever makes a live action debut? #BringBackTheFastTalkingBlurr
Deep Fry
Deep Fry - 13 days ago
The fact that characters have actually been killed off in Cyberverse is surprising imo
Bobi200 Samatar
Bobi200 Samatar - 16 days ago
Animated Blurr had a great design 💖
Marc Lewis
Marc Lewis - 17 days ago
I loved Blurr and that the Micro Machine guy played his voice. I would listen to what he says and try to say it as fast he does.
SHADOWWOLF77 - 17 days ago
1:17 I allways thought that was just movie magic... Never imagined anyone being able to speak that fast in a coherent way...
Dark Sith Lord
Dark Sith Lord - 17 days ago
Velositron really? They couldn't come up with a more creative name for a planet where transformers who are fast lived?
Alucard, More Awesome Than Chuck Norris!
Bluestreak speeds by...!
TheRManProds - 18 days ago
TheRManProds - 18 days ago
GOTTA GO FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Neptune Planeptune
Neptune Planeptune - 18 days ago
I like the IDW Version of Blurr. He...kinda is Sonic the more i think about it. And a Crossover between Sonic and Trabsformers would be great. I kinda can sea EGGMAN trying to Work with the Decepticons and yousing Transformer Technologey to turn himself into a Cybertronian. Our atleast build a Remote Controuled Cybertronian Bodey.........ore even better. A Transforming EGG Carrier
Wyatt buhler
Wyatt buhler - 22 days ago
Don't mention episode 8 I hate it😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Patrick Huffer
Patrick Huffer - 25 days ago
You forgot to mention how in the Headmasters series, Blurr was renamed to Wally.
Donavian Willis
Donavian Willis - Month ago
Still no Kup huh?
Paulino Lim
Paulino Lim - Month ago
Is uk and us marvel comic blurr the same bot
Chris McFeely
Chris McFeely - Month ago
​@Paulino Lim See, this is where it gets complicated and beyond "The Basics." Yes, fundamentally, the US and UK comics are different continuities because the UK series contains many additional events and small changes that are not compatible with the stories as published in America. However, the US and UK comics are not completely separate things - the UK comic reprinted all the US stories, and all those US stories are part of the UK continuity too. So, the US stories in which Blurr appears are part of the UK continuity, and the future-Blurr in the UK-exclusive strips is just the future-version of that Blurr.
Paulino Lim
Paulino Lim - Month ago
I thought the uk and us comic were different continutys and did he time travel to the us world
Chris McFeely
Chris McFeely - Month ago
Fundamentally, yes, but, you know, time travel and divergent timelines and all that.
171QA - Month ago
If Ben Schwartz isn’t playing Blurr in a future Transformers movie I’ll be sorely disappointed. He’s played every late 80s/early 90s blue-themed cartoon character, might as well play another one. XD
Kelly Dolan
Kelly Dolan - Month ago
If IDW does cross Sonic and Transformers without Blurr I am going to be miffed!
Triforceninja13 - Month ago
Guys I just made a disturbing discovery, Blurr had died more times than Cliffjumper has.
Cheese Snadwich
Cheese Snadwich - Month ago
*"The problem of being faster than light is that you can only live in darkness."*
Tyreece Baker
Tyreece Baker - Month ago
Lans32485 - Month ago
Given how IDW likes doing crossovers with all the stuff they write, Blurr vs Sonic could be very possible.
kratoselric suzumiya
kratoselric suzumiya - Month ago
Ok I know it just a cartoon but Transformers Animted has got to be kidding me. It expects us to believe that Blurr can somehow run what would need to be several MILLION times the speed of light, and yet he somehow gets caught by Shockwave and then can't escape a trash compactor in time? That's ridiculous even for a cartoon.
Rubeus Archos
Rubeus Archos - Month ago
I like. The old school blur..
Rubeus Archos
Rubeus Archos - Month ago
Love this channel
Magic Prøductiøns YT
Animated blurr is best- change my mind
Chronos - Month ago
A human controlling blurr illogical
ShaggyTurtleStudios - Month ago
I need a picture of Blurr and Cliffjumper shaking hands.
Why are these two constantly being horribly and unceremoniously killed off?
Pio Nepomuceno
Pio Nepomuceno - Month ago
You just know that if that JLA/Transformers crossover comic came to pass, there totally would've been a teamup between The Flash and Blurr.
Justin Risom
Justin Risom - Month ago
Blur dyes a lot
sonic23233 - Month ago
Can you talk about the 8 Brave anime series?
A Literal Lamp
A Literal Lamp - Month ago
Am I crazy or is the way you said “Blurr” a reference to how Ultra Magnus addressed him? Am I not the only one who says Blurr out loud like that?
Pasquale - Month ago
sebastiaan suijkerbuijk
Still have blurr target master . The original one .
Felzz CLH
Felzz CLH - Month ago
Austin Dragon
Austin Dragon - Month ago
Blurr vs Sonic.........

......Blurr would race millions of circles around Sonic in 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.1 nanoseconds.
Myskirion Prime
Myskirion Prime - Month ago
But Sonic can stop time now soo yeah hes faster now
Alan Abend
Alan Abend - Month ago
I like sonic
Daniel McKenzie
Daniel McKenzie - Month ago
Wich episode from transformers Cybertron robots in disguise has the dancing car scene
Daniel McKenzie
Daniel McKenzie - Month ago
@Chris McFeely thack you👍
Chris McFeely
Chris McFeely - Month ago
That's from "Hidden."
racoon killer 7
racoon killer 7 - Month ago
I have an idea for u for a video
Make a vid on :
How transformers can sick and what plagues or diseases they can catch id like to know btw good video keep up the good work❤
Diego Fernandes
Diego Fernandes - Month ago
When can we get one on Scorponok?
SuperDogSam - Month ago
I watched this in 2x playback speed.
BenBarsNone - Month ago
6:30 Trauma! TraaaaAAAuuuuma!!!

Glad he survived with that con story but the proposed next season didn't have that resurrection. They should have animated that somehow.
Patrick Milewski
Patrick Milewski - Month ago
The basics on knockout please!?
rafli nur
rafli nur - Month ago
Please do the basic of the fallen
Chained Ghost
Chained Ghost - Month ago
Do the basics on Apeface or Snapdragon
Aged Cheddar
Aged Cheddar - Month ago
Do Strongarm please
Shield Liger
Shield Liger - Month ago
While I realise there was no media tie in and the line was a kB stores exclusive (and only lasted 6 months) but have you considered doing a basics on machine wars?
Shmoptimus Prime
Shmoptimus Prime - Month ago
graeme maccreadie
graeme maccreadie - Month ago
Chris mcfeely thank you so much for all your videos,could you do a basics on skylynx
Agent of Hydra
Agent of Hydra - Month ago
The Basics on Telatraan-1 and his daughters or whatever you'd call them.
Ish SINGHAL - Month ago
How about a basics on the sparkeaters
moscow vicent
moscow vicent - Month ago
Can you do a basic on that one transformer I don't know is doing the one who loses his arm in the movie the old man transformer he's green?
Spooky Piece of kake
Spooky Piece of kake - Month ago
I did not know that Blurr was voiced by the FedEx and MicroMachines guy
Fredrik Åkerberg
Fredrik Åkerberg - Month ago
Could you för a basics on Slspdash and Joyride? THX and Keep Up the Good work.
DISTurbedwaffle918 - Month ago
Odd how both Hasbro and Sega came up with a super fast character with a blue color scheme.
Asuna Chan
Asuna Chan - Month ago
Blur VS Sonic? I'd watch that. 👌😉💕🇵🇭
Kryten Prime
Kryten Prime - Month ago
It just isn't truly Blurr without that iconic rapid voice. John Mischitta always nailed that role, in both G1 and Animated. :)
TwoFacedBot - 173
TwoFacedBot - 173 - Month ago
I didn't mind Rescue Bots Blurr despite the fact that he can be an asshole at times
TwoFacedBot - 173
TwoFacedBot - 173 - Month ago
Why not do a Basics on SmokeScreen
William Pulfer-melville
Please do a video on the Basics on Lugnut
Akuma -kun
Akuma -kun - Month ago
There’s an error in the basics for IDW. His spotlight comic was made in 2006 not 2008.
Groovystaypuftslimer !!!

Disclaimer if that’s not how we vote tell me
Ragemous - Month ago
Did anyone else listen to this at 2X speed?
Ripper Maggoo
Ripper Maggoo - Month ago
Blurr and hot rod need to make an a appearance in the transformers movies asap! And no im not counting the hot rod in T5 whoever that bum was
Rhonda Axton
Rhonda Axton - Month ago
Gotta roll out
GSlide - Month ago
Target/Headmasters never did it for me, his fate was better in the Japanese version. 😊
DeceptiveSuperman - Month ago
G1 Blurr was the best Blurr. These new versions of him are just recycled versions of other characters. Hot Rod, Hot Shot and others had that same act. Young, rebellious, and stupid. This was a boring version of him.
Mark Newland
Mark Newland - Month ago
The Basics on Ratchet?
Espinosa DRAGON
Espinosa DRAGON - Month ago
The basics on smokescreen, please
Rich Roy
Rich Roy - Month ago
Enjoy your video's do you know where a person can get a dvd copy of Beast Wars II? Thanks
MAD DOC MONKEY - Month ago
i would say a 70 percentage
come to order! C.G.:the Cartoon Judge!
Could you please make one about dread-wing?
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