Cinematic Color Grading In Premiere!

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Matti Haapoja
Matti Haapoja - 9 months ago
Does anyone want more color grading tutorials like this? What do you guys wanna learn?
Ebenezer Vijayan
Ebenezer Vijayan - 3 days ago
I just wanna know ,adjustment layer is required for colour grading???
michal roesler
michal roesler - 23 days ago
Yep - Can You make Interstellar grading tutorial in Adobe Premiere. It's good and very beautiful movie. Or "no country for old men" grading tutorial. Or Heat (1995) color grading guide.
9 9KDgh
9 9KDgh - Month ago
yes, i keep confusing myself each time i start to color grade. i don't really understand color grading, and correcting. I wanna color grade like you do. Please i need help, even though, im about watching your video. my email address is ''''
John Albert Sulapas
John Albert Sulapas - 2 months ago
Yes yes plss.
VIBE ADS - 3 months ago
Matti Haapoja love to cause am thirsty
Aaman Khan
Aaman Khan - 5 hours ago
Awesome bruh
Loki Lights
Loki Lights - 6 hours ago
Just bought your color pack. Super happy with them! I'm super fresh to adobe and I feel like they are going to save me a ton of time!
Nachau Kirwan
Nachau Kirwan - 4 days ago
Anything for Final Cut Pro
Erin Hogue
Erin Hogue - 6 days ago
so sick! thanks!
Brandon Blue
Brandon Blue - 9 days ago
wish i could like this video twice. Thanks Matti.
Five Minute Pitch TV
Five Minute Pitch TV - 9 days ago
Sorry meat to add - the bit about the skin tones was v useful. Do you have more vids on this?
Five Minute Pitch TV
Five Minute Pitch TV - 9 days ago
Awesome awesome awesome tutorial!
Brandon - 11 days ago
Uh... this grade made the footage look worse...
FSK MusiQ - 14 days ago
With colour grading
FSK MusiQ - 14 days ago
Best video editor software
24pablox - 16 days ago
Should I shoot using Cinestyle?
LBJ Productions
LBJ Productions - 16 days ago
Needa color grade them eyebrows
FarryEntertainment - 17 days ago
Making snow warm makes no sense.
Kenmore Chalfant
Kenmore Chalfant - 18 days ago
What's your workflow for color grading lots of clips? Do you use adjustment layers? Do you save out the graded clips before editing them into a larger piece?
Mike James
Mike James - 28 days ago
Hi-res Gamma
Magnus Walander
Magnus Walander - Month ago
Don't think you should apply the LUT creative lut before doing color correction... but that's just my opinion! Cheers
N.K. Davith
N.K. Davith - Month ago
heh man. I have an issue with the presets that i bought on your website. My adobe premeire CC does not support your presets. let me know what to do.
Todd Gilligan
Todd Gilligan - Month ago
Good one, Matti !!! I just upgraded premier to new version! Used one of your tips!
Fumantze. - Month ago
If you are in a hurry: 2:26
Marc Ritz
Marc Ritz - Month ago
Thank you for the tutorial. I appreciate.
Elfa Maulana
Elfa Maulana - Month ago
Amazing !
Febens Lordeus
Febens Lordeus - Month ago
great video
Hamza Al Ghuzaili
Hamza Al Ghuzaili - Month ago
I have a question.. when using colour grading...should i use one same setting for all the movie? ...or every part have different colour grading ??
Renato Contreras
Renato Contreras - Month ago
I wanted to learn but then i saw you just used a lut :( . dislike.
Jarrett - Month ago
Holy crap this was one of the most straightforward, informative 8 minute videos I’ve seen thus far. Thank you! Also, do you find yourself apply LUTs to actual clips themselves or creating an adjustment layer and applying it there (to obv affect all clips that are appropriate)? I’ve usually started with the adjustment layer to ease work flow then going clip by clip with basic corrections.. but I also have no idea what I’m doing 🤷‍♂️
YoungKing PDK
YoungKing PDK - Month ago
I want to color grade with luts! Only thing is that premiere pro cs6 doesn’t even have lumetri options 😩 how can I get some luts in cs6 and colorgrade with luts??!? Anybody’s answer would help a ton!!
Block Mameli
Block Mameli - 2 months ago
a lil bit
Johnny Q
Johnny Q - 2 months ago
Haapoja! I just bought your color grading pre sets! Wow. Just wow my man! Can’t wait to use the rest! I just started using cinema!
YouTube Girl
YouTube Girl - 2 months ago
Nice video! I don’t even have a nice camera yet, but I love color! PS What’s Marcus doing these days?
Eddie Duque
Eddie Duque - 2 months ago
Im thinking of buying Colorista IV, $200. Do you use it a lot, is it worth the price? I would love to know your point of view or anyone here. Thank you
TN Films
TN Films - 2 months ago
I DON'T HAVE LUMATRI COLOR!!!! I don't have a powerful computer to get Adobe PremierePro CC so I have CS6 how can I colour grade and colour correct in that version!? I can't find a tutorial on that version
Allie Ruby
Allie Ruby - 2 months ago
Is this premier or premier pro? Contemplating between the two, I’m working on hobby 🤗
Allie Ruby
Allie Ruby - 2 months ago
I have a slight bit of experience with video editing, and I want something more fun like this that you’re showing :)
hihihing - 2 months ago
such helpful
John Posada
John Posada - 2 months ago
Gracias muy buenos videos el color es algo vital a la hora de producir material audiovisual saludos desde otro lado del mundo
lucky elms
lucky elms - 2 months ago
The source footage is good. Therefore its not that good to use as a tutorial for newbies.
Marion Fiedler Music
Marion Fiedler Music - 2 months ago
thanks! good job!
Carlo Alcos
Carlo Alcos - 3 months ago
Thanks for teaching me about that HSL Secondary! Do you not use Lumetri scopes? I find them extremely helpful especially for matching different clips.
Duane Toops
Duane Toops - 3 months ago
This helps a lot!
Big Data
Big Data - 3 months ago
before looks better bruh
Paul Pimentel
Paul Pimentel - 3 months ago
Just tride colorgrading and uploaded a calorie challenge thing so if you don't mind peep my channel! Thanks much love for the support!
Josh Miles
Josh Miles - 3 months ago
Solid tips Matti! I'd love to see a few other color grading examples... I'm also curious... what color space to you have your Mac set to? I've been dealing with color differing between Premiere Pro, YouTube, and my phone. Just curious how to best account for variations in different screens as you color grade.
Also, for more color grading examples... maybe some summer footage, and also how you color grade your studio shots? What do you think?
mas hadyan
mas hadyan - 3 months ago
Ungrade stil good
PK - 3 months ago
Very usefull
VIBE ADS - 3 months ago
love it
Kazaradigital - 3 months ago
What is a lut? Thanks.
Ramon Cayetano
Ramon Cayetano - 3 months ago
I was hoping for a color grading tutorial but it start with a LUT. I am not trying to hate I really like your videos. This one just didn't help me. Gave the vid a like hoping you make one for the people the really wants to learn from scratch.
Myles Gardener
Myles Gardener - 3 months ago
this video was super clutch 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Brandon Verdura
Brandon Verdura - 3 months ago
awesome thank you!
Jelani A. M. Sanchez
Jelani A. M. Sanchez - 3 months ago
cmon dog you talkin bout keep things subtle and you got someone walking on teal colored snow.
Keith Tan
Keith Tan - 4 months ago
great tips! Thank you!
Game Over
Game Over - 4 months ago
SuperEd86 - 4 months ago
very nice
WAGNER - bewegte Bilder
WAGNER - bewegte Bilder - 4 months ago
This is the best color grading tutorial I've ever seen. Great work 😁👍🏞
Fashion4TheSole - 4 months ago
how did you color grad the parts of the video where you are just talking?
MÅX M. - 4 months ago
24.00$$$ ouch!
Loba Productions
Loba Productions - 4 months ago
how can i put color grades over other color grades
Harsha Pagoda
Harsha Pagoda - 4 months ago
Jack In the Back
Jack In the Back - 4 months ago
Now I'm smarter than 8;10 minutes ago. Thanks man!
FireLens Tv
FireLens Tv - 4 months ago
Kartikeya Kashiva
Kartikeya Kashiva - 5 months ago
Great video! First time I'm thinking of investing the extra time in color grading the skin tones in my videos
Sylvain & Audrey
Sylvain & Audrey - 5 months ago
Could you do a Orange & Teal colorgrading tutorial ?
Vijeta Dahiya
Vijeta Dahiya - 5 months ago
I was earlier looking at the skin tones before the color grade... but your suggestion of looking at the skin tones in the end just sounds more logical... thanks.... but even now, I wouldn't put any grade on the footage before I have done the color correction....
Fida Aifiya
Fida Aifiya - 5 months ago
"I just hate magenta for no reason."
I know right. Me too.
Jackson Mathew
Jackson Mathew - 5 months ago
thank you :)
Santiago J. Rodriguez del Pozo
Hi Matti! Thanks for thisngreat tutorial. It been very helpful. I’m habing a problem. Incolor grade my work and get to the colors I want inside premire but when I export the project colors are different. Can you help?
Papi Drino
Papi Drino - 5 months ago
Great video Man👹🔥📛💯
iber ghulam
iber ghulam - 5 months ago
Hi matt can i have your email or anything to contact u?
Portaeporta Agentie
Portaeporta Agentie - 5 months ago
Dear Matti, I wonder why you talk like a cheap american salesman who try to convince everybody about his stuff. You put so much pseudo Intensity in your talk which actually is cheap Affect. Be your self.
sothathappened - 5 months ago
skip to 2:27 for actual information
Jerry Ackerman
Jerry Ackerman - 5 months ago
Nice video, man.  Very easy to follow.  I think you sold another set of LUTs.
Albert Bigornia
Albert Bigornia - 5 months ago
Very helpful Workflow!
Alpha Pictures
Alpha Pictures - 6 months ago
I think that the winter scene looked better with a cool mood and the sun reflecting off the snow, warming it. Just my two cents...
riley scarlett
riley scarlett - 6 months ago
How do you color grade your live footage when you do youtube live streams? Do you color grade, or just use some profiles in your camera? I'd love to know because the colors and skin tones look really great when you do your live streams and I'm trying to accomplish the same thing.
Marcilio Prado
Marcilio Prado - 6 months ago
"A little bit" should be one of Matti's LUT Pack name. It would do a little bit of everything to you footage, and in the end it would look awesome!
Neeraj Gautam
Neeraj Gautam - 6 months ago
The Compass Family
The Compass Family - 6 months ago
cheers legend, cranking your luts right away
Kram Sacul
Kram Sacul - 6 months ago
The ungraded footage looks better and more real. Teal snow?
enrico Skhann
enrico Skhann - 6 months ago
what camera did you used for that footage
Bar'z Akbar
Bar'z Akbar - 6 months ago
pretty cool - 6 months ago
That snow is now green. :-(
Abhrajit Dey
Abhrajit Dey - 6 months ago
Ayyy! You're Peters friend...hii there👋
msnc494 - 6 months ago
Are you using mac or pc ?
Sam Walia  Films
Sam Walia Films - 6 months ago
thnka for guide sir
Omoniyi K ZEED
Omoniyi K ZEED - 6 months ago
pls how can I get your the preset pack? color grade luts 2.0
Michał Brzegowy
Michał Brzegowy - 6 months ago
Great stuff Matti! I've finally learnt how to correct skin tones! Thanks bro
Gio - 6 months ago
do you lower the saturation in camera to add in post or do you just leave it as it is?
kboelinger - 6 months ago
omg i'm realy bought your LUT´s/Presets Matti !!! On the begin i was totaly agains it $$$ but ... it worth so much!!!
Neel Doshi
Neel Doshi - 6 months ago
That skin tone setting was something really productive. Thanks man.
R&R On Tour
R&R On Tour - 7 months ago
Hi Matti, thanks for your Videos, they are a huge inspiration!
I have a bit a special question: I'm red-green "color-blind" so I simply can't figure out "ah, that skin has too much green in it".
How far do you think I can get with technical help like vector scopes? Maybe some other tipps how I can get good results? Appreciate your feedback!
floxflux - 7 months ago
is that marcus valeur?
Tim van Beloois
Tim van Beloois - 7 months ago
You are doing great work man! Fantastic tutorials, keep going!
Alex Eckhart
Alex Eckhart - 7 months ago
Thank you pal! Learning SO much from you!
Michel Elias De Oliveira
Michel Elias De Oliveira - 7 months ago
Dammit, man... I love your videos. I learn a lot. Im from brazil, and we don't find videos like yours here... Btw, sorry for ma bad english.
FLIGHT MAT - 7 months ago
little bit too many little bits :) but just a little bit thanks like this one
Julia Holderness
Julia Holderness - 7 months ago
how can i apply the same effect on other clips? like a copy and paste kind of deal!
David Eisler
David Eisler - 7 months ago
Not going over the top you say....!!!!?? Is this only for beginners in mind, or for professionals?
David Eisler
David Eisler - 7 months ago
Do you apply the lut after WB is correct??
David Eisler
David Eisler - 7 months ago
Couse I dont!! I'ts all (for me at least) about feeling and "eye".. I have some really cool grades going on. Gonna send you some examples some day!!
Czedrick's Lists
Czedrick's Lists - 7 months ago
Please if your making a video dont make your speaking very long
Andy Tran
Andy Tran - 7 months ago
How did you c/p that color grade to other clips?
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