Cinematic Color Grading In Premiere!

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Matti Haapoja
Matti Haapoja - Year ago
Does anyone want more color grading tutorials like this? What do you guys wanna learn?
Isaac McMaster
Isaac McMaster - Month ago
yeah but with free downloadable LUTS
dreylin hervey
dreylin hervey - Month ago
Yes please
Mak Dee
Mak Dee - 3 months ago
Yes yes please!
Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones - 4 months ago
Yes! ✅ This is über helpful Matti! Thank you. 👈🏽
Shannon Baskett
Shannon Baskett - 4 months ago
Yes, please.
Kausar Hossain Khokan
Kausar Hossain Khokan - 3 days ago
where will I find Luts that you have used in this video?
Justin Ansorg
Justin Ansorg - 7 days ago
Thank you too much!
Vladimír Mrkvica
Vladimír Mrkvica - 14 days ago
Kus kokota
Witch of the East
Witch of the East - Month ago
Much love x
Witch of the East
Witch of the East - Month ago
Much love x
Witch of the East
Witch of the East - Month ago
Much love x
Witch of the East
Witch of the East - Month ago
Much love x
Mercedes dlz
Mercedes dlz - Month ago
Yes please!! Thanks for the vid! More color grading please!
Gregory Trenk
Gregory Trenk - Month ago
Hey matti, I got your LUT's but I was wondering how to install them into premiere? so I don't have to drag and drop them all the time
ApatShe - Month ago
You should search for a tutorial
Chris Perry
Chris Perry - Month ago
It’s funny because in your 2019 version of this video you change your technique
Niraj films
Niraj films - Month ago
Loved it...
Thank you
You are best
True Seeker
True Seeker - Month ago
as soon you choose one of your own..... nah, not interested....
Jacob Haskoli
Jacob Haskoli - Month ago
BRO this video is amazing. But it looks so easy when you are doing it, i wish i hade so much brain haha
Mia Moore
Mia Moore - Month ago
This video was very informative and very much appreciated.
Ricky Ricardo Alicea
Ricky Ricardo Alicea - 2 months ago
Hi Matti, Thanks for the video, I have a question out of curiosity, I want to get an X-T3 for photography but I want it to be used as a second camera for B-Roll with the BMP as a main camera, do you think you can Match colorgrade between them?
King Boy
King Boy - 2 months ago
Hey just a question that should you colour grade when showing object and any electronics ? Loved your video . It made me subscribe
Aleks Luch
Aleks Luch - 2 months ago
thanks :) i took the cine luts, they are great
Paul Cristo
Paul Cristo - 2 months ago
Thanks for the tutorial.
Taufiq Sopandi
Taufiq Sopandi - 2 months ago
thanks dude
Mandarin Monkey
Mandarin Monkey - 2 months ago
love the positive attitude! great personality, great video, thanks for the video. We appreciate it!
zaneji - 2 months ago
funny how i notice how many times you said "Little Bit" through out this video. But by the way its an amazing tutorial. i like it.
Salman Sobhan
Salman Sobhan - 2 months ago
I create LUT for my task and correct slightly :)
Kow Abundant
Kow Abundant - 2 months ago
Thanks for going over this, very informative. Should anything be done with adjustment layers to cover many clips?
Dip Boruah
Dip Boruah - 2 months ago
Thanks for the video 🙏
John precious
John precious - 2 months ago
Wow so nice 👍
Antonio Giuffrida
Antonio Giuffrida - 2 months ago
Hi...a question please?I bought your course on udemy (pretty nice), If i use s-log2 sony how convert to apple prores? stream clip don't work. By by...
The Founders of Joy
The Founders of Joy - 2 months ago
How do you get the waveform in the corner on premier pro?
Green Dad
Green Dad - 2 months ago
Thanks Matti. Very helpful - especially the advice to practise!
shubham sutar
shubham sutar - 2 months ago
Thank you
Broknex - 2 months ago
This was VERY helpful, my friend! Thanks!
vidit - 2 months ago
I have 4gb ram 2011 Dell n5010 laptop with 1gb Nvidia 525m graphic card ,can this run on my machine?
zeppelinova io
zeppelinova io - 3 months ago
Did you say free??? Well, Indians are here
Bhanu Deepana Gunasekara
Bhanu Deepana Gunasekara - 3 months ago
Great one .
Chadrich Alforque
Chadrich Alforque - 3 months ago
there are too many setting in basic correction like shadow, whites, highlights etc but i do not know how to use it properly.. This tutorial is really helpful.. Thanks a lot Matti
Ben Finkley
Ben Finkley - 3 months ago
Hi Matti, Great video! How did you create the before and after transition showing the two color grades? I'm using Premiere Pro
Spoon Production
Spoon Production - 3 months ago
Thanks dude. Gonna use these tips now to colorgrade my video.
AaronChakra - 3 months ago
Quick question..I've noticed color correction is wonky due to my monitors own color correction. How do I make the color correction more universal?
Daltira - 3 months ago
The original looked better.
BarknoorZ - 3 months ago
Sometimes when I color grade I feel like I'm degrading the quality of the picture, like there's noise or.. I'm not sure. How can I avoid this?
Im XD - 3 months ago
how to make your clips yellow lol
Pat Loughery
Pat Loughery - 3 months ago
This is super helpful, Matti! as somebody who's versed in Lightroom for photos but just getting into video, this whole new world is a bit overwhelming. This is a great help. Thanks!!
Pianeta Blu
Pianeta Blu - 3 months ago
I like more the ungraded lol
Javier Rivera
Javier Rivera - 3 months ago
Hello, what about which Display Profile to use when edit on a 2016 Macbook Pro 15" Touchbar and do not have a calibration tool.????? Apple RGB is too saturated and will not look good on the majority of non Apple Displays. what wold you recommend to use the, (Color LCD , sRGB IEC61962.1, ProPhoto RGB, Generic RGB or Rec. ITU-R BT.709-5)
Coral - 3 months ago
Good video, everything else on this topic is three times as long. Way to keep it short.
V-Vain Tech
V-Vain Tech - 4 months ago
So this is what the movie is taking so much time after shooting the entire clips. All clips are colour graded and they all have different colour grades. I am a shortfilm maker and my first short film is near death and I didn't know what to do to get a cinematic look. Now I understand. Within the next 2 months or so I am going to release near death 2 and I definitely use this colour grading system and let's see how it looks. Anyway nice video bro.
Matias Bjärnstedt
Matias Bjärnstedt - 4 months ago
This is very good content, keep up the good work Matti
Cary shaffer
Cary shaffer - 4 months ago
Thanks for this Matti.
Kiwi Alex
Kiwi Alex - 4 months ago
Cheers mate your clips are saving me right now
Shannon Baskett
Shannon Baskett - 4 months ago
Thanks for the great tutorial!
Cyrin - 4 months ago
SUPERRRRRR helpful, especially the skin tone part. Thank you for this!
Eu sou o Camões JR
Eu sou o Camões JR - 4 months ago
muito bom. parabens
KEMOvy - 4 months ago
Super cool 💘
I think you can use to the grading when you watching this kind of videos
We want more of this
Amy - 4 months ago
Great tips I just think playing around with the darker, more bluish, purplish tones would have suited the scene even better. Thanks for sharing papa bless
Adam Snyder
Adam Snyder - 4 months ago
Just starting to learn color grading! Appreciate the insight!
Gabriel Mohan
Gabriel Mohan - 4 months ago
What’s a LUT?
Muhammad Farras
Muhammad Farras - 5 months ago
Hey matti...
Would you like to share the title of song that you used in this video ? I subscribe on epidemic sound too and i’ve just get some inspirations from this track 😆 and i want to download this track. It would be nice if you tell me the title of this song and help me to find it on tracklist
Thanks :))
Gabiche - 5 months ago
Easy and simple explanation! You did a very good job on this video. This will definitely help my future videos on youtube look way better! Thank you!
Aaman Khan
Aaman Khan - 5 months ago
Awesome bruh
Loki Lights
Loki Lights - 5 months ago
Just bought your color pack. Super happy with them! I'm super fresh to adobe and I feel like they are going to save me a ton of time!
Nachau Kirwan
Nachau Kirwan - 5 months ago
Anything for Final Cut Pro
Erin Hogue
Erin Hogue - 5 months ago
so sick! thanks!
Brandon Blue
Brandon Blue - 5 months ago
wish i could like this video twice. Thanks Matti.
Five Minute Pitch TV
Five Minute Pitch TV - 5 months ago
Sorry meat to add - the bit about the skin tones was v useful. Do you have more vids on this?
Five Minute Pitch TV
Five Minute Pitch TV - 5 months ago
Awesome awesome awesome tutorial!
Brandon - 5 months ago
Uh... this grade made the footage look worse...
FSK MusiQ - 5 months ago
With colour grading
FSK MusiQ - 5 months ago
Best video editor software
24pablox - 5 months ago
Should I shoot using Cinestyle?
LunchBreakJake - 5 months ago
Needa color grade them eyebrows
FarryEntertainment - 5 months ago
Making snow warm makes no sense.
Kenmore Chalfant
Kenmore Chalfant - 5 months ago
What's your workflow for color grading lots of clips? Do you use adjustment layers? Do you save out the graded clips before editing them into a larger piece?
Proluxelectronics - 6 months ago
Hi-res Gamma
Magnus Walander
Magnus Walander - 6 months ago
Don't think you should apply the LUT creative lut before doing color correction... but that's just my opinion! Cheers
N.K. Davith
N.K. Davith - 6 months ago
heh man. I have an issue with the presets that i bought on your website. My adobe premeire CC does not support your presets. let me know what to do.
Todd Gilligan
Todd Gilligan - 6 months ago
Good one, Matti !!! I just upgraded premier to new version! Used one of your tips!
Fumantze. - 6 months ago
If you are in a hurry: 2:26
Marc Ritz
Marc Ritz - 6 months ago
Thank you for the tutorial. I appreciate.
Elfa Maulana
Elfa Maulana - 6 months ago
Amazing !
Febens Lordeus
Febens Lordeus - 6 months ago
great video
Hamza Al Ghuzaili
Hamza Al Ghuzaili - 6 months ago
I have a question.. when using colour grading...should i use one same setting for all the movie? ...or every part have different colour grading ??
Renato Contreras
Renato Contreras - 6 months ago
I wanted to learn but then i saw you just used a lut :( . dislike.
Jarrett - 7 months ago
Holy crap this was one of the most straightforward, informative 8 minute videos I’ve seen thus far. Thank you! Also, do you find yourself apply LUTs to actual clips themselves or creating an adjustment layer and applying it there (to obv affect all clips that are appropriate)? I’ve usually started with the adjustment layer to ease work flow then going clip by clip with basic corrections.. but I also have no idea what I’m doing 🤷‍♂️
YoungKing PDK
YoungKing PDK - 7 months ago
I want to color grade with luts! Only thing is that premiere pro cs6 doesn’t even have lumetri options 😩 how can I get some luts in cs6 and colorgrade with luts??!? Anybody’s answer would help a ton!!
Block Mameli
Block Mameli - 7 months ago
a lil bit
Johnny Q
Johnny Q - 7 months ago
Haapoja! I just bought your color grading pre sets! Wow. Just wow my man! Can’t wait to use the rest! I just started using cinema!
YouTube Girl
YouTube Girl - 7 months ago
Nice video! I don’t even have a nice camera yet, but I love color! PS What’s Marcus doing these days?
Eddie Duque
Eddie Duque - 7 months ago
Im thinking of buying Colorista IV, $200. Do you use it a lot, is it worth the price? I would love to know your point of view or anyone here. Thank you
TN Films
TN Films - 7 months ago
I DON'T HAVE LUMATRI COLOR!!!! I don't have a powerful computer to get Adobe PremierePro CC so I have CS6 how can I colour grade and colour correct in that version!? I can't find a tutorial on that version
Allie Ruby
Allie Ruby - 7 months ago
Is this premier or premier pro? Contemplating between the two, I’m working on hobby 🤗
Allie Ruby
Allie Ruby - 7 months ago
I have a slight bit of experience with video editing, and I want something more fun like this that you’re showing :)
hihihing - 7 months ago
such helpful
John Posada
John Posada - 8 months ago
Gracias muy buenos videos el color es algo vital a la hora de producir material audiovisual saludos desde otro lado del mundo
lucky elms
lucky elms - 8 months ago
The source footage is good. Therefore its not that good to use as a tutorial for newbies.
Marion Fiedler Music
Marion Fiedler Music - 8 months ago
thanks! good job!
Carlo Alcos
Carlo Alcos - 8 months ago
Thanks for teaching me about that HSL Secondary! Do you not use Lumetri scopes? I find them extremely helpful especially for matching different clips.
Duane Toops
Duane Toops - 8 months ago
This helps a lot!
Big Data
Big Data - 8 months ago
before looks better bruh
Paul Pimentel
Paul Pimentel - 8 months ago
Just tride colorgrading and uploaded a calorie challenge thing so if you don't mind peep my channel! Thanks much love for the support!
Josh Miles
Josh Miles - 8 months ago
Solid tips Matti! I'd love to see a few other color grading examples... I'm also curious... what color space to you have your Mac set to? I've been dealing with color differing between Premiere Pro, YouTube, and my phone. Just curious how to best account for variations in different screens as you color grade.
Also, for more color grading examples... maybe some summer footage, and also how you color grade your studio shots? What do you think?
mas hadyan
mas hadyan - 8 months ago
Ungrade stil good
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