The Trial Of R. Kelly: Reactions To First Two Episodes Of 'Surviving R. Kelly'

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Darryl Moore
Darryl Moore - 27 days ago
Proof proof proof facts facts facts other than that it makes everybody that are speaking against him look like envious, jealous ,haters
Jettabusy Jackson
Jettabusy Jackson - Month ago
how can you say for Hip Hop and R &B and not have the King of R&B up there when he hasn't been convicted of any crime.. if people call in an request you to play R Kelly song then You are supposed to listen to the people and play the song
JULIE D - Month ago
Response to Riot fifty thousand: I Like the way you think. Effectively they are all hypocrites. Like these girls didn't have the choice to walk away, give me a break ! All a bunch of sheepless fools followers on this video R Kelly this, R Kelly that,
Well black men should do a million men March, Whites focused the attention on R Kelly because they do not want to go after their own White people, black people need to look at the injustice unfolding. They put a old Man like Cosby in jail and the American Black community didn't move an inch SMH. So they will continue until black men Fucking stand up for their rights. Us black women are looking at black men in America and we are shaking our head, what a bunch of cowards and scared men. R Kelly did what he did because all this women let him. When I was 12 my mixed race cousin white old grand dad try to kiss me on the lips and I knew he was wrong so I stayed away from him. When you have some brain you stay away from predators in any circumstances, I have met plenty in my life and I always protected myself by keeping my distances from men like that and their parents are also responsible . The girls all knew what was unfolding and they wanted it because of the money, let be truthful , otherwise they will have stop their relationship with R Kelly before he goes too far. R Kelly has a problem and he need help, so as black people we throw him to the white wolves. No one should deal with the problem that our people have, that all our responsibility. I am waiting to see Farrakhan and 1 Millions black men marching to ask for the Weinstein, Spacey, etc.. to also be prosecuted if they dare prosecute R Kelly. Now I am going to listen to all my R Kelly albums and go buy more and I will also download all his tune until they put the Weinstein and spaces in prison just like they did Cosby. #IambuyingRKellymusicuntilWeinstein&Spaceygoesdown please share #
CutZy McCall
CutZy McCall - Month ago
Jerry Lee Lewis was perhaps the first rock star to marry an underage girl; his thirteen year old cousin. It was a huge scandal and basically stopped his fabulous career cold.
Lion of Zion
Lion of Zion - 2 months ago
Would not surprise me if R Kelly walks away from this case. White controlled society promotes the white and pale skin beauty standard. Black women are judged as ugly and inferior. If complaints were made by white women twenty years ago. R Kelly would have been jailed a long time ago. The system don't care about black women and will slap them in the face.
Mark Jones
Mark Jones - 2 months ago
you lot are full of bs I bet you all feel good about your selfs shame on you all
He Guards My Heart And Soul
The public is not altogether stupid. We've done the research and followed the money. These role players and hired assassins of Mr. Kelly's character are domestic terrorists carrying out a HATE CRIME. As an evolved member of society, we believe in the Constitution that protects the civil liberties of private citizens. You can convict him in the court of public opinion a hundred times over, but ethical observers of the law will ensure that this man has a trial. The head of the "me too" movement, corrupt State Attorney, criminal extortionist, M. Avenatti, the financier of the docuseries, the thieves and liars will all be exposed, and this huge psychological operation to test the public's will to criminalize and destroy a citizen's survivability WILL ALL BACKFIRE. When the Feds take the first conspirator of this huge compartmentalized scheme into custody, they'll all start singing. You are a dangerous bunch to be willing to promote the hateful propaganda for ratings. You may need justice outside of a courtroom of rogue players someday.
Mr. Senpukyaku
Mr. Senpukyaku - 3 months ago
"survive r. Kelly" hahaha
J. Henderson
J. Henderson - 4 months ago
The whole entertainment biz are pedos. If they were white girls he would have been in prison yearssss ago
romaleshawn - 4 months ago
R Kelly forever no matter what he's not the only one the whole Hollywood and the whole industry in music they all are monsters but everyone don't get towed on because they took the oath and sticking to it is deeper than you people think
cgsoldier4196 - 4 months ago
The way I see it, no rumor stays a rumor that long without being proven wrong. If they’ve been calling you a pedophile for 20 years, and in that time, not only can you not prove that you’re not a pedophile, but there’s substantial evidence that supports the rumor that you’re a pedophile, chances are you’re a goddamn pedophile.
Candy Lina
Candy Lina - 4 months ago
So sad that the media can break people so bad
Viciouz1017 Vgod
Viciouz1017 Vgod - 4 months ago
My official opinion , if he did do t shame on him , if he ddnt , shame on the media . But you can not blame r Kelley... I blame the parents for letting their child go with any man with out supervision. 🤔
leo sema
leo sema - 4 months ago
It's so sad that there're people in this world who still think ALL THESE WOMEN WERE TELLING LIES. Each of these WOMEN has got their own details in their story but it just adds up. DADDY, MINORS, THREESOMES, NO COMMUNICATION, CONFINEMENT, NO FOOD.... etc its's just PURE EVIL.
Daniel E. Osarobo
Daniel E. Osarobo - 4 months ago
I have bought all his songs and i’m ready to send my woman packing if she dares to stop me from enjoying a gift from God called R Kelly. I will love him forever. I will support him forever. I pray for him and those claiming he did this he did that. Those thieves lied about that ages and were on contract, including their mama and father and mothers it friends. Poverty mentality will make women do and later say lies to make money and fame and then write a book. The lawyers need gullible women to get fame. Trying to be some Johnny Cochran or Robert Shapiro. You lost your mind.
Kimm Prosser
Kimm Prosser - 4 months ago
If one CHOOSES to put their petty, egotistical fantasies of what particular songs meant to them at any given time, over the simple fact that his so called “genius “ includes his blatant attempt to seduce, manipulate and groom his audience to accept his pure intent of lifestyle, and to masquerade his social deviances with “magical” lyrics in order to both laugh at his delusional mastery of the public and validate his issues....well then I will pray for you to get your ostrich head out of the sand sooner than later.
I on the other hand put my energy into nothing that he has created and all of it to support those who stand up to It, fight it, and heal from it.
God is Good
Meco Brooks
Meco Brooks - 4 months ago
Ppls wants to send R kelly to prison send them family members too what these supposed to be mothers but pimp they daughter out imma continued to listen to his music
Rudy Richardson
Rudy Richardson - 4 months ago
I was married to one of R Kelley’s victim. She’d known him since she was 7-8 yrs old. According to what she told me, he’d begun touching her around 12 yrs old. By the time she was 21 yrs old, she thought she was in love with him. That’s how sick and pervasive the manipulation and psychological abuse he had done to her was. She was skipping college courses to go have threesomes with him. Yep, he video taped some of the sex, according to my ex.
She-La Ann Corleone
She-La Ann Corleone - 5 months ago
je'Hova Aqui... mi'Jara'...
She-La Ann Corleone
She-La Ann Corleone - 5 months ago
la'la'la'la'alla' boca......!
MARTIN HATCH - 5 months ago
First R Kelly and now Michael Jackson. Who will be next?
Sports Coat Junior
Sports Coat Junior - 5 months ago
Mike Tyson went to jail lock his ass up
lds138 - 5 months ago
Money is the root to all evil. 1 Timothy 6:10. When you really understand what this means then you will see the evil in Robert Kelley, the parents, and the enablers. They all knew there was something wrong but that $ created a silence that was evil. Robert is sick but his enterouge is just as sick. It's not black and white, it's right and wrong. Robert is no King. The most high is the only King. Idolizing man is sinful. We better WAKE UP! We should be outraged that our children are being seduced by grown men and I use that loosely. No grown righteous man wants a child. That evil in your heart has consequences. That goes for Hollywood, any church, and all men and women.
John Coffey
John Coffey - 5 months ago
I watched the documentary and also the two BBC documentaries...the guy is messed up! He needs serious intervention.
And I'm real about it...I loved his songs, but I can't listen to them now. These are people's CHILDREN. I have a daughter who is 15...a grown man taking my daughter would get me in jail!!!!
Claudia - 5 months ago
During the trial her low income family were vacationing in Europe.
Claudia - 5 months ago
I saw the tape back when it was easy to get on the internet. It was him and an underaged girl.
Claudia - 5 months ago
Know the law Son.
Claudia - 5 months ago
Jaffie Peters this tape was all over the internet before the trial. I sought the truth. Was it him and was the girl young. This was before today’s laws were in place about porn video. Remember, there was a dispute that she was NOT a child. But, let’s say the CHILD came forward, admitting she was 14, if I passed the video, or uploaded it for others to see, then, yes, I would belong in jail. My college degree covered media law, I’m a web master, media relations professional, so I would never do anything to lose my freedom
Jaffie Peters
Jaffie Peters - 5 months ago
Karmel30 you need to be jail from which child pron
Angelica Cruz
Angelica Cruz - 5 months ago
Still going to listen to R Kelly, Micheal Jackson, And watch Bill Cosby ... What about Woody Allen, Elvis Presley??
You can still enjoy the artist's work. If we go back and take down all the music, films.. then you would be taking down lots of our past.
Jaffie Peters
Jaffie Peters - 5 months ago
Angelica Cruz me to
Lifewithbri - 5 months ago
Seems like your ready?
Keep it on the down low?
Nothing wrong with a lil bump and grind?
Age ain’t nothing but a number?
My minds telling me no but my body?
His art is too tampered to try to separate it from it it’s too intertwined
Royal Power
Royal Power - 5 months ago
This monster has now made the price of fish go up...Especially fresh fish...haha...shouldn't people's like this be in Bangkok or Prisons..?
Well for 100million you can pee on anyone in jail...or is it cigarettes.?
Jess Kay
Jess Kay - 5 months ago
Please someone help meeee what is the name of the song at 4:21 ??????
Tony Howard
Tony Howard - 5 months ago
What is the song name at 4:20 !!????
mik oga
mik oga - 5 months ago
Money tree is no longer there, so the picks no longer getting the money fruits, so they all have something to say now. Realty show time $$$$$.
prrockstarr - 5 months ago
Hide his camcorders lmao
DJ S1 BLAC_PAW1 - 5 months ago
Aaliyah is it period, she was 14 when they met. 15 when they got married. Anyone who waited for the it to get worse.
Dexter Taylor
Dexter Taylor - 5 months ago
#UnMuteRkelly🕺🏽🎹🎤 his music lives on💰❤️🏆🎖
tamila Rankin
tamila Rankin - 5 months ago
Lifetime need to do a documentary titled "Surviving Hollywood," because it's full of pedophiles; that's why a lot of these young celebrities kill themselves from being passed around for a career, but people choose to speak on which ones they want to get rid of when there is no use for them just like they did with Michael Jackson. After he died he was worth more just as they'll do with R. Kelly. If he took his life today or tomorrow, he'd be worth more money than he was alive.
RdoubleD - Hardcore Drama&Controversy
these people on the show seem all abundantly lost and confused by the guilt permeating the whole studio.
It's a shame, culturally speaking.
RdoubleD - Hardcore Drama&Controversy
You shouldn't divide the artist from the person. You should make efforts in order to understand because understanding improves society, not guilt.
Prince Forever
Prince Forever - 5 months ago
R kelly is the problem but you women need to stop being so easy and trying to get famous. Talk sooner, In the end with being with R is it worth being busted and disgusted.
MetalRocksMe \m/
MetalRocksMe \m/ - 5 months ago
He went to court got off then released ignition and everyone forgot about the court case and buzzed out!!
COYS FC - 5 months ago
i still like igntion but im shocked that is a wrongen why are most of the celeb people love turn out to be pedos or rapists.
Thulsa Doom
Thulsa Doom - 5 months ago
I hope mofos have that same energy after the Michael Jackson, HBO doc airs.
Daryl Johnson
Daryl Johnson - 5 months ago
What has R.Kelly done , that white America hasn't done to young black men and women ?
I'll wait !!!
M Brr
M Brr - 5 months ago
The R Kelly Boondocks episode was initially aired in 2005. The trial was in 2008. He was acquitted.
Joe Smith
Joe Smith - 5 months ago
Rkelly is innocent
Jake - 6 months ago
I'm still throwing down when "shes got that vibe" comes on that cant be helped
JASON - 6 months ago
R kelly fell off and that fool needs to be in jail
Dremeer - 6 months ago
This a no win for black community
Dremeer - 6 months ago
But she told qwes she need black male allies is same thing as I want u to speak good about 👋 him ! Hello? 👀
Dremeer - 6 months ago
The boondocks episode tho... then his own brother shuts up the truth 🤦🏽‍♀️
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