Pokémon: Twilight Wings | Episode 5 | Assistant

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Dan Pontello
Dan Pontello - 10 hours ago
3:20 everyone a G until....
Donisa Mwentete
Donisa Mwentete - 13 hours ago
Chairman rose is so cool!
Nicholas Souza
Nicholas Souza - 22 hours ago
I love this
Nicholas Souza
Nicholas Souza - 22 hours ago
When will we get more longer form anime like this
Amirisphere's Law
Amirisphere's Law - Day ago
What if Ash's Rotom Dex meets her?
Dio Offbrando
Dio Offbrando - Day ago
Oleana is so under appreciated
News To Astonish
News To Astonish - Day ago
Why couldn't the Pokemon mainline series be more like this?
Komasan 116
Komasan 116 - Day ago
Rose: So what are your hobbies?
Oleana: I use the hologram I invented to talk to Einstein sometimes
xX_trikoshotter _Xx
Salma sabrina Younsi
Salma sabrina Younsi - 2 days ago
GalladeGalaxy - 2 days ago
So what’s your name? Yes.
Oatman - 2 days ago
I like how they have these nice stylized drawings then a snippet of the next episode
Shashwati Bhattacharjee Paul
Did anyone notice Kabu ?
RaindropDreamer - 3 days ago
Everyone else: Olena is amazing! She works so hard! Me: Haha funny mime tap dance
Chloe Gibbs
Chloe Gibbs - 3 days ago
H-Her name isn’t pronounced O-Leen-A? *What other lies have I been living?*
PokeShibobi - 3 days ago
“Dynamax Pokémon are just incredible!”
Oleana: im about to end this mans whole career
Rishabh Parashar
Rishabh Parashar - 4 days ago
If pokemon was made by Disney
Lightning The kid
Lightning The kid - 4 days ago
So are we just going to forget the fact that Piers just walked by Oleana at 3:30
Brevination channel
Brevination channel - 3 days ago
So did kabu
BassB0i - 4 days ago
The only thing i care about is piers and kabu being in the background
Peter Feliciano
Peter Feliciano - 4 days ago
She's one strong independent woman but so quiet I admire her dedication.
Playmaker 10
Playmaker 10 - 4 days ago
3:30 Look who is in the background
Max Lopes
Max Lopes - 4 days ago
Anyone going to mention how smooth that Mr. Rime was at tap dancing? Cause it looked good!
Zaku MKII - 4 days ago
Can we have a Pokemon Dubbed already? I really like the voices for everyone here.
Dimosthenis Kechiopoulos
4:52 Gordey vs Melony confirmed
Dimosthenis Kechiopoulos
3:30 Piers???
Crylec - 4 days ago
Y'all realize the more mediocre the games are the better the anime is? X&Y then to Anime. BW/BW2 to....the...anime 😑
Matt D
Matt D - 5 days ago
3:21 for the love of god, someone make a loop of this
Christopher Tayao
Christopher Tayao - 5 days ago
And dis is why im subbed to u :)
GengoHon - 6 days ago
I swear every single episode has music FAR BEYOND fantastic. I hope an OST gets released soon I’m dying to hear all of it
Wiki - 6 days ago
Oleana. AKA. 4head.
Justin Wang
Justin Wang - 6 days ago
Who else had to search up the difference between dynamax and Gigantamax or am I the only one?

Ps I figured out the V pokemon cards are dynamax and VMAX is Gigantamax.
Yuki Artsa
Yuki Artsa - 6 days ago
everyone discussing the taxi driver, meanwhile i want to see gordie and melony have an episode--
flightjam - 6 days ago
uhh, so what was that ending all about?
Adalyn Butts
Adalyn Butts - 6 days ago
Why did Oleana's coat change colors
Mr.Camel947 - 6 days ago
Ah, I see.... The true form of the series is seen in minute 3:30 Where's obstagoon though?
Nijea Wyatt
Nijea Wyatt - 6 days ago
3:30 PIERS!!!!
Caleb - 6 days ago
I like the Mr. Rime dance. It’s really catchy.
Shinybrick Studios
Shinybrick Studios - 6 days ago
Mr. Rime do be vibin' in this episode.
Caitlin O'Brien
Caitlin O'Brien - 6 days ago
Oleana is Natalie sancoeur and president Rose it hawkmoth
Vincent Buff
Vincent Buff - 6 days ago
5:10 Kind of makes me wish the scientists and professors went a bit more in depth with their explanations in the games.
Karan Diundi
Karan Diundi - 6 days ago
Are this and sword and shield connected?
Harley Angel 17
Harley Angel 17 - 7 days ago
Pier was in the background at 3:30 !! 🤣
Okay Neigot
Okay Neigot - 7 days ago
Two words funny and cute
Rukan Playz
Rukan Playz - 7 days ago
3:30 what's wrong with Piers?
Seaborn Gaming
Seaborn Gaming - 7 days ago
Rip the taxi driver for getting the term wrong.
MoriSummer - 7 days ago
YourLocalArtCrab - 7 days ago
is nobody gonna talk about piers in the background at 3:31
TJ_mustachio - 7 days ago
me thinking that the boy in ep 1 was gonna be the main character: :-:
me when the next ep has a Dif main character: ;-;
me realising every ep has a Dif character: -;-;-
Sheila - 7 days ago
I love the main protagonist, what a smart taxi driver
Comrade Dan
Comrade Dan - 7 days ago
Your job looks really hard, but you slay, Oleana.
Ratnasari Cenreng
Ratnasari Cenreng - 7 days ago
Alternative title: Oleana and Her Resting Bitch Face
XD Maniac
XD Maniac - 7 days ago
4:37 I ship it anyone else?
Envy the Darksider
Envy the Darksider - 7 days ago
Oh so that's why she was so pissed when we were going to thwart the Chairman's plans. She worked so hard just for him and now we come to take it all down.
Jaco - 7 days ago
Ayyy I saw mah boi Piers!
Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan - 7 days ago
I have a crush on her
lusans - 7 days ago

Is no one gonna talk about Piers or ???
BigBrickz 13
BigBrickz 13 - 8 days ago
That scene with the macro cosmos staff in the telephone box was a small but nice touch
Orcinus Rex
Orcinus Rex - 8 days ago
I love these episodes, but it upsets me that the show is nothing like these.
WaterfallFusion - 8 days ago
"What's your name?"
JC Caelan
JC Caelan - 8 days ago
TheExtraAir InTheBag
TheExtraAir InTheBag - 8 days ago
3:19 I see someone familiar in that phone booth...
Mimi - 8 days ago
Oleana in the games was a jerk, but here
She is so fucking valid. She had a long day and she just wants to nerd out LET HER FINISH >:U
ScorbunnyMasterPrad - 5 days ago
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher - 8 days ago
I just like trubbish
Gilgamesh King of Heroes
She was hotter with glasses
Kyruchii Arts
Kyruchii Arts - 8 days ago
Ok I know I’m stretching but I low key feel like Rose has a small crush on Oleana
Luis Angel Castillo
Luis Angel Castillo - 8 days ago
This is way better than the normal series
DBMtheOne - 8 days ago
Shout out Mr. Rime, such a cool mon
Raushan Mateen
Raushan Mateen - 8 days ago
The show is called twilight wings because it’s referring to the corviknight
Rosalie Tien
Rosalie Tien - 8 days ago
“So, what’s your name?”
puppylover PLAZ
puppylover PLAZ - 8 days ago
Now dont be mad at me but...

I kinda ship rose and Oleana
Joel Bueno
Joel Bueno - 8 days ago
Oleana is cleaning up everything
Bath Boy
Bath Boy - 8 days ago
all of you thinking it’s hilarious that the taxi driver is somehow the protagonist, but forget that this series is called twilight wings. yes of course he is in every episode. you are not
funny, you are a dumbass.
Josh Philip
Josh Philip - 8 days ago
This clip shows how conniving Rose really is
Luke Gens
Luke Gens - 8 days ago
After this video I have mad respect for oleana
Kate ?
Kate ? - 8 days ago
I just want bede to make an appearance in this series
Kate ?
Kate ? - 8 days ago
Chairmans voice sound so familiar but I can’t put my finger on who it sounds like DJFJJSJ
Natalie :D
Natalie :D - 8 days ago
3:19 Ball guy is a BLOND
Zayne Johnston
Zayne Johnston - 8 days ago
Piers in the background AAAAAAA THE BOI
Drizz - 8 days ago
nobody is talking about Piers in the background at 3:31
Kevin - 8 days ago
The only crime in this series is the lack of British accent
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