Apple Card Unboxing & Impressions!

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BlackGT1999 - 10 hours ago
Did you by any chance reject the arbitration on your Apple Card?
QH. Brozkizz
QH. Brozkizz - 12 hours ago
You have to be a US citizen to be able to get one that's sad since I live in Canada :(
Kaustubh Thapa
Kaustubh Thapa - 21 hour ago
Applied for one, got one, used for a bit, learnt about their sexist policy, cancelled it. Happy now.
Jester Sparrow
Jester Sparrow - 4 days ago
ima just switch to Apple, never had one
Priyank Shah
Priyank Shah - 4 days ago
Casually watching and hear the instrumental for CHANGE by J.cole in the background
Bookies530 - 4 days ago
For a sec I thought his last name was browniee
Ramiz Zaman
Ramiz Zaman - 7 days ago
Should've named icard
Zarves-T - 7 days ago
It's not contactless.......
Jake S
Jake S - 7 days ago
Such a waste of money 😂
monawoka97 - 8 days ago
At first I thought this was an apple business card. I was so disappointed in everything.
Benjamin - 9 days ago
Im not buying
Ispas Denis Nicolae
Ispas Denis Nicolae - 9 days ago
I m form Italy 🇮🇹
apple card unavailable why ?
Cruchty Low
Cruchty Low - 10 days ago
they should put a thing in the apple watches or something new , a installation where the parent for example can tell siri to alarm in 2 hours and then show a map that shows where u are and the safest way home automatically for the kid when the kids are outside or playing somewhere . or if u think u will be lost while going somewhwre u have siri to show u the map home 1 min after the alarm and if u dont answer they call ur friends and family and shows them a map where u went and they can call the cops
Petar Pavlovic
Petar Pavlovic - 10 days ago
Preordering Note 10 with apple card

Card: glowing red signaling it is going to explode
Naturalgreeneyes - 10 days ago
Well done and thank you!👏👏👏
Ajay Baniya
Ajay Baniya - 11 days ago
I wanna see your toothbrush unboxing and maybe also your Lactose-free milk.
A Critical Thinker
A Critical Thinker - 11 days ago
People who own an iPhone are ELITISTS.

People who own an iPhone, then obtains an Apple card are ELITISTS-IN-DEBT!
the kitkat lv
the kitkat lv - 12 days ago
next will be a apple cash
Alonso Martii
Alonso Martii - 12 days ago
Was it Design In Cupertino and made in China as the other stuff?
Notty iOS
Notty iOS - 12 days ago
Never seen such a useless unboxing until now lmao
Tobey Transport
Tobey Transport - 12 days ago
Can you use it when you have an IPad?
Miniminter7 Simon Minter
Miniminter7 Simon Minter - 12 days ago
I thought this gives you any Apple product for free forever but to limited people
ΛCE — - 13 days ago
Goldman Sachs holy shit they work with apple :o
t31523 - 14 days ago
Apple card is not reporting your payments to the credit bureaus... so u wont build credit with this card.
Rhys Lewis
Rhys Lewis - 14 days ago
Apple: how do we make sure no one can leave Apple
Apple: crippling debt
Alexxon - 14 days ago
omg i want this
Atom Bomb
Atom Bomb - 15 days ago
Does the performance of this card slow down over time?
sasukeeeeehhhhh - 15 days ago
That beautiful credit limit tho 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Arthur Lambert-Bouin
Arthur Lambert-Bouin - 16 days ago
Marcus: buy Samsung with Apple-card
Apple: i am a joke to you?
_______________ - 16 days ago
Apple is superior
Anime Game
Anime Game - 16 days ago
Just like that u have 10 000$ on ur Apple Card ??? Like free ???
mmoore4249 - 17 days ago
I actually never thought about the fact that I won’t have access to my card information without having an iPhone... Thanks for pointing that out.
Паша Андрющенко
Ukrainian Monobank launched no-number cards recently, the first in Europe and second in the world after Apple
O.P Quis
O.P Quis - 21 day ago
And next year it’s going to be Apple Card 4K S...🤷🏾‍♂️ smfh 😂🤝
Apple dose a good job trapping people.🤷🏾‍♂️
Faizaan Naseem
Faizaan Naseem - 21 day ago
*Arya Stark has entered the chat*
boombapboom - 21 day ago
Goldman Sachs, you couldn’t pay me to use them fools.
Lorcan Jambrina
Lorcan Jambrina - 22 days ago
Omerhas Quinto
Omerhas Quinto - 23 days ago
iPhones are so cool. ☺️
MS TEAM - 25 days ago
Uhmmmmm maybe you mean iCard

Now it’s 200 usd because it’s i
Alex Stellar
Alex Stellar - 26 days ago
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