Global Goal: Unite for Our Future | The Concert

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Narvin - 9 hours ago
The amount of tuning and production on JBs vocals tho....👁👄👁
guess who
guess who - 11 hours ago
How are celebrities singing going to physically help doctors and nurses during this pandemic. Are you guys forgetting they are too busy to even care to watch this.. this is not their first priority. All of these concerts to raise awareness for the pandemic makes absolutely no sense. It’s just celebrities capitalizing off a crisis. Miley Cyrus and all of these famous people are part of the problem. I will be the one to say it. All of these celebs trying to continue to be like “hey look at me I’m helping the world by singing” is a JOKE. It’s obvious celebrities are having a hard time realizing there are bigger problems in the world right now and they will grasp for any last bit of attention and money... SICK!!!
Charo Ramirez
Charo Ramirez - 12 hours ago
yadri yadriel
yadri yadriel - 13 hours ago
MILEY CYRUS grande que gran artista mejor que shakira
yadri yadriel
yadri yadriel - 9 hours ago
@DIEGO CELIS jejejje por lo menos canta la otra que se cree cantante ni canta por cierto es la mas vista saludos
DIEGO CELIS - 9 hours ago
Mejor un playback que una a capella? lol.
кек чек
кек чек - 15 hours ago
ясно, хуита
link anaya
link anaya - 15 hours ago
Urban Druid
Urban Druid - 15 hours ago
Poor-mans Live Aid, without even the naive sincerity that had.
Marcelo Delgado
Marcelo Delgado - 16 hours ago
El sol volverá a salir después de la Vacunas que es la tormenta que vendrá,, estas marionetas al servicios de aquellos q nos tienen esclavizados por siglos.. cuidaditos cuidaditos..
xoobo vola
xoobo vola - 18 hours ago
Miley Cyrus cosplay Justin y mi shak cuando menos pienSAS sale el sol😍
Луиза Магамадова
Jackson1az - 23 hours ago
U wish ain’t happen n. 🖕🏻
Nunayo Bisnez
Nunayo Bisnez - Day ago
Terrible singers except for Usher at 35:50. Beautiful, sad song.
xoobo vola
xoobo vola - 18 hours ago
Hello mrs blackass
Tom Kasholo
Tom Kasholo - Day ago
MAGA .......
Erick Javier Flores
Shakira .. 😍
Ricardo Corrie
Ricardo Corrie - Day ago
"Trained Marxists"
Jimmy John
Jimmy John - Day ago
Rock guess your for communism boycott him and all his movies
MrHnguyen - Day ago
Not a single representation of Asian musicians in the entire concert...Where were K-Pop, BTS? Are they Global Citizen?
peter cotto
peter cotto - Day ago
Brayan Cotrino
Brayan Cotrino - Day ago
Agradezco por sus canciones
Brayan Cotrino
Brayan Cotrino - Day ago
Buenos dias que concierto tan bonito
GuildBankLooter - Day ago
TRUMP 2020
TrulyUnfortunate - Day ago
Jesus....when people start listening to hollyweird and the music industry for their political viewpoints we're in deepshit.
Eyobe Ido
Eyobe Ido - Day ago
B**** I can't say the same for your family you heartless gold digger
carpe diem
carpe diem - Day ago
Screw the Globe and you hypocritical "entertainers"
G M - Day ago
Elstan McFrolicker
Elstan McFrolicker - Day ago
Integration is The Devil's handy-work.
Otto Marginen
Otto Marginen - Day ago
Hello mrs blackass
Dyeah Gwyn
Dyeah Gwyn - Day ago
Amber Laviolette
Amber Laviolette - Day ago
Love shakira 😻
cockyhemi - Day ago
You want freedom? Well, our Constitutional Republic is the closest to it the human race has ever gotten. And it’s being destroyed from within under the guise of “equality”.
cockyhemi - Day ago
“The definition of peace is the absence of all opposition to socialism.”- Karl Marx
“Democracy is indispensable to socialism.”- Karl Marx
“The end goal of socialism is Communism.”- V.I.Lenin
christian aprili
christian aprili - Day ago
i love america
Umpa Lumpas
Umpa Lumpas - Day ago
Trash what north Korea say to YOU is that not the global part you care about so fukn racist
aki perera
aki perera - Day ago
Milieu cyrus 💯❤️
Sara Ali
Sara Ali - Day ago
I love Justin beiber & sakira😍😍
aditya bhardwaj
aditya bhardwaj - Day ago
jay park
Giulia Spada
Giulia Spada - Day ago
Aayush Srivats
Aayush Srivats - Day ago
Love you justin
Frantic Major 8375
Frantic Major 8375 - Day ago
Dolores Carmona
Dolores Carmona - Day ago
Jennifer Hudson,Miley ,Usher,Coldplay 🔥🔥🔥👏❤️
Omid Golzari
Omid Golzari - Day ago
sehr schön,,, aber nicht ganz....
NNaomi Brito Lozada
Jennifer Hudson , Miley and Coldplay The best!!! ❤️👏🤗
Nubia Teran
Nubia Teran - Day ago
Jennifer Hudson Unique 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Donniel Aponte'
Donniel Aponte' - Day ago
Will this be an on going event? How can we support with Musical contributions
Nanachi of the abyss
Get ready for the "One World Order" everyone. That is the goal of this global unity.
Liam Botha
Liam Botha - Day ago
Whats that?
James Mantilla
James Mantilla - Day ago
Y Jbalvin se atreve a burlarse de Shakira! 🤔
maria paula arango agudelo
Seeb Bremer
Seeb Bremer - 2 days ago
CHRISTINE AND THE QUEENS!!! You go girl!!! ♥️♥️♥️
color Sgt pennywhistlepete
Oop oop EEP 😭🖕🇺🇸🐒
Carlos Barreto
Carlos Barreto - 2 days ago
Shakira was amazing. I love this song and it’s meaning. I hope that soon the sun comes out for all. Love 😍 Shakira
My Mine
My Mine - 2 days ago
Justin Bieber y quavo 1:02:54
La Vita Nouva 1:24:48
Shekere 1:51:32
Gloria Noh
Gloria Noh - 2 days ago
No thanks for a global citizen of the communism.
Enasa Jackson
Enasa Jackson - 2 days ago
This IS a beautiful LOOK on her and her VOICE ooooooooh HOW this song COMPLIMENTS her VOICE
Adrián Espindola castillo
Ya vi a Shakira. Increíble gracias por tu apoyo Shaki Te amo.
Bueno pues solo vine a ver a ella besos ciao.
carolina suarez
carolina suarez - 2 days ago
chris huss
chris huss - 2 days ago
you want global anything? get ready for the deadly wound... beast!
pepe lupe
pepe lupe - 2 days ago
its colombia not columbia
Aussie Kent
Aussie Kent - 2 days ago
Why delete comments on other videos?
the lazy wolf
the lazy wolf - 2 days ago
Is uniting for the future a global goal
Rosa Lavelle
Rosa Lavelle - 2 days ago
Lads you know we’ll probably never find a vaccine. Not trying to be negative
soda pop
soda pop - 2 days ago
justin"s voise👍
okow tina
okow tina - 2 days ago
Shakira, what an artist!
The wizard Of oz
The wizard Of oz - 2 days ago
Did you know there is still slavery in the world and were woreing about this
yaimavol - Day ago
As long as it's in the 3rd world, nobody cares.
Jasmine Philon
Jasmine Philon - 2 days ago
We all have to stand together in a time like this. We can't let covid 19 or racism break what we fight for. That is what we learn and get from this. And sooo sorry but I love you Justin 💜💜💜
okow tina
okow tina - 2 days ago
Cultural Marxism's final goal is world domination. Say no to imperialism! Say no to Global Citizens. Nations protect their citizens better than any world government ever devise
Teemu Rinnesalmi
Teemu Rinnesalmi - 2 days ago
Shakira's Sale el sol was the best song during pandemic. Sale el sol, yo creo que si🌄❤
Emserva Emserva
Emserva Emserva - 2 days ago
Desde Honduras , shakira Queen
Teresa Tiscareno
Teresa Tiscareno - 2 days ago
Hi Global Citizen channel i like how Roblox did the thing of music Thanks to The Creators of Roblox Thank you Eeeeekk!
Zuzia Szymkowiak
Zuzia Szymkowiak - 2 days ago
Am I like the only one who hears and minds Shakira using playback?
Rik F
Rik F - 2 days ago
Liquidator CFC
Liquidator CFC - 2 days ago
Hope you enjoyed your brainwashing video
AJ Jackson
AJ Jackson - 2 days ago
Yea, all lives matter!
Steven Loomis
Steven Loomis - 2 days ago
communism and death
Vine por Shakira y j balvin.
D.M. Zerfas
D.M. Zerfas - 2 days ago
It will never work for more than a moment. Already tried this millennia ago, Tower of Babel.
Samuela Vicar
Samuela Vicar - 2 days ago
This is comedy Gold!
Deborah Santiago
Deborah Santiago - 2 days ago
Justin ❤
Alex Cesar drawing
Alex Cesar drawing - 2 days ago
Justin Bieber
Elsa M
Elsa M - 2 days ago
Oleeeee Shaki.❤️💙💙👏👏👏
Rusbel Tamayo
Rusbel Tamayo - 2 days ago
John Bacchus
John Bacchus - 2 days ago
This is very creepy
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