PSG 3 - 3 AS Monaco - GOALS & HIGHLIGHTS - 1/12/2020

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Tuchel needs to play cavani more smh the disrespect
BS Catcher
BS Catcher - 7 hours ago
If you are here to see Cavani score. He didn't. He barely played.
Coyote Eats
Coyote Eats - Day ago
Keyyyyyloooorrrrrrr naaaaavaaaassssss
David Lara
David Lara - Day ago
For all the people saying this is one-team league. Here's your one-team league.
Pasha Pasovski
Pasha Pasovski - 2 days ago
Touched the ball first, no penalty!⚽️
Wilson Tenezaca
Wilson Tenezaca - 2 days ago
Farmers league
Leo R.
Leo R. - 2 days ago
Let’s face it: Nobody in this comment section cared about PSG ten years ago.
Alvaro Egas
Alvaro Egas - 2 days ago
Neymar on fire
arsonwars - 2 days ago
Hattrick Neymar!
BabAcademy - 2 days ago
five goals in one half is just school boy defending...
BabAcademy - 2 days ago
This is the issue with PSG against any decent TEAM....their defense gets found out!!!
Howard Cruz
Howard Cruz - 2 days ago
In the played of the penalty the judge not was to the var, for this is why the var Is just.
Marcus Fla69
Marcus Fla69 - 2 days ago
Can everyone itw just sign an agreement to force mbappe and neymar to play together forever ?
JUVENTUS CLIPS videos - 3 days ago
Ben yedder needs to stop scoring so I can buy his otw
Carlos Gallon
Carlos Gallon - 3 days ago
People don't know how to edit highlights. Why show a counterattack where the player just has the keeper to beat if you don't show how the counterattack started in the first place? That's like showing the highlights of a fight from the moment the KO punch is landed
Nick Foster
Nick Foster - 3 days ago
I hate so few things but 2 of those things are these commentators
Timmy - 3 days ago
wonderful performance from Neymar, great football from Monaco
Ethan Chapman
Ethan Chapman - 3 days ago
Shit league with shambolic defending
Glad Skills
Glad Skills - 3 days ago
Navas sucks
Sage Shirey
Sage Shirey - 3 days ago
I hadn't seen this game before watching the highlights, so I didn't know the order of the goals. When trying to guess who scored last I simply thought to myself, hmm, the way psg play, are they more likely to score a comeback or concede a comeback? Well, concede a comeback, of course!
rolando garcia
rolando garcia - 3 days ago
ahahah this these two teams played in the premier league were third league cheap league 1 sorry fans
rolando garcia
rolando garcia - 3 days ago
ahhaahah bored league
Chadwick - 3 days ago
Mbappe looks like he could be Giannis’ lil brother
Alejandro Jaime
Alejandro Jaime - 3 days ago
Firas Bader
Firas Bader - 3 days ago
Fuck Neymar should be 5 3
F2 Kids
F2 Kids - 3 days ago
Neymar with the hat trick😂
F2 Kids
F2 Kids - 3 days ago
Ryuga Zeus grammar please
Ryuga Zeus
Ryuga Zeus - 3 days ago
They should off give it to him
Norman Coello
Norman Coello - 3 days ago
Horrible defensa psg
MANpro 107
MANpro 107 - 3 days ago
Neymar is great
Kevin11 Cesar
Kevin11 Cesar - 4 days ago
need better camera quality
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I’m really liking Neymar nowadays
Menace - 3 days ago
1,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge I’m really liking how you stole that comment 😂🤣 nowadays
WilliamParadise - 4 days ago
Once they took an L but then they bounce back
Joseph Joseph
Joseph Joseph - 4 days ago
Verratti is still looking for the ball😂😂😂
All timer
All timer - 4 days ago
Verratti lmao
Isaac Brown
Isaac Brown - 4 days ago
The fake praise from beIN to PSG is disgusting. "5:23 Here they are at the first half with the three goals as expected, but what wasn't expected that they conceded two goals". Dude, Monaco played toe to toe against them. Navas saved real goals from his line, what on earth are you talking about?!!
alex43778 - 4 days ago
Shit I forgot about neymar until I saw the first goal
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I’m really liking Neymar nowadays
Fidel RMZ
Fidel RMZ - 2 days ago
1,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge ok bitch
dro mtl
dro mtl - 4 days ago
Ligue 1 needs a strong Monaco. Can’t afford to keep sending teams like Lille in the champions league.
KING TAKI - 4 days ago
👏🏾 #gopsg x33
96alicartman - 4 days ago
Some of the worst commentators holy shit
David Cartagena
David Cartagena - 4 days ago
I thought defender needs to have control to not be offside????
David Cartagena
David Cartagena - 4 days ago
1st goal is selfish
MrSeven07 K
MrSeven07 K - 4 days ago
Mbappe should’ve passed at the end what a selfish prick
raydn23 - 4 days ago
Neymar gonna be a beast with Barca next season, watch.
Allan Abraham
Allan Abraham - 3 days ago
just hope he doesnt leave(changes his mind I mean)
Ryuga Zeus
Ryuga Zeus - 3 days ago
Angel Quintanilla R.
Angel Quintanilla R. - 4 days ago
Hey wtf the 3rd goal of monaco was in offside.
noseasdebil JWD
noseasdebil JWD - 4 days ago
Slimani was offside...that rule is dumb. Monaco shot, Marquinhos tried to block but it went to offside player and goal. No way...
damian bednarski
damian bednarski - 3 days ago
He didnt shot he was passing
Neil Mevada
Neil Mevada - 4 days ago
Real Madrid vs Sevilla
Navas vs Ben Yedder
Now PSG vs Monaco
Alanivan Vegaperez
Alanivan Vegaperez - 4 days ago
Mbappe coment
Alanivan Vegaperez
Alanivan Vegaperez - 4 days ago
Neymar like
Siegfried N/
Siegfried N/ - 4 days ago
ta bacan la segunda divicion
littlebigmarc - 4 days ago
good shit. finally some competition
Vic 3
Vic 3 - 4 days ago
BeHappy - 4 days ago
They took Icradi off but Mbappe was the one missing so many chances.
Mr Babangoh's Service Charge Collector
The commentary from these American commentators is shocking. They haven’t got a clue.
TheThreatenedSwan - 19 hours ago
The American commentator is just describing what is going on on the pitch, which is completely standard, so what the fuck are you talking about? He's not doing anything other commentators don't do. He's not mislabeling things. If he had a British accent you would have no problem with him.
Allan Abraham
Allan Abraham - 4 days ago
That last goal was 100% offsides man like wth. THese refs can be annoying sometimes
extremedude1234 - 3 days ago
@Allan Abraham this rule has existed from the beginning lmao it's not new. Only dumb shit right now is var needs to fuck off
Allan Abraham
Allan Abraham - 3 days ago
@extremedude1234 I could only imagine more players using this stupid rule to their advantage. I could almost swear there will be more goals like this in the future. smh
extremedude1234 - 4 days ago
@Allan Abraham doesn't matter. The defender touched it and it counts
Allan Abraham
Allan Abraham - 4 days ago
@sparkle gamer fortnite Bro still, the guy was like 5 feets offside.
sparkle gamer fortnite
sparkle gamer fortnite - 4 days ago
Allan Abraham no because it was the defender who gave the attacker the ball
Alexis Vazquez
Alexis Vazquez - 4 days ago
I am visiting Paris and went to this game. It was amazing, the stadium is smaller than I thought so the seats were better than expected.
Sarosh Mistry
Sarosh Mistry - 4 days ago
I did the stadium tour a week ago and was shocked at the size. But the tour is great bcus u can go into the locker room and take a look at the facilities
Rich Dominic Vilmain
Rich Dominic Vilmain - 4 days ago
Alexis Vazquez jealous
Sulaiman Hakimi
Sulaiman Hakimi - 4 days ago
Sevilla FC did a very big mistake for selling ben yedder, sarabia, Muriel and vitolo
Mclovin - 4 days ago
Sergi Roberto would’ve scored that 😂😂😂😂😂
Zenith - 4 days ago
Yes lmao 😂
the islander
the islander - 4 days ago
Liverpool420 Cheese
Liverpool420 Cheese - 4 days ago
PSG defense is not that good. They wont win champions league with that defense
Jairo Manzano
Jairo Manzano - 4 days ago
Change the title to Neymar vs Monaco lmao
Jay Dawg
Jay Dawg - 4 days ago
Hat trick ftw geymar getting better
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