Exclusive iPhone 12 Leaks! 120Hz Update, 4K 240FPS & More!

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PSYCHO - 5 hours ago
I'll buy the iPhone 12 Pro Max SOLELY for the 4K/120fps video recording assuming it's STANDARD video and NOT slow-motion. That's the ONE AND ONLY FEATURE that'll make me buy an iPhone again to compliment my Android phone.
4K/120fps recordings will look mind blowing on 2020 LG or Sony OLED TVs.
Nathan Gutierrez
Nathan Gutierrez - 5 hours ago
Basically everyone phone has upgraded there camera’a competing with Apple, Sony just made a big leap on there Sony Xperia II camera, so Apple must step up. No notch would be so nice but not likely to happen ti’ll iPhone XX or maybe iPhone XXX lol. No need for 5g reason all this is happening right now, you want speed buy a PC! Simple. Just have to wait and see. By the way nice views and rendering of iPhones, looks sharp!
Faster than U
Faster than U - 5 hours ago
this is fake
Addy 1891
Addy 1891 - 6 hours ago
And then they’ll launch 11R ,11 pro S and pro max S.. one speech S stands for Speed see ya all next year 🤣
S L V R - 6 hours ago
I hope they keep midnight green as a color
Shubham Ware
Shubham Ware - 6 hours ago
what for saving money!!!! and how is that. they don't give stand with 5k display to not cost 6k including stand?? lol that is how. wouldn't it be great to just give thing with real added cost of imp accessories?
Lucho Everything
Lucho Everything - 6 hours ago
Is there an everything android pro channel?
Mlush Vlogs
Mlush Vlogs - 7 hours ago
Dude where do you get these phones🥺
class_56xx_leo - 7 hours ago
I want !!!!!!
Abu MMBN - 7 hours ago
Hi, im ur regular viewer🤗Can you send one case to uae. Planing to make a video of ur case 😊
shlok k
shlok k - 7 hours ago
I heard this year they were going to lean on advertising the durability of their screens. I can just hear jerryrig say “scratches at level 6 and deeper grooves at level 7”
T K - 7 hours ago
I need 120Hz for scrolling through WhatsApp and Instagram!!!! Interested to see if they have the same Ram...
farid maulaui
farid maulaui - 7 hours ago
So we are back to the iphone 5 look
XXSAHIL_251XX 251 - 8 hours ago
Sarvesh Parakh
Sarvesh Parakh - 8 hours ago
Everything else could be a rumor but getting rid of the ear-pods and charger in the box sounds legit apple. I'm surprised they aren't selling a piece of metal with touch screen and glass as accessories that you buy extra to complete the phone at home. Guess iPhone 13 or 14 will do that?
Raahemeen Ahmad Khan
Raahemeen Ahmad Khan - 8 hours ago
Hey EverythingApplePro im writing this comment to ask for advice from you. So im getting a new Apple iphone, My Question is should i just go for the iphone 11 pro or wait 2 months for iphone 12?
Jarom Su'a
Jarom Su'a - 8 hours ago
2020: no charger, no earphone
2030: removes phone from iphone
2040: i
Thinking Tech
Thinking Tech - 8 hours ago
At this point they better just release a new phone every 2 years and not every year its not cool anymore this is like the 80s coming to an end.
Bessie Hillum
Bessie Hillum - 8 hours ago
When Apple first came out with the ability to shoot in 120fps (ironically around the iPhone 5 generation) it was much aided by software AI, and we have had to wait until smart phone processing with today's phones for that to become full HD. I felt cheated by this and wouldn't like to see Apple repeat the same slight-of-hand trick just to please their marketing department, I'd rather it was full HD, which is some way off I believe.
Bessie Hillum
Bessie Hillum - 8 hours ago
Neuomorphism all the way, only in monotone please !
Emiliano Ruiz
Emiliano Ruiz - 8 hours ago
iOS looks like Android now lol
Hamsell Rosario
Hamsell Rosario - 8 hours ago
2020: no charger, no earphone
2030: removes phone from iphone
2040: i
Oo2k10 - 8 hours ago
If they don't include 120 hz and reduce the notch size this is basically iPhone 11 max pro s. Not really much of an huge upgrade if you ask me.
The Best Me
The Best Me - 9 hours ago
I get a new iPhone every year but this is the year I miss this one , there is literally nothing exiting or different then my 11 pro max .
Alan Medina
Alan Medina - 9 hours ago
Nice Supreme tee
patrick B
patrick B - 10 hours ago
that hat&tee killed me i cant breathe LOL
Obaid Amiri
Obaid Amiri - 10 hours ago
At last, now i can buy a iphone 7 plus
Savannah Morton
Savannah Morton - 10 hours ago
WHAT it looks huge?? idk if i’m looking at it wrong but it looks so long, wide and thick SKEIJSHHSH WHATT maybe i looked at it wrong idk
Juan Goti
Juan Goti - 10 hours ago
What would happen if I put an iphone 8 plus battery to my 6s plus?
Pritam Roy
Pritam Roy - 10 hours ago
I just want a iPhone 12 with affordable price and a oled panel
seguras computer repair
seguras computer repair - 10 hours ago
we all know Samsung still be making apple screens for years now ... apple is running out of designs
krysecc_11 - 11 hours ago
Apple's ProMotion: You've never seen or felt anything like it
People with 240HZ monitor: How cute
Vishwas verma
Vishwas verma - 11 hours ago
Dila de yar tabhi karunga subscribe ;)
Elias Pereira
Elias Pereira - 11 hours ago
Techonupnow - 11 hours ago
Great video thank you very much.
night rider's
night rider's - 11 hours ago
xs or xr which is best buy now...please replay
Harminder Singh
Harminder Singh - 12 hours ago
I would buy the iphone at the second day of release .....
As there will be so much rush on the first day lol😂😂
DerFrederikHD - 12 hours ago
1:17 the picture is Fake. Look at the mute switch. It’s can’t be produced by apple
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki - 12 hours ago
Wait how do you enable 1080p at 240fps???!!!
gaipou panmy
gaipou panmy - 13 hours ago
I am tired of bringing my phone in front of my masked face and then back to typing my passcode. Damn it.
ruby b
ruby b - 13 hours ago
Can you help me please? My ipads not charging very well. What do i do?
Lucian Graves
Lucian Graves - 13 hours ago
I'm more upset that they dropped LCD screens. For the longest time I only bought iPhones because they were some of the only sturdy phones that still used a LCD screen. People need to understand that not all of us can use AMOLED or OLED devices because of health reasons. For people with epilepsy those screens are a nightmare. The flickering make it essentially a giant seizure trigger. I'm sure apple is aware of this too. There's numerous threads on the apple discussion boards about customers who have been seizure free for years then bought an iPhone X and immediately started having epileptic episodes again. Which just furthermore proves that apple doesn't listen to their customers and are letting these tech bros on YouTube influence the design of their phones. They really don't care about their consumers. They care about money. I and many other's will never be able to be another iPhone again if they completely ditch LCD. Sad. I guess it's time to switch to android.
ItsDan05 - 13 hours ago
iOS 14
Redz Jb
Redz Jb - 13 hours ago
I need a case I a big fan of you channel I love to be a tester
Toni Tontsapoika
Toni Tontsapoika - 13 hours ago
if that 120hz display is real, i gonna switch my note 10 to that easily :)
ndowner6 - 14 hours ago
i hope the rumors of the Airpods in ear design isn’t true, because i hate in ear headphones they feel like toilet plungers in your ear i will be holding on to my first gen airpods forever and be sending in for replacement until i can’t. At least give us ear tip options. plz don’t phase out the original design. Quite frankly i think they came out with bluetooth headphones with that design so late, i can’t tell how many times i’ve said they need to come out with bluetooth headphones just like the earpods without the wire b4 they actually did, now they want to phase them out and put plungers in our ears like every other company 🤦‍♀️ i can’t deal.
K - 14 hours ago
Ipad air 2 not connecting to 2.4 ghz but connecting only to 5ghz wifi.solution?
Official Dante
Official Dante - 14 hours ago
“Today we’re introducing Apple Charger. It starts at $199.99 comes in Space Gray, Silver and gorgeous Product Red. We think you’re going to love it.”
Amoogh Sriram
Amoogh Sriram - 14 hours ago
Hii bro
Strawhats08 - 14 hours ago
Question? Is apple really not gonna include an adaptor with the iPhone 12? 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵
Ronan Queen
Ronan Queen - 14 hours ago
Cherry mobile user here!
ChilliPepperspray - 14 hours ago
Is the iPhone 12 worth it? I am not talking about the pro models
Tyra Broadus
Tyra Broadus - 14 hours ago
Should I upgrade to a 11 or wait for the 12
My radar 2
My radar 2 - 14 hours ago
iOS 14 Beto now supports 4K on YouTube
Nathan's guitar covers and gaming.
I’m gonna roast u lol is that an apple desktop lol 😂 how much u pay 15 grand? lol 😂
Nathan's guitar covers and gaming.
Same design sleeper
THE UNKNOWN123 - 15 hours ago
Would you guys rather 6.1” pro or 6”7 pro Max?
bvk Cars
bvk Cars - 15 hours ago
I really dont like the new macos icons because they just look like they've been taken straight from ios or ipados. I really liked the old round and special icons
matia92 - 16 hours ago
Dude we need you to post more than once a week! Specially during this time
Arash the Boss
Arash the Boss - 16 hours ago
Apple should include 50w chargers 😡
Dawson Carpenter
Dawson Carpenter - 13 hours ago
iPads do
Saiaravinth Rathinasamy
Saiaravinth Rathinasamy - 16 hours ago
A Qahar
A Qahar - 16 hours ago
For once can they not focus on the camera too much?
Tuan Hung Vo
Tuan Hung Vo - 16 hours ago
Soooooooo just adding 1 more camera and adding 120hz and a14?
DADO - 17 hours ago
12 max will have new E6 5gen toc LG p-oled 120hz display,exactly the same display as in Huawei p40pro with only higher refresh rate.30%of all iphone 12 display will be made by Lg.Boe was also consider as another supplier but they failed oled quality control tests by Apple.BTW ios 14 looks like microsoft mobile ripoff.
GD Spam King
GD Spam King - 17 hours ago
Hope iPhone 13 wilk have A14 chip
fategaming YT
fategaming YT - 17 hours ago
my plug isnt even up to 7 watts
fategaming YT
fategaming YT - 17 hours ago
ios 14 is ugly 🤮🤮🤮🤮
Rohit Reddy
Rohit Reddy - 17 hours ago
isnt that the same shit
Anirban Panja
Anirban Panja - 17 hours ago
Can we get the adopter in the box of iphone 12 pro
okow tina
okow tina - 18 hours ago
blade 15.6 with a 240 hz screen. And I'm very excited for it
OrelioChedid Chedid
OrelioChedid Chedid - 18 hours ago
I hate this phone where is s20 ultra team at
little info
little info - 19 hours ago
I love your cap than iphone 12 hahahaha
Lone Noro
Lone Noro - 19 hours ago
Please apple make 12 affordable
okow tina
okow tina - 17 hours ago
We have the same name
Theweird1YT - 19 hours ago
can the phone come out first
BBeasTT TV - 19 hours ago
Next iPhone wont have an iPhone in the box anymore, you'll have to pay extra money for it
Kian Papp
Kian Papp - 20 hours ago
Am I the only one who wants to be surprised when the new phones come out. All this is doing is probably spoiling it for all. The only iPhone that was a surprise was the original iPhone. When can people stop “leaking” the phones and just let us be surprised when it comes out. And before anyone replies, I am not saying you can’t make concepts. I am saying stop spoiling it for us and let apple or Samsung show us the phones when it is released!!
Raj RG
Raj RG - 20 hours ago
You don’t concentrate on your YouTube Channel anymore. Your quality of videos have come down significantly. No point subscribing to it anymore. I’m sorry to say that you case manufacturing made you forgot your roots. Concentrate on only one thing in life and excel it. Don’t get involved in too many things and loose everything.
Tancrède Lefort
Tancrède Lefort - 21 hour ago
In Europe you cent Legally sell phone without aerbud in the box .
Rutiger Sampson
Rutiger Sampson - 21 hour ago
I don’t care about the earbuds in the box because earbuds that come with phones are usually crap. I also don’t care if it comes with a charger plug but I always need more cords. I’m probably in the minority on this though.
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