I Bought a Wrecked Porsche 911 Really Cheap at Salvage Auction! I'm going to Rebuild it!

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Fri3nd's - 6 days ago
Isnt porche 911 with back engine is called wisdom since it killed many people?
Mxpx1112 _
Mxpx1112 _ - 8 days ago
The underrated JR Garage
ocmacman - 16 days ago
Hi, I just got my copart account setup. Not a broker. I am looking to buy a 1995 - 1998 porsche carrera 993. Anyone have any idea on what these typically go for at auctions? This will be a donor car as I already have a straight body car.
Mr.AJWorks - 19 days ago
jimmy jackson
jimmy jackson - 21 day ago
Ask scotty
Tony Aguirre
Tony Aguirre - 23 days ago
Under $10K no way.
Don Barzini
Don Barzini - 23 days ago
Rebuild wtc next
John Carey
John Carey - 25 days ago
Why does every Utuber that buys a wrecked car immediately try to start the thing without doing any preliminary checks. Let's risk destroying this car that I just bought
Always Right
Always Right - 26 days ago
Just glue a new frame on, itll be fine
Riding Mower
Riding Mower - Month ago
Nice job, running / driving Porsche 911 for $4250. two radiators, a front bumper, one turn signal needed. heck of a deal. I say you run it without the bumper.
Jack Welch
Jack Welch - Month ago
Crime scene tape is never a good sign.
nathan_ funny_
nathan_ funny_ - Month ago
This is a start to a Porsche collection.
Evan Wilcox
Evan Wilcox - Month ago
I love MacGruber! That made my day, thanks
Chris Montreuil
Chris Montreuil - Month ago
If you are going to fix and keep the car yourself, that can be fine. But flip it with a salvage title ? No thanks, not buying it. There was a reason the car was totaled in the first place. To keep it off the road and because it cost a body shop too much to fix the car over its value. Metal in certain areas of the car could have lost their fatigue strength. Especially when pulling and straightening sub frame.
DJ Aerodynamics
DJ Aerodynamics - Month ago
U funny “Really nice damage” That’s a first
Miguel Seibel
Miguel Seibel - Month ago
Damn I Love Porsche ❤️
Aidan Mclean
Aidan Mclean - Month ago
How do you know all this stuff about cars? Did you teach yourself or did you take a mechanic course
smith jones
smith jones - Month ago
parts alone your making a profit
Bulle - Month ago
all your vids are made in pure nature, oil leaking, cooling liquid and so on, man it's 2019, your close to Trump
Bulle - Month ago
never heard about protecting nature oil leaks and so on....
Tim Colgan
Tim Colgan - Month ago
You need a large 3D printer.
margus kiis
margus kiis - Month ago
The water-cooled 911s are losing their price pretty fast. Its pretty funny how the rare water cooled Porsche enthusiast are always crying: "The water-cooled 911s are so GREEAAT. BEST cars ever! Why they are losing price???? WHYYYYYYYY????"
Answer is: they are crap to keep and collect.
dn ǝpᴉsuʍop
dn ǝpᴉsuʍop - Month ago
Don't forget to install a spoiler and a roll cage or anything that resembles a GT3, or simply go insane with an RSR kit.
Mark Jamison
Mark Jamison - Month ago
It’s old and wrecked you Piad too much for it
Aitha Prashanth
Aitha Prashanth - Month ago
Sam, I still wonder, where you keep all your cars that you rebuild and what you do with these cars?🧐
Jason DeMaio
Jason DeMaio - Month ago
Nice Keep polluting the ground with antifreeze way to protect the environment. I hope the DEC comes for you
Mark Lunde
Mark Lunde - Month ago
If I was 16 years old it would look good to me but he'll be into this for better than twenty Grand and it's still in 996 salvage that anywhere you look you're going to see age where in the lot of bad things and for a purist they're not going to want it the wonderful thing is that one dayif you didn't nut and bolt restoration on it it might be worth two hundred fifty thousand but we're none of us are going to live long enough to see thatbut again time spent chasing parts trying to get good deals on parts on the phone for hours and hours and days trying to put it together you're better off to spend an extra $15,000 and get something worth
Rockrunner86 T
Rockrunner86 T - Month ago
What are these cars worth with a salvage title tho?
Owen Parker
Owen Parker - Month ago
Free fountain feature? Those euro cars truly are fancy schmancy...
john brown
john brown - 2 months ago
Are Boxters that old? wow.
Bbearhug Thomas
Bbearhug Thomas - 2 months ago
Wait, what happened to the expensive wheels that were on it originally in the listing?
Clay Davis
Clay Davis - 2 months ago
Well... well... Samcrac said he was selling this car but made an appearance in a recent video.... I offered to buy the car but you said it was sold....
Gigglelee - 2 months ago
Try selling a salvage title...LOL Guess what happens when you go into a dealer with a salvage? They tell you to take a hike, and all warranties are canceled.
Dick Ritchie
Dick Ritchie - 2 months ago
Will you sell it after you fix it?
Ron Cooper
Ron Cooper - 2 months ago
Q. ~ What's the difference between a porcupine and a Porche?

A. ~ With a porcupine the pricks are on the outside.
Very Obvious m8
Very Obvious m8 - 2 months ago
05:49 - Checks oil on a boxer engine that isn’t running. Damn. Brave
Slaughter Nut
Slaughter Nut - 2 months ago
Only 40000$ I get excited at 100$🤣🤣🤣😬😭😭
Ronald Cluney
Ronald Cluney - 3 months ago
There's a reason that car ran through a salvage auction. I'm not sure how he thinks he's going to repair it properly, but I can say that Porsche structural parts are NOT available new to everyone. And Porsche has very stringent requirements as to how they are repaired, even down to the rivets used in their construction. You MUST be PACC certified to obtain the structural parts for most of them (I know, I'm a Porsche certified collision tech). I wouldn't trust buying this car.
Carlos Figueroa
Carlos Figueroa - 3 months ago
If you decide to sell it, im interested in Orlando.
Carlos Figueroa
Carlos Figueroa - 3 months ago
Ive been looking for one of these for a while
Andrew Sauber
Andrew Sauber - 3 months ago
Do you sell them after you fix them?
A Completely Random Coin
A Completely Random Coin - 3 months ago
My name is actually sam and sometimes I act like I'm on crac
Mads Sørensen
Mads Sørensen - 3 months ago
I saw a totaled Porsche 911 about the same age as yours with the rear bumper off and exhaust but the back was so empty and I’d never seen a Porsche without a rear bumper so I didn’t go near it
BALAJI IYENGAR - 4 months ago
I envy you brother, I always wanted to work with cars and you are just living my dream.
Rob Hahnlein
Rob Hahnlein - 4 months ago
Do you ever sell any of your cars?
Sam Miorelli
Sam Miorelli - 4 months ago
Did you ever look to see if this 996 has the IMS fix installed? Would be great to see how you'd tackle trying to check that without having a full lift to look at the underside of the engine. Seems like it should be visible from the attachment to the oil filter.
Joe Blow
Joe Blow - 4 months ago
lolol police tape
whylordwhy yeptheysuck
whylordwhy yeptheysuck - 5 months ago
Your only making it harder for yourself giving away your buying secrets your actually putting yourself out of business but i guess youtube is paying you $$$
wage earner
wage earner - 5 months ago
LF bumper shock is pushed in. If it's not the shock then the frame is bent.
Brogan Greenwood
Brogan Greenwood - 5 months ago
6:40 I’ve had a few myself
canyon eagle
canyon eagle - 5 months ago
Nice score!!!! Unless there is evidence of prior work, I recommend replacing the IMS bearing (and clutch / RMS while at it). Also, have the AOS (air/oil separator) checked out / replaced. $2-3k well worth spending IMO (parts) or $3-5k with labor
Grant Atkinson
Grant Atkinson - 5 months ago
Love the vids
Morgan Hemingway
Morgan Hemingway - 6 months ago
Okay what's your not taking into account is no matter what the car is. When fixed, a salvage car is only worth 40% of wholesale book. Plus 60-75% of all insurance Co. Won't insure salvage cars. And an increasing amount of cities/ county will no longer reg. Salvage title cars.
Joseph Foster
Joseph Foster - 6 months ago
What year is your R8?
Jango Fett
Jango Fett - 6 months ago
6:40 = IS be like
Rude Dawg
Rude Dawg - 6 months ago
If i'm not mistaken, isn't this the year model where the CMS bearings /motors would detonate if you didn't take care of that issue. As many miles as this one has, if it hasnt failed yet, it's about ready too. Hopefully whoever has this car now has checked into the history on this age group of 911's. Other than that, the body shape wasnt bad, i did hate the headlights for these 911s tho. but they have kits that'll convert it back to the round headlights. anyways. just a heads up for anyone that likes this age group of porsche. same thing happened on the boxster's i think they had this same failure with the bearings all the way up to i want to say 04' maybe even up to 06' Other than those 'bad powerplant ' issues , porsches are great! My 911 is daily driver, it's 2011.
sutty - 6 months ago
Is it just me that noticed the coolant pipe didnt have a bolt in it, that probs caused the leak
Lorem Ipsum
Lorem Ipsum - 6 months ago
Cool guy you; feeding fancy chickens while troubleshooting a fancy car...
Steven Fox
Steven Fox - 7 months ago
You did not just do that, that is a Blaupunkt!
Sean Petersen
Sean Petersen - 7 months ago
that car is at the end of its life. late 90's and early early 2000's have a crappily designed intermediate shaft bearing. a 911 in that era with 100k miles is on borrowed time. If you havent already, sell it.
kristalinos - 7 months ago
100Κ km not miles
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