Friends: Chandler Gets A Little Desperate (Season 1 Clip) | TBS

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CrispTofu - 2 days ago
early season FRIENDS was the best the characters were less exaggerated
elle belle
elle belle - 4 days ago
0:08 those old fashioned phones tho haha I remember them
Pait Digby
Pait Digby - 5 days ago
Love friends💕💕💕❤
ریحان ارشد
ریحان ارشد - 6 days ago
02:40 Monica making sound of phone's ringtone and Chandler trying to answer XD hahahaha,,,,
Junaid De Villiers
Junaid De Villiers - 6 days ago
That "and boogie" line is so underrated 😂😂😂😂
David Rabinowits
David Rabinowits - 7 days ago
Stupid show for kids
Mohammad Salim Raza
Mohammad Salim Raza - 8 days ago
Hell is Filled With People Like You
Am i right what he said ?
Mohammad Salim Raza
Mohammad Salim Raza - 8 days ago
2:41 nice Joke
Good Prank
Kizzy Lee
Kizzy Lee - 9 days ago
Beautiful quality
0 0
0 0 - 9 days ago
sengrik sangma
sengrik sangma - 10 days ago
We all have little bits of Friends character in ourselves
Jennifer wellman
Jennifer wellman - 12 days ago
My grandmother had a thing with her dentist, yeah they did it in the chair. Her teeth were never cleaner..😂😂😂
soulsteela01 - 12 days ago
Chandler is the best. Always cracks me up.
Shubham Mishra
Shubham Mishra - 13 days ago
Joey's sweater kinda reminds me of my childhood days when my mom used to force me to wear those designer sweater with flowers-leaves design and i kept denying as i thought i got grown up enough.
Sarojini Albert
Sarojini Albert - 13 days ago
Chandler:i dont wanna seem desperate
TBS:puts title as he's desperate
Chandler:am i a joke to you
Vinayak Pandey
Vinayak Pandey - 14 days ago
Monica is looking like a goddess😍😍
דור בדרק
דור בדרק - 15 days ago
2:22"I have Jam -PACKED Schedule"
Badass Beast
Badass Beast - 15 days ago
2.41 m dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Marxvin T.G.
Marxvin T.G. - 16 days ago
Do you? no....
Joseph Villaviray
Joseph Villaviray - 16 days ago
"hell is filled with people like you" 😂😂😂
The SOUND of SILENCE - 17 days ago
Hell is filled with ppl like you😂
eman ahmed
eman ahmed - 18 days ago
Hell is filled
with people like you kkkkkkkkk
TWERK UPDATES - 19 days ago
Hell is filled with people like you
Dominique Trivino
Dominique Trivino - 20 days ago
04:01 she puts a tissue on the chair so the dirt from chandler's shoes don't get to it
PS - 20 days ago
Phoebe to Ross....¨Sex in his chair¨ Gotta love her!
PRASHANT M - 21 day ago
2:47 😂Hell is filled with people like you👌
astrid kjellberg
astrid kjellberg - 22 days ago
monica's smile in 2:45 is weird
Shannon Murphy
Shannon Murphy - 23 days ago
Did anyone else see after Ross left and chandlers phone rang , she slapped his foot of the chair
sprucerooth - 24 days ago
Ross is wearing a shirt over a sweater
sprucerooth - 24 days ago
Ross is wearing a shirt over a sweater
sprucerooth - 24 days ago
Ross is wearing a shirt over a sweater
sprucerooth - 24 days ago
Ross is wearing a shirt over a sweater
Jobin Jose
Jobin Jose - 25 days ago
2:44 Imagine getting to see this beautiful smile every morning
Rose Vy
Rose Vy - 18 days ago
Ohhh that's ittttt
antred11 - 25 days ago
That little thing Monica does at 2:49 is so hot. 😍
Charles Mikulas
Charles Mikulas - 25 days ago
Joey looks like he’s about to crash a plane into the ocean and enter an underwater city...
Louise Hodge
Louise Hodge - 27 days ago
Ross went the wrong way, the exit from the hall is on the right
Louise Hodge
Louise Hodge - 27 days ago
Monica was much fuller in the bust region back in the earlier seasons, I also remember from her role in Ace ventura. She must have lost so much weight for it to impact her bust that much. Wouldn't be surprised if she was told to drop weight
Thịnh Phạm
Thịnh Phạm - 27 days ago
2:29 that some smooth changing scenes
Biman Das
Biman Das - 27 days ago
Padma M
Padma M - 27 days ago
Guys,i need your help. i haven't seen even one episode of friends. where can i see the full season?
Amate a ti mismo
Amate a ti mismo - 25 days ago
It's still available on Netflix
Human Being
Human Being - 28 days ago
2:49 OMG the way Monica tosses her head to the back when Chandler says hell is filled with....
najiya rafi
najiya rafi - Month ago
"that's why I am dancing..."😂😂😂😂😂😂
Yasmine Padilla
Yasmine Padilla - Month ago
Rishabh Raj Singh
Rishabh Raj Singh - Month ago
Monica is looking really good in that white shirt...🤩😍
Veronica Rios
Veronica Rios - Month ago
I can’t believe I have would wear clothes like Monica as a little girl lol the tights are skirts is beautiful 😬
Faizal Qureshi
Faizal Qureshi - Month ago
This clip makes me want to marry my friend 🥺
Rebecca Boyer
Rebecca Boyer - Month ago
Ewww!!! why would dental floss be in her hair?? And who's is it????.... lol
Rebecca Boyer
Rebecca Boyer - 5 days ago
I know that but why was dental floss just laying around to get in her hair and who's was it???
Pokpak Manoban
Pokpak Manoban - 27 days ago
She had sex with her ex who was a dentist in his clinic
06pag - Month ago
Why did Chandler randomly climb a chair in his shoes at 3:57? Do people do that?
hero ine
hero ine - 14 days ago
It's just him being overwhelmed with excitement, I do a lot stuff like that myself tbh :D
papic. matea
papic. matea - Month ago
"Get down!"
"Get down?"
"...and boogie" 🕺🏻
Isabella B
Isabella B - Month ago
It was so gross how obsessed the guys were with lesbians
Kim Shoute
Kim Shoute - Month ago
Courtney Cox was (and still is) so beautiful and such a girl crush material here 😍😍❤❤
Nazli Deniz
Nazli Deniz - Month ago
did she call back tho?
malau iero
malau iero - Month ago
not one episode goes by without joey fetishising lesbians
Mario Stamatiou
Mario Stamatiou - Month ago
you could tell from the early seasons that Chandler and Monica's relationship was different than the others, so it is really no surprise they ended up together
Mario Stamatiou
Mario Stamatiou - 12 days ago
@Nazarene Christian Soldier the writers could have had any one of them wind up together but it may have not been the right choice...with Chandler and Monica it just happened to be given the way the show was written early on...
Nazarene Christian Soldier
They ended up together because the writers wanted it and has nothing to do with your fictional theory
Evanstan - 15 days ago
pre mondler were so soft
Sun Shine
Sun Shine - 27 days ago
Methni Ranaweera
Methni Ranaweera - Month ago
Chandler’s jump tho😂
Jay Villasin
Jay Villasin - Month ago
I love their being solid during the early seasons 😍
John - Month ago
Hell is filled with people like you,said Chandler to Monica.Little did he know he would madly fall in love with her.😝
Eden Holdon
Eden Holdon - Month ago
2:29 Chandler's shoe accidentally hit Monica's arm, and she smacked his foot. 😂
Eden Holdon
Eden Holdon - 25 days ago
@Nemesis - Those are two different scenes, man. The way she smacked his foot looks like you aunt smacking your arm for saying something funny about her, it's a playful revenge smack.
Nemesis - 25 days ago
@Eden Holdon at 4:10 she gets mad his foot is on the chair and puts a maybe its because of the couch lol
Imma Centaur
Imma Centaur - 28 days ago
@Eden Holdon OK...maybe.
Eden Holdon
Eden Holdon - 28 days ago
@Imma Centaur - I don't think so. When his foot hit her arm, she was looking at it for a moment, a little bit startled. Then she made a face and smacked it lightly, as playful revenge. It's pretty obvious if you read their facial expressions and body language. Also, his foot would still be on a pillow even after the slap, so it wasn't very effective and I don't think that's what she was trying to do.
Imma Centaur
Imma Centaur - 28 days ago hit her,but she smacked him bcoz his shoe is on the pillow..
Ilhan Tele
Ilhan Tele - Month ago
Chandler my favourite. Rachel my least
Adam - Month ago
I'm guessing she wasn't on the other line and never called him back?
Rachael Muncie
Rachael Muncie - Month ago
I almost forgot how grossly possessive and jealous Ross was of Rachel before they even dated
Ishaan Ganoo
Ishaan Ganoo - Month ago
Ash Hoffer yes that was messed up(And defending it till the end by saying WE WERE ON A BREAK, more messed up) but I just wanted to defend him here because I was in a similar situation a few months back and really felt it.
Ash Hoffer
Ash Hoffer - Month ago
Ishaan Ganoo thats not all. he got obsessive over rachel, and even cheated on her.
Ishaan Ganoo
Ishaan Ganoo - Month ago
Rachael Muncie I don’t remember what happens next so sorry if I am wrong. But I think he didn’t say anything to her directly. It’s totally natural to get mad when a person you love gets physical with someone else, it’s okay as far as you don’t take it out on them
Rachael Muncie
Rachael Muncie - Month ago
@alex unger that's not how healthy love works. Healthy love is b99 Jake telling Amy both "since I'm going away for a while I want to tell you I like you but wont get in the way of your current relationship" and "I like you but I respect your decision to not date coworkers". Ross just gets angry she slept with someone else and defensive when he cant say he wouldn't do the same thing with carol
Ash Hoffer
Ash Hoffer - Month ago
alex unger THAT WAS NOT LOVE.
Sabrina Haque
Sabrina Haque - Month ago
Hell is filled with people like you 🤣🤣
The Real Obama
The Real Obama - Month ago
What happened to the title "Everybody Hates Chandler"
Once you start reading comments on YouTube, there is no going back.
trifio5242 - Month ago
Monica is SO HOT here. I want her on this couch right here, right now! Oh.... :)
adit mittal
adit mittal - Month ago
laughing track background se hata do 90% "friends fan" khatam ho jayenge
it now seems quite overrated
Tianna Emily
Tianna Emily - Month ago
omg phoebe looks soooo pretty here
Sem Sho
Sem Sho - Month ago
It's disgusting how they step their shoes on the furniture as the couch and table
russkate88 - 2 days ago
American people are generally slobby and unhygienic.
Lucas Tulic
Lucas Tulic - 5 days ago
Okay Monica!
Plen122 - 11 days ago
@Stephanie Knowles hahaha What do you mean no morals
Plen122 - 11 days ago
@harshal narvekar lol no it's not
harshal narvekar
harshal narvekar - 14 days ago
@Human Being bruh nobody sleeps with there shoes on but still disgusting to wear shoes indoors
Tor W
Tor W - Month ago
Mindy slept with Barry when Rachel was engaged to him and then Rachel did it to Mindy. Oh the 90s were a different era and growing up watching Friends you see how uncomfortable some of the plotlines and jokes are now 😬.
Lester R. Ryan, M.D.
Lester R. Ryan, M.D. - Month ago
Retarded laughter makes it annoying to watch, the producer must be really stupid.
Beverly Aguilar
Beverly Aguilar - Month ago
I loved Rachel and Monica style something I would wear nowadays
Monica Santos
Monica Santos - Month ago
melhor serie
Saad Zuberi
Saad Zuberi - Month ago
Young Monica looked like refined Micheal jackson
secrets within
secrets within - Month ago
Pheobe is hot
Learn Portuguese
Learn Portuguese - Month ago
Hell is fill, with people like you ! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
zuzanna - Month ago
i love Monica's hair here, it was so pretty and that hairstyle really suits her, definitely my favorite one
Debiprasad Indrajit
Debiprasad Indrajit - Month ago
Those high waist denims were really awesome... Loved the dressing sense of the 90's...
Debiprasad Indrajit
Debiprasad Indrajit - Month ago
@jami0070 Indeed...
jami0070 - Month ago
90s was awesome altogether with so much more heart and joy filled in all things we did and pursued.
Isabel with an S
Isabel with an S - Month ago
Hell is filled with people like you!
la fan de nuel
la fan de nuel - Month ago
hell is filled with people like you, hehehehe
Shiva R Iyer
Shiva R Iyer - Month ago
I swear Monica looks almost exactly like Michael Jackson, with the loose white shirt and tight jeans.
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