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iCCorruption - 14 hours ago
1:00 if the heads side is heavier then it’d land tails more often not heads..?
soph - Day ago
im getting dont be like this tyson tattooed on me
High quality Cancer
Mississippi, Illinois, Arkansas, NewYork, Pensilvania. See I named five states and I’m from Alabama, and I spelled it.
Digaddog - Day ago
Thinking about the coin flip isn't that weird. A while ago I was wondering the same thing and asked multiple people about this and the majority where wondering it too.
Chaos Insurgency
Chaos Insurgency - Day ago
5:28 as an Alabamian personally I take no offense to this and wholeheartedly agree
Pajoli - 2 days ago
Jack I think it was kind of a jerk move when you said that guy was trying to act smarter than he was.
kneeks the king
kneeks the king - 2 days ago
Maty Sobak
drumsticknuts - 3 days ago
Deltamize - 3 days ago
#YIAYjob she is a writer for the upcoming emoji movie 2! Silly jack!
Villi V
Villi V - 3 days ago
so the macaroni macaronus fact is super plausible because in latin, the second declension nominative singular ending is -us and the second declension nominative plural ending is -i
Annika Kaelin
Annika Kaelin - 4 days ago
I think she is a lawyer that secretly goes and assassinates the defense teams witnesses
Lukas - 4 days ago
3:47 BAMBOZZLEshit
Harrison West
Harrison West - 5 days ago
i hate how the d goes onto a different line
Ravaging Legend
Ravaging Legend - 5 days ago
2:15 It’s actually against the Geneva Convention rules of collective punishment, so they are holding them punished, AKA extra school time.
So whenever a teacher holds your whole class behind, remember to call the UN headquarters in NYC for illegal collective punishment
Owen 99
Owen 99 - 5 days ago
"That's not what the fact says you dumb fuck"
Harmonica Demon
Harmonica Demon - 5 days ago
0:31 wait... ANOTHER reason??? What other reasons are there
Eduardo Walsh
Eduardo Walsh - 6 days ago
She's a russian spy
Mr Demonetisation Man
Mr Demonetisation Man - 7 days ago
terminal cancer
terminal cancer - 7 days ago
Jack, why is the left half of your face lower than your right? (In your perspective)
Its like the left of your face is drooping off, like a stroke.
關耀庭 - 7 days ago
so,your fake fact is actually 50%true 🤔
That Random guy
That Random guy - 7 days ago
2:18 It’s actually a war crime, look it up
Big Mac
Big Mac - 7 days ago
0:33 I wonder what the other one's are?
BigWeeb - 8 days ago
In my school you actually aren't allowed to keep a class after the bell
Pro̸Rvive - 8 days ago
Frye’s dog waited 😢😢😢
Moonunit7 - 9 days ago
Sirius Black
Sirius Black - 11 days ago
This video is an embodiment of chaotic evil
Meme Mouse
Meme Mouse - 12 days ago
Ginger Snap
Ginger Snap - 12 days ago
Zobie - 13 days ago
Wait the teacher going to prison fact is kinda true it violates Geneva convention
Cooper Witzberger
Cooper Witzberger - 13 days ago
*Everyone from Alabama disliked that*
Nate Dawes
Nate Dawes - 13 days ago
Actually I remember having the macaronus convo with my dad more than once, and we’ve discussed the coin flipping one in school
I hate you
I hate you - 14 days ago
Here’s the thing..... Thanatos is a Greek god of the underworld...
And then there’s Thanos
Jayden White
Jayden White - 14 days ago
I like how you censored the names with your forehead.

Very cool bruh moment. 😎👌
• Sakuyshii •
• Sakuyshii • - 9 days ago
Jayden White no it was the person who tweeted it i think
Jayden White
Jayden White - 10 days ago
@Josh deveaux that's why I said it. No one says it unironically.
Josh deveaux
Josh deveaux - 10 days ago
@Jayden White very cool bruh moment is possibly the cringiest thing I've ever read in my life
Jayden White
Jayden White - 10 days ago
@Josh deveaux it was a joke. What's your problem?
Josh deveaux
Josh deveaux - 10 days ago
Get a life
The Banana Republic
The Banana Republic - 14 days ago
The fact about a teacher it does violate the Geneva Convent about collective punishment
Night Wolf
Night Wolf - 16 days ago
My birthday is June 15.
dolphinKid1 - 17 days ago
Lorenzo Marchet
Lorenzo Marchet - 21 day ago
The Geneva Convention has something in it about mass punishment, but it probably doesn't apply to classes
Lion Cubz
Lion Cubz - 21 day ago
The experiment was done incorrectly. All he had to do was to cut it in half, then weight both sides. The experiment just meant he was unlucky. Fake fact
TropicalVideosツ - 22 days ago
It would be nice if they put a teacher fake fact
That_Comrade_Connor - 22 days ago
The funny thing is that the teacher one is actually a war crime
blurry pixels
blurry pixels - 22 days ago
5:15 I have a picture very similar to that on my phone because of a high school statistics class I took. He could have had it already.
Yin and Yang
Yin and Yang - 23 days ago
The thumbnail is my sister. shes the one saying "I agree. dont be like this tyson"
5Gonza5 - 24 days ago
3:52 I love that the guy who sent the fact insulted the stupid dumbass at the end lmao
USBGaming - 24 days ago
Wait, there was already a reason they should be in jail?!
FlynnTheRedhead - 26 days ago
Seriously a coin toss is 49/51 not 50/50
X Turtles
X Turtles - 26 days ago
i think im losing my hearing
FunnyBoot75 - 26 days ago
fake facts 4 fake facts 4 put your hands together for some fake facts 4 we did it thrice but you wanted some more so put your hands together for some FAKE FACTS 4!

Also: HeY PuT THaT DoWn!
Noah Hampton Films
Noah Hampton Films - 26 days ago
Fun fact: Christmas 2019 is 99 days away, this video was uploaded 99 days ago. It's the same distance
f2p forever
f2p forever - 11 days ago
Noah Hampton Films im late
pahmts - 27 days ago
Spectral Blizzard
Spectral Blizzard - 29 days ago
5:09 That's not how probability works XD
JOVANN ANIMATES - 29 days ago
Plot twist

Bamboozle Is a drug
JOVANN ANIMATES - 29 days ago
Cupsy Da Octo
Cupsy Da Octo - 29 days ago
Y u no care bout ur alabama fans.

No incest doesnt happen here. Yes we can spell our state. Yes we can list more than 5 states other than our own.
Epic Fortnite Gamer Dab
2:21 arent war crimes only war crimes if your in a war?
SuperMathEvilBoy - Month ago
#YIAYjob Something useful.
mjk 15
mjk 15 - Month ago
Goddamnit tyson
Aldwyn Stibora
Aldwyn Stibora - Month ago
#YIAYjob she’s an instagram comedian
Spencer - Month ago
4:50 my boy looking like Almights skinny form
marc - Month ago
A resounding *almost*
BURNINGICE - Month ago
Bamboo- ah shit
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