I've made a HUGE mistake in Minecraft - Part 20

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Yeet Yeet
Yeet Yeet - 52 minutes ago
pee pee poo poo lol
Mechanizz Z15
Mechanizz Z15 - Hour ago
21:08 First Dog that come in the hell
Mergawi Nabi
Mergawi Nabi - 4 hours ago
Bernie was so innocent
Éire, Elann vannin kernowek
I am surprised that there was no mules in this series
Julia - 11 hours ago
Lol off topic but does anyone else think that Félix has a genuinely good voice??
Lets game
Lets game - 11 hours ago
пьюдипай охуенный
Kadre W
Kadre W - 13 hours ago
3:06 "vi ses i Nangijala" 😢
ronan dekdeken
ronan dekdeken - Day ago
hey PewDiePie you can put chest on the donkey and mule
ronan dekdeken
ronan dekdeken - Day ago
hey PewDiePie you can put chest on the donkey and mule
Tom Zatliš
Tom Zatliš - Day ago
Tom Zatliš
Tom Zatliš - Day ago
Tom Zatliš
Tom Zatliš - Day ago
Tom Zatliš
Tom Zatliš - Day ago
Hectic Hive
Hectic Hive - Day ago
What the hell are those flying things attacking you?
Littlebigger007 - Day ago
This video is a masterpiece, there is so much emotion and character development for felix. And much more lore is added with the introduction of the peepeepoopoo army. This video is truly a masterpiece
cheeseydoritos - Day ago
Did anyone notice the poor quality even though it is 720p60?
ZoeHotDog HD
ZoeHotDog HD - Day ago
PewDiePie (Respawn)
Sven: How you doing?
PewDiePie: * SvVvVeEeEnN
tracy benfield
tracy benfield - 2 days ago
PewDePie good content mr beast bad content
Clodagh - 2 days ago
how does he not know how to tame a horse HAHAH
Andi Alfian S
Andi Alfian S - 2 days ago
This is the funniest yet the saddest episode.
Poop Dooki
Poop Dooki - 3 days ago
And thus

Peepeepoopoo was born..
Jennifer Witthuhn
Jennifer Witthuhn - 3 days ago
“I promise... ad plays
Alyssa Jorgenson
Alyssa Jorgenson - 3 days ago
You can add chests to ur donkey
Ismail Ahmed Bhatti
Ismail Ahmed Bhatti - 3 days ago
Ismail Ahmed Bhatti
Ismail Ahmed Bhatti - 3 days ago
U had thorns so he died
Cyrille Rollorata
Cyrille Rollorata - 3 days ago
i’m gonna finish this episode cause felix is done in minecraft
1000 subs with zero videos challenge
Pee pee poo poo - By PewDiePie
Asif Iftekhar Rafat
Asif Iftekhar Rafat - 4 days ago
14:23 o my gggggggggooooooooddddddd🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😃😃😄😅😃🤣😃😄
Yashvardhan Gaur
Yashvardhan Gaur - 4 days ago
The hindi subtitles are ON GODDAMM POINT
DENIS MITRU - 4 days ago
Tha cow died because you hit it and sven is scripted to kill what you hit .
Vladimir Yeet
Vladimir Yeet - 5 days ago
Bernei2024, but its the a donkey instead
The Ascending Player
The Ascending Player - 5 days ago
What's this music at 18:40
Ashton Baumann
Ashton Baumann - 5 days ago
I find it funny how he can kill 4 animals in the span of 2 videos.
Youssef TheeB
Youssef TheeB - 5 days ago
And Bernie was a donkey not a horse then PewDiePie put pee pee poo poo in joergen #2 home
Youssef TheeB
Youssef TheeB - 5 days ago
PewDiePie killed a villager when the pillager was in the door from the house
madelshade_0w0 - 5 days ago
2:35 did he really just give Sven rotten flesh?
Seriosly poor Sven.
Omar Abdelkader
Omar Abdelkader - 5 days ago
I've known him since I was born
you knew him for an entirety of 20 minutes. a Minecraft day
Joe H.S
Joe H.S - 5 days ago
Bernie dropped out
Joe H.S
Joe H.S - 5 days ago
Who else was hoping he would just get Jeorgen 3?
Edit: never mind, Bernie just died
Jeffrey Madrid
Jeffrey Madrid - 5 days ago
When I saw peepeepoopoos army my heart pounded and said'FOR JOERGEN!!!!'
Jeffrey Madrid
Jeffrey Madrid - 5 days ago
You can just put chest to bernie
bong rebilya
bong rebilya - 5 days ago
Donkey and Mule can Attach a Chest
aredjayplayz - 6 days ago
I started crying and i still am.
ryan freddy
ryan freddy - 6 days ago
Man the losses you lost in this video. It made me cry .
Rember Mancilla
Rember Mancilla - 6 days ago
9:50 he was going to say berny 3 lmao
Savage Crowbar
Savage Crowbar - 6 days ago
Every ride just gets slower
Savage Crowbar
Savage Crowbar - 6 days ago
Bernie didn’t even last one video
Nulx - 6 days ago
our army of pp poopoos will never be stopped
**carrot on stick slowly deplenishing**
lime'n'l - 7 days ago
4:51 anyone notice when he said I got a whole supply back at home the donkey looked to where he pointed

(Doing rerun in quarantine)
CheesyCup Quake
CheesyCup Quake - 7 days ago
Annie Rodrigues
Annie Rodrigues - 7 days ago
I can't stop myself from laughing when he says peepeepoopoo LSKZKDKXKKDZKKDK
Cyclonicfour69 - 7 days ago
Joergen’s are better than Bernie’s, or at least that’s what everyone says. Hey there buddy Joergen, this ones for you...
ᴋᴀʏʟɪᴇ ᴅᴀɴʟᴇʏ
rip berny
Genesis Sanchez
Genesis Sanchez - 7 days ago
2:34 i- did I just see pewds feed Sven rotten flesh???😳
Jakob ._.
Jakob ._. - 7 days ago
When he was gathering his pee pee poo poo army it was actually inspiring to me
ゆゆ - 7 days ago
″what is password″😂
İsimsiz kişi
İsimsiz kişi - 7 days ago
Bahtsız child
Venix Games
Venix Games - 8 days ago
Venix Games
Venix Games - 8 days ago
RIP Joergen 1and joergen 2 and Water sheep and Bernie
kuroni - 8 days ago
i cant stop laughing whenever he said "peepeepoopoo"
Rami Harakat
Rami Harakat - 8 days ago
I feel so Bad for you
itsJudoy - 8 days ago
Love you dont be sadd
Finn Rooney Weimers
Finn Rooney Weimers - 8 days ago
Watersheep: emerald grave
Joergen: Gold grave
Joergen #2: Diamond grave

Bernie: dIrT
Jacob Llamas
Jacob Llamas - 8 days ago
All names for peepeepoopoo are...
BB boo boo boo boo
PP two two
Peepee poo-poo
Joergen names...
Abbey names...
Jacob Llamas
Jacob Llamas - 8 days ago
The subtitles for peepeepoopoo is BB boo boo boo boo
Rypnami - 9 days ago
"that episode of forrest gump"
little fox gaming
little fox gaming - 9 days ago
detroit become human android march 19:08 xD
bella - 9 days ago
Should have named Sven tank
Josué Gómez Sarmiento
Ayaan Sadh
Ayaan Sadh - 9 days ago
Just use it the lama
DontClickAnything - 9 days ago
Villivnar - 10 days ago
rip ikea bird , rip bengt , rip innocent bees , rip

*water sheep*
gacha princess agosila
gacha princess agosila - 10 days ago
I almost cried when joergen || died
Kaelan Monroe
Kaelan Monroe - 10 days ago
I legit just burst out laughing when Bernie died, just..... too much for one day.
Ciara Sheehan
Ciara Sheehan - 10 days ago
U can put a chest on Bernie
Amin Alizade
Amin Alizade - 10 days ago
Little do we know, Mojang is gonna add netherite horse armour and Jöergen the III is gonna have a netherite grave ;-;
1981humphreysjim - 10 days ago
sven Killed mushroom cow!
Ghaniello Dzaki Arumaseto
In loving memory of jeorgen R.I.P 😭😭
RayX Gaming
RayX Gaming - 11 days ago
Na na na na..... na na na na.... hey hey hey..., goodbye...
Joemama Obama
Joemama Obama - 11 days ago
Everyone:Queen Elizabeth II is immortal
Sven: am I a joke to you?
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