I've made a HUGE mistake in Minecraft - Part 20

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Diznaks - 8 minutes ago
Someone: In the Game of Thrones there are lot of deaths of main characters.
PewDiePie: hold my beer
Minerva A
Minerva A - 28 minutes ago
10:33 Feigi?
Galaxy Potato
Galaxy Potato - Hour ago
R I P Mooshroom cow thing
Annsley Wright
Annsley Wright - 9 hours ago
And most importantly f for Bernie
Annsley Wright
Annsley Wright - 9 hours ago
F for Mushroom cow
Annsley Wright
Annsley Wright - 9 hours ago
F for Jürgen 2
King Huge Ecleo
King Huge Ecleo - 15 hours ago
Literally Garbage
Literally Garbage - 14 hours ago
King Huge Ecleo poopyumeatmoop
Help - 16 hours ago
„PeePee-PooPoo, we‘re gonna beat the ender dragon.“
Man that hurts
Jonas Axt
Jonas Axt - 18 hours ago
give the donkey a chest
Nathan Goicoa
Nathan Goicoa - 21 hour ago
What’s the sad death song that pewds uses?
XxUnknown Gacha GurlxX
Put a chest on the donkey
chill man
chill man - Day ago
Petition for Jöergon 3
elf-amazon 500
elf-amazon 500 - Day ago
Put chest on berney
Evan Kauffman
Evan Kauffman - Day ago
*Joergen I:* The OG, the main man, and an inspiration to all who came after him. Recieved a literal gold-laden tomb in honor of his legacy.
*Joergen II:* The cautious new arrival. Imagine if Mario died and Luigi became the main character. Now, imagine Luigi surpassing Mario in every way conceivable and becoming the new standard. Buried in one of the most valuable materials in all of Minecraft.
*Dinnerbone:* The best friend of Joergen II, who was sadly written out as the series progressed, despite having a compelling and promising story-arc revolving around his disability of walking upside-down and being far too ticklish. Never recieved a definitive conclusion to said character arc.
*Bernie:* A questionable addition, especially so soon after the death of Joergen II. Still respectable as a character, but died the same episode he was introduced, all but nullifying his legacy. Buried in dirt.
*Pee-Pee Poo-Poo:* Basically a self-insert character who receives all of Felix's love and attention despite being worse in every conceivable way compared to everyone, even Bernie. To add insult to injury, is joined by an entire phalanx of characters exactly like him.
Evan Kauffman
Evan Kauffman - Day ago
Why am I so sad about this Minecraft horse? Darn you, Pewdie, and your fantastic editing.
Philouran Philouran
Can you also see how this ep can trigger your emotions
Villager Boi
Villager Boi - 2 days ago
So feigi is in the video
Brandon Dias
Brandon Dias - 2 days ago
I laughed way too much when he accidentally killed Mushroom Cow Thing.
XxLuna Gacha11
XxLuna Gacha11 - 2 days ago
Oof- 👌
Bubble Info
Bubble Info - 2 days ago
Things were so simple back then...
A G L - 2 days ago
Elijah Bradley
Elijah Bradley - 3 days ago
So this series went from a man trying to achieve greatness with his friends to the same man trying to conquer the world.
So this is basically Mother 3 now
Wega H
Wega H - 3 days ago
The beginning of this video actually made me cry. I mean he even used his diamonds for his grave! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Martin Kaiser
Martin Kaiser - 3 days ago
Next time Leave the horse at home 😐😉😕
Jack - 3 days ago
i really appreciated the peepee poopoo parody of auld lang syne
Karla Kuhar
Karla Kuhar - 3 days ago
That's right jor-...nie
ultimate pro gaming 1234
why pewdiepie saids if theres a petdied he said he was a father of me
edit thanks for the likes your too cool
Kalbsha 777
Kalbsha 777 - 3 days ago
Sven killed the mashrom cow
Cristina Sparkcleas
Cristina Sparkcleas - 4 days ago
God this episode was depressing.
KHUMO Mamabolo
KHUMO Mamabolo - 4 days ago
Pie bie booooo
Medardo Molina
Medardo Molina - 4 days ago
Isabella Daigle
Isabella Daigle - 4 days ago
10:32 he says run fagi
And at 18:56 he says fagi what is password
Julian Saiz
Julian Saiz - 4 days ago
The whole pig following reminded me of Detroit become human where they all walked down the street recruiting more androids lmao
Movie Lover X
Movie Lover X - 4 days ago
Water Sheep's gonna pay for it!!!!
Charlotte - 4 days ago
peepy poopoo
Drew Reitano
Drew Reitano - 5 days ago
Felix: "We Destroyed the invader"
Me: "And Brought to our home land the laurles of fame
Puzzle Maze
Puzzle Maze - 5 days ago
Sven:God Mode On!!!
** - 5 days ago
I’m scared for any pets you have in real life
imaginary friend
imaginary friend - 5 days ago
All these deaths are making me depressed already d:
LIL SKUTICH - 5 days ago
Luciana Ringer
Luciana Ringer - 5 days ago
Mushroom cow is called a mooshroom
Lovable Shaty
Lovable Shaty - 5 days ago
Just imagine pewd accidentally hitting sven with diamond sword....
XxMeadow GachaLife
XxMeadow GachaLife - 5 days ago
Felix: You want some wheat? *sheep walks up* What, GO AWAY ITS NOT FOR YOOUUU!
*next clip*
Me: ......Where did the sheep go....😱....R.I.P Strange Sheep. 😔
Flynn Elings
Flynn Elings - 5 days ago
Place chest on donkey face nvm he is dead
Will Sykes
Will Sykes - 5 days ago
Sven Killed mushroom cow🤭
Hellgirl X
Hellgirl X - 5 days ago
Felix to donkey thingy: Please. Love me. I've no one else!
Meanwhile Sven: What am I then? A rock?
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez - 6 days ago
“That’s what joergen wanted to would’ve wanted”
Love you pewds
Markus Lemerise
Markus Lemerise - 6 days ago
tui !
tui ! - 6 days ago
19:59 the name of the dramatic song?
Oogway The Turtle
Oogway The Turtle - 6 days ago
Rip Joergen Smorgen II
Shy Pony
Shy Pony - 6 days ago
8:46 timing
Clyde VanBuren
Clyde VanBuren - 6 days ago
The Pig Pilgrimage was my favorite part of the episode.
War Song
War Song - 7 days ago
Sven kills boatcow
Chubbs & Cabbage
Chubbs & Cabbage - 7 days ago
Sven was the one who killed mushroom cow thing, because you hit him, and dogs do attack if you hit something, but couldn't make wide movements because he was in a boat
suhas bhushan
suhas bhushan - 7 days ago
why don"t you make a graveyard for your animals
Toshua4Reel - 8 days ago
When pewds heard him self almost call burnie joergen ;_;
Ethan Lu Faundo
Ethan Lu Faundo - 8 days ago
Every time pewds said peepeepoopoo I can’t stop laghing
Sofia Liguori
Sofia Liguori - 8 days ago
Its like the game: detroid become a human
Doonky - 8 days ago
Pewds: “Peepee Poopoo will never die” “Peepee Poopoo will live forever”
*10 episodes later*
Asky e Mauro
Asky e Mauro - 6 days ago
Actually, who died in the End was KingPeePeePooPoo, PeePeePooPoo died in a boat.
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