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3 979
Abid Godil
Abid Godil - 2 minutes ago
Carter Liz was making more adjustments to her bowl when the time was up and she tested it yesterday and she’s making modifications at 8:30 when you guys weren’t there a.m.
Lore mcc
Lore mcc - 44 minutes ago
Lore mcc
Lore mcc - 41 minute ago
Sophia Canela
Sophia Canela - 2 hours ago
I thought that Stove was going to win because he’s boat is big
Lucy G
Lucy G - 2 hours ago
yeah ten
Adela orro
Adela orro - 2 hours ago
lizzy you should date Ryan 😍😍his is cute
Pablo Papavero
Pablo Papavero - 2 hours ago
EMMA JACKSON - 3 hours ago
Helsy junior Lomae
Helsy junior Lomae - 3 hours ago
we're is Hunter
Taylor Long
Taylor Long - 3 hours ago
Rober3467 - 4 hours ago
7 people
FrostnNY UK
FrostnNY UK - 4 hours ago
She certainly
castillo Tapia
castillo Tapia - 4 hours ago
Love the video jood job
Kimbery Renee
Kimbery Renee - 5 hours ago
Kimbery Renee
Kimbery Renee - 5 hours ago
Demmuh - 5 hours ago
Stove is going to win
Demmuh - 5 hours ago
Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams - 5 hours ago
I guessed it
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown - 8 hours ago
Carter do you need hunter you should do a five people last to leave the backyard including hunter youLiz Ryan and stove
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown - 8 hours ago
Where is Hunter
LegoHead Productions AZ
LegoHead Productions AZ - 8 hours ago
Copied video
Kelleen Grant
Kelleen Grant - 9 hours ago
money tv
money tv - 10 hours ago
Lizz cheated and still losed
Lindsey Koehn
Lindsey Koehn - 10 hours ago
What happened to hunter
Mathew Thomas
Mathew Thomas - 10 hours ago
I think that stove will win like this if you think I am right
Laércia Fonseca
Laércia Fonseca - 11 hours ago
#stove if you think he will win
Emmie GachaLove
Emmie GachaLove - 11 hours ago

I miss hunter I want him back☹️
Austin Evans
Austin Evans - 11 hours ago
Liz cut
Marie Melton
Marie Melton - 12 hours ago
wikumfamily - 12 hours ago
Jenessayr French
Jenessayr French - 13 hours ago
10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jenessayr French
Jenessayr French - 13 hours ago
Liz cheated
babanerf Rblx
babanerf Rblx - 14 hours ago
Stove:Lizzy cheated. Carter:WHAT!!!! Carter:your disqualified. Lizzy: but I didn't CHEAT!!!!
babanerf Rblx
babanerf Rblx - 13 hours ago
babanerf Rblx
babanerf Rblx - 13 hours ago
Carter: omae we moi shiunderu
Rose Turner
Rose Turner - 15 hours ago
Liz cheated
PAUL BROWNE - 15 hours ago
abbi A
abbi A - 16 hours ago
abbi A
abbi A - 16 hours ago
abbi A
abbi A - 17 hours ago
Mandy Chong
Mandy Chong - 17 hours ago
Liz cheat
Robert SORRENSEN - 18 hours ago
lizz heated
Jacob Edmunds
Jacob Edmunds - 19 hours ago
8 people
Christine Olivarez
Christine Olivarez - 21 hour ago
Why can’t u guys where swimming colths
Jerline Bullock
Jerline Bullock - 22 hours ago
lizzy cheated she put pool noodles on her bamboo raft it 8:30 this morning
Diva._. Queen
Diva._. Queen - 23 hours ago
Liz should have had 2 ppl the boat was clearly still floating tht is unfair
Terra Craig
Terra Craig - 23 hours ago
1000000 people
Kira Sam
Kira Sam - Day ago
His so mean to Lizzy no wonder she broke up with Carter
Nushelle Walpita
Nushelle Walpita - Day ago
carter in the morning liz cheated
Kira Sam
Kira Sam - Day ago
Carter talks alot
Brandon 25374
Brandon 25374 - Day ago
Lazy cheated. She put pool noodle 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😤😤😤😤😤😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😰😰😰😨😨😨😨😨😵😵😵😵😧😧😧😧😧
Paige Jewell
Paige Jewell - Day ago
Brooke Wilson
Brooke Wilson - Day ago
George Stiltner
George Stiltner - Day ago
Lizzy freaking cheated
Logan Skidmore
Logan Skidmore - Day ago
# Stove
Lamar Rainey
Lamar Rainey - Day ago
# Liz because it looks like it
Jeni Roe
Jeni Roe - Day ago
Carter u shouldn't win Ryan should
Jose Rivas
Jose Rivas - Day ago
Boris Wally
Boris Wally - Day ago
Liz is going to win #liz
Boris Wally
Boris Wally - Day ago
Now it won’t work it will just sink
Boris Wally
Boris Wally - Day ago
Larissa White
Larissa White - Day ago
# pineapple
Robin Pacis
Robin Pacis - Day ago
I miss hunter 😔 Like if you miss hunter
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