Everything Wrong With Venom In 16 Minutes Or Less

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Blacka Gibbs
Blacka Gibbs - 4 hours ago
12 seconds off
Reikon R
Reikon R - 11 hours ago
does any one knows the brand and type of this vehicle? 8:15
John Cunningham
John Cunningham - Day ago
This movie is a great litmus test. If someone likes it, you know that either they've never seen a good movie in their life, or they are just simply flat out retarded.
Michael Fairchild
Michael Fairchild - Day ago
Still like the origin from cartoon Spiderman.
Elwood Jones
Elwood Jones - Day ago
Everything Wrong With Venom in 16 minutes or less, you're 11 seconds over; sin. See, I can be petty too...
Wonkru Creations
Wonkru Creations - Day ago
Life was a way better movie
example 2844
example 2844 - Day ago
6:01 I'm really not sure if that's a Brock Lesnar reference or not
Cajun Kush
Cajun Kush - 2 days ago
Mexico is paying for it . MAGA
Rob Mur
Rob Mur - 2 days ago
I like to start off by saying I honestly agree with most of your sins you give and that in no way do I think venom is the best movie ever but I feel like most of these sins were a stretch just to get the sin count higher. Tom hardy made this movie with out him this movie would’ve done terrible in the box office
broken yolk yolk
broken yolk yolk - 3 days ago
13:31 really you didn't sin the dark night where is he
Trumptard - 3 days ago
The second symbiote should have been carnage
Red Hood Gaming
Red Hood Gaming - 3 days ago
Symbiotes need a host to survive...
Wolverine - 3 days ago
The movie was terrible
Joe Snaffer
Joe Snaffer - 4 days ago
Honestly, while it’s not a masterpiece, I felt like this deserved at LEAST a 60% on Rotten Tomatoes. It wasn’t a bad movie.
(For anyone wondering, it got a 27%)
Hapsetshut - 4 days ago
Isacc looks way more like Carnage than carnage actor
Root Beer Guy
Root Beer Guy - 4 days ago
Triw3 - 4 days ago
Allb4dinner A
Allb4dinner A - 4 days ago
22% hardier😀
Mohamed M
Mohamed M - 5 days ago
To be honnest I dont care what he is saying most of it is bullshit he forgets this is a freaking fiction and far from reality. Only here to watch highlights of the movies
Randomdood 175
Randomdood 175 - 5 days ago
It says less than 16 minutes even though it’s 16:12
king Tank
king Tank - 5 days ago
Venom isn't a bad film, I mean look on the Brightside, its just another marvel film to consider into ur film collection, but tom hardy's performance isn't perfect, I loved him more in legend, if u haven't seen it ill leave the trailer link in my comment it was made in 2015 so not that old https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGTt4NeWXYE
pinktribble - 5 days ago
I finally got around to watching Venom this week. It's fun, but definitely very sin-able.
Marianne Contrino
Marianne Contrino - 5 days ago
Kinda surprised they didn't take a sin off for the film actually NOT following the "new boyfriend/husband/step dad is a jerk/cheat/liar/bad guy/rich asshole/abuser" cliche. I always gotta give props when movies make the new guy a good, and decent person, and not someone you're hoping will meet a horrific end.
Wade Rose
Wade Rose - 5 days ago
actually curious when actual ratings happen. i only recently started watching and they all seem aimless and kinda random
Ryan Feltmann
Ryan Feltmann - 6 days ago
Isn't cinema wins for any movie you sin count as sins off or does the sins count as wins off
Furinji Hayato
Furinji Hayato - 6 days ago
This movie sucked pretty hard...
Would've added a few things but, as always, CinemaSins caught onto so much more than I ever could have.
Nice one.
Furinji Hayato
Furinji Hayato - 6 days ago
Thank you, CinemaSins.
Been looking forward to this one. 😂👌
Mr. Idontknow
Mr. Idontknow - 7 days ago
FUCK YOU bro this movie is Fucking good so shut the fuck up
Austin Rogers
Austin Rogers - 7 days ago
Venom is pretty awesome but
1. Literally 1 extra minute and 4 more lines of dialogue per scene so its not so vague would've helped the runtime
2. 6 MONTHS!!! Somewhat accurate time of Eddie and Annie being apart. Thats it. I think they could've been doing tests with the symbiotes in maybe 1 months time 2 even
3. Riot was pretty vague. Wasted Jameson, kills some people and then stays with an old lady for 6 MONTHS. Could've switched up once or twice.
4. At least 1 more scene with Venom and Eddie so that Venom's motivation for not destroying Earth would've made more sense,
5. Carlton Drake wasn't that bad but his Scientists besides Dora are completely worthless. Letting the Symbiotes die. The sound shit. No of them being around when Riot/Little Girl get him. Not trying to stop him sooner or actually give a shit about protocol. They are lazy and should've been fired as soon as the yellow one died
I really hope Venom 2 will take note and not make the same mistakes again.
HottChoc619 - 7 days ago
In these movies where ppl get fired and have to put their stuff in a cardboard box, is said box provided??👀👀
Saj 7
Saj 7 - 8 days ago
Wtf thank me later was lit ???
Mr. Smith
Mr. Smith - 8 days ago
Including nonsense like overpopulation and climate change should be 20 sins.
Aiden Garcia
Aiden Garcia - 8 days ago
When Eddie went into the store at the end, it was daytime. Yet when he got out it was night, and it didn’t take THAT long to eat a guy, right?
RJ Dean
RJ Dean - 8 days ago
Hardy is an overrated hack actor. Laughable accent
ggj1987 - 9 days ago
Just saw it but I really didn’t like it. Especially the first 45 mins. were pretty boring. I didn’t like the ‘humour’ they put in the movie, Tom Hardy’s casting, overacting and Venom’s dialogue. If you want to watch a Venom movie, go watch Spider-Man 3 instead, I thought that was pretty good
Michelle Cné Brown
Michelle Cné Brown - 9 days ago
I live in San Fransicko and this movie really did San Fran tha fuck out of this movie
Jayvee Vinluan
Jayvee Vinluan - 10 days ago
U should be a film director and make a perfect movie :D
Sii Zapp
Sii Zapp - 10 days ago
Venom and riot are not equally matched riot is the off spring of venom so he is actually stronger
Emma B
Emma B - 10 days ago
@13:02 the previous symbiotes left their host because they died, not the other way around.
allbrosdjay - 10 days ago
7:16 9:50 Many buildings that are that secretive (on the inside) and or require a high security clearance to access them do not have microphones. Even in certain areas of a building there wont be security cameras to keep secrets secret. Less self destruction possible the better.
andrew10022 - 11 days ago
40 second mark, who the hell is jameson and what does this sin mean?
A Ordinary Studios
A Ordinary Studios - 11 days ago
We speak English,Mandarin and Malay, not Malaysianese lol
محمد عبد الهادي
12:55 u still use disks in 2019 ???
assasinscreed45 - 12 days ago
Would be better if it was rated R
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jass - 12 days ago
I actually kinda liked this movie
masterobsidian - 12 days ago
Wow most of the sins are not even worth giving and most of them are stupid sins that you think you can just give real disappointment
Maltese - 12 days ago
The simbiote learned English from Eddie's brain. It learns and adapts to the new host
Velichko Peev
Velichko Peev - 13 days ago
Dude when are you gonna stop complaining about logos? It is bullshit.
aGirlnameJustin - 14 days ago
Am I the only one who loved this movie...
Lettuce Bee
Lettuce Bee - 15 days ago
Well noted that great actors were handed a shit script.
ApocalypseNext - 15 days ago
The thing about Venom is that the prologue is waaay the hell too long. I'm counting everything prior to '6 months later' as prologue, because that's when the actual story starts. I love Venom, but it would be so much better if they had the shuttle crash, paramedic getting Rioted, *maybe* the bit with the eels, THEN the timeskip. Seriously, nothing happens between those that couldn't be told via flashback or cut altogether, which leaves plenty more room for Venomy goodness.
Lauge Bacher
Lauge Bacher - 16 days ago
Man some of the things you say is really just because you are hating, big time.. The one with san fransisco?? Why hate on that, it's not like everyone who watches this is from the us only.. Some of us likes to know where the fuck we are in the world you know?
Standard Yip
Standard Yip - 17 days ago
Ok mr logo hater
Lil_Ghost 32
Lil_Ghost 32 - 17 days ago
Wasn’t jack in Madden 19?
NeonTerraLlama10 Gaming and More
The Venom Symbiote looks so much better in this movie than what it looked like in Spider Man 3
kevin mcglynn
kevin mcglynn - 17 days ago
Sin 126 is hilarious. Hahaha
kevin mcglynn
kevin mcglynn - 17 days ago
Love a bitta late night cinemasins
Hikari Ackerman
Hikari Ackerman - 18 days ago
Sir this is a Wendy's
Fierce Deity Link
Fierce Deity Link - 18 days ago
I feel like I can justify a few of these sins.
jantje youtube
jantje youtube - 20 days ago
0:47 you missed something the scene where the ambulance flips on its side it just INSTANTLY stops and he tore trough it WAY to quick
Charlie Premo studios
Charlie Premo studios - 21 day ago
And now you've gone too far.
Singular Mouth
Singular Mouth - 21 day ago
Here’s something else to sin

Ghalaghor McAllistor
Ghalaghor McAllistor - 22 days ago
So is this an alternate universe in which Venom exists without the symbiote ever meeting Spiderman?
YoUnGBaLleEr - 22 days ago
*we are the venom*
Amazing Guy
Amazing Guy - 22 days ago
You can't have Venom without the symbiote being on Peter Parker first.
MARCUS Albertsen
MARCUS Albertsen - 20 days ago
According to the comics, yes, yes you can.
Amazing Guy
Amazing Guy - 22 days ago
Venon was no joke, one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my entire life. I was dozing off through out it and I never do that.
gor9027 - 23 days ago
I’m still surprised that Amazing Spider-Man 2 is considered to be a better movie than this according to Rotten Tomatoes.
bobby fryer
bobby fryer - 24 days ago
Sin for not taking a sin off for the “we are venom” scene
Jake - 24 days ago
“Sir, this is a Wendy’s” 😂😂😂
SealAngel - 24 days ago
May - 24 days ago
When you are on autoplay and the intro is on it's intense when you dont know which movie we're sining and about to find out
scamanderous - 24 days ago
God, this movie sucks.
Riz ahmed ,is kinda cute ,really cute 😂😂
Viper - 26 days ago
1 thing wrong about cinema sins, uses "or less" in title when it should be "or so" as the video is over 16 minutes
Emery McKee
Emery McKee - 26 days ago
Jesse Budelman
Jesse Budelman - 26 days ago
What you know, a SJW comic book movie and they mention and bring up the myth of “global warming” to further brainwash the zombie masses.
Jesse Budelman
Jesse Budelman - 26 days ago
Pretty far from white trash, your insults could use some work. 😎
Jesse Budelman
Jesse Budelman - 26 days ago
👍🏻 Lmao umm...good one? 🤣
Lumbago Mister
Lumbago Mister - 26 days ago
You look and think like white trash lmao
Zac Waterhouse
Zac Waterhouse - 27 days ago
Ok I enjoyed venom, but venom basically went from “you’re just a host, I’m just using you” to “you’re my best friend let’s go betray my entire species” in literally 5 minutes for like ... no reason
Adam Kalb
Adam Kalb - 27 days ago
14:53 But I thought Stan Lee's final movie cameo was Spider-Man: Far From Home. July 23, 2019, 12:08pm
Poke - 27 days ago
Everything wrong with venom *Nothing*
Nuclear Matt
Nuclear Matt - 27 days ago
"The movie can speedbag my ass."
Funny, I felt the same way when I was being forced to watch Captain Marvel a third time...
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