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Jimmy Alonzo
Jimmy Alonzo - 6 hours ago
I love the support of Chris and Andy on this episode lol
Terminally Chill
Terminally Chill - 3 days ago
The end of the beginning lol
majkolo1 - 6 days ago
Nordic chefs unite!
The Rockazoid
The Rockazoid - 7 days ago
Does Brad have his own thing or what? Been missing him since BA crashed.
Amira Stuart
Amira Stuart - 10 days ago
7:58- cut to corona and quarantine, quote brad with this one 😂😂
Eeluon - 12 days ago
Jesus, you talk too much "shut up and cook"
Rick Ranger
Rick Ranger - 26 days ago
Onion dip recipe next
Mike Cash
Mike Cash - 26 days ago
Who put bella in the wych elm, Hagley woods?
Daan Demeyer
Daan Demeyer - 27 days ago
So now we know who started spreading the virus
Ayyub Vernon
Ayyub Vernon - 28 days ago
My favourite breakfast... croissant with camembert and soft scrambled eggs. Gravlax on the side.
David Tomlinson
David Tomlinson - 28 days ago
Is this guy drunk or drugged
DarkShado - Month ago
Brad: Ayy uh put some pepper on there
Chris: I love it the expressiveness of the pepper
Jacob Collis
Jacob Collis - Month ago
I love when they use the video of the lady on her computer when Brad does something sorta dirty
Allan Skogsholm
Allan Skogsholm - Month ago
wwhy don't you buy a wrapmaster 3000? its a wrapping plastic gadget that makes your life easier, that cardboard box is just a pain to use
Shawaeon - Month ago
What? You only use salt, sugar, black pepper and dill to make gravlax. Some also use a bit of akvavit.
Minist - Month ago
if you translate Gravlax into english, its basically translates to Gravesalmon. Its because in the north they used to bury their food to make it last. The dish is Scandinavian btw. I wish you would tell the viewers more historic background to a dish instead of just saying nothing. We in Scandinavia invented and perfected it, it worth to say it. else people will think its american. that is an insult in my opinion.
N Marrs
N Marrs - Month ago
Brad could easily be the next Food TV personality love this guys energy.
Scarlett Says
Scarlett Says - Month ago
Chris is wonderful interacting with Brad... every single tasting Chris asking the tough questions for example "is this perishable food item several months old" or "did you know that seafood goes bad sometimes"... love Chris.
JP G - Month ago
Terrible video. Example When you over complicated for no reason you get trash.
David Hester
David Hester - Month ago
back before the great cucking of BA
Manoj Shah
Manoj Shah - Month ago
Does anybody watch this chanel for the food ?
Izaak Gallant
Izaak Gallant - Month ago
The sound effects with the coffee grinder was amazing😂
Copra Jor-El
Copra Jor-El - Month ago
Gravad lax is in fact just salmon cured with salt, sugar, ground pepper and - if you want to - dill. Brad's version is over seasoned version of the real thing done in Scandinavia and Finland. Really. Then again, you can season it the way you like, I use quite often red peppercorns as well.
Spudgrub13 - Month ago
Brad is HANDS DOWN best on here!
Antonio Delev
Antonio Delev - Month ago
you are a really cool guy brad keep it up
fern.fantasy - Month ago
Brad saying “it’s the beginning of the end” in mid February 2020 is a LITTLE on the nose
felicia albanese
felicia albanese - Month ago
I made it. It came out awesome!
Imagifiction - Month ago
Watching under covid2020 like “Germs schmerms” lol
Joan L
Joan L - Month ago
I love you Brad and want to adopt you.
ArcherVII - Month ago
If irony wanted to be a person one day, it would be this guy. He's so annoying but still quite tolerable. So confused...
Wanning Zhan
Wanning Zhan - 2 months ago
I'm surprised how Chris can stay so calm during Brad's alive... God give me that sort of attention please.
Thalmon Araujo
Thalmon Araujo - 2 months ago
I tried this and it is very GOOOOD!!!
Adam 3d
Adam 3d - 2 months ago
Stop doing coke dude.
nen ben
nen ben - 2 months ago
1:12 o no!
PWNSTAR RYAN - 2 months ago
Andy bit off more than he could chew trying to call Brad out lmao
Steve Sharp
Steve Sharp - 2 months ago
Matteo Trevana
Matteo Trevana - 2 months ago
I love brad end of
Andrew Tasch
Andrew Tasch - 2 months ago
Throwing his mitt in the ice maker... do these folks know what ServSafe is?
Juliet Kim
Juliet Kim - 2 months ago
Too much jerking around wasted time. Do not like the video and the author
Freighter109 HA!
Freighter109 HA! - Month ago
Someone having fun while cooking. Oh noooooo...
Kelli H
Kelli H - 2 months ago
I'm curious about any plastic wrap alternatives because Turmeric is a plastic corrosive...
Randomstuffsco - 2 months ago
보다가 고추가루 나와서 깜놀 ㅋㅋㅋ
Aaron Cohn
Aaron Cohn - 2 months ago
Ok why is no one worried about his meeting with the Bobs. He was tense going in!
colin smith
colin smith - 2 months ago
Pay employees fairly, and based on their merit not by their skin color.
James Collier
James Collier - 6 days ago
Exactly, Brad and Molly have 40 times more viewers, like 3 to 4 million pet episode. The others 100 to 200k views. Views = ads = money. The left ruins everything they touch. Their in CA killing Uber's business model now
achasingfrenzy - 2 months ago
"The beginning of the end"... what a prophet.
Muhammad Rasydan Mohd Shafie
Brad finally calling Hunzi over the camera like how he called Vinny-boy before. Guess Brad finally accepted him?
Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas - 3 months ago
I made this and it was delicious but much too salty
Rachel Carson-Lecuyer
Rachel Carson-Lecuyer - 3 months ago
The editing was on point this video
Millsy Kooksy
Millsy Kooksy - 3 months ago
The White lady was hilarious
Jan Rooth
Jan Rooth - 3 months ago
Oh my... Where to start...
What you're making is closer to lox than gravlax.
First of all, the cure should be 50/50 salt and sugar. Lots of fresh cracked black pepper, and tons of fresh dill. About three times as much dill as you think you need.
Cure for two days. Maybe a bit less if the filet is really thin. Three days if super thick.
Rinse thoroughly when the cure is done.
It will keep in the fridge for three days, a week if you vacuum pack. It also freezes well if vacuum packed, good for several months. Thaw to room temp before serving.
Jan Rooth
Jan Rooth - 3 months ago
Just one more comment. Scandinavian cooking doesn't use Turmeric.
Cyrus Rivers
Cyrus Rivers - 3 months ago
i love how andy comes in chirpin away then brad comes in with the ol 1-2
my man
ICE BEAR - 3 months ago
Alex - 3 months ago
This vid made me sub lol good editing and good food!
Ava Pond
Ava Pond - 3 months ago
I think I’m in love with this man’s personality
Eric Francis
Eric Francis - 3 months ago
OMG... the Venn diagram....
Mr. Murder Beats
Mr. Murder Beats - 3 months ago
gravad laks?
Cristian Ambaek
Cristian Ambaek - 3 months ago
Why is Brad saying laks instead of salmon? And is Gravlax suppose to be Gravad laks?
Lyla Murray
Lyla Murray - 3 months ago
honestly the editing on this is just - no words. Love the combination of brad and amplifying his personality with the editing!
NBDY - 3 months ago
he was rite, this is the beginning of the end
Khairiah Ibrahim
Khairiah Ibrahim - 3 months ago
Andy is always hungry on Brad's videos 😆
Harold Reacts!
Harold Reacts! - 3 months ago
Bon Appetit!!!!
Harold Reacts!
Harold Reacts! - 3 months ago
Shots out to brads editor. To on point. Hella Funny. You to brad. Mad Funny.
cryofpaine - 3 months ago
I've always pronounced it "tumeric" but apparently...
It's not a tumeric!
Brian Renko
Brian Renko - 3 months ago
Made this and tasted it just now and mine came out like a dream! It’s fantastic! Tastes really good. Thanks Brad!
MoshKing - 3 months ago
Why is this in Tuxy's playlist of Discord videos?
Axel LOUISY-JOSEPH - 3 months ago
7:14 that's one of the best Venn diagram I've ever seen in my life
orla - 4 months ago
I feel like Brad is a cross between Charlie Kelly and Julien Solomita
yotsuba3000JennyF - 4 months ago
What's that accent?
Andrew Sherwood
Andrew Sherwood - 4 months ago
Next episode: Brad Leone cures my depression
Jen'ari-asha - 4 months ago
You guys should totally make Garum/Colatura di alici
. It's a type of Italian fish sauce that dates back to Ancient Rome. It's made by fermenting fish in brine. It's absolutely delicious and, most importantly, can be customised a lot. At it's most basic level it's just some type of seafood, some type of spice, and salt. So you can pick whatever seafood you want, whether it be anchovies or crabs, and whatever spice you want. This is my favourite thing about Garum: You can spend an entire lifetime experimenting with different combinations until you find one that you like the most.
Let's be Honest Official
Let's be Honest Official - 4 months ago
The punch sound effect kills me everytime
Ian R.
Ian R. - 4 months ago
"It's like a Jersey crumpet." 😂
thesilentbrain - 4 months ago
Every time I watch one of these I keep wondering whether the editing makes Brad look more coherent or less. XD
Space - 4 months ago
On Going list of quotes that make me believe Brad is best Dude:
(This video) 3:51 "Bless yer heart"
(This video) 12:15 "Just gonna give it a little cut. Alright? Half for you half for me, bud."
Aldaroth - 4 months ago
Iain Smith
Iain Smith - 4 months ago
if Andy Dwyer became a chef ^
Nathan Mond
Nathan Mond - 4 months ago
Brad: It's the beginning of the end.
Me: *laughs in pandemic*
Jacob Thompson
Jacob Thompson - 4 months ago
As a guy with a cup of ball bearings I feel attacked out the gate.
Eva Solís Cortés
Eva Solís Cortés - 4 months ago
That venn diagram at 7:17 cured ALL my anxiety I can't stop laughing
Alaska Skidood
Alaska Skidood - 4 months ago
8:05 That quote aged like milk.
Landshark Shredders
Landshark Shredders - 4 months ago
This is the first time I've had to switch speeds so many times. He talks fast for the most part, but even then he's not really saying anything useful and you want to speed through the flubs and banter. Exasperating.
miguelorcinha - 4 months ago
gotta admit i love the editting.
ajsuflena - 4 months ago
featuring kim possible
Tom Jenkins
Tom Jenkins - 4 months ago
isnt it better to toast your spices and grind them with a mortar and pestle rather than just blending them up??
xydoit - 4 months ago
I prefer eating raw
Adeline Thames
Adeline Thames - 4 months ago
Brad is wearing hiking boots. Danner hiking boots. For all of the trails in downtown Manhattan.
Abel Drabble
Abel Drabble - 4 months ago
ssooooo goooddd drooooooooollll! the editing is beyond good
Julia Turner
Julia Turner - 4 months ago
I love how much he loves Gabby
Dounia JAOUHAR - 4 months ago
I ahve a question, so the Salmon how many days can u keep it after curing it ?
Juliana Lim
Juliana Lim - 4 months ago
Omg I love the sound effects. Lmfao!!!
Grace Ruby
Grace Ruby - 4 months ago
He didn’t call olive oil “Ollie” oil and I died a bit inside
LARSFSO - 4 months ago
*GravlakS 😉
MJ Keesler
MJ Keesler - 4 months ago
I just love the sound effects 😂
adrian.joker13 - 4 months ago
Brad Leone:ball bearing collector... I died😂
Denise Crozier
Denise Crozier - 4 months ago
Damned woodchucks!
Yonatan Schkolnik
Yonatan Schkolnik - 4 months ago
Where's the written recipe/ingredients list posted??
Philip thavenius
Philip thavenius - 4 months ago
Brad and the editor are one of the best combos I've ever had the pleasure of watching! Should check out some Smørrebrød, would love to hear Brad pronunciate that.
Jacqueline Hernandez
Jacqueline Hernandez - 4 months ago
lemon- bay lol
Sam - 4 months ago
"quick preparation takes about 3-4 days"
Kelly O'Keefe
Kelly O'Keefe - 4 months ago
Brad: “Germs sherms”
1 month later: Global pandemic
Jerami Sachs
Jerami Sachs - 4 months ago
My daughter is playing in the living room and just asked - "Are you watching a kid cooking video?"
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