Allegra Miles vs. Michael Williams - Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" - The Voice Battles 2020

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radha ramani vasam
radha ramani vasam - 4 hours ago
OMG, this performance is so good, and wonder how the others will be. They set the bar real high! :)
Gnarly Jongdae
Gnarly Jongdae - 4 hours ago
Michael's face is just unacceptable wtf he's so beautiful
Hunter Wise
Hunter Wise - 4 hours ago
She definitely deserved to win that, so good
Anna Claudia Setti
Anna Claudia Setti - 5 hours ago
I could listen to her voice forever! They must record it!
A Mac
A Mac - 6 hours ago
Allegra killed it! Micheal was good too but Allegra took this one! She could win this season....
safira eva
safira eva - 6 hours ago
My favorite the voice battles ❤❤❤
Harianto Santoso
Harianto Santoso - 7 hours ago
miller muler
miller muler - 7 hours ago
Goosebumps every where in my body!
Ayushman Panda
Ayushman Panda - 7 hours ago
Lets be honest...this is not your first time here.....
liza gutierrez
liza gutierrez - 7 hours ago
Wow nick versions❤❤❤❤
Hello Hello
Hello Hello - 8 hours ago
Allegra sounds like Melissa Villasenor from SNL
Hay BayBay
Hay BayBay - 8 hours ago
I bet she’d nail a Freya song and have us all in tears bruh 💯🤩
MNCEDISI SIBIYA - 8 hours ago
1:48 💯💯💯💯👀👀
Barbie V
Barbie V - 9 hours ago
I've grown with the Jonas Brothers and whoever underestimates Nick has no clue on what they're getting themselves into. Nick understands music like no other young musician in this industry. He understands what's got to be done and how he got to make it happen. I'm happy to see him this seasons showing what he's made of. Even happier to see him saving Michael. He's got a bright future ahead of him.
Henry Buckner
Henry Buckner - 9 hours ago
Ridho Aldi
Ridho Aldi - 10 hours ago
Perfect i think😍
Zir Chito
Zir Chito - 10 hours ago
Why am i so affected with this performance!?! What the!
himanshi chaturvedu
himanshi chaturvedu - 10 hours ago
Wow!! My favourite battle !!!
Hiranmayi Ganesh
Hiranmayi Ganesh - 11 hours ago
Amazing Duet. Blown away by these 2. I won't be surprised if Allegra Wins this season.
a hernandez
a hernandez - 11 hours ago
I've never before jumped and cheered for someone being saved like I just did for Nick saving Michael. And somehow I knew it. I'm amazed one of the other coaches didn't steal him first. Great job Nick, you ain't messing around.
eric bautista
eric bautista - 12 hours ago
I tested positive for being bisexual 😍
Jaden Reyes
Jaden Reyes - 13 hours ago
Still getting the chills from this
Albert Dominguez
Albert Dominguez - 13 hours ago
Kinda sad that next season is going to be a whole knew pannel but hey at least Adams coming back on
Brittney Hun
Brittney Hun - 14 hours ago
I want this version on spotify!!!
mcatriana - 15 hours ago
Lmao yessss he saved him !
mcatriana - 15 hours ago
Allegra on Sia song will be crushed
mcatriana - 15 hours ago
Nick is KILLING these song Choices and arrangements UGHHH
joe joe
joe joe - 15 hours ago
I need this in Spotify
Madeline Zeta
Madeline Zeta - 15 hours ago
The "yeah: was def on nicks end. he does that all the time, and i love the way she did it. she is so good
JB - 15 hours ago
I like Allegra, she has a special raw voice, be careful she can win
TheContextualGamer - 16 hours ago
I just had to comment. This was like out of a movie. The chemistry, the presence, both of them were great. 👏 👏 👏
Addalyn Raba
Addalyn Raba - 16 hours ago
I luv them both
TumpySquare - 16 hours ago
London grammar
Tight harmonies🙌🏼
Sarah Turner
Sarah Turner - 16 hours ago
This was soooooooo perfect! I think my fav battle
Waylon Ralph D. Aclibon
Waylon Ralph D. Aclibon - 17 hours ago
I don't know why I cried...
Daisy _
Daisy _ - 18 hours ago
Is it only me that thinks Michael is better? Allegra is too nasal :(
titalie bennn
titalie bennn - 18 hours ago
Nick wanting to cry was so sweet....
Wade Dinsey
Wade Dinsey - 18 hours ago
I'm sure I've watched this battle over 2000 times. Lol. Allegra's voice just makes me emotional.
About Facts
About Facts - 18 hours ago
Without question Allegra Miles is going places with a super voice like hers. Folks, we are watching a star emerge right before our eyes. She has the wow factor at 16. Wow!
Norain Adzar
Norain Adzar - 18 hours ago
Nick 💕
Raf Huss
Raf Huss - 18 hours ago
Loved it!!
Anna Claudia Setti
Anna Claudia Setti - 19 hours ago
Vee Square
Vee Square - 19 hours ago
My favorite battle!
Erica Sotto
Erica Sotto - 19 hours ago
The best battles are the ones where they work together for a collectively good performance instead of alternating solos with no harmonies while competing to outdo each other.
Ms.Ashanti G
Ms.Ashanti G - 19 hours ago
Her voice reminds me of Mayeleen from last year.. Beautiful voice
Josh Parsons
Josh Parsons - 20 hours ago
Hate to say it but I like this version better than Whitney's OMG y'all are amazing!!!
Esteban Gabriel Colmán Valenzuela
This season is fire. Not just because they are all great vocalists, but you can see how much this people are humble and truly supportive of each other. Allegra, Michael, Micah, Gigi, Levi, etc... you can tell they are all friends. If you think I am exaggerating, follow them on IG...
Emily Jane
Emily Jane - 21 hour ago
Totally random but wouldn't Allegra's voice sound amazing singing Sarah Mclachlan's I Will Remember You
Oluwagbenga Aborisade
Oluwagbenga Aborisade - 21 hour ago
Battle of the ages by two under-age.... Ridiculous
Suzanne Zack
Suzanne Zack - 21 hour ago
If they don't fall in love I'm gonna sue
Miss P
Miss P - 21 hour ago
Allegra ❤️👑
Anyatama Biswas
Anyatama Biswas - 22 hours ago
0:34-0:36 Michael was starstruck lol
Laurens life
Laurens life - 22 hours ago
Allegra’s reaction is so cute when Michael gets saved
Kiersten Richmond
Kiersten Richmond - 22 hours ago
I think that Allegra and Michael could end up being best friends or even dating I mean 6:20 Allegra was way too excited about that.
Christine Chua
Christine Chua - 22 hours ago
Their connection when they sung was SO BEAUTIFUL and I love that they have their own time to shine vocally :')
Natalie MBSA
Natalie MBSA - 22 hours ago
I just can't get enough of allegras voice.#inlove
Stacy Chen
Stacy Chen - 22 hours ago
This song is on my repeat~~ 💕
Uly Ritual
Uly Ritual - 23 hours ago
This is one of the hardest battle to judge.
THE RED BOX - 23 hours ago
I think this was the best battle of the season so far.
Aemmy Amika
Aemmy Amika - 23 hours ago
So goodddd
Dylan Depres
Dylan Depres - Day ago
Cant get over this one, gotta be one of my favorite live performances on this style show
MrCarpio - Day ago
The Voice... just replace Adam with Nick
Sudara Nanayakkara
Sudara Nanayakkara - Day ago
Am I the only one whose noticing that Allegra gives a vibe similar to Addison Agen
gagana gogineni
gagana gogineni - Day ago
wait why are they all endangering their lives by all being together when someone could have the corona virus?
Kenny Smith
Kenny Smith - Day ago
gagana gogineni gay
alan dvorkis
alan dvorkis - Day ago
Nick Jonas has been a breath of fresh air. All his singers have improved, some far more than others, from auditions to battles. He watches both with care and intent. All 3 of his battles have been terrific thus far and my favorite singer of his Jacob Miller has no battled yet. I think Michael won this battle but either choice is fine.
Anu Bialose
Anu Bialose - Day ago
This is still the top 5 best battles this season. Goose bumps all the way .
AndrewKendall71 - Day ago
Been watching all of the battles. These two both deserve to stay and stay because no one else – none of them – make you *believe* what they're singing like these two.
David Price
David Price - Day ago
I thought he had this in the beginning then she punched him in the face
David Price
David Price - Day ago
I'm an avid voice follower that was one of the best battles
ExtreMe - Day ago
Bad song choice tbh...
Braydon Sterling
Braydon Sterling - Day ago
She winning the voice but watch out for michael in the four way battle. Kids got talent
jammybilly - Day ago
One of the best, if not THE best battle I've seen on the Voice. And I watch everything that's available on YouTube from across the World (I'm addicted!). This song is used a lot but what a great, great version they came up with. I'm watching it on repeat now! So, so good. Amazing performance from two people so young. Well done Allegra and Michael (and Nick!).
Jk Ioane
Jk Ioane - Day ago
The fact that this is already an accomplished song. In a different style and tempo. But this version just hits in a way... it's almost a wedding song. Bloody in my feels. Allegra is gonna be hard to beat - absolute beaut.
Ahmed Taibi
Ahmed Taibi - Day ago
Damn they killed me every note tell a stories.
John John
John John - Day ago
Wow Allegra ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jhoanna Mendoza
Jhoanna Mendoza - Day ago
Just one of the best arrangements i ever heard in any song
koslaz2708 - Day ago
They look very good together, they could make a very cute couple.
L P - Day ago
Woooww, all about this was beautiful
wow stunning performance by Troy and Gabriella 🥺
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