TXT (투모로우바이투게더) ‘Introduction Film - What do you do?’ - 연준 (YEONJUN)

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Rosa Kim
Rosa Kim - Hour ago
I'm here again to replay how I was becoming Yeonjun's fan😂😂
Fatima Bts and TxT fan
Fatima Bts and TxT fan - 5 hours ago
So cute 😛
Nia kim
Nia kim - 6 hours ago
AHHHH!!!!!!!!! ES MUY LINDO :3
BT XT - 18 hours ago
Yeonjun must have bring that stuff toy at their dorm for KAI
realoiler - 19 hours ago
Damn Daniel!
반짝이는나 - Day ago
연준아 ~~~~ 😍😍😍😍😍😍💙💛
eNgliSheU pLeASeU
eNgliSheU pLeASeU - Day ago
*remember when everyone was talking about yeonjun and praise for his handsome face*
*now we used it to it arent we*
Shanielle Mae Guira
I swear he looks like taehyung
- morelike-A-Wardrobe -
He's Gorgeous
Shaina Denise
Shaina Denise - Day ago
The sound at the end is the MV❤
Mogu Mochi
Mogu Mochi - Day ago
Anybody come back here every once and a while?
Jungkook Tae Jin
Jungkook Tae Jin - Day ago
Ni parece el mayor 😅
Esmeralda Leon
Esmeralda Leon - 2 days ago
Norma Galvan
Norma Galvan - 2 days ago
😔 me han descepcionado
Linda army
Linda army - 2 days ago
Yg ini nih idola baru gue,tapi jimin tetap no1
Army :3
Army :3 - 2 days ago
Que lindoooooo
Nancy S.
Nancy S. - 2 days ago
I was the 2nd like in this video, now he is my bias.
Allexandra Santos
Allexandra Santos - 2 days ago
Trisha Wong
Trisha Wong - 2 days ago
I love you JEONJUN💖
JEONJUN can sing🎤
JEONJUN can rap
JEONJUN is handsome
JEONJUN is cute
Yei Esperanza
Yei Esperanza - 2 days ago
Ay♡ es hermoso, y además tiene una gran personalidad, eso lo convirtió en mi bias sjdlwlld♡
selin tan
selin tan - 2 days ago
my bias
Cherry Del Rosario
Cherry Del Rosario - 2 days ago
Bias kooo
adlinaa wanahmad
adlinaa wanahmad - 3 days ago
Yeonjun introduction have the highest view among the other members of txt
Virgilio Escobar
Virgilio Escobar - 3 days ago
Love ♡♡ by: Silvina
shoby angco
shoby angco - 3 days ago

BTS bias:Park jimin

TXT bias:Yeonjuuun
Osama Osama
Osama Osama - 3 days ago
الارمي العرب أثبتو وجودكم
irina baez
irina baez - 3 days ago
Que viva BTS y a la berga
쳬린🥀 - 3 days ago
아미가 보는데도 진짜 잘생김
Apelidei ele de Jun
7 Cerdik
7 Cerdik - 3 days ago
*Yeonjun* : January VS March
Iin Indriyani
Iin Indriyani - 3 days ago
I'm stan on you yeonjun😍
Karina Sampaio
Karina Sampaio - 3 days ago
Sekar Larasati Khoirunnisa
Fernando Ripoll Gomez
Fernando Ripoll Gomez - 4 days ago
Y love BTS no TXT😑😕😭😡
『ARMY』 ᐛ디아
『ARMY』 ᐛ디아 - 4 days ago
This is a video of txt. Please do not mention bts.This is a video of txt. Please do not mention bts.This is a video of txt. Please do not mention bts.This is a video of txt. Please do not mention bts.This is a video of txt. Please do not mention bts.This is a video of txt. Please do not mention bts.This is a video of txt. Please do not mention bts.This is a video of txt. Please do not mention bts.This is a video of txt. Please do not mention bts.This is a video of txt. Please do not mention bts.This is a video of txt. Please do not mention bts.This is a video of txt. Please do not mention bts.
_*Queen Malak RBLX • Coolawesomekid1013*_
*I’m just gonna watch this VLIVE ad of BTS. Before this video starts. I think VLIVE really wants me, so I shall get it.*
Steffany Advensa
Steffany Advensa - 4 days ago
So cuteee
Na Mary
Na Mary - 4 days ago
Пиар защёт BTS...
Nga Mac
Nga Mac - 4 days ago
He looks like actor Kim Minseok lol
spelling55 bee
spelling55 bee - 4 days ago
Hes the oldest of the group yet I thought he was the maknae cuz after seeing the others intros he looked the youngest out of them.😅😂
Salwa Nabila
Salwa Nabila - 4 days ago
I miss thisssss
Hoshi Kim
Hoshi Kim - 4 days ago
Creo que ya encontré a mi segundo bias :'3
Tani Ryci
Tani Ryci - 5 days ago
His lips😍😍omgggg😍😍😍
BUDDY iKONIC - 5 days ago
I like this boy, I like his voice 😍😍
Kristina Jhona Quimuel
Kristina Jhona Quimuel - 5 days ago
Bts is Bts
TxT is TxT
Lemon - 5 days ago
Yeontan is Yeonjun
*fun fact*
Liliana Rivera
Liliana Rivera - 5 days ago
YeonJun es lindo 😏
Nina Aguhob
Nina Aguhob - 5 days ago
I like yeonjun
isabella kawai perez
isabella kawai perez - 6 days ago
prefiriero mil veses a bts que txt
nina c.a
nina c.a - 3 days ago
No pos que haces aquí entonces si no te interesa txt?
Kim Jinhwan
Kim Jinhwan - 6 days ago
Y a quien le importa?
call me alex
call me alex - 6 days ago
*whos here after their debut trying to pick a bias?*
Nina Aguhob
Nina Aguhob - 6 days ago
Yeonjun is so cute
Kaito Kids
Kaito Kids - 6 days ago
Sometimes.. He looks like seo in guk
shaniah illustre
shaniah illustre - 6 days ago
Bowjung Junginthra
Bowjung Junginthra - 6 days ago
My yeonjun ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
PAINTBLUSHED - 6 days ago
i can love txt without hating bts like bitch their my inspires mennnnn
sofi - 6 days ago
sofi - 6 days ago
f uck
lucy A.R.M.Y
lucy A.R.M.Y - 6 days ago
What happened with bts??!! 😢
Purple U
Purple U - 4 days ago
No. April 12.(BTS album and mv releasing)
Oh yeah yeah bud
Oh yeah yeah bud - 5 days ago
Why are you still asking this it's been 2 months
lexi evan
lexi evan - 6 days ago
Nothing they have there caom back on April 13 so chill they can't break for next 7 years at least
علوش العراقي
واو روعة 😊😍
شو ما كو عربي 😂😂
Thayrine Conceicao
Thayrine Conceicao - 6 days ago
Amei muito eles#TXT💖💖💖💖💖
S Vira
S Vira - 7 days ago
How dare you to luk so cute 😍.. Cuteness overloading
Finn Wolfhard
Finn Wolfhard - 7 days ago
He reminds me of 707/Luciel from Mystic Messenger.
10,000 subscribers with no videos
Анастейша Белова
Разве эта песня не выйдет, это что показывают съёмки клипа ?😮😟😕
Meanie Jiminie
Meanie Jiminie - 7 days ago
Mini-Taehyung is here ya'll!
I’mActualTrash - 8 days ago
I’ve watched this like 192796946847279717947793 times but it’s still adorable and makes me cry
canal incrível
canal incrível - 8 days ago
Bts vs TXT
canal incrível
canal incrível - 8 days ago
•P A R K E L I Z A•
Yeonjun is my bias ohyEà
고스터버스터 고스터버스터
아 ㄹㅇ존나젛다 ㅠㅠㅠ
Mary Butterfly
Mary Butterfly - 8 days ago
I think I'm kinda biased 🙃
jiniya - 8 days ago
this guy is killing me
Bolade Ojuolape
Bolade Ojuolape - 8 days ago
1:09 when I try to get my friends to sing kpop with me
Maria Alarcon
Maria Alarcon - 8 days ago
Y donde quedo bts
Michelle F.
Michelle F. - 8 days ago
Soy la única que piensa que tiene un parecido a Lee Jong Suk ?
lelelenay19 - 8 days ago
bts not txt >:v
Fátima Aurora Anaya Mejía
No manches me lleva por seis años!!!!
Sergio Meza
Sergio Meza - 9 days ago
*Despues de ver su cancion del debut CROWN entendi por que estan esos sonidos al final del video de YEONJUN*
pepi.mp3 - 9 days ago
Every TXT song but it's only soobin's lines https://youtu.be/bjQbAg9DFQ0
taehyung my euphoria
taehyung my euphoria - 9 days ago
yeonjun looks like: lee jong suk, chenle and daewhi if they all had a child.
also, my bias is so cuTeEe uwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwwu
- khushi
- khushi - 3 days ago
yes, he looks like Chenle a bit lol
Britney Alvarado
Britney Alvarado - 9 days ago
It feels like they are here to replace bts
LaurensStar - 9 days ago
Kim Akari
Kim Akari - 9 days ago
I don't think he knew that his stuffed animal was not alive😂💜💜😍
도영TV - Doyoung Tv
도영TV - Doyoung Tv - 9 days ago
who still in MARCH? of 2019?
mia morena
mia morena - 9 days ago
no alas drogas
kin siumy
kin siumy - 9 days ago
Qual nome dele Aaaaaaa
peanut taegii
peanut taegii - 9 days ago
lmao me being exposed on gadgets
Mihaela Harpaila
Mihaela Harpaila - 9 days ago
bts were are you my sweetys
Be Seok
Be Seok - 9 days ago
Chrstn Nthn
Chrstn Nthn - 9 days ago
Who is came back after wathing their debute behind scene? CMIIW
O Y - 9 days ago
시발 개잘생김
Your Mom
Your Mom - 9 days ago
I came here after a crack vid
Lenor Balocating
Lenor Balocating - 9 days ago
Bias wrecker:Soobin
thalaskie - 9 days ago
He looks different here 🥺🥺🧡🧡
daniella mta
daniella mta - 9 days ago
He reminds me of taehyung because of his monolids even if tae only has one its still so cute
BTS chim chim cutie
BTS chim chim cutie - 9 days ago
I will always love bts. And if they disbands I still will love them.
But I will have to axecpt the fact that they will disband. And if so I will support txt because then I know that BTS won't mind.
Jose Fernando Eugenio Gallegos
Hola perros vengo del futuro y se que su música triunfará
arthesya wp
arthesya wp - 10 days ago
Света Ким
Света Ким - 10 days ago
Kimberly Jane Casal
Kimberly Jane Casal - 10 days ago
Yeonjun!!!!! Your so cute!!!!
girl x
girl x - 10 days ago
Bighit: what type of technology do you want?
Yeonjun: yes
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