CAPTAIN MARVEL Full Movie Breakdown! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed!

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General Grievous
General Grievous - 2 days ago
Ralsei :3
Ralsei :3 - 2 days ago
I just watched the movie a couple seconds ago and I’m just watching this now lol
Knight Story Brick
Knight Story Brick - 2 days ago
8:12 Shh
This mom's Cancer
Meredith Quill X
terror_ shadow
terror_ shadow - 4 days ago
It’s not the binary it’s called super sayian get it right
jacob nelson
jacob nelson - 6 days ago
Who is the evolutionary
Chi - 7 days ago
12:48 WOW🤯
Anthony Chang
Anthony Chang - 7 days ago
I hope in Guardians of the galaxy vol. III they have Captain Marvel in it.
Willie Chryst Gang
Willie Chryst Gang - 7 days ago
Lol lets not do any more caotain marvels thanks
Treyvin Tracy
Treyvin Tracy - 8 days ago
This was live
Treyvin Tracy
Treyvin Tracy - 8 days ago
I dont get why the didnt use the stan lee marvel logo in endgame after all he is what started all this
Joe Hung
Joe Hung - 10 days ago
How does a low ranking SHIELD member in 95 know Howard Stark so well?
ImSorry Ehh
ImSorry Ehh - 12 days ago
To be fair to Goose, he didn't eat Fury, so technically he kept his promise.
sausageman54 - 13 days ago
ליאור למדן
ליאור למדן - 13 days ago
Kree logo, the eight pointed star, is also on Nova corps in gotg and wonderwoman tiara
ליאור למדן
ליאור למדן - 13 days ago
Like Independence Day, they fly in the canyon
Ari Abreu
Ari Abreu - 14 days ago
Hail Hydra
Xen Quenano
Xen Quenano - 14 days ago
very nice
Eva Mai
Eva Mai - 14 days ago
The funniest part in hindsight is the prediction that Wong was the chubby arm in the Quantum Suit when it was actually Thor 👌👌
Russell Brown
Russell Brown - 15 days ago
At 7mins in, the non stop barrage of crazy mumbo jumbo had me exhausted to the point i stopped caring and decided to NEVER WATCH THIS MOVIE
and apparently it pushes hard a feminist message
If u push hard any message to me, i am not amused
I go 2 the movies to be ENTERTAINED, NOT LECTURED TO, thank you vvvveeeeeeerrrrrryyyyy much, (as Brie would say)
Xadrios - 15 days ago
I want to see the sequel "Flerkan vs The World
Emily Brown
Emily Brown - 16 days ago
this has so much to do with the comics i was getting lost omggg
Brian Lawellin
Brian Lawellin - 16 days ago
Who else is at the movies about to watch this movie???

Just me...... ok 😬😬😬
acehole131 - 16 days ago
The good suit option has got to be from fortnite
hootbutler - 17 days ago
z zZ
z zZ - 18 days ago
Maia Stenger
Maia Stenger - 22 days ago
They needed to make Coulson younger!
ACID - 22 days ago
i saw the First Knight Dvd 1995 at the background
MetaP1 - 22 days ago
Um actually
(Pushes up glasses)
They confirmed that Stan lee plays the same character throughout all of his cameos thank you very much
TherealBigChungus M
TherealBigChungus M - 23 days ago
Dang vers captain marvel and carol really all look alike
Zane Jones1
Zane Jones1 - 23 days ago
Loki is a shape shifter right so then every ice creature from Loki’s actual family is shape shifters to right???
brad arnold
brad arnold - 23 days ago
OUT OF ALL THIS ! How do you skip the "give me a smile part "?
As someone who was really worried this would be a swj movie, it really wasnt and that "give me a smile" line had me laughing so hard.
Rashaad Billups
Rashaad Billups - 24 days ago
Im only here cause Im bout to go watch endgame in a couple hours.
Clare Smith
Clare Smith - 24 days ago
I want to see an animated series featuring Goose.
Ms. Jackson
Ms. Jackson - 24 days ago
Tell me more about Goose!
Broderick Bowden
Broderick Bowden - 24 days ago
Me half hour before watching endgame: *watches this*
Adrian Baraka
Adrian Baraka - 24 days ago
Did anyone notice that the name Carol Danvers resembles supergirl name Kara Danvers
lilj 45
lilj 45 - 25 days ago
You didn't even mention the current Ms. Marvel in the comments who is Kamala Khan
Akhilesh Jadhav
Akhilesh Jadhav - 25 days ago
Who's watching this before watching the Avengers Endgame...
Jumpman056 - 25 days ago
Ain’t flurkin them things from I am number 4
Jumpman056 - 25 days ago
Watching this instead of going to the movies
Ravi.R - 25 days ago
Not a very inspiring movie. Had a lot of hope but the movie did not live up to it. to me a rushed intro movie.
Mo Said
Mo Said - 25 days ago
VPN express don’t work for Netflix btw I’m in uk tired USA network to watch marvel movies only available in us wont work
AWP AWP - 25 days ago
22:00 what GoTg sewuel
Ryan - 25 days ago
*Who else is watching this cause they DID NOT care to see Captain Marvel?*
Eliza Equine
Eliza Equine - 26 days ago
It better not be hawkeye, I’ll sue! He’s been my favorite from the start
Redguy221 - 26 days ago
captain marvel and the gotg!!!
Eric Gaiser
Eric Gaiser - 27 days ago
My cousin Sean McDonough managed The Smashing Pumpkins so that easter egg is extra sick!!!
Santiago Ponce
Santiago Ponce - 27 days ago
If the cat is goos would a dog be duck?
Byakko Fenrir
Byakko Fenrir - 27 days ago
there is one problem with the prolonged infiltration
Blake Stillman
Blake Stillman - 27 days ago
All of my destiny2 fans out there will understand that the photon blast sounds like sunshot the exotic hand cannon
Savage Cortez
Savage Cortez - 27 days ago
This movie weird
MiztarBriteCide - 27 days ago
Thanks Brian McFadden
Terra Sauce
Terra Sauce - 28 days ago
if its female its nice
if its male its mies
less than 1 percent of the population will understand this
William Hagood
William Hagood - 28 days ago
Budapesh, not Budapest.
sniper mech gaming
sniper mech gaming - 28 days ago
Goose movie
Just Goose movie....
William Davis gameing 2143
Earlier *
William Davis gameing 2143
When he says the cats name was chewy like from star wars and thebar i fr just open one up like 2 sec later
Bungylunn - 28 days ago
Binary? Thats flerkin super saiyan
Denise Mohan
Denise Mohan - 28 days ago
my neighbors are rewatching infinity war 3 days from endgame and i am getting extremely inpatient
Christine - 28 days ago
3:32 - and looks wise, also on Thor in Thor Ragnarok
Morrall Blake
Morrall Blake - 29 days ago
The spin-off that I'd like to see from this movie, is how Maria Rambeau becomes a "super hero" character.
R. Drake Sansone
R. Drake Sansone - Month ago
This movie was a *MAJOR* disappointment , and Brie Larsen was horrible.
Jerry Aguilar
Jerry Aguilar - Month ago
He puts the Avengers initiative
Natalie Hurd
Natalie Hurd - Month ago
Love all the tie-ins
The Real ToxicBeast
The Real ToxicBeast - Month ago
That was a awesome tribute to Stan lee. RiP.
Alex A.
Alex A. - Month ago
I had to repeat the "IIIIIINTERESTING wardrobe" part cuz I LOVE the dry tone there.
Kellie Elsley
Kellie Elsley - Month ago
The Supreme intelligence has green eyes like in the comics. cool
RABIARD - Month ago
"Captain Marvel was relaunched as a US pilot" LMAO i lost faith in you guys
Amy K Taylor
Amy K Taylor - Month ago
Andy Allom
Andy Allom - Month ago
Who had a Happy Days lunchbox in thr 90s? Already a rare collectable.
Highlight of my first visit to the Smithsonian. Fonzie's bikers jacket. That was 1982.
nathan boedigheimer
nathan boedigheimer - Month ago
The skrulls have the same chin as thanos
PROJECT Z.A.N.E - Month ago
Imagine if it was called protectors instead of avengers : PROTECTORS EARTHS MIGHTIEST HEROES , PROTECTORS INFINITY WAR or even PROTECTORS AGE OF ULTRON
dylan dg
dylan dg - Month ago
That shutting star could be the vibraniom astroid
Arief Rakhman
Arief Rakhman - Month ago
Wow.. I didn't realize most of these.. you guys are awesome!
Randy Dela Rosa
Randy Dela Rosa - Month ago
That "Photon" call sign though. Will Marvel introduce Photon soon or will it be Spectrum leading to "The Ultimates(2015 Team?)"
Urban sniper 720
Urban sniper 720 - Month ago
What?!?! I saw nick fury writing THE AVENGER INITIATIVE. You guys are tripping if you didn’t see it. The movie also ends with the avengers theme song.
Kevin LEE
Kevin LEE - Month ago
There’s still one question that hasn’t been rly answered, not that it rly mattered
Why do u build an advanced space suit technology and suddenly be like:
U know what would be kool about this suit? A button to change colour schemes, even though our entire empire already has a set colour.
Kevin LEE
Kevin LEE - Month ago
Alex Miller-Clendon True that but in the movie at the first battle scene we see them not using this kind of camouflage idea, but one battle may not justify the use of the changing colours option, but u got ideas
Alex Miller-Clendon
Alex Miller-Clendon - Month ago
Camouflage is a reason I thought of, infiltrating a facility in a forest a Kree's combat suit would stand out in its standard colors so give it color changing capabilities to offset this.
Silvernight01 - Month ago
Sudden theory: what if in Endgame, they destroy one or more of the infinity stones and their explosion of energy gives other humans/aliens/life forms powers, like what happened with Captain Marvel and Wanda? Be cool if that's how more mutants or 'inhumans' appear (haven't watched any of the side shows)
CaptainRex 33
CaptainRex 33 - Month ago
Do a video about where the Kree Soldiers we didn’t see in Guardians of the Galaxy where and what they could be doing please
Bill Holt
Bill Holt - Month ago
I want to see a Star Lord - Captain Marvel interaction...
Mark Gray
Mark Gray - Month ago
Secret invasion would be awesome
Chris Cameron
Chris Cameron - Month ago
i feel like you're lying about been scared when not using a vpn... granted everyone should be able to browse the internet with anonymity but aslong as your not looking at questionable things you'll be ok!
Wendo’s Life
Wendo’s Life - Month ago
Good movie i watch it everyday
ToxicWither410 - Month ago
I thought you were going to say pegasus was the flight contact from gta5
Dani was invented
Dani was invented - Month ago
The marvel timeline hasn't changed. The Captain America tesseract origin still fits perfectly. Tony Stark's dad gives the tesseract to PEGASUS so that it can be studied. This actually makes a lot of sense, because Tony Starks' dad helped found PEGASUS. Then at PEGASUS, Mar-Vell gets ahold of it.
Dani was invented
Dani was invented - 12 days ago
Upadly I guess. I mean the dad died and then Tony's not exactly the best when it comes to prioritizing past his ego. No offense to the character, it's kinda what makes him fun, really.
Upadly - 17 days ago
Of course Tony Stark and SHIELD just casually lost the Tesseract for 6-7 years. Not even trying to find out what Mar-vell did with it?
the bean
the bean - Month ago
Gavin Ball
Gavin Ball - Month ago
I have a strong feeling that me not seeing this movie will detract ANYTHING from seeing Endgame. So damn convoluted and just meh
Jtrix Alpha
Jtrix Alpha - Month ago
Those asking why if Captain Marvel is the original avenger, why they called Captain America the first avenger, well obviously captain america is still the “world’s first hero” to exist in the MCU chronology... remember Steve’s still older than Carol, so yeah first avenger...
gamer guy 13
gamer guy 13 - Month ago
Imagine captain marvel vs Adam warlock (it's a idea for the next galaxy movie)
Jay210 - Month ago
So we just not acknowledging the fact that reference to The Mummy ( 1999 ) when carol is breaking out of the skrull ship?? Smh
tgg killprowajo
tgg killprowajo - Month ago
ya know i hope in endgame that they will go to the quantum realm and than bring back some important characters like yondu or agent carter or (hopefully) gamora, vision, heimdall and loki (the ones who thans killed without snapping)
King Of Parody
King Of Parody - Month ago
I literally just came from the movie theater
JHolland - Month ago
Why is Ronan got black all over his face
JHolland - Month ago
Still annoyed the killed that scientific skrull that didn’t know it was coordinates or whatever lol , he didn’t need to die
This guy
This guy - Month ago
Investigate Black Widow in the Skrull Search next!
James Holden
James Holden - Month ago
So mar-vell was the only good kree in the film?
i dont know anyone who would have sex dreams about there teacher
Matthew Minkler
Matthew Minkler - Month ago
Actually space invaders came out in 1978 but the first alien movie came out in 1979 which means that space Invaders did not steal from alien but alien stole from Space invaders.
Michael Reynolds
Michael Reynolds - Month ago
Movie was honestly horrible.
flashflair - Month ago
More Flerken story
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