Bear Grylls Reviews Survival Movies | Vanity Fair

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Jared Couch
Jared Couch - 8 minutes ago
Even tho bear grills got caught sleeping in hotels and not actually outside 😂
michael ham
michael ham - 45 minutes ago
Bear grylls is a joke! He couldnt survive in his own back yard. He has been called out for BS by real survivalists several times.
C. p.
C. p. - 5 hours ago
iron man: i am iron man *snap
bear: i’ve actually been in this situation a few times..
xTjayHD - 6 hours ago
How can someone with a show that's fake review this.
John - 6 hours ago
You know your in for a treat when Bear goes: "Can we take a pee break?"
jutubaeh - 6 hours ago
löl that telentless hype tvvödd cöpies star wars -.-
G. W.
G. W. - 8 hours ago
Just another average day for Grylis: Telling Drew Brees to drive a knife through a crocodiles skull.
Nikolay Asenov
Nikolay Asenov - 12 hours ago
Bear Grylls hunting, surviving and eating frogs where native people go on weekends to chill. That says enough for his “survival” skills
marvet 2006
marvet 2006 - 14 hours ago
Such a fraud
vvvVFANGSVvvv - 18 hours ago
Fake survival movies being reviewed by a fake survival expert. Fitting.
Axl Sangil
Axl Sangil - 19 hours ago
Hearing him review a movie sounds like he is still in the wild.
Prophet New York
Prophet New York - Day ago
He sounds exactly like Daniel Day Lewis
CassieLino - Day ago
I was trying to remember why I stopped watching bear grylls and then he got to the crocodile bit and I remembered why I cant stand this guy.
The Observer
The Observer - Day ago
Thank god he put Cast Away as realistic
Gerry Diliberto
Gerry Diliberto - Day ago
melissa arias
melissa arias - Day ago
bruh i thought he died
hoppy2228 - Day ago
bear grylls the fraud who stays in hotels while claimng to be living real
Либералы мусор
Dude that make fake survival show tell us about TRUTH? Please)
Papa Joe
Papa Joe - Day ago
biggest liar on the face of the planet.
Give me some weed
Give me some weed - Day ago
Jesus: *gets crucified*
Bear Grylls: "I've actualy been in this situation many times before"
bob billy
bob billy - Day ago
Radu Gașpăr
Radu Gașpăr - Day ago
Check his eyes man is he in Sage Mod?
Radu Gașpăr
Radu Gașpăr - Day ago
One of my childhood Heros , watched on Discovery all the time
Cole Privett
Cole Privett - Day ago
Jumps off a waterfall himself. Lets see how realistic these movies arrrrre
Lloyd McGinley
Lloyd McGinley - Day ago
Girl nearly gets eaten by a crocodile
Bear Grylls: This is an epic moment
Alexis Ouren
Alexis Ouren - Day ago
the revenant is the best movie i have ever seen
Haiden'e - Day ago
His *FACE* and *EYES* tells the *-truth-*
русский человек
Wait a minute,

*He should review his own videos*
joker aka akira
joker aka akira - 2 days ago
Bear grylls is not a good survival expert
Bear Grylls, Gordon Ramsey, and Jermey Wade should make a show
Yehuda Holtsberg
Yehuda Holtsberg - 2 days ago
Bear grylls is a scam
LittleParade - 2 days ago
Bear Grylls: "Epic moment"
LittleParade - 2 days ago
Any situation: "I've actually been in this situation before."
sparsh. - 2 days ago
Says the guy who eats real food in between scenes.
Chem major
Chem major - 2 days ago
Kinda ironic to have a guy who's faked survival scenarios reviewing survival movies on their legitimacy.
Brian Cruz
Brian Cruz - 2 days ago
Wow its Ted Bear
Enigami NetShinobi
Enigami NetShinobi - 2 days ago
what do you mean thats fake? THATS A REAL KNIFE!
Enigami NetShinobi
Enigami NetShinobi - 2 days ago
wouldhv been badass if he had on his seal t shirt.
Bcgden - 2 days ago
Bro imagine climbing Everest and seeing a dead guy
Maxwell Moller
Maxwell Moller - 2 days ago
This guy is a hack.
Ankur Chakraborty
Ankur Chakraborty - 2 days ago
This man has lived his life to the fullest.. If 2012 had been real, he would probably the only one surviving..
Carson Givens
Carson Givens - 3 days ago
Bear grylls is actually pretty goofy and funny. Nice to see him reminisce over the blood. Love him a lot❤️🖤❤️
uTubeNoITube - 3 days ago
*guy dies*
Bear Grylls: I've been in that situation many times before.
young dagger dick
young dagger dick - 3 days ago
*Pizza guy shows up*
Bear Grylls: are we doing another episode?
Aaron James
Aaron James - 3 days ago
Can we not forget, this man was caught eating on his show behind the scenes, while he was supposed to be "surviving"
Lafe Denton
Lafe Denton - 3 days ago
Bear also had to gut his wompa in a snowstorm once
Jaden ortega
Jaden ortega - 3 days ago
my idol since 2008
NDF Productions
NDF Productions - 4 days ago
You look like Zak Bagans
Mushfiqul Haq
Mushfiqul Haq - 4 days ago
What a charlatan!
thomas a council
thomas a council - 4 days ago
And when the bear or wolves come back to eat the animal? Asking for a friend
Tabitha K.
Tabitha K. - 3 days ago
I haven't seen the revenant, but if it was during a snowstorm you probably wouldn't have to worry about scavengers. Plus there are some animals that don't normally eat carrion, only if they're really hungry. But yeah that's definitely a concern
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