Bear Grylls Reviews Survival Movies | Vanity Fair

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Gus Armstrong
Gus Armstrong - 2 hours ago
I had to much fun making this guy die in the Netflix choose your story thing
Jacob Lopez
Jacob Lopez - 3 hours ago
Says the guy who's half his show is fake
Chaos: International
Chaos: International - 3 hours ago
9:10 just take it off....

everybody take it off
Chaos: International
Chaos: International - 4 hours ago
1:25 now he has blood all over him

perfect scent
Nuno Soares
Nuno Soares - 4 hours ago
This was cool Vanity Fair. Although you could have invited Les Stroud as well. Please make a second survival movies episode with him? Thanks. By the way. Thanks Bear for your service in the British Special Forces and thanks all the military folks for your service. The world is a bit safer thanks to you all:-) . Condolences to the families who lost loved ones serving their country. May all rest in peace :-(
Marko Kos
Marko Kos - 4 hours ago
No The Grey ?.hmmm hmm hmm
Mike G
Mike G - 6 hours ago
I bet if someone tried to rob Bear Grylls he'd just gut them and use them as shelter for the night
Jesús Ramos
Jesús Ramos - 6 hours ago
Watches a documentary about the big bang

Yeah I've been in that situation before
Ashar Awesome
Ashar Awesome - 6 hours ago
Big Bang: *Happens*
Bear Grylls: Actually I've been in this situation a couple of times before
Caleb Leidy
Caleb Leidy - 6 hours ago
The Everest one is actually very sad.
Theodore Mask
Theodore Mask - 7 hours ago
Wait I thought he was dead
D Lo
D Lo - 7 hours ago
Bear Grylls is an idiot that advocated eating deer crap in Alabama, then kills a "wild" pig literally tied to a tree, you, sir, are a fraud.
Philip Lewis
Philip Lewis - 8 hours ago
A Non-Existent Person: (Gets kicked in the testicles by a platypus on Mars)
Bear Grylls: I've been in that exact situation. . . many times before. . .
Cole Cole
Cole Cole - 8 hours ago
Me: *Chops my balls off with a machete as a sacrifice only I understand*
Bear Grylls: "I've actually been in this situation many times before, sacrifices are part of survival."
Tim Müller
Tim Müller - 8 hours ago
I found it so emotional when he talked about the man frozen to death which he saw, perfectly preserved. Its such an odd imagination i cant believe it.
VortechBand - 8 hours ago
Steve1989: "Nice"
姜涵之 - 9 hours ago
Christian Bill?
Johan Dreyer
Johan Dreyer - 9 hours ago
*gets shown Alien*
Bear Grylls: ive actulli been in this situation before
Jomarzito - 9 hours ago
Not a meme yet but let’s wait a couple more years
jeezchillbro - 10 hours ago
Bear Grylls lookin' mad scuffed, like he just had a night at the Camel Puss Lodge.
Shaun ONeil
Shaun ONeil - 11 hours ago
This fool will get you killed
Rakshit - 11 hours ago
Yeah, been there done that.
RAKSHIT KASHYAP - 12 hours ago
What is the favourite dish of bear grill
Bear bbq on a grill
Mark Peterson
Mark Peterson - 14 hours ago
I had to like once they used the office clip 😅
Guillermo Lara
Guillermo Lara - 15 hours ago
*Watches footage of moon landing*
“Yeah, I’ve actually been in this situation before”
Noah Pigott
Noah Pigott - 15 hours ago
He is such a liar and his stuff is soo fake
Brewed Awakening
Brewed Awakening - 16 hours ago
Bear Grylls once went to a restaurant and complained and yelled "Waiter! There's a soup in my fly!" If I was the camera man when this dude parachutes down to some God forsaken jungle? I'd pray Bear does not run out of food source, or I am the next meal. When he orders a "Caesar's Salad? You better find out if Caesar is working that day coz' he meant he wants the salad AND Caesar. Speaking of cannibalism, if a man who only eats only vegetables is a vegetarian, what do we call a human who eats another human a "Humanitarian?" Is that right? 😀
_-*Izzy Zilla*-_
_-*Izzy Zilla*-_ - 18 hours ago
Everyone and nobody and them and us:..
Bear Grills:-IvE BeEn In ThAt SiTUaTioN
Jaqish - 18 hours ago
Asteroid: Kills all dinosaurs about 60 million years ago.
Bear Grylls: I've been in this situation before
Duchi - 18 hours ago
*I have the heart of a survivor*
I get Chicken Dinner a lot in PUBG
Jack Dog
Jack Dog - 18 hours ago
Actually all of these are completely realistic, they even had a film crew with them just like bear
Maisie's Vlogs
Maisie's Vlogs - 19 hours ago
Says the guy who eats proper food after his survival shows
Richard Colbourne
Richard Colbourne - 19 hours ago
Bear grylls couldn't survive in a soft play without his script and crew.
Daniel Richardson
Daniel Richardson - 19 hours ago
YAAAAS Michael Scott!!!
Kenneth Kennethson
Kenneth Kennethson - 19 hours ago
Ive never really liked bear just because i dont find him that interesting. But ill admit, he seems like one of the nicest people on the planet
Will Darling
Will Darling - 20 hours ago
loved seeing Bear say something was 'sketchy'
Chris Foster
Chris Foster - 21 hour ago
Be honest you killed the camel so you can get this shot
Lecs P
Lecs P - Day ago
I LOVE THIS MAN!! Grown up watching him all the time and still do
Lecs P
Lecs P - Day ago
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson - Day ago
titanic isn't a survival movie!
Chandler Saunders
Chandler Saunders - Day ago
So you couldn't get someone who didn't make a show based on a false premise?
isabel Kree
isabel Kree - Day ago
My gym teacher was on this show
Literally Shitler
Literally Shitler - Day ago
Wasn't this guy proven as a fraud a few years back?
Mamadou - Day ago
He seems pretty smart, to my surprise.
Booba Fapp
Booba Fapp - Day ago
Hes such a cool guy, so humble, respectful and hella funny
Old Goblin
Old Goblin - Day ago
He would die cuz he didn't drink pee or elephant poo
Brandon Holtz
Brandon Holtz - Day ago
I love this
1147cc - Day ago
Only realistic film that's truly epic.... ALIVE
Rob Tierney
Rob Tierney - Day ago
Love to hear Bear on the movie The Martian... "Yeah, that one time when I visited Mars, that happened to me too... " lol
1howellste - Day ago
Jesus: *gets nailed to the cross*
Bear Grylls: Now this actually a situation I have experienced many times
RandomAnonym - Day ago
Hmm ... a video about Bear Grylls having been in situations before ... I've actually been in this situation before ...
Guilherme Tavares
Guilherme Tavares - Day ago
This guy is such a fraud.
Pustin Y.
Pustin Y. - Day ago
*this is epic.*
Joe Bryant
Joe Bryant - Day ago
Survival videos reviewed by a man who can't survive 5 minutes in the wild without going to a hotel.
SC EM - Day ago
Yeah, well see how well you “survive” Divorce Court maggot boy. Then we’ll talk.
Drake Sanders
Drake Sanders - Day ago
No 127 Hours? Lame
Milan Miljus
Milan Miljus - Day ago
I just now realized he is British as soon as he opened his mouth, and I've been watching his show forever...
Mestre da Cidadela dos Cucks
here in brasil the guy who dubs goku, is the same that dubs bear
Raymond Lo
Raymond Lo - Day ago
He was also part of the acting ... :P
Krydolph - Day ago
I wanted them to show the martian, and hear how he had been that situation too.
Im Jax
Im Jax - Day ago
Video of the titanic

“I’ve actually been in this situation”
Cri Ghi
Cri Ghi - Day ago
his show isn't realistic either lol
antigraceful - Day ago
I'm surprised he didn't touch on the slightly unrealistic depiction of Rob Hall not wearing face protection. I guess when you're watching that, and remembering it, it's just not something you care to point out. I mean, it's done for cinematic effect obviously. We don't want to watch a movie of a bunch of actors talking through head gear. I also had a hard time not crying in this movie. Very touching. Although I wasn't thrilled about how Krackauer was depicted. He had a much bigger role than the movie made it out to be.
Corbin Wylie
Corbin Wylie - Day ago
“I actually saw Rob up there” WTFF
Coinraker - Day ago
Lots of people who climb Everest talk about all the dead bodies you see up there.
How Mr. Hotel gonna review survival movies?
2sdd - Day ago
croc action ok u can take croc like this down but no comment on her neck being storng enough to not being pulled to the water? ;d
just jatin23
just jatin23 - Day ago
Ah yes titanic, the most realistic survival movies ever
Cole Cole
Cole Cole - 8 hours ago
Noah's Ark
Noah's Ark - Day ago
You guys know he's just an actor right?
EmuBench - Day ago
*Random pee-pee joke*
Nora Girl
Nora Girl - Day ago
Him about every situation: "yeah I lived that situation too!" Uuuuh, how old is Bear Grylls?
Props to Bird Box, the only movie that made Bear Grylls go "uuuuh" and not being able to say "I've been in this situation before!" turns out, Bear Grylls never was on rapids while blind-folded! Tsss, what an amator
Lycan Thrope
Lycan Thrope - Day ago
oddly enough ive been in similar situation took a boat down a rapid with a friend of mine, we werent blindfolded and used the ores as stakes rather than proper ores. we almost tipped over but it worked. Do not recommend doing it... we were like 16 so well over 11 years ago now and thinking back that were such a stupid thing to do.
TheVentoPro - Day ago
TITANIC - one of the most famous SURVIVAL MOVIE!
mcmcmcgyver - Day ago
I wanted his opinion on The Martian. Bet he hasnt been in that situation. Good vid tho
trollzorable - 2 days ago
Didnt mythbusters show that the pointbreak one was possible?
PixxlNebula - 2 days ago
Not even gonna lie he should’ve done the mountain between us
Americanpatriot777 - 2 days ago
Na, I lost faith in Bear Grylls when he recommended building a makeshift sled to slide down the side of a mountain on. (To save time getting down the mountain while risking possible immobilizing injuries. Take your fake survival advice somewhere else lmao.
roninbudo - 2 days ago
nice JAMES BOND tom ford jacket what was that $1500
Jimmy Bradd
Jimmy Bradd - 2 days ago
Any movie: in our movie this happe-
Bear: Yh done that
Arexx - Day ago
c l r/wooosh
c l
c l - Day ago
+Rosa Are you saying he didn't climb Everest? That he hasn't plunged himself into icy waters, that he hasn't slept inside a camel? Because it was all caught on camera and available to watch for free, so what proof do you have that he's fake? Or is that just your dumbass, ignorant opinion. question mark.
Rosa - Day ago
lol because bear grylls is very legit question mark
nicholas idk
nicholas idk - 2 days ago
Is he the improvise.adapt.over come. Guy?
Ambiano Music
Ambiano Music - 2 days ago
**Everyone joking in the comments about Grills for being in all the situations before**
B.G. - This is very familiar... I’ve been in this situation before
Shahbaz Shakil
Shahbaz Shakil - 2 days ago
It's just movies chip but real hero is speaking about it👍
Clay Oakley
Clay Oakley - 2 days ago
And the only thing I can do, is to drink my own pee
David Henriquez
David Henriquez - 2 days ago
Watches Dragon Ball Super: Broly
Bear Grylls: I’ve actually been in this situation once
Peter Gašperan
Peter Gašperan - 2 days ago
06:30 telll that to Wim Hof
Strahinja Zivkovic
Strahinja Zivkovic - 2 days ago
Man eats a normal meal
Bear:"This brings back good memories"
boo boo the fool
boo boo the fool - 2 days ago
i love he
Homeboys FC
Homeboys FC - 2 days ago
Where is rambo
SpeedyBerst - 2 days ago
This man has experienced every possible danger known to man kind
Smiller san
Smiller san - 8 hours ago
+Noah Pigott yeah these tv productions are fake because they have to follow so many safety regulations ect. for everything. But he climbed the everest and was in the he has probably done more than you could do in two lifetimes
Noah Pigott
Noah Pigott - 16 hours ago
Even though all his things are fake and he stays at hotels?
Joe Bryant
Joe Bryant - Day ago
The man's a Walt. He doesn't do a thing without a script and a hotel nearby.
Eli Dskills
Eli Dskills - 2 days ago
Watches the play Hamlet
Bear Grylls: I have survived a situation like this before
Rampajour - 2 days ago
cool stuff
VoodooMan - 2 days ago
Everybody trolling Grylls for how fake he is :
Grylls : I've been in that situation before !
Ms.MonicaPyle - Day ago
Ok these jokes are getting ridiculous.. but I still laugh
Cactus Jack-Sama
Cactus Jack-Sama - 2 days ago
This mans been in every situation of his life
kawiina - 2 days ago
este weon no envejece que wea
aldair vanegas
aldair vanegas - 2 days ago
Bear Grylls does a review on how realistic his show is
Bear: Not realistic
Jonny Ashley
Jonny Ashley - 2 days ago
So true
austin cramer
austin cramer - 2 days ago
I had that same dream about waking up inside the carcass of a camel 🐪 weird.
3 Amir
3 Amir - 2 days ago
*Watches a JFK shooting footage*

Bear Grylls: I've actually been in this situation quite a few times....
TheEmraldMaster21 - Day ago
Equinox EDM
Equinox EDM - 2 days ago
bear grylls once grill a bear
Nathan .s
Nathan .s - 2 days ago
Never thought I would hear bear grylls say “sketchy” lol 😂
Navajo Auckland
Navajo Auckland - 2 days ago
Big nose!! Means a big uncut .... Edward x
davidpowell86 - 3 days ago
This guy is such a farce… always has a camera crew with him and doing retakes to get that perfect shot. Les Stroud, Survivor Man, is legit. Out there with nothing but a handheld camcorder.
SpenceM89 - 2 days ago
It's because he's already been in the situation before 😉
Ashley Torres
Ashley Torres - 3 days ago
Why did they do that to Michael? Lol
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