Gunna Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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Complex - 2 months ago
Gunna's were the Concord XIs, so what were the last pair of Jordans you bought?
Morbidz - Day ago
The Pale Citron Jordan 4’s
Alexis Juarez
Alexis Juarez - 20 days ago
Complex ovo 12
Schlothar Lothmann
Schlothar Lothmann - 29 days ago
Space Jam XIs
Thomas Campbell 9
Thomas Campbell 9 - Month ago
+Sclerotics bruh
Skrt Skrt
Skrt Skrt - Month ago
Air jordan 1 multicolors
Official Bigboat
Official Bigboat - Day ago
Imaging payin over a thousand dollars for some forces
SCOOP TV - 2 days ago
He got waxed
BLAQK ! - 2 days ago
🗣️🗯️ I bet he got an "F" in LANGUAGE ARTS.
Comandante aguilar
Comandante aguilar - 7 days ago
thats it?! wack!
ghostofpol - 8 days ago
I cant listen to this guy talk
HiFi Beast Gaming
HiFi Beast Gaming - 10 days ago
Who else agrees that Gunna is the drippiest rapper out there
Pizza God
Pizza God - 10 days ago
Feature king
T wheezy
T wheezy - 11 days ago
Vlone looks like its make out of superskin
416 - 12 days ago
What god and why everything is on him?
TrulyBlackTV ™
TrulyBlackTV ™ - 12 days ago
gunna got all 7 dragonballs in that bag
Luis Torres
Luis Torres - 14 days ago
What is the intro song called ?
trapboy joel
trapboy joel - 15 days ago
Joe: you like these shoes ?
Gunna: DRIP !!
Kurill Sb
Kurill Sb - 16 days ago
Сука air force x vlone дохуя стоят а рублях 200.000 руб
asdassfs wetngfsdfsde
asdassfs wetngfsdfsde - 17 days ago
what was the name of his bag? dammnn that was 🔥
Ferdinand Marasigan
Ferdinand Marasigan - 17 days ago
i think that nigga need to have a shower , he looks dirty and smelly
snowy kun
snowy kun - 18 days ago
6:02 omg the bag
Luis Dia
Luis Dia - 18 days ago
gunna out here making money
Stacy Mendoza
Stacy Mendoza - 19 days ago
When he pulled out the bag i thought we he going bust out with💸💸💸💸💸💸
Joseph An
Joseph An - 19 days ago
My fav rapper 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Dimitrije Stanic
Dimitrije Stanic - 21 day ago
volim patike
b ili ajlis
Avidityz - 21 day ago
bruh get that dick out of your mouth
Jalyce Chung
Jalyce Chung - 21 day ago
Everyone so pressed he spent 4K in three pairs of shoes but just imagine if you had that much money, would you not do the same
Bryce Guzman
Bryce Guzman - 21 day ago
Catalina Machuca
Catalina Machuca - 22 days ago
this guy just spent 4000 dollars on airforces

Joel Piton
Joel Piton - 22 days ago
He Kinda looks like a mix of Carmelo Anthony and Chris Brown
yhb.chris - 22 days ago
Next to forever ministries
If he say of course or for sure one more time
Luis Huerta
Luis Huerta - 23 days ago
Wtf is this nigga saying😂
Jazzy 4k
Jazzy 4k - 24 days ago
I can’t understand what he says
MeloDrippy - 24 days ago
2:23 Ik everyone was waiting to hear it
joaquim Terungwa
joaquim Terungwa - 27 days ago
Off white, Vlone 1’s
Random - 27 days ago
How tall is joe?
Saron Holbert
Saron Holbert - 28 days ago
Out of all the shoes they discussed he got 3 pairs of Air Force ones
Damon Morris
Damon Morris - 28 days ago
He got a draco in the bag 😂
Galaxxzyz - 28 days ago
Is no one wondering why he brought a whole duffel bag for a credit card 😂🤦‍♂️
Matt Hunlock
Matt Hunlock - 29 days ago
Dark Snoopy
Dark Snoopy - 29 days ago
Gunna gunna go sneaker shoppin
itstrvppp - 29 days ago
he brought out that big ass bag just for a card... 😂 i thought he was boutta pull out sum racks... 😂
Christian Meran
Christian Meran - 29 days ago
On God.
Neo Ramaphoko
Neo Ramaphoko - Month ago
Me : sup gunna
Gunna : Drip
こんにちは ABA8k
こんにちは ABA8k - Month ago
Elloko1239 - Month ago
Love how every single celebrity pays with the same card LOL
shaniquah belgrave
shaniquah belgrave - Month ago
anyone understands what he says
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali - Month ago
Idk why but he looks good with green and black
Virginia Jones
Virginia Jones - Month ago
Gunna picking all that fire for the drip
D'Asia Mackie
D'Asia Mackie - Month ago
They big tripping. $3000 for one pair of shoes😬😑
Jake hager
Jake hager - Month ago
the fit he made with those vlones was nuts !
lil_reaper_06 YT
lil_reaper_06 YT - Month ago
I can’t understand what he saying
BLou's Dad
BLou's Dad - Month ago
you know he w the street shit, when he bought two black forces
Christopher Rhinehart
Christopher Rhinehart - Month ago
I knew everything I wanted I just needed the money well yea that's usually how it goes
Killaumani - Month ago
Damn that much for air forces ... they only 90$ or 80$ for the low top
LGWALLSTAR23 - Month ago
Awn gawd
Black Night
Black Night - Month ago
These rappers getting scammed i got the same offwhites for half the price
This_Channel_Is_Gay - Month ago
Gunna: On god
Amber Phan
Amber Phan - Month ago
Mom, im *gunna* go buy some shoes
Emanique Williams
Emanique Williams - Month ago
Go to Billie Ellison one and she paired half the price for one a them shoes
Immortal Zach
Immortal Zach - Month ago
Gunna the type of nigga that's mad quiet and sits in the back of the class, but then you start to talk to him and find out he's actually kinda cool
ocm506 - Month ago
Guna make fat people music
Birgir Ari Óskarsson
Birgir Ari Óskarsson - Month ago
you said what?
hello raptor 123
hello raptor 123 - Month ago
Who else gets motivated when they pull out the cash
Arturo Leal III
Arturo Leal III - Month ago
2:20 🌼😂
HPTV - Month ago
Go follow HPTV_ first 300 people get money make sure to send him your cash app too.
Gas is Expensive
Gas is Expensive - Month ago
Diamonds in the Cartier lens you can see them in the nightttt
Lord Xavy
Lord Xavy - Month ago
Vlone cost way too much lol
c1mcg1battyflex - Month ago
people are definitely getting thicker. learn to speak please.
jetwash13 - Month ago
So who is this nice young gentleman that the internet algorithms want me to care about?
Keane Diego C. LACEDA
Keane Diego C. LACEDA - Month ago
I guess you could say he’s GUNNA go sneaker shopping
Sasha Lopez
Sasha Lopez - Month ago
Do they really make them pay for the sneakers
장제원노엘과 - Month ago
Lol. I taught the same thing. He looks like being compelled to buy those.
Sasha Lopez
Sasha Lopez - Month ago
나사를좨보다 ??
장제원노엘과 - Month ago
baby voice
baby voice - Month ago
them vlones a grail
Mar Cash Dodson
Mar Cash Dodson - Month ago
They make em buy shoes,its part of the interview, those shoes isnt worth what they say, u can order those same shoes no more than 100$ allota capping with complex
Jefe - Month ago
Been listening drip season 3 lately, this nigga hard af
baybridge49 - Month ago
$3,279 for some damn black and orange AF1? WTF. Man, ain't no way n hell
Angel Lira
Angel Lira - Month ago
He be talking like Kodak Black💀
Imani12Keith - Month ago
This nigga bought three pair of shoes and spent five
Santino Leonardo
Santino Leonardo - Month ago
Why do i see fake yeezy 350s in the background at 3:30 ??
Reana A
Reana A - Month ago
they whipping out black cards like its nothing LOOOLL cant relate
West Baltimore Giovane
Why did 1100 people dislike dis 😂🤦🏽‍♂️ fucc y’all mad he got money
how in the fuck are those nikes $3K
Muhammad Moghal
Muhammad Moghal - Month ago
Westbrook needs to have a collab w/ you.
TJ Jones
TJ Jones - Month ago
Do chief keef
Mauricio Navarro
Mauricio Navarro - Month ago
did he really have to carry that big ass duffle bag
Living Life
Living Life - Month ago
They be rippin niggas off on these jacked up ass prices
RJ Murray
RJ Murray - Month ago
All them sound alike Atlanta rappers 😂😂
Templar Exemplar
Templar Exemplar - Month ago
Wank too hard
Saviour 2355
Saviour 2355 - Month ago
Mario 217
Mario 217 - Month ago
Better name the vidoes nike and Jordon sneakears shoping
VeezyTv - Month ago
Why is Gunna Lightskin on the thumbnail😂? CLICKBAIT*
kyle the keen
kyle the keen - Month ago
Looking like a highlighter
Tashreeq - Month ago
They should just call this 'buy Jordans with Joe la puma' I swear I've been watching since season one and it's all just about Joe talking bout the history of Jordan and wanting people to buy Jordans.
blackbear - Month ago
i cant understand almost anything he says
Gabriel Guerrero
Gabriel Guerrero - Month ago
Shoreline Mafia Sneaker Shopping!
Baby Kg
Baby Kg - Month ago
What type of hoodie is that he’s wearing
Jonathan Vargas
Jonathan Vargas - Month ago
"Off-white v-lone one's"
Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar - Month ago
I was expecting him to 1) spend like 20k in there and 2) pull cash out of that big ass Louis duffle, and he pulls out a card🤣💀
Supreme Jay
Supreme Jay - Month ago
how stoned is he 💀
Will Finch
Will Finch - Month ago
250 in my MAN PURSE
GaPro 5
GaPro 5 - Month ago
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Nasai Oliver
Nasai Oliver - Month ago
Who else came for the drip
Hayder Algburi
Hayder Algburi - Month ago
They comfortable
Gunna: on God
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