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L N - 10 hours ago
No ones talkin bout the last girl, she’s honestly funny and vibrant
Electro Gamer
Electro Gamer - 19 hours ago
23:30 Simon 🤣🤣
TheBRUIN64 - 21 hour ago
Outro music???
Erik Finck
Erik Finck - Day ago
The first girl knew Jj lmao
Channing Brundage
Channing Brundage - Day ago
I’m from liver pool 6:30
Gusso Richo
Gusso Richo - Day ago
Simon should of said I am a horse because I like being rode on.
surfing da web
surfing da web - Day ago
Big Chungus 2.0
Big Chungus 2.0 - Day ago
Anyone notice at 0:52, when they said the cringe no one actually said it.
Archie Willis
Archie Willis - Day ago
No one:

Sidemen hide and seek:harry's funeral in 5 years
Mr DopeTastic
Mr DopeTastic - Day ago
I love how cocky they are behind the black wall as soon as they reveal themselves they become shy
Nevxy - 2 days ago
Bec Banok
Bec Banok - 2 days ago
Most underrated joke in this vid.
Simon: At my uncle's house... IT'S NOT NO NO NO NOT LIKE THAT! It was with my uncle
Mister Youtube
Mister Youtube - 2 days ago
I swear I’ve watched this video like 7 times and Harry still makes me laugh. Funniest sideman, no cap.
Abhishek Hariharaputhran
16:25 Vikk face #stopvikkabuse
Snoovelets - 2 days ago
Sorry Vik
lucas munoz
lucas munoz - 3 days ago
25:02 tobi's face😂😂😂😂
Charlie_07x - 3 days ago
When vik said charlie I was like 😁😁😁😁😁😁MY NAMES CHARLIEEEEE AND IM A GIRLLLLL
Alex - 3 days ago
JJ is way to cocky and douche-y now it’s actually so cringey
Chloe Cullen
Chloe Cullen - 3 days ago
Harry is autistic
REMIXofWorld - 3 days ago
I want more!!!!!!!!!!
the tomato
the tomato - 3 days ago
Tobes first answer was weak.
GooD JoB
GooD JoB - 3 days ago
outro song??
Bek - 3 days ago
harry is secretly depressed my guy
Morgan Oberwiler
Morgan Oberwiler - 3 days ago
“Anything by R-Kelly”
Holy_child_666 - 4 days ago
the girl before the last one is cute.
Ian Normand
Ian Normand - 4 days ago
2:20 Harry’s frickin answer, “DEAD” 2:20
Hanna Ottosson
Hanna Ottosson - 4 days ago
Get me Simon
Jwan Landen
Jwan Landen - 4 days ago
Number 6! Is the best!
jovana - 4 days ago
Girl 1 has no sense of humor
AsianEkatho - 4 days ago
I just wanted harry to win
Mike Bargs
Mike Bargs - 4 days ago
The first girl 🤤🤤
Josiah Parson
Josiah Parson - 4 days ago
I love harry
Isaiah Goebel
Isaiah Goebel - 4 days ago
Whats the outro song tho it sounds fireee
onkgopotse raphela
onkgopotse raphela - 4 days ago
Robert Mugabe 😹😹😹💀💀💀💀
Khalid Popalzai
Khalid Popalzai - 4 days ago
Vikk just needs to shut up
Tornadorockz - 4 days ago
6:09 she bit her lip
Shrike - 4 days ago
At 7:03 i wish jj said "n***a flip*😂😂😂
(Ogs will know)
F4bZz - 4 days ago
The thing is that vik said that the name of the song is not horses in the back, but calls faded from avicii fades away
Sam Wolfe
Sam Wolfe - 4 days ago
Humayra Begum
Humayra Begum - 5 days ago
what are jjs shoes and colourway???
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