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Mustafa Sabah Said
Mustafa Sabah Said - Hour ago
Do one again please ❤️
Snubfanboy666 - 2 hours ago
Any of the sidemen: *goes to the toilet*
4th girl: haha classic
flyinghat flyinghat
flyinghat flyinghat - 2 hours ago
Part 2 pls
Mike - 2 hours ago
1st girl BLACKED
luigi wallis
luigi wallis - 2 hours ago
Ella is cute af
ES187erz - 2 hours ago
What was ksi whispering at 22:45??
i used my noggin
i used my noggin - 3 hours ago
Part two please
AJ ney1
AJ ney1 - 3 hours ago
Who’s Robert McGarby??
Gr33nUp - 4 hours ago
16:25 vik is hurt
MC Ch3ar
MC Ch3ar - 4 hours ago
i wish i was part of this crew for one episode, it'll be hilarious af
Thomas Flynn
Thomas Flynn - 5 hours ago
How is tobi actually in the sidemen he is not funny in the slightest
NBNXro 888
NBNXro 888 - 5 hours ago
I would like to see more of this it was hilarious😂
MrDroopy - 5 hours ago
24:57 I puked
Mohammed Laljee
Mohammed Laljee - 6 hours ago
I like the fat one
Irvin Ta
Irvin Ta - 7 hours ago
I know the best song in the world! Horses in the back
Daniel Kakachiya
Daniel Kakachiya - 7 hours ago
Suck a gold digger the first one
Alisher Muhtarov
Alisher Muhtarov - 7 hours ago
JJ:your cute
3rd girl: Haha classic
nikkinightcore nightcore
nikkinightcore nightcore - 7 hours ago
whats the outro song
Plague Memory
Plague Memory - 7 hours ago
We need a second one...
Like so sidemen see
Harrison Machin
Harrison Machin - 7 hours ago
Vik is a wet wipe
Victor Maduta
Victor Maduta - 8 hours ago
Bro when harry said Syria and the girl asked why, he shouldve said because its the bomb
Moaad Omer
Moaad Omer - 8 hours ago
We want part 2
Saga Giss
Saga Giss - 10 hours ago
Actually all of them seems like douches
Adriana Tee
Adriana Tee - 10 hours ago
Can they bring this back
Mac Zapata-White
Mac Zapata-White - 11 hours ago
27:01 yo Simon I appresiate the fact u know dat but Hammer Smashed Face is better!
Knighttz - 11 hours ago
25:00 why do she look like a maths teacher
FTA_ Ex0ticc
FTA_ Ex0ticc - 11 hours ago
Like for part 2!
DD HD - 13 hours ago
Is anybody gonna talk about Harry’s shoes he be wearing them for years like wtf
GuiZus ChRisT
GuiZus ChRisT - 13 hours ago
Black man don’t cheat yea? 😂😂😂
stalin wannabe
stalin wannabe - 14 hours ago
16:30 maaaaan vick looks hurrrrttt bruhhhh lmaooo
PIG GAMER - 15 hours ago
21:50 😂😂😂
ZigZag Entertainment
ZigZag Entertainment - 15 hours ago
11:42 was so wholesome
Leà - 16 hours ago
Harry 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Hyper Kronos79
Hyper Kronos79 - 16 hours ago
20:05 “woah what’s going on”
Tejas Rajagopalan
Tejas Rajagopalan - 16 hours ago
I feel that the other sidemen disrespect vikk all the time.. Like joking is fine but i feel they go overboard
Just Sean
Just Sean - 16 hours ago
21:46 like what was he on😂 JJs reaction is the best
FaZe Zoom
FaZe Zoom - 16 hours ago
3:28 Ethan went full sicko mode
Conor Irvine
Conor Irvine - 17 hours ago
Stop Vikk Abuse
Colt - 18 hours ago
If there's anything we can take away from the last several videos, Harry is such a natural at making self-deprecating jokes and stuff that doesn't make sense at all sound hilarious.
•ToM• - 18 hours ago
Whos the girl at 18:00 shes peng
Beatrice Villaflor
Beatrice Villaflor - 18 hours ago
I love Harry omg...
Epic Gaming21
Epic Gaming21 - 18 hours ago
Idk why but i think the Sidemen dont actually like Vikk :( Prove me wrong...
Cole L
Cole L - 20 hours ago
Tobi and Ella better be dating rn
ABU AZOOZ - 20 hours ago
Ksi is so boring.
Kawaii •chan
Kawaii •chan - 20 hours ago
I was dying at what Harry was saying in this
Corn Lob
Corn Lob - 20 hours ago
Lily - 20 hours ago
“Bit boring”
“Suck yourself”
Dimitris Giantsa
Dimitris Giantsa - 21 hour ago
Shaheer Ahmed
Shaheer Ahmed - 21 hour ago
Ella is so pretty
WDB_ Fracture
WDB_ Fracture - 21 hour ago
"JJ"- David attenburough is some nature dude😂😂😂
Bashar Saleh
Bashar Saleh - 22 hours ago
They should do a part 2
Funniest sidemen video ever
hussain469 - 22 hours ago
part 2 please
Valter Arlert
Valter Arlert - 22 hours ago
A Swedish chanel called "JLC" stole your video idea, fyi =) no cred either
Damion White
Damion White - 22 hours ago
We Need a part 2 of this one as well
Felix Archer-Villace
Felix Archer-Villace - 22 hours ago
16:17 poor Vik
Ghrooo - 22 hours ago
Vick has the worst sense of humor out of the Sidemen
Cas van Ham
Cas van Ham - 22 hours ago
Simon knows cannibal corps omg
T44wsf - 23 hours ago
I only watched this cause of jj Harry and Simon they are jokes
NOT_Eleks - 23 hours ago
What’s the song at the end of the video??
Demi-Leigh Street
Demi-Leigh Street - 23 hours ago
Ethan bragged he lost weight but know one is going to care because he is lonely
lord sparky 444
lord sparky 444 - 23 hours ago
I was waiting for phill to come on lol
Derp Doughnut
Derp Doughnut - Day ago
When will they do another one of these?
ente30060 ha
ente30060 ha - Day ago
Harry is frickung cute. I can't
ASTROAMP1 - Day ago
Vikk looks so nervous whenever he sees a girl.
Keanon Williams
Keanon Williams - Day ago
Ella was the best prettiest here..
Sinearchi - Day ago
The last girl really annoys me because she laughs at her own jokes and opens her mouth really wide every joke she makes
YT-IVVY - Day ago
Part 2 please

Also I think the winner of each gets to go on a date with them for real
CSC Nation
CSC Nation - Day ago
Imagine they brought one of the sidemens moms, pure comedy right there
MrDough4life - Day ago
Ksi is the dumbest in the group
gusgeorge13 - Day ago
First girl actually throbbing for the bbc
Michael Lane
Michael Lane - 2 hours ago
gusgeorge13 nah she throbbing for the money
Mahmoud 74
Mahmoud 74 - Day ago
3:05 what's wrong with Syria i live in it 🙂
Mihaela Petrlic
Mihaela Petrlic - Day ago
Girl 3 is amazing
Mihaela Petrlic
Mihaela Petrlic - Day ago
Wtf because he rich
zara atkin
zara atkin - Day ago
why do people get rid of harry his answers are the best
JustAGamer - Day ago
0:55 notice how nobody is saying 'the cringe'
pieter puts
pieter puts - Day ago
Tobi said it but he had the board with his number in front
hyzes YT
hyzes YT - Day ago
Sidemen blind date p2 anyone
Man like Chong
Man like Chong - Day ago
3rd girl was beautiful and seemed nice
AJ Freeney
AJ Freeney - Day ago
The second one was sooooo awkward
Fudgebabyy - Day ago
just imagine theyd put someones sister in this
Flash Extreme !!
Flash Extreme !! - Day ago
The 1st and 3rd girl were good
The other too I’m sorry but they were not good at all
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