Mulatto - Muwop (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane

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Lillian Robinson
Lillian Robinson - 7 hours ago
Big latto let em know
Ms. Moore
Ms. Moore - 7 hours ago
As if the bop didn't BOP HARD!! This chick got barrrrrrrrsssss. JUSTICE FOR BREONA SEALED THE MUTHAPHUQIN DEAL!!
Lil Wr8th 6
Lil Wr8th 6 - 7 hours ago
Bianca - 8 hours ago
YOOOOOOOOO! Not being messy but OBVIOUSLY Cardi B checked out your record NO PANTIES Bc in her song with Meg WAP she mention wet putt and macaroni. That’s a fucking jabroni move on her part I don’t like that shit. NO PANTIES SLAPPPPPPP
Rohan Richards
Rohan Richards - 8 hours ago
Monique Adams
Monique Adams - 9 hours ago
A vida moderna de Djinn
A vida moderna de Djinn - 9 hours ago
Those support girls are extremely charming!! On some frames they look like dolls!
Chrislayana Guenon
Chrislayana Guenon - 10 hours ago
"That boy can't afford no girlfriend" so petty🤣🤣
Tee Collins
Tee Collins - 10 hours ago
Don Neto
Don Neto - 10 hours ago
eric brunson
eric brunson - 10 hours ago
Charolette chessher
Charolette chessher - 10 hours ago
My FKN ass s back is he meaning a legend like 2Pac he said 2Pick 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Charolette chessher
Charolette chessher - 10 hours ago
Got these bitch on repeat JUSTICE FOR BREONNA TAYLOR 🙏🙏🙏🙏
April Tarver
April Tarver - 10 hours ago
“And boiii is she freaky ...“ 😂 little girl Kills me every time .
Tara R.
Tara R. - 10 hours ago
Pretty dark skinned girl in the back with the Afro .
Joaquin Hernández
Joaquin Hernández - 8 hours ago
Looks like Asian Doll
Mia Viviana
Mia Viviana - 10 hours ago
💯 Finally a female version of FreakyGirl 💰 I added my own lyrics bacc in the day to this song too
Like fucc you getting head, I want my head bc I'm a very freaky girl haha
Mia Viviana
Mia Viviana - 11 hours ago
My favorite rapper is Gucci
Mane is always killin them verses
Phoebe Cribbs
Phoebe Cribbs - 11 hours ago
I bet JD feeling stupid asf
Joseph Fregoso
Joseph Fregoso - 11 hours ago
I think megan would of killed this Gucci mane beat..
Kevin Navas
Kevin Navas - 11 hours ago
Big Latto!!!!
imjust sidd
imjust sidd - 11 hours ago
ion really fuck wit female rappers like that no cap but she be consistently eating them verses no cap
Trak Star
Trak Star - 11 hours ago
Anyone who hates this please talk to me, to me, personally, this is the end of music and music videos... kill me
Trak Star
Trak Star - 12 hours ago
What smart and talented human beings. Lol.
Jamicia Brown
Jamicia Brown - 12 hours ago
Love how she had nothing but chocolate babies in her video. Love it
Carl Pierre Louis
Carl Pierre Louis - 12 hours ago
More Porno Rap.
Key2DaSity TripleD
Key2DaSity TripleD - 12 hours ago
I like her
Just Me
Just Me - 12 hours ago
Gucci went hard. I like the hook too.
nyc serenity
nyc serenity - 12 hours ago
5.9 ina fucking week , proud of youuu !!. keep streaming Muwop !
KingDrewski Mr.Strong
KingDrewski Mr.Strong - 12 hours ago
worth alot more than a fem million
Navajo - 12 hours ago
Get your "Here Before 7 Million Views" Ticket here
Charolette chessher
Charolette chessher - 13 hours ago
U so sweet shot out to Mullatos momma ❤️💯✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻🌹🌹🌹🦋🥰
Lauren Barrett
Lauren Barrett - 13 hours ago
Im diggin this shit. And gdaaaamnnn gucci look good.
Latif Idris
Latif Idris - 13 hours ago #quarantinestandup
Rosh Alvarez
Rosh Alvarez - 13 hours ago
sounds like cardi , tracks dope tho
Evangel Cannon
Evangel Cannon - 13 hours ago
"Slim waist with booty" 😜😜😜
Favorite part "My favorite rapper is gucci but my fabric is louie film him eatin the coochie my life is a movie."
Harley Alli
Harley Alli - 13 hours ago
They shoulda put nicki on dis
alia Faithhh
alia Faithhh - 13 hours ago
I think gucci is underrated😳
alia Faithhh
alia Faithhh - 13 hours ago
Girl rappers hit differentttt
Sunny - 13 hours ago
go listen to no namex Erykah or some othe female artist doesnt just rap about sex lol
Robert Sanders
Robert Sanders - 13 hours ago
This is why black America is LOST!!!
Forever Katia
Forever Katia - 13 hours ago
Bomb 😍
DD B - 14 hours ago
He really let her remix Freaky Gurl!? omg...
Lil Goat
Lil Goat - 14 hours ago
Good song
Summer D
Summer D - 14 hours ago
I like yoooou lol
Annabelle Marie
Annabelle Marie - 14 hours ago
What is the model with the low ponytail name? She’s gorgeous
John Doe
John Doe - 14 hours ago
Summer D
Summer D - 14 hours ago
Gucci girlfriend here boy she freaky lol
Liz O
Liz O - 14 hours ago
And boy is she freaky says the kid
Alexa Mel
Alexa Mel - 14 hours ago aqui les dejo mi lìnk si quieren verlo, Gracias si deciden apoyarme 😉🥰✨❤️😊🤭
niurkaguzman48 - 14 hours ago
Clarence Ross
Clarence Ross - 15 hours ago
Aye lit 💛
Micah Lee
Micah Lee - 15 hours ago
Gucci mane is trash since he got out of prison
miko foin
miko foin - 16 hours ago
Why is she so underrated she should be as big as Cardi
Diana Ferman
Diana Ferman - 17 hours ago
David Christiansen
David Christiansen - 17 hours ago
Oh. I Didn’t know Miss Piggy was a rapper now.🤷🏼‍♀️🐷 🐸
Prince Rudy
Prince Rudy - 17 hours ago
This song sounds just like Freaky Girl by Lil Kim & Nicki Minaj
will mckarter
will mckarter - 10 hours ago
Yo gotti *
David Christiansen
David Christiansen - 17 hours ago
Unpopular opinion: Mullato’s bars = 🗑 🥱🤭
miko foin
miko foin - 16 hours ago
Flint music so dope 💯🔥💪🏽📶
Apple Munchie
Apple Munchie - 18 hours ago
Matthew 4:17 [NKJV] From that time Jesus began to preach and to say, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”
Jesus loves you dearly. ❤️ Accept Him into your heart and follow His commands because rejecting Him would be your biggest mistake. 😭😭 May God bless you. 😸🌈 Time is running out ⏳
Micaella Navarro
Micaella Navarro - 19 hours ago
She sample Nicki and Lil Kim "Freaky Girl"
Luvin Ladii K
Luvin Ladii K - 19 hours ago
FrozenSpirits *
FrozenSpirits * - 19 hours ago
frozenspirits *
iwssmile prod.
iwssmile prod. - 19 hours ago
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Lili Beanii
Lili Beanii - 20 hours ago
Can't really take her serious cuz she got dragged by a 12 yr old ijs.. .
Pixel Smile
Pixel Smile - 10 hours ago
Lol 😂
Ewurabena Aggrey
Ewurabena Aggrey - 20 hours ago
Naomi Lee
Naomi Lee - 20 hours ago
Everytime I see latto it's a glow up.
drew frye
drew frye - 21 hour ago
Who writes your lyrics?
Max Pilichowski
Max Pilichowski - 21 hour ago
ok this song just ok thats all
Deep Meditation Music
Deep Meditation Music - 21 hour ago
*Whoever reading this, I hope something wonderful happens to you today!!!*
Faith Love Hope
Faith Love Hope - 21 hour ago
These comments are so fake. This isn't music. There is no art factor in this. They are turning all females rappers and most famous artists ,dancers into prostitutes. Listen to the lyrics. This is the worst type of mind control. Monarch programming at its finest. Guaranteed HE or SHE Im not sure about the gender probably doesn't even remember filming this garbage. Its sad the music industry is getting darker and darker.
King Brandeezy
King Brandeezy - 21 hour ago
Da beat slap
FlintMiguelSavage - 21 hour ago
Flint music so dope 💯🔥💪🏽📶
Flo Scott
Flo Scott - 22 hours ago
Cardi b monster block like
Life With Jamiah
Life With Jamiah - 22 hours ago
YaGirl Key
YaGirl Key - 22 hours ago
You you don’t do the head nod when you sing the “make him give me brain in the front seat of the hummaaa” part you not a real one 😂 💯
YaGirl Key
YaGirl Key - 22 hours ago
And if you did it when you read that💃🏽 I fwy heavy💪🏾😂👏🏾
John keith Robinson
John keith Robinson - 22 hours ago
good job
Beatrice Williams
Beatrice Williams - 22 hours ago
who wanna bet she’ll get booty implants 😭
Ashley Thunderhawk
Ashley Thunderhawk - 22 hours ago
She is very talented 😊
Ali Rodrigues
Ali Rodrigues - 22 hours ago
I like how she says “brain” instead of head . Lol
Pixel Smile
Pixel Smile - 10 hours ago
So this was revolutionary to you?🤨
Ashley Shaw - SLSS
Ashley Shaw - SLSS - 23 hours ago
This remake is nostalgic ..
It took 12 years for a female version and I am sad I can't enjoy it as much as I would've when I was 21 lol
Ola Oke
Ola Oke - 23 hours ago
Lmao did they like buy this beat from yung nation cause I’m confused how this not copyrighted💀💀
CJ Luv
CJ Luv - 23 hours ago
This song would be trash without Gucci Mane
Kaitlyn McKessy
Kaitlyn McKessy - 23 hours ago
I do 't like the sex part of the song, but I do like the other parts of it those.
IndiaBLee - 23 hours ago
Yo I been rocking with her since the rap game she got big af
Uyen Ho
Uyen Ho - 23 hours ago
CCweeb - Day ago
Justice for Breonna Taylor
Zaire Grimes
Zaire Grimes - Day ago
When you’re so trash you have to steal lyrics from a rapper in jail smh 🤦‍♂️
Roman 19
Roman 19 - Day ago
They sold her at such a young age 😢
Yuh Yuh
Yuh Yuh - Day ago
Only the realist bitches know what song she sampled
Creative Ashaunti
Creative Ashaunti - Day ago
Latto you kilt this 🔥😱you remixed Gucci song bro 😩you lucky af😭❤️
Creative Ashaunti
Creative Ashaunti - Day ago
Talented not lucky *
Onesta Music Group
Onesta Music Group - Day ago
Super catchy hook and beat!!
Myron Bracken
Myron Bracken - Day ago
Bxnd kidd xash
Bxnd kidd xash - Day ago
Jeezy woulda killt dis
Preston Allen
Preston Allen - Day ago
Big Latto
Graciela Torres
Graciela Torres - Day ago
OnikaTingz_ Edits
OnikaTingz_ Edits - Day ago
Freaky girl remix from Gucci mane Nicki Minaj and lil Kim
Melissa White
Melissa White - Day ago
I like this!! Love Gucci version as well!!🎵🎶🔥
C.J.C - Day ago
After all of that justice for breonna came on. So if he giving you brains in the front in the hummer. A car accident leave ha both dead
Unworthy Servant
Unworthy Servant - Day ago
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Storm Maker
Storm Maker - Day ago
LifeOfCarly - Day ago
Whose here after that #wap video. Tho. I am
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