Surprise Proposal | Anwar Jibawi

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Anwar Jibawi
Anwar Jibawi - 7 months ago
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Zara Mehmood
Zara Mehmood - 16 days ago
Samiya lee
Samiya lee - Month ago
Njisane Deonarinesingh
Anwar jibawi hiiiiiiii
Laylo Hassan
Laylo Hassan - Month ago
rm mr. JFK ccx khhb
caleb Kobi
caleb Kobi - 2 months ago
Cool video!
Anosh Umar
Anosh Umar - 4 hours ago
Anwar jibawi I am your fan plz answer one time
Wonder Magic
Wonder Magic - 10 hours ago
First of all I didn't fell for the prank
Isna Muiz
Isna Muiz - 11 hours ago
Don't babe me🤣🤣
Ha Gaming
Ha Gaming - 21 hour ago
Yall take a moment of silence to look at the last second of the video.. ThEiR fAcEs...
Mae_ chan
Mae_ chan - Day ago
Damn it he got me with the add!!! I should have know that wasn't an add cause I'm not from US
SAI - Day ago
This thing is like dark serir
eddie mark villarin
eddie mark villarin - 2 days ago
UnU Carissa UnU
UnU Carissa UnU - 2 days ago
the ad got me
Arjay Khan
Arjay Khan - 2 days ago
I aren't gonna lie but he got me with the ad
Ali Parsapour
Ali Parsapour - 3 days ago
Gray Zombie
Gray Zombie - 3 days ago
Seriously bro It's totally surprising 😂😂❤❤
Lamar ali
Lamar ali - 4 days ago
One of the guys is from dhar mann
Jonathan Hanna
Jonathan Hanna - 4 days ago
that fake ad got me
「 Melon Melone 」
「 Melon Melone 」 - 4 days ago
*ha can’t fool me with the ad I’m YouTube Premium*
Unicorn Calimerio
Unicorn Calimerio - 4 days ago
It was soo hard not to Laugh My Ass Off!!
anwita jain
anwita jain - 6 days ago
iierror_xx kitty
iierror_xx kitty - 6 days ago
When Anwar (Kathrine) took the wig off I thought kathrine was gonna break her neck
And then the ad was way to crazzyy
Kashif Vlogs
Kashif Vlogs - 6 days ago
Honestly it's a worst video
hassan.mansour Alhammadi
I thought is was a ad
Harrison Simmons
Harrison Simmons - 7 days ago
I had an ad pop up as soon as it said ad coming up
17. Karthik Madhu
17. Karthik Madhu - 8 days ago
This is just another episode of dark
Derron morrison
Derron morrison - 9 days ago
I was gonna skip
Mihrie Gashi
Mihrie Gashi - 11 days ago
Mihrie Gashi
Mihrie Gashi - 11 days ago
Icon pop in and see you know where like it's ok but do you like mad
Muadh Amin
Muadh Amin - 11 days ago
This video is so confusing
Vijju Singh
Vijju Singh - 12 days ago
Anwar became his own version of christopher nolan in this video
Head Shot
Head Shot - 12 days ago
Teacher: The test is easy
The test:
rushdika - 12 days ago
The painting at 0:17
rushdika - 12 days ago
The painting at 3:40
james diaz
james diaz - 13 days ago
You dint fool me becuse the add has yellow line
Asakundwi Mbedzi
Asakundwi Mbedzi - 13 days ago
Lol I’ve never seen anything like this before, its so funny and confusing
brick drough fire rescue
brick drough fire rescue - 13 days ago
Isint the guy from dhar mann in the video
Tamera Laquette
Tamera Laquette - 14 days ago
Gbekele Agbosasa
Gbekele Agbosasa - 15 days ago
You got everyone
Gbekele Agbosasa
Gbekele Agbosasa - 15 days ago
ItsDasiyGaming - 15 days ago
I really did
Lenora Williams
Lenora Williams - 15 days ago
Euphoria & Dysphoria
Euphoria & Dysphoria - 16 days ago
I actually it was ad lol.
Vumilia Oclo
Vumilia Oclo - 16 days ago
Govinda Rajan Gudala
Govinda Rajan Gudala - 16 days ago
This video is so confusing but I still love you
Coolyplay vlogs
Coolyplay vlogs - 17 days ago
God I thought it was rlly an ad
Jacob_Va123 - 17 days ago
my man didnt trick me bc i have ad blocker
Martinez Family
Martinez Family - 18 days ago
But little
rosé - 19 days ago
They have a pretty messed-up relationship! 😂😂
sunny eclxpse YT シ
sunny eclxpse YT シ - 20 days ago
You didn’t really trick me because for my the skip ad button isn’t that big ;-;
TAWANNA STARKS - 20 days ago
Idris Chingombe
Idris Chingombe - 23 days ago
i actually did got pranked like l followed every way
Amit Dalchan
Amit Dalchan - 23 days ago
What did I just witness?
Your weird Friend
Your weird Friend - 24 days ago
Haha got youtube premium
Sarath chandran
Sarath chandran - 25 days ago
I am going to asylum after watching this
GD potato
GD potato - 26 days ago
I have YouTube premium I don't have ads -.-
Techle - 26 days ago
It is more confusing than dark
Emily Ellis
Emily Ellis - 26 days ago
I actually thought it was an ad
Yerik Diaz Diaz
Yerik Diaz Diaz - 26 days ago
chupa t
Queen of your heart
Queen of your heart - 27 days ago
Anwar got me good 🤣
Dakari Kerr
Dakari Kerr - 27 days ago
I actually was going to press skip ad
Hello neighbor
Molla Mohd. Majnu
Molla Mohd. Majnu - Month ago
Sweetheart To animals
Sweetheart To animals - Month ago
Rosey Cupcake
Rosey Cupcake - Month ago
The ad I knew was wrong: *they never let me skip ad* 😭
Rachel N. Gan
Rachel N. Gan - Month ago
The ad didnt trick me bcs im on laptop and it would say ad will come in 5 secs
Kico Kico
Kico Kico - Month ago
Wait wut?
Nikola Vukmirović
Nikola Vukmirović - Month ago
i. am. confused.
Timz p
Timz p - Month ago
Love the way you fooled me😆😆
Amy Rosado
Amy Rosado - Month ago
Did anyone got fooled by the ad XD
Ruth Derilus
Ruth Derilus - Month ago
Is,there a part 2
Safa Majid
Safa Majid - Month ago
Tup of Cuffing
Tup of Cuffing - Month ago
Ok I didn't understand now whatt
Phoenix Herrera
Phoenix Herrera - Month ago
Hey cool
Phoenix Herrera
Phoenix Herrera - Month ago
Vivienne NO COPY
Vivienne NO COPY - Month ago
The sleepover part died LOOL
Hannah Habat
Hannah Habat - Month ago
I Love jouw
diandre carty
diandre carty - Month ago
Lol dwl wat the hell
杨可颐Yeo ChloEe
杨可颐Yeo ChloEe - Month ago
Went you put the ad I was not prank because my dad pay to have no more ad so I knew is a prank
jordon Vu
jordon Vu - Month ago
who fooled me at the ad part
Rafael Agustin
Rafael Agustin - Month ago
I got an ad right before the ad trick so I was like NANI?!
Squiggle Bean
Squiggle Bean - Month ago
Tapuitea Pasefika
Tapuitea Pasefika - Month ago
Gamer tank 13
Gamer tank 13 - Month ago
oh God delete this now.
keasalam - Month ago
Nolan triology 😍
Jaidyne Pelly
Jaidyne Pelly - Month ago
Priscilla Escoto
Priscilla Escoto - Month ago
wahengbam Family
wahengbam Family - Month ago
YouTube ad wants to know ur location
Fox Ninja
Fox Ninja - Month ago
U got me who the AD
Helaman Fulton
Helaman Fulton - Month ago
I knew the add was fake but when the 5 second count down popped up I still felt for it
Mr BOBO - Month ago
What the hell was this😅
desiree warren
desiree warren - Month ago
Fake ad
aria jeong
aria jeong - Month ago
Me when the ad starts playing: oK wHo rEmOved YOuTUbe pReMium?
Mu Knyaw
Mu Knyaw - Month ago
Fuck u with the add😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
sophie kayaga
sophie kayaga - Month ago
Teacher: "The test is not that not confusing "
The test:
Saad Salman
Saad Salman - Month ago
a VERY similar video of yours was uploaded a few years ago and that was one of your first videos and I saw you the first time there.... It was awesome!
Love you Anwaar
Luna Lundberg
Luna Lundberg - Month ago
I know it was not an add
tenzin tsomo kalsang chokpa
u prank me and u all skin , i relly prees the botton
Jose Sanchez
Jose Sanchez - Month ago
you got it
sunny eclxpse YT シ
sunny eclxpse YT シ - Month ago
That add really looked thick
abdel b
abdel b - Month ago
"Don't babe me" 😂😂😂😂
Eesha Chidanand
Eesha Chidanand - Month ago
I would like to say to about the ad part Aniwar is ha haha very funny but it is not funny
Amadou Barry
Amadou Barry - Month ago
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