Andy Ruiz Jr interrupts Anthony Joshua interview to demand THIRD fight following rematch defeat!

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Dan Basso
Dan Basso - Day ago
Joshua has to be the crustiest uncharismatic champion ever
Ch.Hassan raza Tarar
Ch.Hassan raza Tarar - 2 days ago
Joshuaaaaaaaaaa!!!!lets gooooooooooo!!!!!!!😲😲🙂
Erika Guaman
Erika Guaman - 2 days ago
That Guy
That Guy - 2 days ago
Ruiz: let’s do it a third time!!
Everyone who knows boxing: You only got a second fight so AJ could get his belts back son.
YTF - 4 days ago
he's trying too hard with the little rhymes
Bebo Rodriguez
Bebo Rodriguez - 5 days ago
T van a madrear andy
Gabriel Guerrero
Gabriel Guerrero - 10 days ago
Didn't really prove anything. They both lost one and the one that ruiz lost was because gained fat after their first fight. I think a third is necessary
phone jack
phone jack - 4 days ago
Ain't no one finna watch that
Adam Toulouse
Adam Toulouse - 13 days ago
Ruiz didn't even train for this fight I would have beaten Ruiz in that condition. Joshua is a lucky fighter. He's ok but not world class.
Mc - 13 days ago
Ruiz would get slapped by aj once again if it happens lol
carla deazevedo
carla deazevedo - 14 days ago
plastic love
Stephen M
Stephen M - 15 days ago
no mate you had to do it twice because a little fat man humiliated you
G G - 17 days ago
There’s needs to be a 3rd fight. This is kind of embarrassing for Joshua. He should’ve knocked Ruiz out lol.
phone jack
phone jack - 4 days ago
No he shouldn't have. Boxing isn't about knockouts.
truongthao truongthuy Vlogs
john legend
1of1 - 19 days ago
Anthony Joshua “The Philosopher “
Robin Jones
Robin Jones - 20 days ago
Joshua should be knocking Ruiz out Everytime he has too much power but not enough Bob and weave
phone jack
phone jack - 4 days ago
Boxing isn't about knockouts
Mathew Symmonds
Mathew Symmonds - 20 days ago
Ruiz should be ashamed all he did was fill his fat face when he had the money to get best dietitians and trainers , as for AJ fury will walk over him ,
Samuel Saravanamuttu
Samuel Saravanamuttu - 21 day ago
Saying you as an individual are humble is... Ummm...
kenzie earley
kenzie earley - 21 day ago
A poor poor world champ. AJ is a disappoint to the word WORLD CHAMP
phone jack
phone jack - 4 days ago
You made about 15 mistakes in one sentence
dunai george
dunai george - 21 day ago
Wilder Furry 1: watched back 100 Times!
Wilder Furry 2: watched back 200 Times!
AJ Ruiz 1: watched back 100Times!
AJ Ruiz 2:watched back 0 Times this was the worst boxing fight in the last 5 years defenetley!
phone jack
phone jack - 4 days ago
Ridwan Ali
Ridwan Ali - 23 days ago
No 3rd fight
Bram Bramiana
Bram Bramiana - 24 days ago
You must face andi for third..hey prove you are the real champion..coward !
phone jack
phone jack - 4 days ago
How is he a coward when he fought him in an immediate rematch.
Bram Bramiana
Bram Bramiana - 24 days ago
AJ coward..
Ahmed Hajjaj
Ahmed Hajjaj - 26 days ago
Why's with all the poetry
daniel rodney
daniel rodney - 27 days ago
I can see aka skinzzzzzz 😂
phone jack
phone jack - 4 days ago
What does that mean?
Derek Savage
Derek Savage - 27 days ago
Coward .
phone jack
phone jack - 4 days ago
How is he a coward when he fought the dude that embarrassed him in an immediate rematch. Not even Ali or tyson did that
Everything Africa
Everything Africa - 27 days ago
Ruiz looked pathetic
Lee Wicks
Lee Wicks - 27 days ago
Sick of boxers these days that think there classic legends! For example
A.J thinks he’s Mohamed Ali with his new hair and rhyming his words 😂 drop me out. Just stop talking and fight Tyson fury so he can wipe the floor with him! Wolly.
phone jack
phone jack - 4 days ago
@Lee Wicks men't isnt a word
Lee Wicks
Lee Wicks - 4 days ago
phone jack my bad 🤦🏼‍♂️ you knew who I men’t so forget the spell check kid.
phone jack
phone jack - 4 days ago
*Muhammad. Not Mohamed
N B - 27 days ago
lestight - 28 days ago
He would smash joshua on a toe2toe
phone jack
phone jack - 27 days ago
But he didn't
Precious Fatoye
Precious Fatoye - 29 days ago
The youtube algorithm on recommending this video now 0:29
luke tutolo
luke tutolo - 29 days ago
luke tutolo
luke tutolo - 29 days ago
The mexican marshmallow man
Andy Cameron
Andy Cameron - Month ago
Respect to Joshua.
Anthony G
Anthony G - Month ago
AKA Skinz
faith ullman
faith ullman - Month ago
jethro tull
Gerald Connolly
Gerald Connolly - Month ago
3rd fight
mandersj - Month ago
No chance will Joshua ever go near Ruiz again
phone jack
phone jack - 27 days ago
@mandersj Everytime Ruiz got in the inside, he was trying to hit AJ behind the head, and AJ has only been dropped by big punchers, so get that "he's very chinny" trash narrative out ya head.
mandersj - 27 days ago
phone jack I think it was more to do with AJ staying out of range of Ruiz at all costs and Ruiz not having trained properly for the fight at all. It’s well established AJ is chinny, he was out on his feet by a shot from an over the hill Wlad.
phone jack
phone jack - 27 days ago
Why do you think that when he literally dominated him in this fight, stupid?
Rafa P
Rafa P - Month ago
Poor contract he got. Shluld have saved a way to add a 3rd fight im case he would win and lose in a second.
Jayjay F
Jayjay F - Month ago
Andy Ruiz wants his third doughnut, that’s what he wants
Happy Monday
Happy Monday - Month ago
U are done, to not take seriosly championship fight, ur done for good
Nicholas Goldsworthy
Nicholas Goldsworthy - Month ago
Its good sportmanship.
Pappy - Month ago
How in the world did Ruiz interrupt AJ?
Common Sky can do better than roadside vloggers.😀
Mick Bailey
Mick Bailey - Month ago
Joshua absolute knob
phone jack
phone jack - 27 days ago
Ur stupid
Denny Hala
Denny Hala - Month ago
anthony joshua is n embarrass ment to boxing. hes considered to be the best and he got knocked down four times by an out of shaped fat guy. the second fight he went the distance and he was fatter than the first. he should have knocked him out if he was a real champion.if ali fought ruiz he would beat the piss out of him and there wouldnt be a rematch
phone jack
phone jack - 27 days ago
First off, he got dropped cause Ruiz hit him in the back of the head, stupid. Second off, hard to knockout a dude that comes in 2000 pounds for a fight, isn't it?
Chikky Coco
Chikky Coco - Month ago
Ted Stanistreet
Ted Stanistreet - Month ago
Joshua acting like hes a god lol lost bit of respect for him
phone jack
phone jack - 27 days ago
U dumb
Cody Johnson
Cody Johnson - Month ago
Didnt know John David Washington and AJ was so tight
Andrew Rose
Andrew Rose - Month ago
No respect for him you have double standards.
Jerry Hernandez
Jerry Hernandez - Month ago
I’m my opinion this is the best post fight interview ever. My favorite moment was when Joshua asked Ruiz if he’s ready to retire.
markstrugnell - Month ago
I wonder why there wasn’t a third fight? There should have been really? It’s still 1-1
Amirullah Azad
Amirullah Azad - Month ago
Emilio Reyna
Emilio Reyna - Month ago
We want the third fight!!!!!!!!!
Konstantinos Petrakis
Konstantinos Petrakis - Month ago
Fatcho showed he was a one-night wonder. Fame . money got to him faster than America gets to Oil-countries. You don't deserve a third fight , you didn't even deserve the tittle.
Man Utd 3rd place trophy winners banter club
Lol Joshua's a bum of a boxer to be fair
phone jack
phone jack - Month ago
Lol, you deleted your comment about eating spaghetti off of my momma's private part.
phone jack
phone jack - Month ago
"A unified boxer is a bum" - a type of bug made out of pee
Odd Arcade
Odd Arcade - Month ago
3rd fight? This one was a complete snooze fest. If there is Ruiz should just stand in the middle on the ring and make a disappointed face until Joshua meets him and engages.
phone jack
phone jack - 27 days ago
@Odd Arcade you would?
Odd Arcade
Odd Arcade - 27 days ago
@phone jack And you are right I really would want to watch the fighter either if it looked like this last one.
Odd Arcade
Odd Arcade - 27 days ago
@phone jack Undisciplined or not its 1/1 Joshua/Ruiz
phone jack
phone jack - 27 days ago
@Odd Arcade Ruiz is undisciplined and already has enough Mazuma to retire. Who would watcha third fight?
Odd Arcade
Odd Arcade - 27 days ago
@phone jack Why?
Sokrei Majid
Sokrei Majid - Month ago
Cal Martin
Cal Martin - Month ago
AJ just turned the interview into a tongue twister
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson - Month ago
No white man will be able to buy your colouring book then?!?
phone jack
phone jack - Month ago
@Ben Johnson what are you talking about
Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson - Month ago
phone jack he’s made himself look stupid!
phone jack
phone jack - Month ago
Ur stupid
Jon Davidson
Jon Davidson - Month ago
Joshua running from that trilogy forever lol
phone jack
phone jack - Month ago
You're Stupid
Da Brofu's
Da Brofu's - Month ago
he said i respect andy then andy immeadiatly snatches the mic aka disrespecting AJ
SAMREZ-55 - Month ago
Stacking Saiyan
Stacking Saiyan - Month ago
You don’t deserve a rematch when you lose every single round
phone jack
phone jack - Month ago
@Gus Whitt yes
Gus Whitt
Gus Whitt - Month ago
And AJ did when he got finished?
UĞUR ÖZDEMİR - Month ago
l wanna say bismillah
Mnt Dew ッ
Mnt Dew ッ - Month ago
Best out of 3
Bot Kong
Bot Kong - Month ago
Are they fighting again?
phone jack
phone jack - Month ago
CUBEZ _ - Month ago
0:29 me after I’ve busted a nut
Jason Blanco
Jason Blanco - Month ago
Joshua dont want it
OG TC - Month ago
There should be a third fight
J.H K - Month ago
Ruiz is a fat loser.
Damon 1776
Damon 1776 - Month ago
I liked him until this interview
Simon Dolan
Simon Dolan - Month ago
If Joshua lost 19 times there would have been a 20th fight.
M.K. S.
M.K. S. - Month ago
"The best of 3!!"!!
ethan78federico - Month ago
Humble guys
Savage - Month ago
Kind words I want wilder to speak more like Joshua
Chewar Waheed
Chewar Waheed - Month ago
One of the most boring fights I've ever watched
phone jack
phone jack - Month ago
@Chewar Waheed highly doubt it
Chewar Waheed
Chewar Waheed - Month ago
@phone jack worse than my life
phone jack
phone jack - Month ago
As boring as your life?
Vodoo Child
Vodoo Child - Month ago
What's "bispellah"?
Wandile Zulu
Wandile Zulu - Month ago
False caption! AJ is the man.. so inspirational "Stay hungry, stay humble". Can't wait for AJ to release a book. I foresee that its gonna be a top seller.
Mr. Help
Mr. Help - Month ago
Embarassing another Butterball, gets some ring time. Who the heck wants to see that fat body in a ring again? With bad tatts?
Jin ho
Jin ho - Month ago
Imagine if ruiz was in shape.
nxthgbutGEMZ - Month ago
Jin ho and now you’re comparing an unskilled fighter to a skilled fighter smh, yes I did fought AJ was gonna win but if you know AJ underestimated Ruiz so ultimately it was his fought that he lost he should’ve fought him like he did on the rematch but wanted to make an impression, besides AJ prefers taller fighters but YOU DON’T KNOW THAT do you 🤔
Jin ho
Jin ho - Month ago
@nxthgbutGEMZ i assume you thought ruiz would lose to aj the first fight too then.
nxthgbutGEMZ - Month ago
Jin ho Wilder is too defensively vulnerable unskilled and limited to actually have chance against AJ 🤷🏾‍♂️ so you just exposed your poor boxing mentally
phone jack
phone jack - Month ago
@Jin ho how is Joshua when he constantly fights top ten opponents every single fight. You for real think sum1 like Luis Ortiz is better than Andy Ruiz? U stupid. And you obviously have believe Wilder more than Wilder believes in himself because he literally ducked Joshua when he was offered a 120m. That's your king?
Jin ho
Jin ho - Month ago
Listen regardless your champ lost to sloppy tub of lard once and made the boxing world a joke. I dont care about ruiz. joshua would get destroyed by wilder. You really going to root for champ that cowards away from talented competitors. I know what joshua was doing he was looking for easy fight to get his win stats up and kinda screwed him taking ruiz lightly which made him a fool.
Purpleheaded Wombferret
Purpleheaded Wombferret - 2 months ago
Joshua was shit this fight aswell boring and slow can't even beat someone so much smaller and fatter than u cuz he was scared of losing again!
phone jack
phone jack - Month ago
@Purpleheaded Wombferret I know it was
Purpleheaded Wombferret
@phone jack lol good one 👍
phone jack
phone jack - Month ago
You get in there and fight. Oh wait, you can't. And you wanna know why? Cuase you're a coward.
Zapundy - 2 months ago
the intro is so british
scott warwick
scott warwick - 2 months ago
Joshua simply ran away.
No pride.
phone jack
phone jack - Month ago
@Gavron88 dummy :-)
Gavron88 - Month ago
@phone jack Magic :D
phone jack
phone jack - Month ago
If he ran, why did he land more punches then Ruiz?
kiresh shrestha
kiresh shrestha - 2 months ago
Can i get 10k SUBS with my one video of AJ vs RUIZ knocking each other down on round 3 of 1st fight?? Go to my channel and check the raw footage if you wish to.
Oscar Leon
Oscar Leon - 2 months ago
Trash ruiz lol lame
sebastian libedinsky
sebastian libedinsky - 2 months ago
cheeki breeki
jeremy h
jeremy h - 2 months ago
It's cringe that Joshua trying to rhyme like Ali
marcus24000 - 2 months ago
Wel Shure "het won" but nothing actually clearly showed that,they should not stop fights and just declear a winner when both fighters can still go on,maybe he was the better fighter but this didn't really feel like a win.
phone jack
phone jack - Month ago
And you need to learn how to spell
phone jack
phone jack - Month ago
Tell me what rounds Ruiz won
phone jack
phone jack - Month ago
Actually he did win because Ruiz literally didn't even win round.
DsrTrey Hab
DsrTrey Hab - 2 months ago
Now thats a Mexican warrior fighter right there! A proper Champion!
Joshua? Not even close!
phone jack
phone jack - Month ago
You're Stupid
axel perez
axel perez - 2 months ago
niggah thanked the whole world
Oldman Isaaac
Oldman Isaaac - 2 months ago
Unfortunately Hearns won't give the 3rd cause they hype isn't as high and he don't want his Cash cow to lose his belt. Honestly Andy just missed his chance and he could have easily beaten AJ again but he slacked off and let the belt get to his head.
nxthgbutGEMZ - Month ago
WRONG Ruiz has to EARN IT
MidnightToker! theTruth
MidnightToker! theTruth - 2 months ago
The respect is badass. How AJ still says " respect us". Aj growing on a lot of folks now.
Pedro Smith
Pedro Smith - 2 months ago
Thats not a masterclass
Pedro Smith
Pedro Smith - Month ago
Truth is AJ is on roids, clearly and still is scared to fight Fury or Wilder.
Pedro Smith
Pedro Smith - Month ago
@phone jack He just beat the scraps fury left of him. Joshua is scared of wilder that's why fury got the chance to fight him.
phone jack
phone jack - Month ago
@Pedro Smith and klitoris has never fought a tall pressure fighter. It would have ended the same way.
phone jack
phone jack - Month ago
@Pedro Smith and you think AJ has been protected? He's literally beaten top ten opponents every single fight. If you want to see protected, look at Wilder or fury.
phone jack
phone jack - Month ago
@Pedro Smith that's Andy Ruiz fault if he came in heavier. Gonna be harder to knock someone out when they come in as heavy as Ruiz.
kakadots - 2 months ago
Joshua said the first time doing it was nice... getting floored 4 times was nice 🤔 😂
phone jack
phone jack - Month ago
No the money was nice
wuzupyou - 2 months ago
that was no interruption he waited till he got called
Irwandi - 2 months ago
I hope dilian whyte vs ruiz
Joshua Steele
Joshua Steele - 2 months ago
Fight Tyson F with his 9 pound fist or are you scared
phone jack
phone jack - Month ago
Forgot the question mark
The One
The One - 2 months ago
Best match up in this generation of boxing. Super exciting, I wanna see it for the third time. Maybe fourth also
mr freeze
mr freeze - 2 months ago
If you heard we are going to do a 3rd
Jay Charles
Jay Charles - 2 months ago
That was a snooze fest 😴 no thanks
phone jack
phone jack - Month ago
You probably one of the people that think Wilder would knock out AJ.
Haciendo Hora
Haciendo Hora - 2 months ago
they both underestimated each other in the fight they lost. a third fight makes no sense. Maybe if Andy wins a title. then. maybe.
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