Andy Ruiz Jr interrupts Anthony Joshua interview to demand THIRD fight following rematch defeat!

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matt kylie
matt kylie - 9 hours ago
3rd fight 😂😂😂 he’ll never get another shot at Josh!! unless of course Ruiz turns heads against Whyte
James Calvez
James Calvez - 11 hours ago
Fight wilder
Sonic 13
Sonic 13 - 16 hours ago
Joshua is not stupid fighting Andy Ruiz again.... andy ruiz wants real fights not points 😰
Rod - 16 hours ago
ruiz don't deserve a rematch didn't put no effort in never trained
Kerim Dylan
Kerim Dylan - Day ago
Joshua shit ficht loser
KiNG jAWBo - Day ago
Click bait much lol sad
Hunter Sutton
Hunter Sutton - Day ago
You know when someone shouts out 20+ people he a real one
karma is a bitch
karma is a bitch - Day ago
Best part from 2:37 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Trey Kashflow
Trey Kashflow - 2 days ago
Nobody cares to see a third fight if it's a turn out like this one
Michael Robins
Michael Robins - 2 days ago
0:23 "BISMILLALLAH" take that evil Zionists 😂
Mitch Stevens
Mitch Stevens - 2 days ago
I dont see a third fight
The G.O.A.T Boxing channel
What I like about both these fighter is that in defeat their smiling. 🇬🇧🇲🇽
honeydewbunson - 3 days ago
What’s up with his speech impediment ?
I noticed the interviewer has it to...🧐
Emma Wakelin
Emma Wakelin - 3 days ago
Nobody wants a third , everyone wants jousha v wilder
Sean G
Sean G - 3 days ago
I dont think that was aj's real hair i think it was a hard hat
ericardo Reyes barera
ericardo Reyes barera - 3 days ago
I thought joshua sounds like a lame rapper
M Zhafara
M Zhafara - 3 days ago
Jonathan Hunter
Jonathan Hunter - 4 days ago
No need for a 3rd.....
MegaMma4life - 4 days ago
Good on aj very likable guy in this interview and they seem to habe grown a friendship threw these contests. Wonder if its all done after 3 if thet train together
N. Birds
N. Birds - 4 days ago
No rematch for his fat a$$
Jason Hurst
Jason Hurst - 4 days ago
I dont think ruiz took his gym time seriously this time. He looked out of shape
Rudy1959 Romero
Rudy1959 Romero - 5 days ago
Andy focus on a 🎥 be an actor
Сергей Сергей
Сынок прикольный))
mario adams
mario adams - 5 days ago
He don’t deserve the 3 fight
Truly Makel
Truly Makel - 6 days ago
Joshua’s son was like “this fat mf needs to back up” 😂😂
PoliceGuy1111 Rblx
PoliceGuy1111 Rblx - 2 days ago
Truly Makel wait that’s joshuas son
J A - 6 days ago
Both a couple of Ho's. Bitch... stop it
J A - 6 days ago
If ur not an American then don't talk shit. They sound so cringey
michael tabor
michael tabor - 7 days ago
Ruiz just showed up for the$$. let him build his resume again. He is just mid level again.
Matthew Shane
Matthew Shane - 7 days ago
Joshua definitely don’t wanna see Wilder guaranteed Wilder would drop him in 3 or less
ADITHYA RAMESH - 7 days ago
This really shows the beauty of the sport
ExJoyconツ - 7 days ago
Trump: Trying to start WW3 for the third time
Also Trump: If you heard were gonna do it a third
P.S: Sorry for making this cringey ass comment Ill go now 🤣
manuel garcia
manuel garcia - 7 days ago
noo i wanna see joshua vs wilder 😂
Clubbin Mag
Clubbin Mag - 8 days ago
That’s classy and respectful on both of their parts. You gotta love it.. they are boxers, businessmen, they don’t hate each other, not trying to kill each other.. just coming to do their job, do their best to win fair and square, and get their money and go home.. and do it again another day.. can’t ask for more than that. Anyone that wanted these two fathers to kill or cripple each other should check themselves.
Hank Hill
Hank Hill - 8 days ago
He didnt interrupt, but the way he grabbed the mic did seem a bit desperate
Eric R.
Eric R. - 8 days ago
"I want to say fank you"
Super FivE
Super FivE - 8 days ago
fight was bought homeboy would had beat that vato up like last time !
Spriggan King
Spriggan King - 9 days ago
look how much pain in AJ´s "YEAAH" to Andy´s "Who wants the third fight?".... He is scared as F*** ...
Godly - 9 days ago
Damn, he has personality.
Syamsul Bahri
Syamsul Bahri - 11 days ago
The next Muhammad Ali
Rob Hicks
Rob Hicks - 11 days ago
They don't even look like they went 12 rounds. There should be 15 rounds if they fight again and a K.O. by one on the other and if not then call it a draw.
Rapmagic Deleon
Rapmagic Deleon - 12 days ago
Andy can't take that loss!
guly - 13 days ago
Thats awkward, trying to be Mohammed Ali up in this bitch... Rhyming and shit, lmao just wrong
castelnedd - 14 days ago
Johnny Perez
Johnny Perez - 14 days ago
I’d be as happy as Joshua too if I made it out alive in that fight. Aj gameplan: act like you are playing dodge ball
Seb Fairbanks
Seb Fairbanks - 14 days ago
How is Andy interrupting him Joshua invited him over by asking him a question
Justyna Sikora
Justyna Sikora - 15 days ago
😂😂😂 u dont deserve rematch
hObnObsUTD - 15 days ago
I wanna thank god I was as that a rig
Mr Melt
Mr Melt - 16 days ago
Andy Ruiz aka the mascara man lol
Zakheb Mustakim
Zakheb Mustakim - 16 days ago
he talks about thank god lol wher did that come from
Prince Ndubiwa
Prince Ndubiwa - 16 days ago
I want Andy vs Manny Pacquiao *Hand speed vs Hand speed*
Usman Yaseen
Usman Yaseen - 17 days ago
H From Steps
H From Steps - 17 days ago
Skinz aka skinz in the background back in the scene holding his belts for sexual reasons. Yeah, pussy an views.
Aobakwe Tsaoka
Aobakwe Tsaoka - 18 days ago
Joshua didn't knock Ruiz out, and Ruiz according to the news I was reading, didn't prepare well, if we are to see the third, can I really expect Joshua to defend his title? I doubt, I think Ruiz can beat Joshua again. That's my opinion.
Gerald Serran
Gerald Serran - 18 days ago
Ruiz landed more power shots whereas Anthony can do no more than just jabs and like a thief he runs with all the riches and glory avoiding direct confrontation - not a very impressive win
David Gonzales
David Gonzales - 19 days ago
Andy don't deserve a 3rd fight!
Dany DC
Dany DC - 19 days ago
It's not fair joshuva saying bismillah... almighty lord Jesus Christ.... because of lord Jesus Christ you won remember that.....
Anti Trump
Anti Trump - 20 days ago
3rd fight? More like 3rd burrito you fatty
Julia Mughan
Julia Mughan - 20 days ago
And yes because you sold drugs in the past years and years ago as you justify it, it never goes away, i think its a shame that the likes of you, drug dealing scumbag should be around young people, such a shame
Хайдар хорошо
black Tiger
John  Hinojosa
John Hinojosa - 21 day ago
You let the Mexicans down bro
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