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Abroad in Japan
Abroad in Japan - 2 months ago
NOTIFICATION SQUAD: For the love of god, don't say this is a pen. In fact, just don't use the letter p from now on.
This video is 25% rant, 25% critique, 25% story time and 25% diorama. I hope somewhere in between you learn something of value! BUT what do you think of Japanese TV? Am I being too harsh? Or perhaps too kind? Let me know and enjoy the video!
Also, the video starts at 09:30...
Google Assistant
Google Assistant - 2 days ago
How do you not gonna use the letter pIt’s literally in Japan name
CLips & AMV
CLips & AMV - 10 days ago
Amokra - 16 days ago
Ok I just saw the start of a commercial with him and a bunch of cats in a carriage I have no idea it had skip and i got confused and hit it and got this one so now I would like to know what it was please @Abroad In Japan
lateblossom - 24 days ago
Fearless IRL
Fearless IRL - 24 days ago
Do they not have animé?
Philip Berry
Philip Berry - 2 hours ago
Welcome to Noddyland.
I Am Legend
I Am Legend - 7 hours ago
The tissue experiment is the most stupid thing I've seen Japanese do🤦‍♂️
A Dolite
A Dolite - 19 hours ago
i been trying to find a カサネテク Japanese guy version parody with no luck
Joel Pettersson
Joel Pettersson - Day ago
Tbh it should be illegal too market something as salty when it’s actually sweet. I bet it’s illegal to market meat “vegan” and for a good fucking reason too
Sou Sora
Sou Sora - Day ago
The media in Japan, the owner is not Japanese. Most of Japanese don't know that. It is a colonial policy that continues even after the war. Watching a TV show makes fools.The Japanese call it the garbage media.
Zen Zaneki
Zen Zaneki - Day ago
I wanna know that nostalgic background sound on 2:34
Bunny Pie
Bunny Pie - Day ago
love you channel!
amesakurako1 - Day ago
On the food skit you should have taken out a crisp with chopsticks in slow motion, zoomed in with the ‘sparkly’ sound effect overlayed😂😂
Marcel Kutzler
Marcel Kutzler - Day ago
Who even watches TV in 2020? 😂
Professor North
Professor North - Day ago
The whole beginning truly got me by surprise. This was the best video by far. Laughed the whole time
Lisa Godin
Lisa Godin - Day ago
Sounds like Trump rally. Exaggerated, phony.
Collin Barajas
Collin Barajas - Day ago
Yang milih allah like 800 ya yang milih dajal abaikan saja
Joe - Day ago
I put off watching this because I like Japanese TV, but seeing the perspective of someone who's been on it makes me see it in a different light.
myra961 - Day ago
I live in malaysia and my family's favourite channel is nhk japan😂 oh! And Takeshi's castle mushroom was my favourite thing ever
THE iNFIDEL - Day ago
now that i know your name, Chris Broad, you are my friend
s h
s h - Day ago
I thought tikashis castle was late 90s
Zipporah Thecushite
Zipporah Thecushite - 18 hours ago
"Takeshi's Castle - Wikipedia" en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takeshi%27s_Castle
Brandon Bonilla
Brandon Bonilla - Day ago
Iya ya Allah
Dan D Lion
Dan D Lion - 2 days ago
This guy deserves more subs if u ask me. I really love his work.
みかんみかん - 2 days ago
if you think this is enjoyable(maybe )horror fun place(^^)funny.
Google Assistant
Google Assistant - 2 days ago
Sorry for my bad English I read my grandma’s texts and love English because it’s my first language and I can’t speak anything else
Tamago Chan
Tamago Chan - 2 days ago
I don't know if I'd say that Japanese TV is on another level, but I have a serious weakness for Downtown and Gaki no Tsukai. I know it's old fashioned, but I enjoy it.
Melissa Mencari
Melissa Mencari - 2 days ago
In Brazil we had a show with almost the same elements from Takeshi's Castle. It was called "Olimpíadas do Faustão"(Big Fausto's Olimpics) and it was part of "Domingão do Faustão" (Big Fausto's Big Sunday Show). It's incredible how they copied almost every single obstacle course from this japanese show and it was a huge success here. You would never imagine what they used to get away airing here in the 90's hahaha
Unhholy - 2 days ago
18:13, Risottoro sneaking into chris´s video yet again :D
Schizopantheist - 2 days ago
Somehow you're (he is) channeling a young Stewart Lee. Anyway, very funny and also interesting video. Cheers.
Filipino Republican
Filipino Republican - 2 days ago
I liked some of what was on TV in Japan. Some channels had American Football and the local news was decent.
x811 - 3 days ago
Me seeing my murderer in my shower window 12:15
Elvennthegrey - 3 days ago
Watching Argentine Gourmet channel earlier today, you made a cameo appearance on one of the programmes. You were tasting different insects and your comments had been dubbed into Spanish with a very convincing voice.
ぼりよしはると - 3 days ago
I found out that Japanese television is a stupid thing after I've studied abroad for a while.
S M - 3 days ago
so japanese tv is not very sincere...
PD A - 3 days ago
This. Is. So. F*100500. True.
You are awesome. Youtuber)))
Markham Hayes
Markham Hayes - 3 days ago
Welcome to freedom, UK
James Harold
James Harold - 3 days ago
Getting Gordon to do KN in Japan would actually be live 💯💯
SONIC - 4 days ago
Your skin is very nice. What product you use?
Stewlax - 4 days ago
I'm exactly the 13,000ths comment, why is my life so low to the point I'm proud of this help
Standardized Fox
Standardized Fox - 4 days ago
Every time I go to Japan, I always enjoy watching television, especially when I eat. It always has this happy vibe to it that I can get down with and always puts me in a good mood but I always thought it was off. Putting in retrospect, it does feel other worldly. No reasonable Japanese person drinks straight Aojiru (vegetable drink) and goes "very good", no it tastes pretty eugh. The one commercial with it I remember so distinctly was the actor going "Mmmm, disgusting" and it was funny cause it was out of the norm. Other things like game shows puts some, slightly, different tones of emotions rather than just happy and that's a welcome change.
I tend to gravitate towards more Japanese drama because it feels different than what you see when you just flip through, but I must confess, it is a guilty pleasure to still watch the more regular shows.
Steve Davenport
Steve Davenport - 5 days ago
Japanese TV is mind numbing.
Mark Faine
Mark Faine - 5 days ago
I think I would like that. I am so sick of American TV. It stresses me out. I get really anxious watching awkward scenes. I'm trying to to find more light hearted, easy to watch shows. Maybe I should watch Japanese TV.
Mall Ninja
Mall Ninja - 5 days ago
Your description of western TV is spot on, but it's why I stopped watching TV. I hate the constant stream of cynically manufactured drama and outrage that is American TV. Cynically manufactured happiness and harmony sounds like a pleasant change of pace.
TheKittenKait - 5 days ago
I never really got into Japanese TV, even when I was living there for a bit, but I never really could put my finger on why so this was very educational!
The only shows I got into and still watch are VS Arashi, Arashi ni Shiyagare and Kanjani Chronicle - tho I always have to roll my eyes when they eat smth and just go UMAI and come up with weirder and weirder comments to describe why it's special xD
beatyouonce - 5 days ago
Hontoni so da na oMAEEE! Was a nova teacher 16 years back good times =D
Brainreaver79 - 5 days ago
lets be honest here,.. western television sucks too,... to name a few,.. gordon ramseys kitchen nightmares,... big brother, x factor, "random country" Idol,... the voice... to just name a few,...half of those shows are only succesfull because the alternatives in that timeslot are worse
Lily Vuong
Lily Vuong - 6 days ago
Whenever I travel overseas, mainly in Asia, I actually spend some of the time at the hotel watching TV ads. They're so ridiculous and over the top it's to die for.
babybird871 - 6 days ago
I can`t watch it either..every talk/interview has the same format with the picture in picture of the guests blank faces in the top with no purpose, every show, absolutely grating. TV directors have no originality....
m wal
m wal - 6 days ago
I don't even have TV, the 5 years I've been in Japan I've watched TV only when waiting at the doctor or dentist. It's absolutely horrible to watch, it feels so fake and dishonest. We've also ignored the NHK guy for 2 years now, I'm not gonna pay for that crap.
teezsuki - 6 days ago
In conclusion, all TV programs exaggerate the reactions but the intention is different. Some programs focus on the negative side and other on the positive side
nina bairagi
nina bairagi - 6 days ago
I only watch NHK world japan
ザヒッド・EmO - 6 days ago
The only show I watched back then when I'm in Japan is Gaki no Tsukai
fensmarkfarm - 6 days ago
“Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled bollocks”
0osaka - 6 days ago
The mock segment of Japanese potato chip appreciation was more entertaining than the rest of the dry, expressionless Bri'ish deadpan delivery. Different strokes for different folks, innit? But Japan tv wins for the occasional beauty of things like Funassyi. Worth it.
Marc Crossland
Marc Crossland - 6 days ago
The best Japanese TV shows are the travel one's going to different places in Japan and around the world. The camera work and music are both phenomenal. The best part is that there're no voices.
Samuel Cole
Samuel Cole - 6 days ago
Are you YouTuber?
slicer3889 - 6 days ago
When I went to Japan, I notice almost everything on TV was boring. I thought it was because I didn't have cable.
Cristian Villanueva
Cristian Villanueva - 7 days ago
Was that game show MXC?
Luciano Arrieta
Luciano Arrieta - 7 days ago
Hey Chris! Your colleague isn't he Hiroyuki "Roy the Legend" from sunny Niigata city??
GermanBurleyLover 777
GermanBurleyLover 777 - 7 days ago
I wondered if she also said "this is a pen" in german, because there was a german flag in the video, but then I found out that she only said it in English. I would have loved to see what this would have looked like🤣
You know, cause all the world thinks that german is a harsh sounding Language (which it's not by the way ;-)
k oka
k oka - 8 days ago
Daño John Robert
Daño John Robert - 8 days ago
I can speak an airless English language woman
yousoselee - 8 days ago
I've only recently discovered your channel but I freaking love you
nabeel navab
nabeel navab - 8 days ago
Nick Marshall
Nick Marshall - 9 days ago
I for one would be totally down for a Abroad In Japan As Japanese TV miniseries.
Uzzi - 9 days ago
Please someone do something to stop those PPPPPens!!!
うまこく - 9 days ago
AshtonGames0518 Lee
AshtonGames0518 Lee - 9 days ago
I learned "This is a pen" as my first thing in japanese class
TDas TDas
TDas TDas - 9 days ago
Well JP tv at least got those animes
Mark Ukrainetz
Mark Ukrainetz - 9 days ago
Sounds a lot like Korean TV. Lots of sound effects, but also visual animations; like animated drops of sweat on a person trying to explain something.
OEDODRAGON - 9 days ago
I now have a strange desire to say 'this is a PEN' and 'これはペンです' while holding a sheet of kitchen roll in front of my face.
Bhavesh Chadha
Bhavesh Chadha - 9 days ago
Makes me wonder that in which country tv is actually good
Me1212 Gnome
Me1212 Gnome - 9 days ago
Cacacacacacacacacacacallbe honey butter
some random person with internet access
Japanese TV is a living nightmare. Some dude from NHK comes up your door and bills you some thousand yen. And it's getting irritating.
Sébastien - 9 days ago
Food programs are the same in Indonesia. ALWAYS delicious. The people tasting it are always ecstatic each time they put something in their mouth. Well, they are actually paid by the restaurant owners. Totally useless.
DESH - 9 days ago
oh god white people in japan
YoureNowOnTV - 9 days ago
If that little TV actually worked I want it ............................ NOW ! 
(Add special effect explosion here) 💥💥💣🔥🧨
Matt Kyle
Matt Kyle - 9 days ago
I agree about the 4 features but that's a nice change from vulgar and dull American TV which used to be nice 1965 to 1995. Star Trek, game shows, CBS Saturday nights, Johnny Carson, Tomorrow, Ferguson & Geoff Peterson. Japan's food shows were fascinating and AIBO or Partners is a better version of Columbo.
Nyle River
Nyle River - 10 days ago
I love Takeshi's Castle as well.
Nowadays there's really nothing worth watching in TV.
volgg - 10 days ago
you'd be surprised how many young japanese people will agree to this haha
James - 10 days ago
The difference here, is...it’s kind of...juicier...
Colab User
Colab User - 10 days ago
That's right... I am yet to see a japanese TV flick where the restaurant visitors say the food was ... not perfect. So his imitation of the TV show is SPOT ON!
I mean, nobody would allow people on the TV to actually say the sad truth that a dish was bad (even if it really was) because that would be a DEATH WARRANT of that restaurant. But hey, EVERY TIME someone samples food on television, the reaction is: OOOIIIIIISHIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!! or UUUMAAAAAAAAAAAI!
Damn Hypocrites!
Joshua Channell
Joshua Channell - 10 days ago
Is it bad that when you said Japanese TV I instantly though of the Death Note TV Drama. Not the anime or the live action movies, but the crappy TV drama. It made me cringe.
Qal - 10 days ago
The tv show i like the most is in the rick and morty interdimensional tv cable.....way weirder than japanese tv shows....

Sting aku yahuuu
aditya walimbe
aditya walimbe - 10 days ago
NHK Begin Japanology, Japanology and Japanology Plus seem to be good shows. but talking about over the top acting you should see Matt Alt's performances They are downright hilarious
Lutz - 10 days ago
Western television is as bad as the japanese, just in a different way and we are so used to it that don´t realise it anymore.
幽霊船 - 10 days ago
tfw Pen is the same word in both languages XDDD
CLips & AMV
CLips & AMV - 10 days ago
terriblegamer - 11 days ago
wow you're only three years older than me. I thought you were at least 35 lol
Love your channel! I'm learning so much about Japan from your videos. Keep up the great work :)
Jason Enns
Jason Enns - 11 days ago
Man, so Japanese tv if you are not used to it is Goddamn hilarious on how fake it is and superficial.
The Alright Tank Historian
Theory: Japan started doing this stuff after foreigners started moving there and realised all they'd seen from japan was anime
CaiusCassiusLonginus - 11 days ago
I watch a lot of taiga dramas lately, which is no good for learning because I still couldn't ask where the train station is but I sure can yell "The enemy is in Honnoji!"
Marc-André Demers
Marc-André Demers - 11 days ago
I'm in Canada and I haven't had TV in my home since 2006. I paid for it for 1 year, after high school in 2005-2006, and then I was done. My internet and phone provider has been calling me every few months ever since to tell me about their new cable promotions and I'm always "I haven't watched TV for X years, leave me alone". They finally catched up last year and offered me a great internet deal, though.
The internet is so much more interesting anyways, and you're the one in complete control of what you watch and when. It's much more gratifying.
Sorry, I don't exist
Sorry, I don't exist - 11 days ago
This is true comedy 9:21 11:04
No context from me, just click the timestamp 15:22
Öhh - 11 days ago
Took me *out*
That Potato
That Potato - 11 days ago
15:17 I couldn't stop laughing
K¡NG王 - 11 days ago
Takeshi's castle... dang, haven't heard that in along time
Ginga Ninja 420
Ginga Ninja 420 - 12 days ago
"fuck yea bountiful nature"it broke me :-)))
Sara B.
Sara B. - 12 days ago
I can't watch Gordon Ramsey... for exactly that reason!
BeardedBack - 13 days ago
The part at 7:15 sounds like diners drive ins and dives. Grab your donkey sauce and head on down to flavortown!
Albert H
Albert H - 13 days ago
I like the karaoke competitions on Japanese TV
Neil Matthew Fox
Neil Matthew Fox - 13 days ago
I saw a Japanese television series on what packed lunches dockyard workers take to work. The next episode was airport workers, sadly I missed that one.
jaylen pryor
jaylen pryor - 13 days ago
ahhhh good ole fall guys
WgoodT - with good taste
WgoodT - with good taste - 13 days ago
Because you would get crazy.
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