Cowboys vs. Bears Week 14 Highlights | NFL 2019

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Charpiy C
Charpiy C - 12 days ago
This was like one of the only games that reminded me of the 2018 bears in the 2019 season
Brian Kimball
Brian Kimball - 16 days ago
After that game looks like Mitch is gonna get paid and Dak is getting tagged again if dalton doesn’t replace him
Drew TheViper
Drew TheViper - 19 days ago
This is the game last year that showed me Tru was a good QB. That trash o-line against Dallas' top 5 defense. And he TORCHED the Cowgirls
Joel Williams
Joel Williams - 21 day ago
11:19 (top of screen) "The Human Joystick!" I really hope Tarik Cohen retires as a Bear, like 10 years from now. He's a gaw'damn iridium spark plug.
Bear Down, ya jagoffs!
Chris Martinez
Chris Martinez - 21 day ago
Lol anyone see at 4:04 when #44 pointed at the ball “ ay hummie, the ball on the ground” 😂😂
Dominic Rotella
Dominic Rotella - Month ago
Who else notices that the bears play well with the alternates?
Bernard Tugar
Bernard Tugar - Month ago
They always try to keep americas anticrist team in the pictures they have the most horrble fans
Introv_r - Month ago
As a cowboys fan this was a well deserved ass kicking
Bo J.
Bo J. - Month ago
Those Bears uniforms are good looking
Knuckle Joe
Knuckle Joe - Month ago
Look at 29 (bears) 11:21
MrMomoneyz - Month ago
Dome teams can't play outside weather football.
isaiah scruggs
isaiah scruggs - Month ago
never mid
isaiah scruggs
isaiah scruggs - Month ago
i think that the cowboys are going to win
Skill CHAMP - Month ago
Bears 31 cowboys 24 7-6 bears u gotta Give it to Mitch trubisky
Alexander Harris
Alexander Harris - Month ago
It surprises me that Mitch does actually have potential
Abel Renew
Abel Renew - Month ago
Chicago artist, check the kid out!!
Isaiah Wakeen
Isaiah Wakeen - Month ago
The Cowboys would be the team to make Trubisky look like an MVP 😂
cgrisby1965 - Month ago
No matter how much people "CLOWN" The Cowboys(5) , Eagles(1) , Redskins(3) and Giants(4)...The NFC East STILL has The MOST Superbowl WINS!!! How does YOUR DIVISION Compare???
Rock - Month ago
9:55 dude face behind him lol
Jaemey matherly
Jaemey matherly - Month ago
Bears 7-6
bloggie - Month ago
Why is this in my recommendation now?
San Francisco Niners Empire
The cowtards looked so stupid that game, I absolutely loved it especially when Trubinski ran all through that defense
Dalton Robert Pepple
Dalton Robert Pepple - 2 months ago
11:20 😲 That Flip
Neogamerfort - 2 months ago
This was definitely triubsky best game of 2019 - 2020 season
Lol - 2 months ago
Jaylon smith got exposed so many times
Cody Dickeson
Cody Dickeson - 2 months ago
cohen's backflip at the end
Skill CHAMP - 2 months ago
7-6 after week 14 bears!!!
16 - 2 months ago
All joe says is player’s names, what down it is, and pass is caught. So boring
LopsterSharks - 2 months ago
The refs always help the cowboys and they always lose
Rich Ott
Rich Ott - 2 months ago
After watching past games of this young Bears team, one thing I have noticed I keep hearing,...
“Great throw by Trubisky”.
Vito Accettura
Vito Accettura - 2 months ago
This is what happens when you let trubitsky play like how he normally plays, just let the man run around and have fun
BearDown 4Ever
BearDown 4Ever - 2 months ago
Dallas: How bout them Cowboys
Chicago: Cowgirls?
D A - 2 months ago
“A leap by Gallup”
Dj Lovelace
Dj Lovelace - 2 months ago
Imagine getting smacked by the bears and Mitch 🤣😂made Mitch look like he was Aaron Rodgers
Legend Gotta Catch Em All
Legend Gotta Catch Em All - 3 months ago
Not sure who’s more cringe. Joe Buck or Michael Cole.
Spiritz Vizion
Spiritz Vizion - 3 months ago
What if they played like this every game (bears)
Anitra Coronado
Anitra Coronado - 3 months ago
I’m a cowboys fan I’m kinda sad that we lost like this
Billy baggins
Billy baggins - 3 months ago
Billy baggins
Billy baggins - 3 months ago
The gamr
Rickyxvm1521 G
Rickyxvm1521 G - 3 months ago
Mitch trubisky looked like Lamar Jackson that game
Michael Kawell
Michael Kawell - 3 months ago
Got to beat the packers this year damn it.enough is a enough
Christian Alexander
Christian Alexander - 3 months ago
Those uniforms are ugly Wadan Wadan - 3 months ago
Dak wants how much he sucks look at this game he’s terrible
Diontae Daughtry
Diontae Daughtry - 3 months ago
Oh Dak! 😂
That’s the way she goes
That’s the way she goes - 3 months ago
Those bears uniforms are 🔥
david bamundaga
david bamundaga - 4 months ago
they made mitchell trubisky look like a real dude
bigbodyrover - 4 months ago
Cowboys suck
Mentor Tairi
Mentor Tairi - 4 months ago
So glad we cut maher. and not sure why we re-signed Olawale?? hasnt done much and when given a chance he's either not paying attention or drops the ball. dropped a WIIIIDE open 3 yard dump from Prescott against the colts a couple seasons ago. The route he just completely starting running when most likely he was suppose to stop lol
Mentor Tairi
Mentor Tairi - 4 months ago
ive said this many times, Dallas would be really stupid to get rid of Jourdan Lewis. Hes at the right spots at the right times always making plays. He's better than Anthony Brown , I think. I really hope we keep him
brando - 4 months ago
Wish the bears had that offense every game
TheM1ghtyBear - 4 months ago
This has to be my favorite game if the season.
pearboii II
pearboii II - 4 months ago
Who do we hate The Cowboys!
SycK_TriicKShoTz - 4 months ago
Kooper Novak
Kooper Novak - 5 months ago
My friend is a cowboys fan and I am a bears so this was my favorite game
loyaltilltheend 1
loyaltilltheend 1 - 5 months ago
Fuller just getting torched
Chris Gill
Chris Gill - 5 months ago
If the Bears had looked like this for most of the season they would have been SuperBowl contenders.
Declan Brown
Declan Brown - 4 months ago
Can't play the cowboys every week 😢
morgannn - 5 months ago
we're in the hardest division hands down. change my mind.
baksy - 5 months ago
i think the view from behind the QB to overlook form his vision is the best angle and should be default tbh
Johnny savage Juicy J
Johnny savage Juicy J - 5 months ago
That Patterson run was all time great
mrrandom45 - 5 months ago
Mvp mitch was best fantasy QB that weem
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow - 5 months ago
why didnt we find a way to get the ball to patterson more
Joel Fernandez
Joel Fernandez - 5 months ago
Trubisky played like Lamar Jackson in this game!!
Can't wait to see Foles play for us later this year. Bear Down 🐻 ⬇
Vercingetorix Arverni
Vercingetorix Arverni - 4 months ago
Let's be real here, Pace paid Foles 17 million guaranteed to play 3 preseason games .. #9 will be out of town by the seasons end.
ganggang F
ganggang F - 5 months ago
Those Bears helmets are awful
J B - 5 months ago
Go Bears, bears rule. Dallas Cowboys suck!!!!!
Aiden Bee
Aiden Bee - 5 months ago
My guy Zeke at 3:57 saw Khalil on his add and went tongue ground himself he ain't want no smoke
AyDoubleYou - 5 months ago
Thqt was a good game from the bears
Luke Sterling
Luke Sterling - 5 months ago
This game and the first game against Minnesota were two of the best games Chicago had this season, and they both wore these alternate uniforms. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.
mila perfect
mila perfect - 5 months ago
bears are just great sometimes u cant lie:D
Gamaray - 5 months ago
Y’all bears fans remember when our media called Trubisky white Lamar Jackson after this game? Boy was that a simpler time.
Eric meng
Eric meng - 5 months ago
Damn dak had a awful night !
Eric meng
Eric meng - 5 months ago
Mitchell Trubisky lit the cowboys up
Jake Morris
Jake Morris - 5 months ago
*how much excitement there is*
0:47 ❤💓🎬
Jeff Lilly
Jeff Lilly - 5 months ago
The Bears best offensive game of the year! We still need a tight end!!
Alejandro Sanchez
Alejandro Sanchez - 6 months ago
And people thought bears are suppose to lose this game. Oh and please no more through back jerseys
Benjamin Zanabria
Benjamin Zanabria - 6 months ago
I came here to see Robert Quinn
Max Robinson
Max Robinson - 6 months ago
Why are the bears wearing their away kit at home?
munene mathenge
munene mathenge - 6 months ago
Draft Trubisky for his athleticism. And then proceed to never use it. Matt Nagy is a genius.
Mister Radiak
Mister Radiak - 6 months ago
We got a good team just imagine what we are gonna do next season with what we got now. 🐻⬇
Pippen Twinklebottom
Pippen Twinklebottom - 6 months ago
Lol and you fools think the Bears needed Foles? Trubisky da man
Jenson R
Jenson R - 6 months ago
*how to live without football???*
1:40 💚🔥💜
👇 👇❤
Janardhan Srinivasan
Janardhan Srinivasan - 7 months ago
Evan Lozano
Evan Lozano - 7 months ago
poor cowboys
Cuckmaster Flex
Cuckmaster Flex - 7 months ago
8:32 Cowboys season summed up
Jordan Truce
Jordan Truce - 8 months ago
Cowboys: Score a touchdown on a first drive.
Also, the Cowboys: I’mma head out.
Jordan Truce
Jordan Truce - 8 months ago
4:00 - sums up the cowboys season.
The bears aren’t a good offense but during this game they looked like super bowl contenders😂
the general
the general - 8 months ago
I think we should give Bray a spot. Let him play all pre season for 2020. Trubinsky  Holds the ball too long. Bray fires the ball and throws to a spot the receiver will be, that's why it always seems the ball is getting there just in time. He will only get better.
Looking at his college highlights you can see he is a gunner. Bears staff if you are watching this give him a chance. Let chase go, Bring in a veteran QB if you must but don't get rid of this guy if you do you will regret it.
Bilberry Story Sketches
Bilberry Story Sketches - 8 months ago
Chicago Bears Super Bowl 2020 Champions T-Shirt
wowdino - 8 months ago
The back flip at the end.
Drew TheViper
Drew TheViper - 9 months ago
Hopefully our new offensive line coach will let us see more of Maserati Mitch
Tyler Scime
Tyler Scime - 9 months ago
Joe buck: pass is caught and they run the ball
john doe
john doe - 9 months ago
dak is awesome. give him his 40 million
YR DEAD - 9 months ago
Cowboys and refs vs Bears
And the bears still won. 🗑
SoWeGa Graham
SoWeGa Graham - 9 months ago
Dallas vs ram
The Vanilla Godzilla
The Vanilla Godzilla - 9 months ago
#10 needed that for his career... he tries hard
Lord Gwyn
Lord Gwyn - 9 months ago
ir10031981 - 9 months ago
so what if you won Bears? you're still in 3rd place in your NFC North division regardless, while the Cowboys remain 1st in their division NFC East, despite now having fewer games won than you this season, and also, how many Super Bowls have you won? ONE, how many Super Bowls have the Cowboys won? FIVE! so what if they haven't even gone back to a super bowl in 24 years? well you haven't won a super bowl in 34 years, so shut up!
Real IN
Real IN - 6 months ago
what was the point of your first argument and we went to the SB 13 years ago so at least an appearence
NFL عربي
NFL عربي - 9 months ago
قناتي أعلق 🎤 فيها على مباريات كرة القدم الامريكية 🏈 بالعربي احتاج دعمكم 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Zeal4God - 9 months ago
11:21- Somebody wanted to promote next years Olympics
Michael Greene
Michael Greene - 9 months ago
Watching this number 99 on the BEARS makes me want to vomit this guys effort is extra sorry especially at 7:45 of our highlights here. Anyway GO BEARS OR you can't be for real serious.
Brenda Palomino
Brenda Palomino - 9 months ago
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