Prison Food Hacks Taste Test

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Shaunte E.
Shaunte E. - 4 hours ago
I ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Ian
Trap Moneybenny
Trap Moneybenny - 11 hours ago
Next a video on your prison pockets?🤔
BIG Z - 16 hours ago
They have nothing in cans in the prison my og went to bc it could be used as a weapon and the closes thing they got is pouches of anything in a can or jar it would be in a pouch
Christian Justin
Christian Justin - 17 hours ago
Oh its the actual best Joker not Joaquin Phoenix this guy was 1000000X better at playing the Joker
Ernest Fox
Ernest Fox - Day ago
In the comments for the ex-con critics. 🍖🍔🍕
Martha Weasel Bear
Martha Weasel Bear - Day ago
Dam it they made pruno.
LhageGT - Day ago
You should of called guys from the after prison show😂
threes 3’s
threes 3’s - Day ago
As a gotham watcher, I am still sad the show ended.
X L - 2 days ago
the guy in the center looks like Kal from starwars jedi fallen order
logan vogt
logan vogt - 2 days ago
Aye i also make some fire ass penutbutter jelly ribs that are amazing
lemonjelly - 2 days ago
7:40 Link no stop
butterflies drink turtle tears ?
I accidentally read depression pizza
Bunny - 2 days ago
Haha guess I’m good at knowing what food is made in prison lol.
refrigerator - 2 days ago
heh eh heh eh heh eh heh
Trevor Goodchild
Trevor Goodchild - 3 days ago
Walmart has this great value brand canned chicken that is actually crazy good. Its normally in little cubes
Tonio Divichi
Tonio Divichi - 3 days ago
Its really gross how it just plops into the bowl 11:36
Daisy's abashed
Daisy's abashed - 3 days ago
I always thought Cameron's laugh was bad at act laughing or fake laughing, but nah that's just his laugh. Godbless
GachaKõõkie playz
GachaKõõkie playz - 4 days ago
He also was in gotham
m f
m f - 4 days ago
0:01 jojo drip
Love AndLight
Love AndLight - 5 days ago
Rhett: ...I like it
Morpher X
Morpher X - 5 days ago
Since when did they get jedi on this show?
Michael Rogers
Michael Rogers - 5 days ago
There is a version of prison nugs.also the fish and other products don't come in cans anymore
Helen Macklin
Helen Macklin - 5 days ago
7:40 Link linked it
emily power
emily power - 5 days ago
great now the jedi fallen order character is in a relationship with link and you cannot break up this otp
Private Eyes
Private Eyes - 6 days ago
Army food vs Astronaut food must taste real good .try it if you like it.
Ceciliaio899p900 Sa Egg
He has the joker laugh
Tom Bystander
Tom Bystander - 6 days ago
When my man said commisarry I knew we were in business.
It’s_kyle - 6 days ago
I love him in the show Gotham
nes.hess - 6 days ago
Cal kestus
Spinel - 6 days ago
Oh my gosh its cal kestis
xXyeetyeetXx 1
xXyeetyeetXx 1 - 6 days ago
Rhett has a really strong stomach
Fortnitegod5 God has
Fortnitegod5 God has - 7 days ago
Arafat's seafarers were Assad's Assad's ACA DEA zfs TSA extracted reserve Ryder's
fiji_gamer - 7 days ago
He is wearing the Jacket from that Gotham Episode
Alyssa Mohammed
Alyssa Mohammed - 7 days ago
Whilst scrolling through comments , anyone ever see the part of the video and the comment line up?
Amanda Charles
Amanda Charles - 8 days ago
He’s the joker periodt
E L S E W H E R E - 8 days ago
lol Slammer Nugs
MelonClutch - 8 days ago
Who else thinks Rhett and Link are going through a rough patch? They're being pretty salty with eachother.
Tucker Waldrip
Tucker Waldrip - 8 days ago
I can't take the Joker seriously as a Jedi...played the game for 2 missions and haven't touched it since! hahahaha
Shawn Patterson
Shawn Patterson - 8 days ago
Inmates don't have access to cans. That's why #2 is fake. At least at the prisons I worked for.
Falicia Necole
Falicia Necole - 9 days ago
I need to know more about dermoids... I tried Google but no.. I need Rhett to educate me
Ovo key tv
Ovo key tv - 9 days ago
The whole dermoid thing was funny💀😂
ms. jackson
ms. jackson - 9 days ago
Who else thought Cameron would laugh like Jerome/Jeremiah? His real laugh is great too and made me smile! I miss Gotham!
Mr Awesome
Mr Awesome - 9 days ago
wow ed Sheeran!!!!!!
Thomas Wayne Collins
Thomas Wayne Collins - 9 days ago
The best hack is in Los Angeles fast food. Somehow the Migrants new to LA think a tweek in the food will keep you coming for more. Just make sure that your tongue tip doesn't tingle like a snake. Those people like to feel as an animal.
r37r4c _
r37r4c _ - 10 days ago
Did Cameron play the joker from Gotham?
Alli Mitch
Alli Mitch - 10 days ago
Justine D.
Justine D. - 10 days ago
i have a hard time believing that they have canned food in prisons. the can can def be sharpened into a weapon
Marty Masterpiece
Marty Masterpiece - 11 days ago
Coolio Star Stache
Coolio Star Stache - 11 days ago
Bruh, he's the Joker AND he's a jedi? Awesome
Carios Lhristian
Carios Lhristian - 11 days ago
only care for his joker character
Anatoly Zheltikov
Anatoly Zheltikov - 12 days ago
not gonna lie i put pickles on my pizza its awesome
Exhile - 12 days ago
Oh mah god it’s mr Valeska
BlahBlah Games
BlahBlah Games - 12 days ago
Oml its Jeremiah
Armybeast18 - 13 days ago
Has pruno, the best wine with a chance of botulism with each sip
L.A. Freeman
L.A. Freeman - 13 days ago
It's Ian from shameless
Monki - 13 days ago
literally just finished watching gotham, them went here to watch this.
Jesse Pulver
Jesse Pulver - 13 days ago
Make a bofungo!!!!!!
David Lopez
David Lopez - 13 days ago
I like how people who have actually been to prison know what's up and the rest are just like oh look a famous person
Tyler Stewart
Tyler Stewart - 14 days ago
Why is no one talking about Cameron Monaghan's facial hair 😍😍
Jared Davis
Jared Davis - 14 days ago
You think he is joking and he is not 😂
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