Animal Crossing: New Horizons Gameplay Reveal Trailer (E3 Nintendo Direct)

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expensive eggs 34
expensive eggs 34 - Day ago
DJ_ PlayzStuff
DJ_ PlayzStuff - 2 days ago
Me a month ago:
Oh cool
Lupis the Dragon
Lupis the Dragon - 9 days ago
I honestly don’t like how their animalese sounds.
ConnorIsOkay - 11 days ago
I’m actually going to cry
Grace TheTheaterGal
Grace TheTheaterGal - 14 days ago
Nobody talking about the skin tones. I am so excited about that!!!
Sleepoos Guy
Sleepoos Guy - 9 days ago
@Strawberry Knight its confirmed you can customize your character and use each skin tone you like
Strawberry Knight
Strawberry Knight - 9 days ago
Well hopefully. You could get different skin tone in New Leaf, but you had to be out in the sun a lot..
Shadowser _14
Shadowser _14 - 14 days ago
Wheres Isabelle?
Shadowser _14
Shadowser _14 - 9 days ago
Sleepoos Guy
Sleepoos Guy - 9 days ago
confirmed to return
Strawberry Knight
Strawberry Knight - 9 days ago
Good question..
Nico nico nico kneecaps snapped
I like it, but new leaf is where it’s at
Strawberry Knight
Strawberry Knight - 9 days ago
I love New Leaf, I haven't played it in ages, I should!
Cat Nguyen
Cat Nguyen - 19 days ago
my birthday is 21st MARCH OMG IM SO HAPPY TvT
Breeze - 19 days ago
dont know this game ,but the reviews are so lovely good. And its sooo relaxing!! 😍❤
~dunno why i smiled so much at this part 0:50
Strawberry Knight
Strawberry Knight - 9 days ago
It's supposed to be relaxing. if you want a game you can play after a stressful day at work(or school) you should get it!
Drawing with Briellaquiqui
COE MERMO?! - 22 days ago
Nem lançou ainda pqp
COE MERMO?! - 22 days ago
Tem como jogar no Android??
Glooop - 25 days ago
This might be the first game that I will pre-order in all my years of buying games.
Tito - 27 days ago
I really hope this isn't the new theme for Animal Crossing, it's boring and I don't like it.
Strawberry Knight
Strawberry Knight - 7 days ago
@Tito Don't worry lol
Tito - 8 days ago
@Strawberry Knight wat
Strawberry Knight
Strawberry Knight - 8 days ago
With all respect, I don't know how to put it, besides what a child said to me once. "Sounds like you have a nostalgia boner." the music is fantastic, and it's not a great change. You just cling to something you already know, and are incapable of enjoying something new and different.
Tito - 9 days ago
@Strawberry Knight it's not necessarily bad, but it literally doesn't sound like animal crossing anymore ): sometimes too much change is bad.
Strawberry Knight
Strawberry Knight - 9 days ago
I like it! :(
Fishy from the dead
Fishy from the dead - 28 days ago
Me: *breaks down door*
*rips out heart*
*trades it for this game*
*grows new heart because I love it so much*
JROCK 5 SD - 28 days ago
Looks like a sort of Minecraft concept was fused because of the crafting.
Landon - Month ago
I’m so happy 😭😊😊
J Falcon
J Falcon - Month ago
On this island, can I finally escape Mr Resetti
J Falcon
J Falcon - Month ago
On this island, can I finally escape Mr Resetti
BaddieUniverse - 7 days ago
The devs confirmed he was fired of his position because this game will have autosave.
Popsy Doodles
Popsy Doodles - Month ago
A petition has recently been started to get the attention of Nintendo and allow us to have cloud saving in animal crossing, if you have time please sign and share it!
(I don’t know if anyone else has already commented this but I thought I might as well)
Strawberry Knight
Strawberry Knight - 9 days ago
What does cloud saving do?
BlueWolf Gaming
BlueWolf Gaming - Month ago
I can’t get over how incredible this game looks! From the leaves blowing in the breeze to the vibrant detail of everything. I recently played animal crossing again and it was just so plain compared to this. I’ll be looking in game shops on the 20th of March 100%
HerreMeowCat - Month ago
*K why the default character looks so cute oof impossible.*
I'm not an animal crossign fan but god dammit it looks so cool.
J - Month ago
tfw u realize tom nook is animal crossing's donald trump
mockingbirdCG - Month ago
J dude he gives you a house with no down payment and doesn’t charge interest. On top of that he gives you, a total stranger with no experience a job at his store. The guys a saint.
J - Month ago
@mockingbirdCG real estate crooks
mockingbirdCG - Month ago
Ig they’re both business men..? Nooks an actual good guy tho
Kiarisse Gonzalez
Kiarisse Gonzalez - Month ago
Wait but who plays Animal Crossing New Leaf nowadays, because I still do 💞 [ drop your friend code ]
Strawberry Knight
Strawberry Knight - 9 days ago
If you tell me your discord, I can tell you my friend code on there, but I don't like to post my friend code online :3
King Bowser Koopa
King Bowser Koopa - Month ago
Oh, he's back. 1:18
HarmøniaCherries - Month ago
Rodney what did you do
What did you do
omg he ded
The stick snapped and he drowned
Rodney pls
Orni Morni
Orni Morni - Month ago
0:19 in the top right corner: your island will have more than just two layers!!😍
Aaron Bourque
Aaron Bourque - Month ago
The new butterfly at 0:16 is called the paper kite, rice paper or large tree nymph. (Idea leuconoe)
Samantha M
Samantha M - Month ago
Sooo do I get to pick my skin tone this time or do I still have to stand out in the sun 🤔
mockingbirdCG - Month ago
You can pick!
Jdkdne Hdbdjdj
Jdkdne Hdbdjdj - Month ago
Me: oh wow the added a lots of new interesting and useful things...
This happens: 1:01
TigirlakaLaserwolf6 - Month ago
power pole EXTEND!
HightyRoss Supermoto Vlog
only for hardcore gamers, so for an american ,its a good game
Aathl - Month ago
im so glad it still looks somewhat like animal crossing
Brixn - Month ago
Jaiden Animations liked this I'm totally not stalking her "Liked Videos" playlist
- Rainbow Wish -
- Rainbow Wish - - Month ago
Will there still be the whole custom clothing option? I liked that
Belicia Vazquez
Belicia Vazquez - Month ago
I wasn’t looking when this one came on, I just heard talking and was like “oh it’s not AC” AND THEN I HEARD NOOK
Apoc5k - Month ago
The racoon mafia is at it again.
Alejandro Melguizo
Alejandro Melguizo - Month ago
If anyone wants the trumpet sheet music hit me up. (Transcribed)
LPS Anneliese
LPS Anneliese - Month ago
marilyn - Month ago
I've been waiting for so long 😂😂
Leila Skye
Leila Skye - Month ago
Anyone else sad that it seems to be only for Nintendo switch and I don’t have 300$ to spend on a Nintendo switch 😭😭
Kevin Dougherty
Kevin Dougherty - Month ago
This is my first Animal Crossing game, and I have some questions.
Why the hell is everyone talking about paths, hills, and some raccoon leaving you in crippling debt?
Winter Song
Winter Song - Month ago
Firstly in the old Animal Crossing you couldn't do path you could put pictures on the ground that could look like paths (or anything else for that matter) but the illusion was kind of shattered everytime you walk on it because it still sounded like grass. Secondly hills don't really do anything but I guess people liked the look of them but they were removed in the DS game and were never bought back until now As for Tom Nook the racoon, you have to pay him to expand your house and that's one of the main goal in this game aside from completeting the museum and trying to create a perfect town, so you will pay him for a long time..
vina - Month ago
IM. SO. EXCITED. !!!!!!!!
Jenny - Month ago
Can you swim in the game?
Adam - Month ago
Jenny Yeah I assume so since you could in new leaf (the most recent animal crossing besides this one)
Pseudo Nym
Pseudo Nym - Month ago
It’s everything I could have hoped for. I think I’m going to cry.
Gabez - Month ago
Better than animal crossing new leaf.
Sofía Rosero
Sofía Rosero - Month ago
Celia MMWLL - Month ago
This is my all time favourite Game from my childhood and I always whised I could do those things in Wild world, but I can't afford a switch
Its sad but I can't do anything☺️
Tiedye Marshmallow
Tiedye Marshmallow - Month ago
bitch animal crossing done turn into minecraft
Rill Gacha
Rill Gacha - Month ago
I love the graphics!
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