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jkmaster24 fish care
jkmaster24 fish care - 9 hours ago
Hi i need more subs a shout out will be nice😁
Megan Cowan
Megan Cowan - 10 hours ago
good vid seen helgramites before but never thought of fishing with them
jay s
jay s - Day ago
Did this today got some suns and a nice preach also saved a baby snapping turtle from drying out
Wrestling Awesome
Wrestling Awesome - Day ago
Do a survival vid
Wrestling Awesome
Wrestling Awesome - Day ago
One night
DagelijkseSean - Day ago
dont tats et
Blam3Th3Lag 109346
Blam3Th3Lag 109346 - Day ago
1:42 you missed the third worm on the left
K Crawford
K Crawford - 2 days ago
Cookie spider
Christiaan Burke
Christiaan Burke - 2 days ago
Cat spider
Yo Bro
Yo Bro - 2 days ago
I'd be like look guys a jar of salmon eggs some one dropped lol 🤣🤣🤣
Batu Jala
Batu Jala - 3 days ago
Asikk.. Indonesia nyimak..
Dirty Jersey
Dirty Jersey - 3 days ago
How about a catch and cook soon? Killed it with those creepy little bastards. Keep up the great videos
David Muñiz
David Muñiz - 3 days ago
This video is brought to you by
ynwOrb - 4 days ago
9.8k like!
Carlos Vasquez
Carlos Vasquez - 5 days ago
Can you do a catch and cook please😁
dennis velez
dennis velez - 6 days ago
The name of the spider is gagamba in our nation
ger - 7 days ago
*go pro dieds*
Giantpotato247 Gaming
Giantpotato247 Gaming - 7 days ago
It’s a crab spider
Luke Koops
Luke Koops - 7 days ago
where do you fish ?
Fresh Steve
Fresh Steve - 7 days ago
I keep toe nail clippers to get rid of the rear “sticky” pinchers, they can’t get snagged that way. Cool vid!
Jerome Butler
Jerome Butler - 8 days ago
Better than coyote Peterson
Brooklyn brothers
Brooklyn brothers - 8 days ago
Next time I’m Fishing those pelgromite is my bait
Baylin Costa
Baylin Costa - 9 days ago
Look at this guys Yt Nick Fry you should fish with him
GUNGA - 9 days ago
Crab spider
Kenery Joseph
Kenery Joseph - 9 days ago
ricardo frança
ricardo frança - 9 days ago
Pro tips: always fish when u have darker clothes, or else fish will get scared. And always try to hide the hook on the bait, a dizer 6 would be good enough. Hope this 2 tips will help you in future videos. Keep up with the good work
yuiiv -
yuiiv - - 2 days ago
Bruh it doesn’t matter you guys are so annoying
devin booth
devin booth - 10 days ago
Bro that's a common wood spider, we got tons in north Texas. They dont mess with you but sucks to get bit.
J.J Dina
J.J Dina - 10 days ago
Electric_ Spooks
Electric_ Spooks - 10 days ago
I love your I Videos and the biggest fish I ever caught was a largemouth bass in Lake superior
Ant lover Sg
Ant lover Sg - 11 days ago
Get in the boat. I get the reference 😏
Love Hurts
Love Hurts - 12 days ago
Way did you catch the spider
No Chill andy
No Chill andy - 12 days ago
6:22 ima shoot that shit if i see it idc
VitaminDee TV
VitaminDee TV - 12 days ago
inspiration in every video...keep showing us how its done 1Rod!
Kivara 2445
Kivara 2445 - 12 days ago
Magnum Mountaineer
Magnum Mountaineer - 12 days ago
I like to use the Berkley Gulp minnows. They have Gulp Helgramites too, but ive never tried them before... Might just have to pick up a pack next time to try for my smallie adventures.
the gt racer
the gt racer - 12 days ago
Thank you for being very enthusiastic and entertaining
KD FootBall skills
KD FootBall skills - 13 days ago
You are good at fishing
Fish Cutting
Fish Cutting - 13 days ago
Oh, it was a spider napa. Phathathatenasisa ohelanao scientific name.
Nichole Blakeslee
Nichole Blakeslee - 14 days ago
It’s pregnant
Jonathon Mcmullan
Jonathon Mcmullan - 14 days ago
Cut the pinchers off
Thomas Marlow
Thomas Marlow - 15 days ago
Hello I love your vids
Błoody- Reaper
Błoody- Reaper - 16 days ago
You say bad words
Adventures with Frodo
Adventures with Frodo - 16 days ago
Are people so stupid that you say I have a jar and then you are using a square snap top container???
Blury Plague
Blury Plague - 16 days ago
Bruh why you show that spider I have Arachnophobia
jackson rose
jackson rose - 16 days ago
cat fase spider
Lana Brown
Lana Brown - 16 days ago
It's called a crab spider
Lane S
Lane S - 16 days ago
Th spider is a cat face spider.
Brayden 4REAL
Brayden 4REAL - 16 days ago
The spider is a crab spider
ThatLlamaGuy - 16 days ago
Do you only get helgramites in America or Britain aswel
One Love
One Love - 17 days ago
1:42 left...
Anker Sorensen
Anker Sorensen - 17 days ago
He said he only had those things in beginning but he had way more
Christine Keith
Christine Keith - 17 days ago
orb weaver
FlippinBass - 17 days ago
Screams like a baby Those guys hurt a little bit
Tim Darweesh
Tim Darweesh - 18 days ago
Gold mine or gold diger he jk
Jay Dee
Jay Dee - 18 days ago
gorgeous view
Hockey Kid
Hockey Kid - 19 days ago
I don’t know it all summer that’s kind of spiders trip my dirtbike and I’m extremely scared of spiders
Josue Garcia
Josue Garcia - 19 days ago
It looks like matt stonie
B m
B m - 20 days ago
I use squiddie hand reels.
Zestyyy - 20 days ago
Worm in your pocket
The Tank Stopper
The Tank Stopper - 20 days ago
Why does America have small fish compared to England
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