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_pac710 - Day ago
Wash your finger
Clay Scofield #30
Clay Scofield #30 - Day ago
Small you would win
Cman Outdoors
Cman Outdoors - 3 days ago
Should have used the chub
MVJ3R_TRYXX - 4 days ago
Asian coyote Pearson
SK3L3T0N_KING 155 - 5 days ago
Asian Coyote Peterson
1920 P4A 23 LI TAK WAI
1920 P4A 23 LI TAK WAI - 5 days ago
The Asian coyote peterson
Dean Willey
Dean Willey - 6 days ago
Deffinently one of few fishermen/anglers on youtube that know how to keep things real and interesting! New sub from me!
Dean Willey
Dean Willey - 6 days ago
Honestly you're a really nice dude to walk up and give some advice and meet some new anglers!
Aspect Carma
Aspect Carma - 6 days ago
The spider that I kill
Cooper Hinton
Cooper Hinton - 9 days ago
try hand fishing if not that okay
Justin Newton
Justin Newton - 9 days ago
In western PA, trout seem to love slugs around the potter county area. Growing up I always caught tons of fish on them
Darin Aragon
Darin Aragon - 10 days ago
How can i get to the waterfall?
B&C Productions
B&C Productions - 12 days ago
This is coyote Peterson and I’m about to enter the danger zone with the heldermite
Isaac Dichard
Isaac Dichard - 12 days ago
What’s the guys name who keeps letting bugs bite him yeah you’re kind of like him
James Thrift
James Thrift - 13 days ago
I've heard of those helgrathingys here in Virginia but never seen one
Judah Asuncion
Judah Asuncion - 13 days ago
“He’s stupid he’s an idiot he’s going right into a death trap”
Joshua Livingston
Joshua Livingston - 14 days ago
The spider name is “ imma fucks u up”
Queen Freddy
Queen Freddy - 14 days ago
Coyote Peterson 2.0
Queen Freddy
Queen Freddy - 14 days ago
I have the same net!! 😀
JeepJKU Adventures
JeepJKU Adventures - 14 days ago
He has an advantage with his ninja skills since he's Asian. 😆
dtc111825 - 15 days ago
Alec Custodio
Alec Custodio - 15 days ago
The 🕷 is tigrehan
Elijah Hector
Elijah Hector - 15 days ago
The spider was just a little garden spider
Dark Crystal22
Dark Crystal22 - 15 days ago
I like how he is nice to anyone he meets he was so nice to those kids giving them a hellgrammite.
Bl0nd3Hum4n - 17 days ago
1Rod1Reel - make sure not to grab any kind of trout by the lip. It can really hurt them. (pro tip) :P
Bl0nd3Hum4n - 17 days ago
"mo'fo" xD
Konrad The Fisherman
Konrad The Fisherman - 17 days ago
7:00 are u fkn brave wildness ?
Mason Mortenson
Mason Mortenson - 19 days ago
“Wanna keep our bait happy” seals them In a plastic container where no oxygen can get in 😂
Dub Jenkins
Dub Jenkins - 21 day ago
It’s a crab spider
crazy dude99
crazy dude99 - 21 day ago
6:52 : bootleg Coyote Peterson
Skru YT
Skru YT - 22 days ago
Crab spider
Frank Horrigan
Frank Horrigan - 24 days ago
The spider you bout ran into was a crab spider. Nasty little feckers. They don't bite hard but it'll still scare the shit outta you. Gottem all over my area. Luckily the yellow garden spiders will eat them sometimes
Shelton Mcmillan
Shelton Mcmillan - 24 days ago
It is a spider crab
Aj Koekemoer
Aj Koekemoer - 24 days ago
Banana Raider
Banana Raider - 25 days ago
Rod “ he’s an itiot also rod almost threw it on his hand
UnderControlSP - 25 days ago
I have never seen a fish with such scary eyes before.
ArtemsWorld - 27 days ago
It's called a speckled turkey spider
Shelten Krasinski
Shelten Krasinski - 28 days ago
What is a smolly
Warcriminal95 - 28 days ago
It was an orb spider
Peter Arnold
Peter Arnold - 29 days ago
The rock bass went into sage ps: Naruto
phantom dragon
phantom dragon - Month ago
"Oh... he's stupid he's going right into a death trap.
Helgramite: no, you
Nhat Tran
Nhat Tran - Month ago
Christian Parker
Christian Parker - Month ago
Um that first fish you caught that was a longear sunfish
Marc Pipistrello
Marc Pipistrello - Month ago
Boy Scout camp counselor moment: When you see poison ivy, look nearby. There's a plant that usually grows nearby that has translucent stems, toothed leaves with rounded tips, and a < 1" long, slightly hooded, yellow or orange flower with tiny spots. That's jewel weed. Its watery sap is a natural cure for poison ivy. You crush the stems and rub it on the exposed area. In most people, a rash won't develop. Also, hellgrammites are absolutely trout CRACK. Not candy, crack. They will ALWAYS hit a hellgrammite, either live, dead, or a tied fly pattern. Those menacing pincers on the Dobson fly are harmless. They're used in the mating process. Hellgrammites pinch harder.
Fun fact: at least three Scout Troops from your home town used to Summer Camp where I worked in PA. Great people. This Summer, I'll be at a camp in MD trying my luck on the waters around the upper Chesapeake.
r6_ im_trash
r6_ im_trash - Month ago
When he caught the smallie the bait bit the fish
Dušan Nestorović
Dušan Nestorović - Month ago
Cool video, but there is one thing that bothered me..
How can you walk in water with yer shoes on...
McKenzie Beltz
McKenzie Beltz - Month ago
I love watching people fish but can you not swear
Erika Battle
Erika Battle - Month ago
that spider is an orbweever
Swagkage - Month ago
Hi I'm 1Rod1Reel and I'm about to enter the pinch zone with the helgramite
Ollie PaRis
Ollie PaRis - Month ago
He Missed A Worm
Like And Sub To
Oliver PaRiS
Ellis Barnes
Ellis Barnes - Month ago
That spider is a bananaspider
ddawgdmitri - Month ago
Growing up as a kid I always used grasshoppers. Used to smack em with stick and put em in a bottle. Trout love that stuff
Pro Vlogger FORTNITE
Pro Vlogger FORTNITE - Month ago
You should have brought tweezers or pliers and grab the algamites you brought a leather man why don’t you use that to grab them
Crisbren josh Suico
Crisbren josh Suico - Month ago
The spider is red devil
Louis Sutherland
Louis Sutherland - Month ago
Who the h*LL keeps worms as their priced possession
Jonin357 - Month ago
6:54 I’m cyote Peterson and I’m bout to enter the bite zone on a hellgrmite (I spelled that so wrong )
CAP’N Fish whisperer
111: It’s the mother of all worms!
111: Oh his getting away!
Ashton Farina
Ashton Farina - Month ago
Horry bajeebo
mohamed hany
mohamed hany - Month ago
I love you so much I am 12 and I got good big fish
SirNico TheGreat
SirNico TheGreat - Month ago
One of the mites be trying to get away from the other...
SirNico TheGreat
SirNico TheGreat - Month ago
I saw one tat was more than 2 inches long
Jaden Morrison
Jaden Morrison - Month ago
He hooks a blue gill like it’s a seven pounder
Gurb Nation
Gurb Nation - Month ago
Mike: what’s goin on there bud?
spider: 🖐🏿WUSSUP🤚🏿
Joey Sheehan
Joey Sheehan - Month ago
Spider was a orb Weaver
Crystal Pierre
Crystal Pierre - Month ago
In your gay
Crystal Pierre
Crystal Pierre - Month ago
Fuck you bicth😡😡😡😡😡
Overrated DEATH
Overrated DEATH - Month ago
Those are river jumpers not night crawlers
Ace Of Spades
Ace Of Spades - Month ago
love it when my bait is biting my fish. lol
jake lencher
jake lencher - Month ago
i have that exact net. i use it for kayak fishing.
beast mode
beast mode - Month ago
The spider is a cat spider
Justin Okel
Justin Okel - Month ago
10:46 that helgramite was smashed hard af between the lid and the container lmao
FlyEagles Fly
FlyEagles Fly - Month ago
do helgramites catch trout
Redneck Cooter
Redneck Cooter - Month ago
I had to do this to get worms
JCON Jr - Month ago
Who else died laughing 2:47
RudiLovesNature SA
RudiLovesNature SA - Month ago
Get him in the bucket?!
Thats a tiny ass little container
Cricket - Month ago
I used a blood worm and I cut it and left the other half of it in my pocket then the next day it smelt so bad
Mason Burke
Mason Burke - Month ago
He called that bug stupid then almost there it on himself💀💀🤦‍♂️
老路 - Month ago
這個感覺夾到就是很痛= =
Danny Gallagher
Danny Gallagher - Month ago
Hahah the hellgramite (idk how to spell) looks like a chaurus from skyrim
butman 3
butman 3 - Month ago
That was a arrowhead spider
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