Ryan Tries: Primitive Building - EPIC SNOW FORT

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hot stepbrother
hot stepbrother - 49 minutes ago
Why was this kinda ASMR
Axel Lector
Axel Lector - 55 minutes ago
Why on earth were they running into the snow wall?
Xzait Dgizs
Xzait Dgizs - 8 hours ago
so thread, chainsaws/saws and a flint n steel are an exception the the "no tools" rule then...
Slia Tapeluelu
Slia Tapeluelu - 15 hours ago
Minecraft 4 life
chittapHOE - 21 hour ago
This video needs 10M views. The content is on point 💯
PlushieGamers - 23 hours ago
Do more Ryan tries
Angkon Sen
Angkon Sen - Day ago
Watch how they wake up. IT IS FAKE
Thicc Andy
Thicc Andy - Day ago
Notice how they wake up on opposite sides on day 3😂😂
banditodnp - Day ago
sometimes it baffles me how they could make such things and just end it with a 'teehee' in the final product
Sunshine means Choi Youngjae
this is some asmr shit i enjoy
Con - 2 days ago
The more accurate title would be: Minecraft IRL: Building a snow fort! (NOT CLICKBAIT) (WE ALMOST STARVED)
Daniel Gomez
Daniel Gomez - 2 days ago
Sound like a asmr
Rickattack Games
Rickattack Games - 2 days ago
It hurts to think that it’s all melted by now
Wing Lee
Wing Lee - 2 days ago
Wrestling santa
Wrestling santa - 2 days ago
How much?
Israel Pelaez
Israel Pelaez - 2 days ago
I can’t believe they haven’t showered in 3 days
Parkour Hub
Parkour Hub - 2 days ago
Dear ryan. You are a gift to humanity. Your videos are the best I’ve ever seen. Keep at it
Brent Dichoson
Brent Dichoson - 2 days ago
This so Pro😂
RavenHilarious - 2 days ago
looks like you two (and whoever was behind the camera) had lots of fun :D
Koen & Kate Rapp
Koen & Kate Rapp - 3 days ago
what about the food
Kacy Fos
Kacy Fos - 3 days ago
I miss sean😪
immortal angel
immortal angel - 3 days ago
Arthus Klauth
Arthus Klauth - 3 days ago
Did you actually sleep there?
Sir Izaak Productions
Sir Izaak Productions - 4 days ago
Jesus, I expected them to just make a pun or something, not make a million dollar base!
GD Dan Indonesia Gaming
9:44 wawwwww
TaurusAries Official
TaurusAries Official - 4 days ago
2:00 i thought that was gonna be it haha
Cup of tae
Cup of tae - 4 days ago
The Cookie & Lychee Bro Show
Ryan and Gregory are TELLETUBBIES. XD
Tiffany With sprinkles
Tiffany With sprinkles - 5 days ago
So cool
Daniel chen
Daniel chen - 5 days ago
The straight faces are funny
Sahil Ahmed
Sahil Ahmed - 5 days ago
2:40 lol
Shalinie Anderson
Shalinie Anderson - 5 days ago
Do park house again
Nutella Sammich
Nutella Sammich - 5 days ago
i loved this and at the same time i couldnt stop laughing at how fast they were moving, in silence hahahahahhah and when gregory fell XD
GoddoGツ Gaming
GoddoGツ Gaming - 5 days ago
That’s pretty cool not even gonna lie
XpicyChilly 2004
XpicyChilly 2004 - 5 days ago
How is the fire not melting the snow?....wut
someone - 5 days ago
Tiko Ameria
Tiko Ameria - 5 days ago
You forgot to wear no shirt!(no homo)
Whlack RACK
Whlack RACK - 5 days ago
Why can I imagine this on Daily dose of internet?
Katlina LI
Katlina LI - 5 days ago
Who was thinking about how they could survive without eating??

No one ;(
Cup of tae
Cup of tae - 4 days ago
Cross Chain
Cross Chain - 5 days ago
You and pewdiepie are one of the pinnacles of youtube. Here since how to be a ninja!!!
katri bookworm
katri bookworm - 5 days ago
Ohmygod, I love it.
Alolic - 6 days ago
My Mom: Go outside and be creative.
Chill Potato
Chill Potato - 6 days ago
Fake, extremely entertaining doe
Chill Potato
Chill Potato - 6 days ago
Fake as in the sleeping part
Red panda Girl gaming
Red panda Girl gaming - 6 days ago
Um they didn’t eat everything
Tury Santillana
Tury Santillana - 6 days ago
What do you do with the fort afterwards ?😂
wallyhoo - 6 days ago
i miss sean
Marcel Tim
Marcel Tim - 6 days ago
Love the fact you guys swap places in day 3 XD
Akira Lawson
Akira Lawson - 6 days ago
Michael Larsen
Michael Larsen - 6 days ago
I call shenanigans. At 7:05. How in the world can two people wake up at the exact same time without modern technology
A C - 6 days ago
Best YouTube channel..
Bitz Lasagna
Bitz Lasagna - 6 days ago
Thier Hard Work will be appreciated
pabs cataros
pabs cataros - 6 days ago
minecraft in real life?
Bitz Lasagna
Bitz Lasagna - 6 days ago
Hahahahahah 2:45
Btw its ASMR
Lucas Tan
Lucas Tan - 6 days ago
You guys really look like them when you build I thought I was watching primitive technology
vinno97 - 7 days ago
Looks cool, but I was really missing the subtitles
MARVIN VELASCO - 7 days ago
MARVIN VELASCO - 7 days ago
Mga galawan hahahhahah
Stephgaming 507
Stephgaming 507 - 7 days ago
Make a collab with lele pons or rudy Mancuso
something nothing
something nothing - 7 days ago
Can u pls try 48 hours there invite ur friends too
Apoorv pandey
Apoorv pandey - 7 days ago
Anyone else has seen that drone footage on pexels before 😅😅😅 ?
Stoffel - 7 days ago
iNyan Gamer
iNyan Gamer - 7 days ago
That’s true ASMR right there.
MiglsonTube35 - 8 days ago
2:44 I don’t know why it reminds me of a penguin
Kool-AidMan Leader!
Kool-AidMan Leader! - 8 days ago
Ha why did Greg haul all the heavy stuff
Angeli Martinne Lim
Angeli Martinne Lim - 8 days ago
2:44 cant stop laughingggg😂😂😂😂
Peanut Head chill
Peanut Head chill - 8 days ago
at 7:00 u guys sleep Greg on the left Ryan on right but next day it’s the opposite lol
BtsandARMYsloveyou Jin
BtsandARMYsloveyou Jin - 8 days ago
Idk why I watch those kind of video but when ryan did it it's just funny for no reason 😂😂
Captain Yoongi
Captain Yoongi - 8 days ago
This is better than the original primitive videos
CrazyCannon 123
CrazyCannon 123 - 8 days ago
How did they get the rope if they were primitive.

But great vid.
Bryan Chua
Bryan Chua - 8 days ago
Minecraft irl the game looks great
Thierry Mendoza
Thierry Mendoza - 8 days ago
Technically they did use a tool (string) but still really good
GamerKGaming Studio
GamerKGaming Studio - 8 days ago
Make more!!!
Mr pug
Mr pug - 9 days ago
It’s looks so fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
miss mochiii
miss mochiii - 9 days ago
this is actually pretty impressive
miss mochiii
miss mochiii - 9 days ago
Der88397 - 9 days ago
That was epic lol
StaminaP - 9 days ago
Did you have to destroy it after or no?
ThicC or treat
ThicC or treat - 9 days ago
When's the place gonna be for sale?
Cheese Cheese
Cheese Cheese - 9 days ago
Anyone gonna talk about ryan's skills at 9:15
Lazy Fortniteッ
Lazy Fortniteッ - 9 days ago
This should be "Building a snow fort ASMR"
Ian SPRANKLING - 9 days ago
Ryan: **pats snow**
Me: "are you going to to talk?"
Ryan: **patting of snow intensifies**
QuantumQuarkee - 9 days ago
1 snowstorm. That’s all it takes
Kory Hopkins
Kory Hopkins - 9 days ago
Frank S. Ly
Frank S. Ly - 9 days ago
That is commitment right there.
Christian Roberts
Christian Roberts - 10 days ago
That stick basket was hella innovative bro, like that was the smartest sht
xXKevingGorillaXx -
xXKevingGorillaXx - - 10 days ago
Playing sims on fast foward
Po Park
Po Park - 10 days ago
Kinda can tell the importance of sean. If he was there to help could’ve been two times faster
Swag Playz
Swag Playz - 10 days ago
did you even eat ?
Swag Playz
Swag Playz - 10 days ago
this is really satisfying
Ceviro Ho
Ceviro Ho - 10 days ago
Well thats kinnda impressive
Josh Kitch
Josh Kitch - 10 days ago
Nah how to be a ninja is still better
Ung Zhee Nedd
Ung Zhee Nedd - 10 days ago
I thought it was a trolling video at first haha
Untied Shoe
Untied Shoe - 10 days ago
9:14 me in the last 5 minutes of exam
Mr Neflim
Mr Neflim - 10 days ago
Lies... I see a rope
TDB - 10 days ago
We asked for a fort not a WHOLE FREAKING CASTLE, damn
Nankashi21 - 10 days ago
just 2 random dudes who missed out snow on their childhood and now catching up
CPG Sunnier
CPG Sunnier - 11 days ago
You should change the series name to Ryan Tryn’
Neth - 11 days ago
Greatest youtuber who ever lived
Aznboy 888
Aznboy 888 - 11 days ago
Imagine a little kid just find it and just lives there for the rest of his life
xp3rimental - 11 days ago
He already failed the primitive building by talking
Jessica Chen
Jessica Chen - 11 days ago
Long time very very good friend, Gregory... I thought he was gonna say Sean. I'm too hopeful.
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