Found Diamond Wedding Ring Metal Detecting Underwater! $5,000+ (Returned to Owner)

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HEATHER DANIEL - 2 hours ago
It’s So Nice Of You To Always Care About Peoples Stuff,Plus Your Saving The Environment.
Cameron Jurgess
Cameron Jurgess - Hour ago
Patty Bradshaw
Patty Bradshaw - 3 hours ago
Were they glad you found the ring .
Rodney Chamblee
Rodney Chamblee - 5 hours ago
I enjoyed that video so much
- DragzDan -
- DragzDan - - 5 hours ago
Good vid
Alisontv - 5 hours ago
ItsYoBoi Unflenged
ItsYoBoi Unflenged - 6 hours ago
Dude your shaken
Jocelyn Bumanlag
Jocelyn Bumanlag - 11 hours ago
Wow youre rich dud!
Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson - 12 hours ago
Aww man he likes the cowboys ima skins fan if i found the ring he wouldn't have got it back. Redskins 4 just playnlol
Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson - 12 hours ago
Good job jake what a awesome person you are
d collector
d collector - 14 hours ago
Can you do a Magnet fishing???
Marta-Katarina Ruder
Marta-Katarina Ruder - 19 hours ago
You are so friendly and sweet!😊❤
Carrie Berke
Carrie Berke - Day ago
Wow u are so good at what u do love it keep up the good work
bjornb joseph
bjornb joseph - Day ago
FLOORS LAVA!! 3 2 1 like if u survived. :)
James the cat
James the cat - Day ago
Mace Castro
Mace Castro - Day ago
I love you videos
Litleo 7
Litleo 7 - Day ago
This is amazing next can you find me a girlfriend
Slimavenger Avenger
Slimavenger Avenger - 16 hours ago
Cooper Bos
Cooper Bos - Day ago
Yay me to
Esteban - Day ago
if you think jake is cool not jake paul like this comment
javier Villa very
javier Villa very - Day ago
Scuba jake
SeasickMocha698 - Day ago
Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
The part you came here for
is around 7:32
SeasickMocha698 - Day ago
+Dennis Gorter no prblm
Dennis Gorter
Dennis Gorter - Day ago
roses are red violets are blue that was what i was searching for,thank you
KidGamez - Day ago
Dude your is so cool you kind hearted unlike (cough) jake paul
Makayla Bemis
Makayla Bemis - 2 days ago
three of my uncles have lost their wedding rings in a lake where our camping sight is.
Elizabeth Griffin
Elizabeth Griffin - 2 days ago
That’s awesome, great job Jake.
demi marie
demi marie - 2 days ago
why are these so interesting to watch
Tyler Strickland
Tyler Strickland - 2 days ago
Peep ranger joes in the back ground
Antoine Assal
Antoine Assal - 2 days ago
Go big boy👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
mommunson - 2 days ago
Way to go scuba Jack. Lol
A.J Beats
A.J Beats - 3 days ago
Don't put it on
A.J Beats
A.J Beats - Day ago
+Kyle Vacca nah man sauron will know where he is
Kyle Vacca
Kyle Vacca - Day ago
A.J Beats there is nothing wrong with putting it on
FIROZ KHAN - 3 days ago
Hi i'm from India
Joshua Watson
Joshua Watson - 3 days ago
Cedric Thomas
Cedric Thomas - 3 days ago
Bloodhowl 250
Bloodhowl 250 - 3 days ago
NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA SCUBA JAKE (Also I lost my you know my will to live can you find it for me)(´ ▽`).。o♡
Sandy Mclellan
Sandy Mclellan - 3 days ago
What are the chances of finding that again. Well done dude
Charis Kearbey
Charis Kearbey - 3 days ago
The little girls hat is soooooooooo CUTE!
ana corona
ana corona - 3 days ago
Gobble hat
ana corona
ana corona - 3 days ago
Charis Kearbey yea
Charis Kearbey
Charis Kearbey - 3 days ago
Big boy needs new gloves
Gaming with Szymon #1
Gaming with Szymon #1 - 3 days ago
What’s the detector he used
Charis Kearbey
Charis Kearbey - 3 days ago
Ms G82009
Ms G82009 - 3 days ago
Anyone see a ring at 1:36?? 🧐🧐🧐🧐
10,000 subs with no Videos
Why you tell me the seconde i went to that part
MyRegardsToTheDodo - 2 days ago
Yes, looks like a keychain ring.
malakas813 0
malakas813 0 - 2 days ago
Charis Kearbey
Charis Kearbey - 3 days ago
I just looked at 1:36 and a saw a ring but not the ring
Henry Haag
Henry Haag - 3 days ago
lil meow meow
lil meow meow - 3 days ago
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Englishman In England
Englishman In England - 3 days ago
Funny how you did not mention at the beginning that the guy lost the ring by the steps. Also, when you have the ring in your hand, why do you keep looking at the ring & not the camera? Tell tell signs of a liar.
Joshua Watson
Joshua Watson - 3 days ago
There's a difference between lying and checking... He's making sure it's the ring so its not fair to say that he's lying
Millie Walters
Millie Walters - 3 days ago
Why wouldn’t he look at the ring? He found what he was looking for, and he is checking it’s what he needs
Nathan - 4 days ago
Planted completely 😂😂
micha welpje
micha welpje - 4 days ago
You are so kind
Kayden 12
Kayden 12 - 4 days ago
Good job
Philip Dimacali-Lim
Philip Dimacali-Lim - 4 days ago
Nice one!
Kdot prem
Kdot prem - 4 days ago
Such ballshit
herptile talk
herptile talk - 3 days ago
and your proof
Kdot prem
Kdot prem - 4 days ago
+micha welpje oh come on u actually believe this to be true when the guy met the husband to give the ring he was definitely acting
micha welpje
micha welpje - 4 days ago
Dude wtf cant you just be happy for the people
Praise the Sun
Praise the Sun - 4 days ago
suuuuree you did
David Ramirez
David Ramirez - 4 days ago
Darryl Hart
Darryl Hart - 4 days ago
fishsticks - 4 days ago
*Where is my truck donation money??*
ThatWeirdOne XD
ThatWeirdOne XD - 4 days ago
Ector L
Ector L - 19 hours ago
Nice 👌💀
ThatWeirdOne XD
ThatWeirdOne XD - Day ago
malakas813 0 np
malakas813 0
malakas813 0 - 2 days ago
ThatWeirdOne XD
ThatWeirdOne XD - 2 days ago
How to Slime it up np!
How to Slime it up
How to Slime it up - 4 days ago
ThatWeirdOne XD thx 🤣
Dihan Islam
Dihan Islam - 4 days ago
You should have sold it
FNAF 161 Marks
FNAF 161 Marks - Day ago
No he was tryin to find it for then that mean too
Beth Gracia
Beth Gracia - 4 days ago
Thats so sad for the man if he did
lightbombs - 4 days ago
you are a terrible person (if you're serious)
Clean Music
Clean Music - 4 days ago
This isn’t live wtf
Mace Castro
Mace Castro - Day ago
Lee Harland
Lee Harland - 4 days ago
Clearly planted the ring before he found it
fishsticks - 4 days ago
So obviously Did you see the truck scam video he did?
Sean Gallagher
Sean Gallagher - 4 days ago
Samanta Ancane
Samanta Ancane - 4 days ago
This dude is amazing he does so many things for the community and it's really amazing what he does for everyone in Columbus Georgia, if I lived in Columbus Georgia I would be so grateful that Jake is around cos he found go pros and so many more things for the people, KEEP IT UP MAN!!
Felix Rogucki
Felix Rogucki - 4 days ago
Case D
Case D - 5 days ago
Not only do I call bullshit on this guy's video.... But why on the green earth I stand on, would you try and fool people??? And for those who fell for this... Please don't have kids!!! 🙏
Case D
Case D - 2 days ago
+duck boi hahahaha and what's wrong with insulting a child??? Are you a child? If so, what kind of parents do you have who'd let a child roam USa-video freely?? And the proof is in his own footage... Don't worry, it'll be easier to understand when you grow up.. for now tho, just worry about being a kid 👌🏿✌🏿
duck boi
duck boi - 2 days ago
+Case D is there proof that it isn't real
duck boi
duck boi - 2 days ago
+Case D if you think I'm under 10 then you'd be insulting a child
Case D
Case D - 2 days ago
+duck boi and yet after allll of these one has been like" nah it's real, there's proof" it's more like you lot want to believe in this guy sooooooooo bad... Leaves me wondering....why??? Is life that unfulfilling for you? You must defend a guy who is lying to you? 😂🤣😂
Case D
Case D - 2 days ago
+duck boi lmao you carrot topped mushroom!! 🍄 So he can tell me to leave the video alone if I don't like it, but I can't tell him to leave my comment alone if he doesn't like it??? Seriously can I have an intelligent debate with someone who is older than 10???
twentyonetylers - 5 days ago
You should metal detect some swimming beaches. I bet there’s tons of rings and wedding rings
stephany araujo
stephany araujo - 5 days ago
you’re the sweetest dude
Mace Castro
Mace Castro - Day ago
You are hot
Beth Gracia
Beth Gracia - 4 days ago
Orange Tortoise
Orange Tortoise - 5 days ago
Should have taken it to Seamus, he would have paid good money for that
Tyler Jankura
Tyler Jankura - 5 days ago
That’s a sick sweater where did u get it when your in your truck
Joe Jones
Joe Jones - 4 days ago
Tyler Jankura what do you even mean?
Mya Rose
Mya Rose - 5 days ago
charisma oko
charisma oko - 5 days ago
Next you can find Kim Kardashian’s missing earring
Daniel Reader
Daniel Reader - 4 days ago
Charisma Oko “Kim, there’s people that are dying” 😂
Love4Diving - 5 days ago
Now I want to get an underwater metal detector
yndiara araujo
yndiara araujo - 5 days ago
Yves meire
absentee gecko87
absentee gecko87 - 5 days ago
Come to the beach bro please
ChildTime 4 to 9 ages
ChildTime 4 to 9 ages - 5 days ago
the chicken hat on the girl lol
Michael Shatley
Michael Shatley - 5 days ago
u are amazing I love you Jake
сей лармун vi
сей лармун vi - 5 days ago
These are good deeds, strong will power, nobility, strong qualities, a great heart, thank you.
сей лармун vi
сей лармун vi - 5 days ago
Very nice to watch your video without even understanding the language, thanks for the content and good luck.
Adventures In Dirt
Adventures In Dirt - 5 days ago
Great video man.... good job. 👍
Kupik Adi
Kupik Adi - 6 days ago
I watch while watching all coments
Keisha Burton
Keisha Burton - 6 days ago
They didn't seem too greatful
J H - 6 days ago
+Mike Wutsitmatter Good for you dude. I don't but you are entitled to your view.
Mike Wutsitmatter
Mike Wutsitmatter - 6 days ago
Probably because they already knew he’d found it - if it was really “missing”. I just watch and enjoy but take all with a grain of salt and skepticism.
J H - 6 days ago
You must have watched another video. They seem pretty grateful to me.
Sypher Carver
Sypher Carver - 6 days ago
So let me get this straight... you spent all that time out in the middle searching and filming all the junk you found but just so happened to find the ring right by the edge staring you in the face. Not only is there no footage from where you allegedly found it you didn't even aknowledge how weird/amazing it was that you found it. Then you go on to say it is the husbands wedding ring but you 'think' its the wifes number that you have... yet you know the couples child by name... I call shennanigans.
Jake Titus
Jake Titus - 11 hours ago
He said it took him an hour and a half, do you really think he would be recording all of that? by the fact he has the number of the people and the people told him that they lost it there dont you think he knows the childs name by talking to them about where they lost it?
Owen Kierscht
Owen Kierscht - 5 days ago
BlyatMan theJuggernaut lmao I have the same profile pic
dnbmania - 5 days ago
It was legit trust me
BlyatMan theJuggernaut
BlyatMan theJuggernaut - 5 days ago
Nope, this is as real as this all gets.
Hugo Phillips
Hugo Phillips - 6 days ago
Sypher Carver, me to
Alexander Elias
Alexander Elias - 6 days ago
I’ve been watching this guy here and there and he’s a great YouTuber and he has great vocabulary and articulation. Good guy
Samuel Agyemang
Samuel Agyemang - 6 days ago
Catherine Doyle
Catherine Doyle - 6 days ago
Chloe Bear
Chloe Bear - 6 days ago
Your a great person
Under God
Under God - 6 days ago
What do you mean not a expert da hell you mean
Ana Arellano
Ana Arellano - 6 days ago
I mean nickels
Ana Arellano
Ana Arellano - 6 days ago
Imagine he only found pennies
adotron - 6 days ago
Catherine Doyle
Catherine Doyle - 6 days ago
Oh my god
Drew Brooker
Drew Brooker - 6 days ago
Where's Golem when you need him?
Dank Meme
Dank Meme - 6 days ago
franky matano
franky matano - 6 days ago
Wonderful hobby. Great video good boys
antonio Ramirez
antonio Ramirez - 6 days ago
You are a good man
Seth M-T
Seth M-T - 6 days ago
"Give us that, Deagol my love..."
Fred - 6 days ago
Stranger Things
Stranger Things - 6 days ago
This is Better that asmr
Dino bro lol
Dino bro lol - 6 days ago
Wow u r so kind I love ur vids so much and the fact the u can return these things to the owners is outstanding
Torpedex - 7 days ago
this is th most side questy video to ever sidequest
MOTTO motto
MOTTO motto - 7 days ago
1:35 another ring
Doommaker100 GD
Doommaker100 GD - 4 days ago
That's a coin
Ryan Ramsey
Ryan Ramsey - 7 days ago
Should have thrown the ring back in the river when he showed up with that cowgirls hat.
Gabisaurusrex 10
Gabisaurusrex 10 - 4 days ago
lilahtuh - 7 days ago
Dawaj te napisy po polsku!
ZenTEM- The Emerald Mythgamer
5:32 IS THAT GOLD!?!?!
Ana Arellano
Ana Arellano - 6 days ago
ZenTEM- The Emerald Mythgamer Maybe maybe not
ZenTEM- The Emerald Mythgamer
oh I believe you now +Shiro
Shiro - 6 days ago
+ZenTEM- The Emerald Mythgamer It is : copper and zinc alloy :)
ZenTEM- The Emerald Mythgamer
ok, but isn't brass man made?
Shiro - 7 days ago
+ZenTEM- The Emerald Mythgamer maybe brass 😂
Jesse Kainulainen
Jesse Kainulainen - 7 days ago
You found the ring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trohan Oliquino
Trohan Oliquino - 7 days ago
I like the sound when u find metal
Florida Outdoor Adventures
Sonia Ruma
Sonia Ruma - 7 days ago
I like the water sound
Eka Kumala Putra
Eka Kumala Putra - 7 days ago
Can you find my ring?
I lost it in ciliwung river
LostIn TheComments
LostIn TheComments - 7 days ago
Never knew Sommer Rae sounded so young.
cute pinky
cute pinky - 7 days ago are the best you just saved a beautiful meaning of love
Oh country roads take me home to the place were I belong*inhales* WEST VIRGINIAAAAAA
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