Meet Bunny Our Rescue Greyhound

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Becky Schmidt
Becky Schmidt - 5 hours ago
congratulations :) she's beautiful. Both of you are doing a great job!
Koen P
Koen P - 9 hours ago
It’s so wonderful to see how much patience and love you have with your animals. It makes me really happy to see such a sweet dog find such a loving, sweet family.
Amy - 12 hours ago
I have never seen dog parents treat a dog so well in my life & it made me cry
hakaxoxo - 17 hours ago
Does anyone know where they got that pink bed???
Ms. Satan
Ms. Satan - 18 hours ago
3:34 I cri every teim
Fairy Gamer
Fairy Gamer - 20 hours ago
Bunny is like a wittle deer
Gianni Hernandez
Gianni Hernandez - Day ago
Marble when Cermet grew: oh you're a big one
When peach grew: oh another big one
Marble with Bunny: WHOA
Blue Goat Man
Blue Goat Man - 7 hours ago
Marbles when he met bunny: 👁👄👁
Dewdrop The Rainwing
Dewdrop The Rainwing - 15 hours ago
Roxana Tapia
Roxana Tapia - Day ago
You guys are so sweet! T_T
Pat Masilang
Pat Masilang - Day ago
"we're going on a long long life journey together. are you excited?" 😭
Melody Garcia
Melody Garcia - Day ago
18:37 😛
Dawn groundhog67
Dawn groundhog67 - Day ago
Please why do you have that terrible muzzle on her? Does she bite?
Blue Goat Man
Blue Goat Man - 7 hours ago
You should always muzzle new big dogs- especially in public areas. You don’t really know the dog or how they react to things so you always have to take the extra precaution. It’s not hurting the dog and she’s fine.
Dewdrop The Rainwing
She may not have liked what someone was doing, or been scared enough to get defensive of herself, then tried to bite. Any dog can bite, under certain circumstances.
Majestic Sea flap flap
Omg this is so touching! So responsible! Then there’s others....
lefse lespe
lefse lespe - 2 days ago
when I heard that Discord notification I looked to see if it was me who got it hahah
a robbins
a robbins - 2 days ago
I literally cried during this video because these two being such good parents is just really heart melting and restores my faith in humanity
George Bamber
George Bamber - 2 days ago
Our rescue greyhound Harry was terrified of stairs it after a couple years we carried him up the stairs and he loved it up there
Damaris Barajas
Damaris Barajas - 2 days ago
Cried throughout this whole video.
kibaams - 2 days ago
is it bad that when i first saw the thumbnail, i thought y’all got a deer—
Cream Puff The Redpanda
Bunny changed my life for the better, bunny is god's daughter, bunny will end world poverty, bunny will save the world
kirby {heart} tarot
kirby {heart} tarot - 2 days ago
I cried when y’all were helping her up the stairs
koluski - 2 days ago
Bunny is sooo CUTE!!!😘
mama_meatball - 3 days ago
I LOVE how educational this is to rescue dogs and how much of a LABOR of absolute love it is. Thank you for your wise words and kindness toward all dogs having different needs!
Maysa Niyazova
Maysa Niyazova - 3 days ago
You're such good dog parents!!!!!
supermelody melody
supermelody melody - 3 days ago
This reminds me when i had my greyhound his name was pongo and he was a rescue i remeber he wasnt able to go up the stairs so he would bounce in this weird way to get up
Kambyrs Quilts
Kambyrs Quilts - 3 days ago
Hey Julian was born on my bday! lol
Fic - 3 days ago
Jenna finally got an attractive dog lmao (jk all her babies are beautiful)
UnkindlyPoet983 WolfLover
When you wake up and literally everyone starts talking to you.
Macy Dunbar
Macy Dunbar - 4 days ago
a toy, a character, a fruit, and an animal
human disaster
human disaster - 4 days ago
bunny then: very timid
bunny now: FULL diva
Unhappy Skeleton
Unhappy Skeleton - 4 days ago
18:48 :p
Lucia Welsh
Lucia Welsh - 5 days ago
Started crying at 10:00
Maria Ramirez
Maria Ramirez - 5 days ago
the 3-migos are now the 4 musketeers
Ace ?
Ace ? - 5 days ago
Love that you used a properly sized muzzle! lots of panting room but I do recommend a head strap helps keep the muzzle on better!
Vicki Smith
Vicki Smith - 5 days ago
Awww marbs is getting old 😭
prince lotor
prince lotor - 5 days ago
With all the greyhounds I've had, i've always found that they are never interested in "generic" dog toys. They tend to like playing with toy birds, mainly. My current Greyhound is 15, and has only ever played with toy pheasants and geese. He doesn't like the feeling of anything else in his mouth.
Caitlin Smith
Caitlin Smith - 5 days ago
Marbles, Kermit, Peach, Bunny ♡
razzyd - 5 days ago
what does Jenna mean by "shes a very small greyhound" like GIRL she is massive.
Arian Hunter
Arian Hunter - 5 days ago
were is ad???!?!?
Blue Goat Man
Blue Goat Man - 7 hours ago
Hamsters only live for like... 2 years max
Jennifer Bonano
Jennifer Bonano - 5 days ago
Whatever my dog touches with bunny
Queen_ Borhap
Queen_ Borhap - 5 days ago
U should make a “ how to make your cermets greow” with bunny
Alyss Kennedy
Alyss Kennedy - 5 days ago
I’m really wondering what type of foster “dad” she had before.
Thank you for saving her!!
Winnie YT
Winnie YT - 5 days ago
I grabbed a peach for my fridge and then they said peachy we got you Sister and I looked down and I was eating her sister
Marina Del Rey
Marina Del Rey - 5 days ago
I’ve never seen 2 ppl love and cherish their dogs more then u guys. It really warms my heart to watch u guys with ur babies. Ur 4 dogs are so lucky that ur their parents.
Colleen Ochab - CHO Productions
What type of muzzle does Bunny have? I am looking for a good training muzzle for my rescue where I can give treats and its does not restrict his mouth from opening!
Lorena Loyola
Lorena Loyola - 6 days ago
Marble looking at Jenna when she’s explaining the boundaries is just so cute. She literally understands her
Sherris Douglas
Sherris Douglas - 6 days ago
I really suggest getting a thunder vest. It’s a tightish vest that sim mileages a hug and I really helps with anxious dogs or rescue dogs
Nillie - 6 days ago
23:30 Here we see a demonstration of why greyhounds are known as "the world's fastest couch potatoes".
Rithu Perera
Rithu Perera - 6 days ago
I just realised how small is peache
Farren Romanchook
Farren Romanchook - 6 days ago
I have the same birthday as julienne
Cailey De Jesus
Cailey De Jesus - 6 days ago
Ria Rampersad
Ria Rampersad - 6 days ago
Yall make me feel like a shitty dog parent😩
Kyra M
Kyra M - 6 days ago
Damn I wish I was one of jennas dogs
Ryenne Christine
Ryenne Christine - 6 days ago
Reading mean comments about my dog, 5:05, WHY ISNT BUNNY NAMED CEMENT
Strawberry_Angels_ 211
Strawberry_Angels_ 211 - 6 days ago
Shes so cute i thought she was a deer
Too poo
Too poo - 6 days ago
14:53 that noise literally makes me want to vomit and light the chair on fire
Lisa -
Lisa - - 7 days ago
the amount of dog love you guys have warms my heart
XXinanimatumXX - 7 days ago
Do bigger cerments need bigger chiecken nuggets
XXinanimatumXX - 7 days ago
Did u over feed this sermet to make it extra big?
XXinanimatumXX - 7 days ago
Is this cermeent full grown?
Mollie Rose
Mollie Rose - 7 days ago
I'm late to this video, but can I just comment on how freakING ADORABLE SHE IS. What a good girl. I'm totally in love.
Brittani Ford
Brittani Ford - 7 days ago
You two humans are absolute angels. I could only pray that everyone had your heart. I cried so many times watching this. ❤️❤️
Laura Smith
Laura Smith - 7 days ago
Julien helping Bunny up the stairs and Jenna cheering her on has me in tears. Best parents.
Persona - 8 days ago
This is just an *Extra large* cermet
Alesia K
Alesia K - 8 days ago
Thank you for being the example of what dog owners should be who rescue. #adoptdontshop
Julie D
Julie D - 8 days ago
OMG she is so adorable! I love her timid personality.
sajero2 - 8 days ago
Awww, helping her up the stairs! So sweet! Hope you all have a wonderful life together!
L.A. Hensley
L.A. Hensley - 8 days ago
I think you've done a perfect job.
L.A. Hensley
L.A. Hensley - 8 days ago
I wouldn't change a thing
GachaWelleni - 8 days ago
Every time I see marble I think of a mafia boss
Amy Ferguson
Amy Ferguson - 9 days ago
this is so cute I could squeal. I don't tho because they are so calm and responsible with training
Susan Phillips
Susan Phillips - 9 days ago
I have an ex racing greyhound that I adopted and he cannot do stairs at all. We went to a caravan and didn't know it was with steps I had to carry him. His name is Adageo Bob and he is a gentle giant. And he is hugeeeeee. If you want to you can search his name up on YouTube or Google (Adageo Bob)
Headxo - 9 days ago
18:39 omg Kermit’s tongue in the background 😂 you guys are amazing! Best doggo parents ever ❤️❤️
Sarah Hope
Sarah Hope - 9 days ago
I know I'm so late to this but I really wanted to make a comment on this. It makes me appreciate both Jenna and Julien more! The thing is with rescue dogs is sometimes you don't fully know their backgrounds and what they've been through and it's best to comfort them, and slowly work with them on all the things thay scare them etc. I use to volunteer at a dog kennel and people would adopt dogs and then bring them back 2 weeks later because they growled or snapped at the other dog, and don't give them the opportunity for them to settle in properly and take things slow for the dog. I've seen dogs where they come in the kennel labeled as "Aggressive to other dogs" but seen them pictures months later of the dog socialising with other dogs. You're giving Bunny the best home and I'm so glad she's got the best people that are taking care of her ❤️
Mona Purple Pony
Mona Purple Pony - 9 days ago
OMG Julien & I have the same BDAY date, how cool is that !
Krxtina Em
Krxtina Em - 7 days ago
Mona Purple Pony wholesome
Victoria Marsh
Victoria Marsh - 9 days ago
Best dog parents ever 😭😭😭
Rainorshiine - 9 days ago
I love this dog already! Bunny looks so sweet
Pürplē_šwïsh - 9 days ago
Jenna, You are such an amazing dog owner I know sometimes you can be silly but when it’s serious like this you are amazing at it with the getting everything ready and having her interact with Kermit,peach,and marble you did an amazing job I felt kinda bad when i saw her with the muzzle those couple of times. But then I realized it was a safety precaution just in case she went after any of the other dogs cause she could absolutely chomp them down, but the way you take care of her and all you’re other fur babies. Well that’s all I wanted to say I just love the way how your so good at taking care of your dogs.
meow meow
meow meow - 9 days ago
Watching this after literally just seeing how Brooke Houts treats her dog is making me dislike her so much more. THIS is the environment EVERY dog deserves 🖤
Keyser - 9 days ago
This video was posted on my birthday! Such an awesome surprise
Shoopi Tube
Shoopi Tube - 9 days ago
This is how you train a do, Brooke. You piece of fucking shit.
LTGHOSTRILEY01 - 9 days ago
Kermit being a nasty boy 18:37
Becky Vance
Becky Vance - 9 days ago
FINALLY! Someone who takes pet ownership seriously. I have a "Bunny", too, although she is the first small dog who has ever owned me. She is a very timid, abused rescue who is Jack Russel/Chiuaua who was deemed "unadoptable" due to her horrendous first life. She was two years old when she joined our family ♥️. She NEVER barked or had accidents in the house. It was two years after we got her when we heard her bark for the first time! Out of PURE JOY and excitement and has only barked about 10 times in our 6 years together. It's the cutest normal dog bark. She literally says "bark, bark." I did discover that she had a litter of puppies before she was 1. It's a work in progress. She has started acting out by peeing inside, scratching the crap out of our leather furniture when she's stressed. Our home life became very difficult 6 years ago when I got sick. She sensed my illness and pain, my husband and I started being stressed and arguing and she just can't help it. She loves us so much and just can't deal with the messed up vibe in what used to be her blissful home. We never scold or punish her we just work really hard at letting her know that she is our number 1 priority and love her unconditionally. It's getting better for her and for us. I admire you two for your dedication to your furry little family ♥️.
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