Rare Japanese Snake FOUND!

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George Blue
George Blue - Day ago
That's a cute snake.
Alejandro Hernandez
Alejandro Hernandez - 2 days ago
A snek
Ester Norman
Ester Norman - 2 days ago
Aww it's so cute!!!
Rachel Lalite
Rachel Lalite - 2 days ago
Rare Snake can die in sunlight
White ppl: holds in sunlight for tv
Kiwi Fairix
Kiwi Fairix - 3 days ago
I have a baby noodle. His name is Sutherland and he's a spider morph ball python.
LT. Duckman
LT. Duckman - 3 days ago
I’m Coyote Peterson and I’m going to hit my ankle against a razor scooter
*** Sgt WarDaddy98 ***
*** Sgt WarDaddy98 *** - 3 days ago
But how does it taste?
Polar Crate
Polar Crate - 3 days ago
This snake is fragile
Streches it and saying it translucent
Bananamanzz - 4 days ago
theres a spider on his hat 3:10
Bon Bon de Purple
Bon Bon de Purple - 5 days ago
ice swallow come
ice swallow come - 5 days ago
Thats a cute snek!
artoru vidal2
artoru vidal2 - 5 days ago
Coyote : Is this snake venomous ?
Cameraman : I don't know
Snake : Omai wa mou shin dairou
kaytlyn anime
kaytlyn anime - 6 days ago
We had these all over our yard when I was about 6-7
Alex Waters
Alex Waters - 6 days ago
Saved a weeks worth of videos to watch. They are all NEW yay!.
Queena Sings
Queena Sings - 7 days ago
Him:slides down hill of dirt
Me: *I to afraid to touch a worm*
Charles Seo
Charles Seo - 7 days ago
whats the vid at 0:35
Rhian Evas2410
Rhian Evas2410 - 7 days ago
He's so cute I give the snake
Rhian Evas2410
Rhian Evas2410 - 7 days ago
toxic girl
toxic girl - 7 days ago
I just love how he asks if it's venomous AFTER picking it up lol
Ronand Raveche
Ronand Raveche - 8 days ago
Blaise Wagner
Blaise Wagner - 9 days ago
This is one of the only people to actually get excited at finding a snake
ZORFIZORD - 10 days ago
Wonderful looking snake🐍 and so cool. I wonder what their fangs look like. Thanks for such a unique episode once again coyote and crew. I totally have a new favourite snake 🐍. Good job 👍😎
Zantagiro7 - 10 days ago
such a brave man!
Sergio Zuñiga
Sergio Zuñiga - 10 days ago
The suicide forest
rox star08
rox star08 - 10 days ago
Hey cayoty!!! I'm a big fan
Nick elliott
Nick elliott - 10 days ago
More praying mantises
Quite Indeed
Quite Indeed - 10 days ago
Next on pokemon go, catching a penguin.
kingofzero - 10 days ago
Coyote with that Wikipedia knowledge on the snake lmao.
Funo Mabugana
Funo Mabugana - 10 days ago
shisan chayakot
shisan chayakot - 11 days ago
Innocent Snake
Sypher Ti
Sypher Ti - 11 days ago
The snake is so cute !
Valentina Bunny
Valentina Bunny - 11 days ago
is the end snake a worm snake I've seen em in Florida or a subspecies of it
Valentina Bunny
Valentina Bunny - 11 days ago
its so cute
julia h
julia h - 12 days ago
3:10 who else saw the spider crawl across coyote's hat!!!
Dragon Lotus
Dragon Lotus - 12 days ago
Ooo you got a blessing from Buddha..snake temple and then coming across a rare snake..good fortune
The Fun-O-Sphere
The Fun-O-Sphere - 12 days ago
The Fun-O-Sphere
The Fun-O-Sphere - 12 days ago
The Fun-O-Sphere
The Fun-O-Sphere - 12 days ago
The Fun-O-Sphere
The Fun-O-Sphere - 12 days ago
The Fun-O-Sphere
The Fun-O-Sphere - 12 days ago
Maria Garay
Maria Garay - 12 days ago
is it wierd that i find it cute?
Pobin Rex hapila
Pobin Rex hapila - 12 days ago
Will the japanese snake bite
kawaii milkshakes
kawaii milkshakes - 12 days ago
Japan yes! I love Japan 🇯🇵❤
Vegas - 12 days ago
dont step on snek
M C A - 12 days ago
It’s tongue is cool
Cloudy Does ROBLOX
Cloudy Does ROBLOX - 12 days ago
Wait that was where he got stung by the giant hornet right?
numaTruehome 100
numaTruehome 100 - 12 days ago
Well somebody binged Stranger things
Denise Brown
Denise Brown - 12 days ago
Dude just fried the snake... He says the snake trys to avoid the sun, but he holds it up to the sun???
Peips - 12 days ago
"This snake dies when out in sunlight..., ...hold on.. here, lets bring the snake more into the light to see its irridecent scales..." XD
Jeleu Acadea
Jeleu Acadea - 12 days ago
Like Logan Paul?
ian farago
ian farago - 12 days ago
Why does the sunlight hurt this snake?
ian farago
ian farago - 12 days ago
In Japan this videos called “Rare Snake Found”
PEZAVE Small Channel Productions
Put it back!!!! LoL 😂🤣
Angry Fish
Angry Fish - 12 days ago
oh that's a ground snake
a ground snake Japanese must watch FOUND?
yeah a Japanese ground snake. its pretty rare
sushislayer - 12 days ago
If only that hat was never found before.
Arbok Charmer
Arbok Charmer - 12 days ago
if you guys can't find it in google try grey burrowing snake or Japanese odd-scaled snake.
Vented ,
Vented , - 13 days ago
E A - 13 days ago
Rare Japanese *DANGER NOODLE* Found!
E A - 13 days ago
"Tries to avoid sunlight" *PUTS IT IN THE SUNLIGHT*
TomTom - 13 days ago
This guy isnt dead yet?
doug trosper
doug trosper - 13 days ago
these animals are here because of the lack of humans so humans go there and f with them
Elvin Ortiz
Elvin Ortiz - 13 days ago
I feel like he made the name up lol
abhishek singh
abhishek singh - 13 days ago
Trump kiss him.
Leishla Rodriguez
Leishla Rodriguez - 13 days ago
Its so cute😭❤❤❤
Ruaz Ural
Ruaz Ural - 13 days ago
it looks like worms
Bill Stone
Bill Stone - 13 days ago
2 cameramen, and an extra cameraman just to video the cameramen.
Lily vyle
Lily vyle - 13 days ago
So cool. while you were talking about the rare Japanese snake there was a little cute spider on your hat
MoNo K
MoNo K - 13 days ago
Who wants to go on a real adventure with Coyote and his gang 🤪
jack schwab
jack schwab - 13 days ago
Finds a dead body Instead of a snake
JellyMan11 - 13 days ago
That snek looks so cool
NolantubeHD - 13 days ago
Rare? Rare like a real brave wilderness video?
justin bebear
justin bebear - 13 days ago
jc14drix boi
jc14drix boi - 13 days ago
that intro gave me goosebumps
Urboi JB
Urboi JB - 13 days ago
Who else noticed the bug in his hat at like 3:00
Zachary Goslin
Zachary Goslin - 13 days ago
13 million subs. Give this guy an episode on Tv
Luke Faucheux
Luke Faucheux - 13 days ago
2:21 *finds strange snake and picks it up and only after the fact he asks if it’s venomous or not*
vertyxx - 13 days ago
Congrats being on trending
Emery Levrets
Emery Levrets - 13 days ago
0:45 good reference!
21e Jonathon
21e Jonathon - 13 days ago
Not everyone records dead people in Japanese Forrest’s
Luke Hurst
Luke Hurst - 13 days ago
how long does it usually take to catch creatures like this ground snake?
SpaceGoji - 13 days ago
3:18 notice how there is a bug minding his own business on coyote's hat
Pygmo - 13 days ago
*"This is a snake that needs to completely stay out of sunlight, if it was to find itself out of sunlight, it would die"*
Moussa Hamadou
Moussa Hamadou - 13 days ago
Ich dachte schon
k- rash
k- rash - 13 days ago
You should see my mom after showing her this
HAN XU - 13 days ago
Searing pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
maite ruiz de buhan
maite ruiz de buhan - 13 days ago
at 3:10, there's a spider on his hat
ASMR Chêne/channel
ASMR Chêne/channel - 13 days ago
I’m just a small youtuber please show support if you can
Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart - 13 days ago
This is a garden snake 🤦🏽‍♂️
Bicth prado
Bicth prado - 13 days ago
kim firth
kim firth - 13 days ago
The snake hate having the camera in its face
jack leahy
jack leahy - 13 days ago
Guys it’s suicide forest, where’s Logan paul
Ruth X army
Ruth X army - 13 days ago
It's ........ I have nothing to say
Dragoon TV
Dragoon TV - 13 days ago
Snake? Snake? Snaaaaaaake!
Dragoon TV
Dragoon TV - 13 days ago
Japan, where everything is kawaii XD
Dragoon TV
Dragoon TV - 13 days ago
Very Cute looking snake compared to most snakes i have seen so far
Pickles Rick
Pickles Rick - 13 days ago
it's true
it's true - 13 days ago
The closest I can get to bugs is this video :)
esther - 13 days ago
danger noodle found
Justin Mireles
Justin Mireles - 13 days ago
The sun will kill it... You can see as I hold it into the light 😂
Golden Golem / GG
Golden Golem / GG - 13 days ago
oh yea
White Maxine
White Maxine - 14 days ago
Next videos