The reason I don't talk crazy online.

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Terrance Harden
Terrance Harden - 2 hours ago
Omg I die every single time he says "This not your bedroom door? Yeaaah!! **bangs harder** Yeaaah!! Yeah, all that action!!" There's so much conviction in his voice 😂😂
Alan Chen
Alan Chen - 2 hours ago
How is he play with him, if he probably lives miles away from his house. Unless its his brother...
Mayo - 4 hours ago
You're doo doo butter.
Jdubc29 - 4 hours ago
The real question well besides the question how he got the address is how In the world is he still talking to him unless he brought his hole entire headset with him all the way over there and another thing why isn't he calling the police or trying to escape
Cytrix X
Cytrix X - 5 hours ago
0:49 what u came for
Juan - 7 hours ago
"Nah, you're good"
slyfox 104
slyfox 104 - 12 hours ago
"You're doodoo butter" OMG😂
Paulin Manda Salve
Paulin Manda Salve - 14 hours ago
0:55 hows that sound fx called?
ao_games tamj
ao_games tamj - 21 hour ago
1:16 And i oop-
RapidOwnz3 - 23 hours ago
Redmond Ramos
Redmond Ramos - Day ago
Hahaha that face 😂
Dude! When did you get 1.7 million???!?!
I remember following you and wondering how you only had 300k. Hell yeah, man!!! Well deserved
Sassy Meme
Sassy Meme - Day ago
Bro i swear I know a friend that sounds just like that over the mic and he even looks like caleb too and his plays ps4 too
xaxa - Day ago
Uh booters and ddosers
i can be King again
"garbeige" 💀
Roshawn May
Roshawn May - Day ago
Internet Gangstas
Nickozix - Day ago
That's why I don't act like that
Nowan - Day ago
1:15 this killed me.
Tariq 123654
Tariq 123654 - Day ago
Creeper Aww man
Creeper Aww man - Day ago
That was his parents adress
Flyer Plays
Flyer Plays - 2 days ago
Plot twist it was his dad
Smore Queen
Smore Queen - 2 days ago
I’m dying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
LostGalaxy _10x
LostGalaxy _10x - 2 days ago
XD your dirt, your doodoo butter
Ch!n0 - 2 days ago
And i oop
Elo Bandit’s Son
Elo Bandit’s Son - 2 days ago
вlυє вєяяу
вlυє вєяяу - 2 days ago
lmao this is every game ive played ever
Christopher - 2 days ago
Christopher - 2 days ago
I laughed my way into tears off this one! I can finally use the emoji and it be real
son goku
son goku - 2 days ago
when u know u done fk up. lmfao
TF productions
TF productions - 2 days ago
Thai actually happened to me, except that the guy that revealed my address didn’t actually come to my home, he just said it to scare me, and he has access to this information through a police access computer
jak burton4
jak burton4 - 2 days ago
Yoooooo homie called him dodobutter
Quinton Stroman
Quinton Stroman - 2 days ago
6354 BoardFish road is that your address ??? ⚰️⚰️⚰️
sonic booom
sonic booom - 2 days ago
Looks at 6354 in Google
First search result is boardfish way
CheddaGuap - 2 days ago
Yeah all that acting! 💀💀💀💀💀
XPRAIDER - 2 days ago
time time
time time - 2 days ago
That grey screen
Kaze - 2 days ago
Lenarr Caleb city loudmouth rdcworld1 berleezy all collaboration. Like if u think so
Ararisu - 2 days ago
"You're doodoo butter" 😂
Blind ASMR
Blind ASMR - 2 days ago
0:53 😂😂😂
Acid drops only
Acid drops only - 2 days ago
So true tho
Game cat8
Game cat8 - 3 days ago
Did he bring his PlayStation with him?
Nai'Rell Hawkins
Nai'Rell Hawkins - 3 days ago
How was bro still on the mic. Mans took his whole place with him😂😂😂
KidKashi - 3 days ago
His face when they started knocking on the door had me dead
Czms account 2 S
Czms account 2 S - 3 days ago
You’re doo doo butter 🤣
Yoru Karuma
Yoru Karuma - 3 days ago
Omg I had a moment like this a few weeks ago
Mischa Z
Mischa Z - 3 days ago
I need the music u use boi
Malachi Cullum
Malachi Cullum - 3 days ago
Faheem Nesmith
Faheem Nesmith - 3 days ago
Nah you good
YourBoy GJ
YourBoy GJ - 3 days ago
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