Jewelry Expert Critiques Rappers' Grillz | Fine Points | GQ

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sk8punk318 - 11 hours ago
Lol riff raff is so ridiculous
handsome salik
handsome salik - 20 hours ago
post malone?
Shan Shan229
Shan Shan229 - 23 hours ago
Trippie Redd teeth done blew me. What the shark teeth is going on DAYUM in my MARTIN LAWRENCE voice DAYUM MAN🤣🤣🤣🤣
Blaine Whatman
Blaine Whatman - Day ago
Do people actually eat while wearing a grill ?
Necro XI
Necro XI - Day ago
Notice how no lyrical rappers have grills
BetterThanLuca - Day ago
fun fact : lil Wayne doesn't have a grill , its actually diamonds that he had put into his actual teeth , idk if this guy knew that
Unknownz - Day ago
Imagine bitting your tongue with these >~
Red Bap
Red Bap - 2 days ago
7:17 did any body peep the these ppl part
ShowNoLove187 - 2 days ago
Trax is a oaxaco fuxk that foo
Matt Starter
Matt Starter - 2 days ago
Dude is he’s he was Johnny Dang, 713 Htown
Jay N
Jay N - 2 days ago
God I hate rap culture these days
William Dickson
William Dickson - 3 days ago
7:47 When he talks about lil Wayne : this grill set looks old fashioned probably his original pair. Mofo they permanent been their since forever he don't change them out hahaha
Jaawxyz - 3 days ago
My retainer is pretty cool to
Mcrew Productions
Mcrew Productions - 3 days ago
4:23 Does he even talk normally without them🤣🤣😂
kingkiller bg
kingkiller bg - 3 days ago
And 6ix9ine?
Roko James
Roko James - 3 days ago
Just the thought of biting down on a diamond gave me a toothache.
Patryk Unlock
Patryk Unlock - 3 days ago
Eminem had no grill, Boom.
Breezy TV
Breezy TV - 4 days ago
1:08 he got diamonds then his actaul teeth yellow asf
Casey Ewing
Casey Ewing - 4 days ago
I miss Paul Wall
Elmond Wilson
Elmond Wilson - 5 days ago
Devin Lehman
Devin Lehman - 5 days ago
Scuffed Tony Ferguson
Adrian Espinoza
Adrian Espinoza - 5 days ago
Lil Wayne is the originator of iced out grills? Rappers were wearing iced out grills way before him.
valid_clapz - 5 days ago
My guy is a dentist
suraya2129 - 5 days ago
3:56 imagine biting your tongue with that
KCunlimitedEATS - 6 days ago
I have root canals under my gold crowns. They are not grills. They are made by my dentist.
JasonEx - 6 days ago
Lil Wayne doesn't have grills. That's surgery and he actually cannot take them off. His teeth is permanently diamond, so... the guy probably thought it was a pair of grills like everyone else had, but nope. He took it further, in fact.
•repressed panda•
•repressed panda• - 6 days ago
MONEY M00SE123 - 7 days ago
Does anyone know the background music when these guy talks about Paul Wall
RT 87
RT 87 - 7 days ago
Young ma only one that looks good looks close to material no stupidncolors no stupid design
Gelo Negron
Gelo Negron - 7 days ago
Waynes are perms.
sTaTiiCz Rx4d
sTaTiiCz Rx4d - 7 days ago
Suprisingly 6ix9ine wasnt on here
leekjaymusic - 7 days ago
“We like to keep these people as customers”

B*! 😤😂
Its Rizz
Its Rizz - 8 days ago
Listen Kanye isn’t a rapper
Detroit Dawg
Detroit Dawg - 8 days ago
I don't think Wayne's come out
Huntter White2477
Huntter White2477 - 8 days ago
I thought the title said sharpies
EjraM - 8 days ago
Wait isn't this 6ix9ine's jeweler
MeDaMac - 9 days ago
This was the guy crying 😢 saying snitch9 never payed him
Nisaros - 9 days ago
Stupidity is priceless!!!
A1tFive - 9 days ago
I thought 24 carrot gold was the highest grade? And 18 carrot was 2nd best.
TraxNYC Diamond Jewelry
TraxNYC Diamond Jewelry - 10 days ago
Thanks to GQ for the invitation!
Loretta Rogers
Loretta Rogers - 10 days ago
Late gang?
Mr Litty
Mr Litty - 10 days ago
Isnt he the one that gave sixnine a free chain then he was whining
knightkian - 10 days ago
Guy sounds n looks like he works with the mafia
Charlotte Ackerman
Charlotte Ackerman - 10 days ago
Is Riff Raff the dude that created the vine where it’s like I want to blow up and act like I know nobody
riiky - 10 days ago

just use tin foil
Yeet𓂸yeet - 10 days ago
Trippie red look like his main goal is to blow up and act like he don’t know nobody
Adam - 10 days ago
Lil skies??
Lil Gyptian Wolf
Lil Gyptian Wolf - 10 days ago
I heard of this guy all talk no action lets see your bling
saucegaysucks - 10 days ago
3:56 you think the shark teeth are ridiculous? After someone gets their face tattooed like a reminder notpad, I honestly wouldn't be surprised.
shantanu panda
shantanu panda - 10 days ago
4:49 my main goal is to blow up, and then act like I don't know nobody
shantanu panda
shantanu panda - 10 days ago
So basically he's an expert in trash jewelry
Vlone Thug
Vlone Thug - 10 days ago
Trax is a fraud
DankBoi Andro
DankBoi Andro - 10 days ago
6ix9ines grills
Thechristopherryan - 11 days ago
One thing I gathered is, don’t bite down on diamonds.
orange70383 - 11 days ago
I's gotz grillz be gold n sheetz, I gets mony
dragon 3xd
dragon 3xd - 11 days ago
Why his teeth look so ugly he no brush and his teeth difrwnt colors
Wako 370
Wako 370 - 11 days ago
"Dentist check rappers' teeth"
A1i3N K1D
A1i3N K1D - 11 days ago
when he called lil wayne little wayne
BayBee N
BayBee N - 11 days ago
How do they brush their teeth??
Marco Garcia
Marco Garcia - 11 days ago
I wanna see him put a grill on
OBeY Miimzyy
OBeY Miimzyy - 11 days ago
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